We were just lying and talking with Sylvia who is my mother-in-law. I asked her how many guys she had been with in her life.

  • “Not as many as you think, none in the last six months.”

I asked her if I was the youngest one.

  • “You’re probably surprised. But no, you’re not! I shouldn’t even be talking to you about it.”

But of course she kept on telling me the whole story.

“My daughter was still in high-school and she was dating this eighteen years old guy. He would come over sometimes. So once he came and she wasn’t there. I told him he could come in and wait for Sandy. And I went back to the bath tub. I put some foam and lied inside it. I forgot he was there and started masturbating. You know, when there is no man you’ve got to please yourself somehow…

Suddenly I felt someone watching me…it was our guest staring at me through the chink. Did I leave the door open? I should have locked it! I already had an orgasm and I kept looking at him and touching myself and he kept on starring at me. He opened up the door a bit more and you know what I did then?

I put my leg on the edge so he could see it better. I split my crotch and stick one finger inside. He took it as invitation and stepped inside the bathroom. What a shameless boy! He came and touched my shoulder and that made me fuckin cum again…

I pulled his head down and kissed his lips than I took off his belt. I took ‘em off along with his boxers. I saw a tall but slim dick, he was skinny kinda guy.

So he sucked on my tits like a vampire, he found my pussy and stuck his fingers inside my vagina. He was fuckin’ bold!

I knew that he would most likely cum fast, so I stopped him and turn to him with my back. I took his penis, pushed it inside my vagina. He grabbed my thighs and started jumping on me like a dog on the bitch. He did cum in a minute. I let him come inside me. But I told him to forget about it and to get out from our house before my daughter comes back.”

My next question to Sylvia was, as you probably have guessed, how far she went in sex…

  • “You want to know if I practiced anal sex? Don’t you, my lovely imp?” She was quiet.
  • “So yes or no?”
  • “Yes and no.”
  • ?
  • “Well, there was one guy who tried to do that to me…he was preparing me for that for a long time…he fingered me, licked it, fingered again, than moistured his dick in my mouth and finally entered me from the back…slowly he went in completely, I could stand the pain and I expected some new sensations…
  • “And than?”
  • “He shoved me back and force a few times and he screamed awkwardly. His penis bended a bit and he was afraid to break it. That was it. I didn’t get anything…”

After a moment she asked me:

  • “What about you?”
  • “Yeah. There was something like that a long time ago when I was still in college.”
  • “When you were in college? Wow!”- Sylvia seemed not to believe me and I had to tell her the story about my girlfriend.

“She was this a bit chubby girl Helen, quiet but cute. I didn’t know how I got to get with her because she had nice reputation and would never let anyone play around with her, she wouldn’t fuck around. But when I finally got her trust oh, she had to come out of her closet!

First of all, it turned out that I wasn’t her first. She had been getting fucked out for a year at least!

I was after Helen because she turned me on so much with that round ass and full thighs and her huge tits of course. It turned out she liked me as well. At the first date she let me kiss her and go inside her bra. I went fuckin nuts when she put her hand on the zipper and gave me a hand job right in the car. I came right away.

So the next weekend we went to a house party together. We locked in the bathroom and I took her clothes off. And when I took off my own clothes she told me she wouldn’t give me her pussy anyway. But she wouldn’t mind it in her ass.

Back than I had no idea about anal sex and I didn’t want to seem inexperienced or anything so I was like let’s do it. She spit on my dick, made it wet and turned her back on me. She put her hands on the buttocks and moved them apart. I closed my eyes and my dick found its own way to her hole. As she felt my dick she pushed herself so in a split of a second I was inside.

I was shocked being in Helen’s ass. A day ago for me it was super to even put my hand on her ass. It was too tight and a bit painful in the beginning. But Helen did her job well I didn’t even have to move. Than it felt nice, very nice, and extremely fuckin amazing. I came in like a minute.

For about three months that we dated we only had it in her ass. Than she started scaring me because she wanted to do anal few times a week and I wanted something more than just butt-fucking. I wanted a normal relationship…”

  • “And this is when you met the blow-job girl?” – My mother-in-law interrupted me and started laughing.
  • “Yeah…”
  • “Did you miss Helen or something?”
  • “You know, may be yes to some extend. She had a fabulous ass; it was kinda like yours, except a bit smaller…”
  • “Well, let’s say you still haven’t tried my ass yet” – Sylvia laughed.
  • “What? Are you waiting for it?”

I was shocked.

Instead of answering me she lied with her ass on the top and her hands down. My dick got hard right away. I caressed her back for a while, kissed her shoulders and her butt. She put her fancy ass a bit upper so I could easily touch and feel her crotch.

Her crack opened up for me and it welcomed me with its awakening smell of passion. From the back her cunt looked like an almond except it was darker. I started licking that almond and grabbing my mother-in-law’s ass. And my nose was rubbing her further up where later I was going to fuck her.

Sylvia was getting turned on more and more. Perhaps to urge me even more she did something I wouldn’t expect her doing…She put one of her hands behind her back and started moving her middle finger around the crotch.

She carefully went around it and pushed her button…her finger went inside. I was thinking that woman could hurt herself with those kinda long nails. But it went in just fine. I helped her out. I pushed her hand and the finger went all the way in.

When it was comfortably playing inside I started watching that from the above. I loved that look…That mature juicy woman, the mother of my wife is lying in front of me and swinging her full round apples-like ass and piercing it with her own finger.

I stood up and went to her head. I grabbed her hair pulled her head from the pillow and stuck my dick inside her mouth. She obeyed me and sucked on it. Actually I was forcing on her head while she kept on sticking in her finger deeper and faster. Oh, how I fell in love with that ass!

I remembered all the times in the past before we started messing around. She would bend over a bit and I tried to see at least a piece of her flesh under her seductive dresses or rob she wears around the house. Back than I could only dream of at least touching that ass. If back than someone would tell me that I could touch it, and squeeze it and kiss it, and slap it, and even fuck it I would go insane!

Damn, fucking her mouth was also awesome, it was so fuckin awesome that I didn’t want to stop – she smacks her lips so appetizingly and moans like a real whore. But I had to stop just because she was expecting me inside her other hole. Something like her mouth but much tighter and much deeper.

My dick slipped out from her mouth and the sound reminded me of a bottle crock. I moved myself towards her ass. I recalled that feeling I had with the girl from my university, Helen.

I knew that I had to through away all the thoughts of shame; that I had to be brave if I already started doing it. I had to forget all and stop thinking because it was going to feel so good, like heaven. It was that total control over the woman who was giving me all of her flesh and soul.

So I was on the way to Sylvia’s soul. The way was going through her ass. “Sweet ass, so sweet” I was telling her and watching how that tight hole was obeying my dick as it met no resistance. I stopped for a second just to remember that sexy picture. “Come on!” my mother-in-law yelled at me.

I could tell she was a bit afraid and like a patient in the dentist’s chair she just wanted to get over with the pain. Well, I didn’t want her to wait long and all of a sudden I shoved in my dick all the way up in her ass.

“It huuurts!” she moaned and her face smacked on the pillow. I repeated my move again and again. The crotch that was dry and cheerless in the beginning got wet and warm.

Sylvia stopped moaning and caught my rhythm. She waggled her ass for me and put her hands on those huge buttocks.

I took my dick out for a moment to see her crotch squeeze again and put it back in very hard.

  • “Talk to me” – I asked her – “I want to know what you feel.”
  • “I feel your dick. What else am I supposed to feel?” She replied.
  • “Where?”
  • “As if you don’t know!”
  • “I want to hear you say it!”

She didn’t say anything and I started fucking her so hard and smacking her ass.

  • “You’re fucking me in my ass!” She gave up.
  • “Where?”
  • “In my ass…in my ass…my…”

Her body started shivering and shaking.

  • “What? You’re cumin, slot?”

She was coming and I loved it. I didn’t let her go and I could continue it longer. I started going harder on her.

  • “It huuurts! Justin!” – She started begging me. – “Let me go!”

But I was harsh…

  • “I haven’t cum yet, Sylvia.”

I told her. And she started shivering again.

  • “You’re lying, bitch! You’re coming again!”

Sylvia gave up.

  • “Justin I want to see what it is like in there…let me sit on top of you”

I let her out and lied down so she could sit on top of me with her back turned to my face. She went up a bit and sat her ass on my dick. It easily went inside her ass and it was her ass fucking my dick out.

She looked down to see my dick going into her asshole and that show got her burning. She was fucking her pussy with her fingers and was tickling my balls.

I started cumin and my sperm couldn’t find a place in the ass and I felt it going down on my pubis and balls. Sylvia spread it all over her ass and was cumin alone with me…her finger were deep inside her vagina.

  • “God, Justin, what have you done to me?”

She moaned:

  • “You called me a whore! How could you?”
  • “I just wanted to get dirty. Are you offended?”

She smiled…

  • “Oh, no I’m not mad at you at all. You just made some of my dreams come true. You know, when I masturbate I imagine I give myself to a stranger…I take his hand and put it inside my panties. He fingers me and than fucks me out. You know what I mean? Sometimes I fantasize two or three young guys stopping me on the street and raping me…”
  • “Do they take turns or fuck you at the same time?”
  • “They do it all kinds of ways. It really turns me on.”
  • “Do you really want it to happen in reality?”
  • “I don’t know but today you opened something new for me. You depraved me all the way down. To fuck in the ass is so fantastic! I would love to do it again!”
  • “Do you want me to find another guy, a second one, tomorrow?”
  • “Tomorrow? Where are you going to find him?”
  • “I’ve got a friend. He’s married but it’s not a problem as we already know. When he’ll see you he won’t be able to resist.”

-“You really think so? Do you think I can handle you guys? You sure you won’t tear me apart?”“We’ll just fuck you out the way you should be fucked.” – And I sucked on her nipple.

“No, honey, tell me what are you going to do to me?”

“We’ll reap off your dress…” – I bit her nipple.

“And than?”

“And than we’ll put your hands behind your back and tear down your panties…”

“And than…?” – My wife’s mother was melting and going nuts.

“Than we’ll lick your pussy, stick our fingers inside, him and than me…than we’ll stick our fists inside you…”

“And than…” she was flowing…

“Than we’ll make you suck us out. Than we’ll fuck you one by one, we’ll take turns. And than we’ll fuck you at the same time… your pussy we’ll tear apart and crack.”

She couldn’t take it anymore and sat down on top of me and started jumping up and down.

  • “And finally, we’ll take your ass…we’ll check how deep it is and than you’ll sit on top of me like now and you’ll give your pussy to my friend. And we’ll come inside you. And you’ll cum at the same time with us…”

Sylvia wasn’t even listening anymore and was having her beautiful orgasm as I was giving her my last juices

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