I was a mechanical engineer in a company. It was a Saturday and I had some important work to finish. So I was working in the office. By noon, my sister called me.

She said her friend Silvia has met with an accident and she needed a mechanic to fix her car immediately. I told her that it was a Saturday and there was no mechanic available. She pleaded with me to arrange something as she wanted to help her close friend. I tried to call up some mechanic from my office but nobody was ready to work on a holiday even for extra money.

By this time, my sister had given my number to her friend Silvia. Now Silvia called me. She said it was her parents’ car and they were out of town. She wanted to get the car fixed before her parents’ return, which was two days from now. When enquired how the accident happened, she said she was little drunk and was supposed to meet her boyfriend.

While she was taking out the car from the garage and turn over, she hit the curve and the car lights and body got damaged. On force, I decided to go and check myself. I reached her place. She was waiting near her wrecked car. She was wearing pink tight top and tight jeans short which just ended below her delightful ass. She wore a white shoe with a pink shoelace.

She was wearing all fancy accessories like pink beads necklace, wristband, and a tattoo on her arms, nose ring and stuff. In other words, she was looking cute and hot. I checked the damage and told her it would cost 10000 bucks to fix it up and it will take at least 3 days.

She again pleaded that her parents would be back within two days and wanted it fixed before that and she can’t tell them about the damage. I agreed to fix it within two days. So I started to un wrap my toolkit and I asked her to pay the advance amount of 5000. She said she had only 3000 with her and nothing more.

I stopped working and told her to get the money from atm or somewhere. She said she spent all her money on her parties and drinks and she was only left with 3000. I told her to ask her boyfriend some money for which she said she won’t ask money from him. I said this is not my job.

I’m not a mechanic, I’m a mechanical engineer and I’m here to only help you since you are my sister’s friend. And I’m working on a holiday; I should ask you extra money for that. Alright, I bring it down to 8000. You pay 8000 or else I will leave. I started to pack my toolkit. Suddenly she held my hand and asked me not to leave and please help her.

She asked me to please come in while she checks out if she can find some money in her room. She held my hand and took me in. It was a huge mansion and it was all messed up with last night’s party. She took me to her bedroom straight away. I stopped and asked her where she is taking me to.

She said I keep money in my bedroom and she dragged me inside. Her bedroom was all pinkish. Paint, bed, bed sheet, pillow, her teddy bear, and door are all pinkish. She checked out her purse, wardrobe and everywhere. All she could find was another 500 bucks. She said she only has this much. I said I can’t work for this much and I was about to leave.

She caught my hand again and pulled me towards her. “no. Please wait. We could work things out, you know…” she said in a sexy voice and naughty look. She started to touch my chest and was coming on to me. I stopped her and said this is not what I want. What if somebody catches us here? “my parents are out and won’t be back till two days.

My boyfriend is too drunk to wake up till late evening. Nobody would come and I’m ready to offer you. Why don’t you take me instead of money”, she requested. She was dizzy with all the booze too and I knew she was not completely in her senses. I told her it was wrong and I can’t do that. Next thing I know, her hand was trying to catch my dick over my pants.

Of course, I was little turned on by then but I tried to move back. She thrust herself onto me and started kissing me. She took my hand and kept on her huge cleavage which was teasing me right from the beginning. I couldn’t take my hands off from those gorgeous and soft boobs. Now her hands were free to access my dick. Without knowledge, I was responding to her smooch.

She unzipped my pant and took my dick out. I again stopped her and asked what if her boyfriend comes to know about this. “oh don’t worry baby. That bloody fucker also would be in bed with a couple of girls by now”. Her response wickedly encouraged me and I took her top off.

She pulled off my pant along with my underwear. “your dick is so big. It’s almost double than that of my boyfriend”, she said surprisingly. She held her forearm against my dick and measured the length of my dick. It was almost the size of her forearm. She was delighted as she started to kiss the tip of my dick. She licked all the pre-cum that was oozing out.

She circled her tongue on my dick head. That was the best feeling and I moaned, as she continued to do that by kneeling down in front of me. She looked at me from down there as she licked the entire length of my penis on either side. She sucked and played with my balls. She took the entire cock in her mouth. I fucked her mouth for a while.

She made sure not to waste any of my pre-cum. Then I took her and threw her on the bed. We got completely naked. Her tits were so big that her under-boobs were visible from below her bra. As soon as we got naked, I jumped on her, groped her tits and started eating them. I sucked, licked and bit them all over. Her nipples were erect and I circled my tongue around it.

Her right nipple was pierced. A gorgeous ring was hanging onto her brown sexy nipple. I played enough with her big tits and went down to her belly. The sexy bitch had her belly pierced too. She got immense pleasure as I inserted my tongue in her deep belly and licked all her waist area. I went down to her pussy. As you might expect, her clit was pierced too.

I asked her where did you get them. She replied, “I’m a London bitch, honey. Please lick me. Lick my burning pussy”, she pleaded. I played with her clit with my fingers and expanded her pussy lips to explore her pink hole. I put my finger inside and she started moaning. I finger fucked her for a while and sucked her clit. She was in heaven.

Her ass rose up in pleasure as she was closing to orgasm. I put my tongue in her hole now and I twisted and turned it all across the corners of her pussy. She pushed my head deep inside by wrapping her legs around my neck. My nose was pressed against her ring on the clit. Quickly, she had an intense orgasm as she squirted all her cum on my mouth and face.

She held my hair, lifted her ass up, breathing and moaning heavily and she squirted her cum on my face. It lasted for around 15 seconds. My full face and half of her bed were wet with her cum. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. She was trying to get back to her senses from what she described as the best orgasm ever.

She was still breathing heavily and her body was all heated up and sweating. She opened her eyes and found me in the bathroom. She ran towards me, smooched me so passionately that she didn’t let me breathe for few seconds. Her tongue was sucking all over my lips and my mouth. While continuously kissing, she took me to the room and made me lie on the bed.

I slept on the wet bed. She said “I have slept with 17 guys till now and they were no match for you”, and she spit on my cock and sucked it, made it wet and ready. Her pussy juice was still flowing out down her milky thighs. She slept over beside me, lifted her legs up and wide and asked me to please do the needful. I got up and came on her. I trusted my hard dick inside her.

“oh my god!” she screamed. She said she never had such a big cock before and asked me to go slow. I pushed again slowly and gradually increased the speed. With every thrust, she was saying “oh my god!”. “ah…ooohh..Aaaahhhh…” sounds covered the room. She was in pain.

Tears rolled from her eyes and she was trying to decrease my speed by putting her feet on my chest. But when I slowed down, she pulled my ass towards her. So it was a pleasurable pain. I fucked her for a while and I was about to cum. “bath me with your cum darling” she said. I shagged my tool just above her pussy as she watched my dick curiously.

With a big grunt, I ejaculated my jets of streams of cum. The first stream fell on her belly and the second stream jumped onto her breasts. The third one was much nastier, it sprung over to touch her chin and fell on her neck. The remaining ones dropped on her pussy. I had to admit that was the best fuck I ever had.

She asked me to sleep with her. I slept with her and rubbed our bodies against each other. Cum was gluing us together and it was so sexy. We smooched again. I was about to get back to work. Silvia stopped me again. “I thank god for giving your sister as my friend. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have experienced this in my life”, she said happily. I smiled and kissed her.

“I have slept with 33 girls and they were no match for you either”, I smiled and said. She gave a naughty smile and hugged me. I was about to get up and she pulled me onto the bed. “where are you going, mister? I have paid you only 4000 till now. I need to pay the remaining 6000 to you”, she said in a sexy voice and a wink. It wasn’t over yet.

She licked the leftover cum on my dick and sucked it again to get me turned on again. She sat between my legs and took my dick between her tits and gave me a nice tit fuck. I could feel my dick grow between her big boobs and she licked it with her tongue. Again I was ready. She climbed up and took the cowgirl position.

She took my dick into her love hole and started moving up and down. Again the moans covered up the room. She raised her arms up and held her hair while she jumped on my cock faster. Her juggling tits and compressing abs while hopping and her pink beaded necklace jumping was a delight to watch. I could feel her pussy water flowing down my balls.

She often leaned forward to kiss me and kiss on my chest and nipples. Then she took out a pack of cigarette and lighted up as she continued to fuck me. For some reason, I find smoking girls extremely hot. She held the cigarette to her lips and took support by placing her hands on my chest and shoulders. I fucked her by lifting my ass up and down. She had an orgasm again.

My dick was all drenched with her cum. I was close to orgasm again. She wanted to taste my hot cum. She knelt down before me, sucked my cock and shagged me pointing it towards her mouth. Quickly I squirted in her mouth. She swallowed quickly every time I ejaculated. She didn’t waste a single drop of it. She squeezed and sucked my penis until she tasted the last drop of it.

Her body was all sweaty and red. I fixed her car during the next two days. We fucked 2 more times in her house during these days

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