my sister Haasini is 19 and going on with her studies. She is studying science with biology as the main subject. Haasini is a beautiful girl and 90 out of 100 guys would like to fuck her because of her sexy body and she is 5′ 2” with nice boobs talking about her boobs I don’t really know the size of her boobs but according to my guess it must be 32 B.

She has a curvy body with good ass while at home I most of the time am busy watching porn and wanking in my room and am very conscious about the DVDs I have. I hide them very cleverly and always have the note in my mind of where the things are and what order they are but very soon I found that my DVDs are being watched by someone else in the house.

I was a bit more conscious about that because hardly no one would go to my room being more conscious I started keeping the note of the DVDs for instance their order, where they are which is on top of which etc. very soon I found that I was correct someone is definitely coming to my room and watching my DVDs in my absence. I was curious and wanted to find out who that was thought about it and came up with an idea.

I have a Sony handy camera and I thought to use it to find out that that was one day I planted the camera in such a position that everything of the room is visible. I came downstairs told mom that I’m going for a cricket match and might come after three to four hours. I went out and came back after 4 hours, went directly to my room, took the camera and started replaying it. I was amazed to see that my sister watched the movies and fingered and used candle as a dildo to fuck herself.

I started doubting on her regarding matters of sexual affairs if she had one if not I was damn sure that she is soon going to be involved in this activities. I started going for options with whom she could have sex, thinking on the matters i started going on with the thought of her class mates but that was less possible as she won’t get that time so I started exploring others who could have sex with her when ever they wanted. I couldn’t come to conclusion than because I could not find that kind of match for her.

I gave up this thought and wanted to free my self from these thoughts. I came downstairs and asked if I could get something to eat soon I was given to eat after eating I came out of the house and saw my sister sitting outside. I saw her eyeing our driver who is 24 with well built body and slightly dark in colour was busy washing the car with just boxers on him which is how he does that normally I directly felt that this is the guy who will be fucking her and so I started eyeing activities of my sister.

I watched her in such a way that she won’t catch me spying her and I could see her looking at the bulge inside his boxers time to time after sometime she went inside the house might because of my presence. Now I knew she is definitely dying to be squashed under him and in fact she must be making plans to be fucked by him. I started watching her closely; I knew she will do something that will break the foundation between the driver and my sister.

Things started flashing on my mind about the kind of dressings she did at home these days and she would either have too tight clothes or too loose sometimes she would just be in the house in skirts which would make her body either visible or sex appealing. One day I was in my room watching porn suddenly I thought of her so I came downstairs went into moms room saw her sleeping there and so started looking for her here and there but could not find her inside the house

I came outside and saw her sitting under the tree on a mat I went to her asked that i am going for my match will be back in later and she said ok and I left went out the boundary wall and walked back in the house from the back entrance and I was sure she is going to try something today to seduce the driver. I quietly came from inside the house and started stalking on her and I was hiding such that she won’t be able to see me but I could hear and see her clearly.

She was laying there on her stomach ideally with her skirt on which was almost above the thigh. I waited for about 10-12 mins when our driver was passing through and she called him and said him to sit down there and he sat down and she started talking to him after a while she said she had pain on her back and probably her back bone needs a click, he said he is ready to help her but doesn’t know what and how to click and she said that it is so kind of him.

She will guide him for what is to be done both agreed, while she stood up and held her back part of the head by both the hands than asked him to lift her from behind and jerk her body couple of times. He went behind her held her above her hands squeezing her boobs and lifted her supporting her bum by his front area around the dick literally his dick was between her ass cheeks and he lifted her and jerked her two times and let her down still holding her and while he was getting her down her skirts had almost lifted to her waist.

Her black panty was visible holding her in the same position he asked her if she is feeling better she said it would be grate if he did that again so he lifted her again and jerked her body and this time she said its ok now. He left her and was standing behind her staring at his butt and she pretended to be unaware of her skirt and sat carelessly. She asked him to sit down but he refused and walked away, when he turned around to go I could see his cock had hardened inside his pants.

She had driven his attention towards her and was waiting for another chance one day moms friends came over to us to visit and took mom along with them for shopping mom told us that she might be late, so be careful and take care of each other and she also asked the driver to wash the car as she had to go to the relative the next day and we said ok and waved her friends and her too. I came directly upstairs and started watching porn suddenly I realized of her and her golden chance today being home without mom.

I knew she is going to do some nasty thing today and I did not want to miss it so I came down, thinking she might be planning something and tried looking for her but I could not find her there. I knew she might be outside watching the driver was the car. I came outside of the house and found her helping him cleaning the car, I did not want to make them aware of my eyes watching their activities so, I kind of had to hide and watch them and I saw she was in light yellowish tight kurta suit that day.

She was trying to touch his body intentionally in meanwhile when he was about to rinse the foam I saw her taking the water pipe and started making him wet, he was trying to hide himself first but when he saw hiding was impossible as she was just behind him, so instead of hiding he stepped forward and tried to snatch the water pipe from her hand but she just went pouring the water on him, while she was trying to make gap between him and herself

I could see he was totally wet by then, his dick was little visible from the wet boxer of his. I could see she was kinda inviting him to take the pipe from her and he cam closer to her and tried taking the pipe from her hand, by now they were too close to each other and he was struggling to get the water pipe. I could see her hand touching his dick couple of times while they were kind of quarreling for the pipe and he got the hold of the pipe by now and was trying to free her hands from the pipe.

She pretended behaving childish and on the same situation she just turned around and was facing against him, he became more effective trying to get the pipe from her as he had his both hands from the either sides of her body, now he was standing just behind her with his hands from both the sides of her body holding the pipe, she took the pipe a bit away forward from them so that he had to be more closer to her body to get hold of the pipe.

I could see his dick was almost attached to her bum and she was rubbing her ass on his dick pretending it to be along with the push and pull they were have to get the pipe. I could see his hands molesting her breasts too, his hands were running all over her body pretending to get the hold of the pipe, he rubbed her boobs several times above the cloths, it went for 15 minutes as she gave up and the driver got the pipe, they were separated from each other by now.

I could see that the dick of the driver was hardened and was pointing towards her from inside the boxer and she probably had a glimpse of it before the driver started pouring water on her and I saw the force of the water landing on her tits she turned around to avoid this now the driver had changed the direction of the water towards her ass and the water coming out of the pipe was almost penetrating her asshole from above her clothes by now.

She was totally wet and her curves were clearly visible from almost the transparent cloths and she turned around and ran towards him and hold the pipe just above his hands he took his hands down along with the pipe near his hips, her hands was still on him and she was pretending to apply her strength to take the pipe in this course her hands had touched his dicks several times and he gave a sudden jerk to his hands and her hands got freed from the grip of the pipe meanwhile he took his hand along with the pipe behind him.

I rested his hands on his hips, she wanted to go around but he started moving in the direction she was taking the turn. she stopped came closer to him and got her hands from both sides of his hips to hold the pipe pressing her boobs on his body and his erect dick was touching her pussy from above their clothes and she was not being able to hold the pipe because of the difference between height so she kneeled down still grabbing the pipe and was trying to slid the pipe from his hands.

He saw her sitting and took his hands little further by this his dick was hitting her face. She was trying to view the way he is holding the pipe so she was moving her face from left to right and than from right to left rubbing his dick on her cheeks and lips. I could see his cock being harder by this sometimes he would jerk his hips to and fro in such a way that he is face fucking her and he liked this and so did she as this was what she was looking for because of both having pleasure with this.

This process of rubbing dick on her face went on for a while until when she had almost cupped his dick in her mouth from above his clothes, she had his dick in her mouth for almost 30 sec and I guess by then he had cum and they got separated while she came inside and he quickly cleaned his cum inside his boxer and started finishing the rest of his work that day I found my sister a bit happy than usual I could feel the reason for happiness. She started spending more time trying to get closer to him and one day accidently.

I saw her giving him some money I got a bit curious so tried to hear what they are up to and she was requesting him to get a DVD for which he asked what movie would she like, she said she wants that of a guy and a girl, he asked her to be more clear and than she was like oo come on one should know what kind of DVD a girl would ask for indicating a boy and a girl. I assume he had understood but wanted to hear it from her and so he pretended dumb and said he is still not aware of what she wanted for this.

She said she wanted a porn DVD and kind of shied he asked her what do these movies have in them and she said haven’t you watched one before he said no. she said ok go and get one and then we’ll watch together. I knew today is the date when she is going to get fucked hard by him. The driver went out to get the DVD while I started thinking of a plan. I came to my room got changed and said her that m going for a party of a friends birthday. She said ok and I could see the happiness in her face.

I went out but came secretly and went upstairs to my room my brain was working quickly as I was thinking to hide somewhere and have the live show soon I got a safe place inside the cupboard behind my clothes after 10 mins she came along with the driver took the DVD and switched on the TV and she had inserted the disc while the disc was being read by the DVD player she asked him to sit down on the bed while she went and bolted the door from inside.

The disc started playing with cast and then a brunette appeared gave an introduction of her and started strip teasing I could see both of them getting excited. I knew atleast this is not the first time for our driver going to fuck someone then appeared a black man on the screen with slight introduction of himself he walked towards the girl and I saw my sisters hand going towards the his thigh, she placed her hands above his thighs and was rubbing his thighs.

Our servant was wearing t shirt and lower and my sister was in her skirt and shirt and her hands started moving towards his dick as the girls in the screen started undoing the cloths of her co actor and she started rubbing his dick from above the cloths and by now he was hot, he took his hands and rested upon the boobs of my sis and started squeezing them. I saw Haasini so excited of the thought of having fucked by the driver, she started pulling his lower down to help her he raised her waist.

The elastic waist lower slide down towards his thigh she took it further down till his knees and left the lower there and brought her hand again on his dick which was slightly hard by now, she started rubbing it with her hands while the hands of our driver were an hooking the buttons of the shirt of my sister and he took her shirt out and now she was just in her pink bra, he started squeezing them from above the bra and entering his finders from the ends of the bra.

By this my sister moaned and started cooperating with his moves. I saw Haasini loosing her patience and soon she grabbed his cock out of his underwear and started jerking it slowly while he played with her boobs. I was amazed by his cock it was far bigger than mine totally black and I can say it was not less than most of the black actors of porn movies. Haasini moving her hands to and fro on the dick started going down towards his dick, she took her tongue and licked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and kissed his cock.

She spat on his cock and gave few hard strokes than stopped; she took her mouth closer to his dick and sucked it gently while his hands had already lifted her skirt and was caressing her ass cheeks and sometimes poking her ass hole. My situation inside the cupboard was rather extreme I had felt myself hardened inside my pants as I was watching live porn that too of my sister and she almost gagged while she tried to take his dick deeper inside her throat.

She took his cock out of her mouth which was glistening by the saliva of my sister. She stood up and told him to stand on the bed and he stood up there while she went on her knees and asked him to fuck her mouth as he could. He started fucking my sister’s mouth like anything and I was enjoying my sister gagging on his dick and he removed her bra by now and started fondling her boobs, I was shocked of her size and shape they were so perfect. I guess I had never seen a pair of boobs as good as hers in any of my porn movie

Still fucking her face and fondling her tits his dick was growing enormous every seconds and every push finally my sis she asked him to stop and told him to lay down. She unhooked her skirt and removed her panties and came with her legs on the either sides of the driver applied some saliva on her pussy and once again spat on the dick of the driver and sat on his cock with the tip of his dick on her pussy entrance. She was going down and inches by inches his cock was entering her pussy and with a slight painful effort she was able to do that.

I was shocked to see that my 19 year old sis was not a virgin girl. I soon gave her a bad look and murmured within myself bitch she started jumping on his dick up and down along with her boobs going up and down rhythmically. They both were moaning but were gentle and quite low. The sound coming was rather exotic and by now I had my dick in my hand and was masturbating. The driver just lay motionless with his erect dick on which my sis was jumping letting it enter deep in her pussy for about 5 mins.

She continued jumping on his dick than she stopped and started licking his cock again and this time she asked him to fuck her doggy and entered her pussy from behind and started pumping hard on her pussy. He spanked her couple of time than I understood he is not as simple as he seems to be pat sound and slight sound of their moans filled the room. He was pumping her pussy harder and harder in every stroke then I heard my sister saying chod aur chod aauuhhh aur jor see aaj jannat ka maja dikha de mere

Raja mai mmm aari ja rahiiii thi tere lund ko kabse pane ke liye aaj tu jam ke chod mujhe bhar de mera choot apni mote aur kale lund se. He started fucking her even harder by hearing this quite a time he stopped for a while I guess it was to extend the session and cum later wen they feel they are satisfied they changed the position and my sis laid on the bed and he came over her entered his dick inside her pussy and started ramming her aah mere raja maar le aaj jitni marni hai le le maja mere is jawani ka choos le aaj sara jism mera bujhe de meri aag blah blah blah and he continued fucking her for more half an hour before.

He was about to cum and pulled his dick out and he came on her belly. She started licking his cum with his fingers and than sucked his cock clean and they got dressed and started talking normal again, my sister she went quietly and opened the door and also changed the DVD and played a movie. She told him that they will try anal next time as it was her first so she is a bit scared to take it to ass. I wanked and came when they were fucking and had to wait for more 45 mins till they left the room

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