I am Haasini, fair and above average looking female of 25 years of age, I am not tall; barely 5’3” with flat belly, not huge but I have big breasts. Altogether I have a balanced body but with significant heaviness over my ass. I live with my parents in NCR which is a part of Haryana state and I work in NCR which come in U.P.

It’s more than two hours one side through metro and usually I do daily up down. But sometimes, when I get late in the office I stay at my uncle’s place who lives barely 5-6 Km away from my work place.; he is my mother’s real younger brother, youngest in all siblings he is somewhat 45, obviously married and he also has one daughter.

Since beginning I have seen uncle as a very caring person, not just for me but also for my mom and everybody around and I never got any clue about uncle’s dirty intentions for me. From last few months I was somewhat regular in visiting uncle and aunt many times I have been there without informing them and he was always casual in talking to me

and most of the times use to address me “Gudiya” in the tone as if I am his daughter. Anyway that day when it all happened after office I was dating with my seiner over dinner and I didn’t informed aunt about my stay in their house and later pretending as if I was working late in the office when I reached at uncle’s place somewhere around 9:30 I came to know that

Richa aunt has gone to Delhi to visit her mom. Apparently everything was fine, I wished him on the door itself, he too wished me and soon after entering in the house while uncle told me that aunt and Anu (his daughter) are out for the night I realized that uncle is little drunk.

For an instant I hesitated and thought about going back home but in the end moved in casually and entered in study cum bedroom of her daughter. After few minutes, without opening door of my room uncle asked me if I will have dinner and I denied casually.

One hour passed, in the mean time I called my mom to tell her everything is fine and after using washroom for quick shower and changing into nightwear, Capri and t-shirt I switched on my laptop and I was in the middle of one Hollywood movie when uncle suddenly entered in the room with a glass full of soft drink for me.

I was on bed with laptop on study table and he settled down little far from me on the chair and asked me which movie is running on my screen and after having little chit chat over that movie he asked me how is my job going. Till then everything I was fine, though as compared uncle was looking little more drunk,

still he seemed very much in his senses but suddenly he changed the subject of talk and in dazing fashion came out saying that I was born in front of him I am so grown up now “Tu mere saamne paida hui thi…ab dekh kitni badi ho gayi hai” “You are 25…right?” in continuation he confirmed my age and as I moved my head in yes he came up saying that now they have

to marry me as quickly as possible “ab bus jaldi se jaldi teri Shaadi karni hai”. By now I was feeling little uneasy because of his overall gesture so I did not replied anything, I just looked into his eyes and uncle asked me what I was expecting him to ask next; if I have a boyfriend “Tera koi boy friend hai?”

I denied “nahi…” “Jhoot mat bol..main tujhe bike pe ek ladke ke saath chipke hue dekha hai” and I was shocked to hear that “Nahi wo…actually” he was right and I tried to save myself and fumbled and uncle told me not to feel scared as there is nothing wrong in having boy friend “darr kyun rahi hai…boy friend hona koi galat baat nahi hai…” and I moved my vision away from his face

“I want to tell you one more thing…” he continued and I was shocked as he came out saying that looking at my body he can make out that I have also done sex, not just once but several times “teri body ko dekh kar patta chal raha hai ki tu sex bhi kar chuki hai…” “ek baar nahin…kai baar”.

I don’t know he could truly make out that or it was just a fluke but he was absolutely right, from last one year I was in sex affair with my seiner. As my boy friend belonged to different religion there were no future commitments from any side, it was relation purely for fun and I was enjoying regular fucking with him for 2-3 days continuously every month.

Anyway I was stunned to hear uncle just spoke and really failed to deny him instantly and with mild dominance he tried verifing “Say… yes or No?” “No…” I denied with all my confidence but he said I am lying “tu jhoot bol rahi hai” he spoke that with a wiked smile, for few seconds I continued looking into his eyes without a flick but I ultimately moved my sight away.

“Darr matt…I am your friend….” and I looked up again and he asked me again “Kar chuki hai na…?” I wanted to say No again but don’t know how I accepted and once again moved my sight away from his eyes. “Good…” he smiled naughtily while saying “good” and further asked me if we both are serious for relation “tum dono is relation ko lekar serious ho?”

and keeping my vision away I knobbed my head in No. I was little scared because I was expecting that now he will ask me my boy friend’s name(which would reveal his religion) and after knowing that he will go crazy over me but uncle remained silent for next few seconds, possibly he was waiting for me to look up and as I looked up at his face he spoke again

“You know…tu paanch saal ki thi jab…” means you were 5 years old when, saying that he paused for a moment and smiled naughtily, anyhow I could not guess what was he about to say and for an instant uncle once again repeated initial statement and ultimately revealed his dirty desire in weird words “Tu paanch saal ki thi…jab last time maine tujhe Nanga dekha tha…”

and before I would have realized what he just said uncle spoke again “aur aaj fir se main tujhe Nanga dekhunga” and I was madly stunned to hear that. “What do you say…? Mere saath Sex karna hai…?” he asked me for sex so casually as if there is nothing wrong in it and totally choked over my throat my heart started beating high “darr matt…samajh lay main tera boyfriend hun…”

with that he got and I reacted instantly “Nahi…uncle…please…aesi baaten mat karo…” “Mazza aayega….!” he said it will be fun and I denied again “Nahi mujhe nahin karna…” and he told me to let him suck my cunt “Ok…I will not fuck you…just let me suck your Pussy….” “No….!” “Please Haasini maan Jaa” adressing my name he requested me to agree and I knobbed my head in no

“Ok…just show me your Pussy…” he came closer while saying that and folding my legs inwards I moved into the corner “Please… Maan ja…” he requested again with a cunning smile and I started breathing heavy “nahi uncle… please don’t do all this to me” “I promise I will not do anything….you just show me your Pussy…” he replied and with that he came further close and I went more into the wall.

“Tu please darr matt…main tujhe nahin chodunga……main jo kuch bhi karunga to tere consent se karunga” and with that he took glass of soft drink from my hand and kept it on the study table. “Now show me your Cunt” looking into my eyes uncle spoke out bit seriously and I pleaded again “uncle Please…what are you saying…” “Hindi mein Bolun? …apni Chut Dikha de”

he spoke in sarcastic tone and with that resting his bottom over the edge he sat down on the bed little far from me. Breathing heavy also sweating a bit I don’t know exactly what was I thinking that perticular instant, I could scream, also I could hit him but before I would have thought about doing anything like that uncle extended his hand and caressed my cheek tenderly and I puffed in undue delight.

uncle was going against my will still I moaned in pleasure; I really don’t know how it happened, why his touch pleasured me? And unfortunately uncle sensed my state, he smiled naughtily over my tiny puff and asked me mild teasing tone “naughty girl…. tera bhi mann kar raha hai na?” and I was dumb folded.

Just looking into each other’s eyes, no words exchanged for for next few seconds and in the end uncle told me not to feel shy and straightway asked me to get naked “Sharma matt… ab bus fatafat Nangi ho ja” and with quick movement I jumped out of bed and got away from him “Main ghar jaa rahi hun” I picked up my bag and started packing my bag while saying I am going home.

Time was almost 11, uncle looked at time on the wall clock and behaving completely brazen used hardcore Hindi in saying that if I will go home at this hours, somebody will certainly fuck me on the way and instead of getting fucked by a stranger it is better to fuck with him

“iss time ghar jaayegi to raaste mei tujhe koi na koi to Chod hi dega…kisi aise waise se Chudwane se achha hai tu yahan mujhse hi Chudwa le” he was speaking vulgar consistently but that was real stunner for me, though I was aware of all these words, moreover I use to enjoy this nonsense while being on bed with my boy friend but uncle saying such words to me

was unbelieveble and next instant with no hesitation over his gesture he moved forward and wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. My breasts knocked his firm chest lightly, for an instant our thighs also came in contact and before I would pushed him uncle wrapped his other arm over my ass and kissed me over my cheek.

I pushed him but he was holding me with both the hands and he once again kissed me but this time over my neck and very close to my ear Once again I puffed in unjustified sensation but ultimately pushed him and came out of his grip. “Haasini…please Maan ja…I am requesting you…” uncle somewhat pleaded me to agree but in impolite tone and with that revealed the fact of his married life that and since Richa aunt has gone through her uterus removal

she has lost interest in sex and further told me that he has not done sex with her from last two years. Standing 3-4 feet away, no words and for few seconds I continued looking into uncle’s eyes and he once again came close to me and embracing my waist pulled me closer. I tried pushing him but not very hard and this time uncle tried kissing my lips.

He was stinking because of alcohol and this time I pushed him hard. “uncle this is wrong….please ye sab matt karo” I spoke out in loud voice and uncle requested again “Haasini… please help me….mere bare mein bhi soch… Richa bilkul kuch nahin karti…what should I do….?” and I didn’t have anything to say in reply.

I was silent and he continued telling his mental state and told me that he hates drinking and he wants to leave it forever but Alcohol is the only way he could see to tranquilize his mind. That was true, everyone among close family was worried about uncle’s drinking habit and truly speaking what I could recall that since beginning he was a non drinker but from last 2 or two and half years

he was drinking consistently and according to Richa aunt slowly he was turning into a short tempered beast; that’s what she told my mom without revealing the other side of the coin, that he has started drinking because she has stopped having sex with him. I stayed silent and remained lost in what he was saying and uncle once again came close to me and also grabbed me again.

I was unwilling but I don’t know why I was losing strength to oppose him, I could shout, I could hit him and running away from him I could easily call my mother, but consciously or unconsciously I did not thought about doing anything like that, but why? For me it is an unanswered question even today.

Can’t say this was the only reason why I surrendered myself to him but certainly it was one of the reasons. Since my childhood I have always liked uncle as a person, he is a tough man who has rose up in life just with his hard work, moreover he was special for me because my father was absolutely against my post graduation and wanted to marry me right after my graduation

but uncle has always inspired me to make my separate identity before getting into any such knot. Not only that, uncle was the one who was alone standing beside me when my father was saying no to me for independent job. Readers might find my thinking of that moment as an excuse of my lust, if not they might consider me foolish, I won’t say they are wrong,

virtually I was behaving foolish because I was not trying to run or save myself. One arm around my waist and other hand over my shoulder, our face were closed and unconsciously I was in big shuffle within myself and uncle once again tried kissing me and his mouth fragrance staggered me once more and I pushed him another time.

Once again no words for few seconds, we just looked at each other’s face, apparently his expressions were firm but I could read core of his heart, I wanted to help him but how can I do sex with him, after all he was real brother of my mom and I came out another hide out that if somebody will come to know about this it will be a big trouble

“uncle ye sab kisi ko patta chal gaya to problem ho jaayegi…” and uncle saw sign of hope in my words “I promise it will be always our secret…” he assured me with a tiny smile and I once again denied “Nahi nahi…mujhe nahin karna” “kyun nahin karna…you have do to…tujhe karna padega…” he tried dominating me in little rough and loud voice and my heart started pounding.

I was standing barely few inches away from him and momentary thought of me getting fucked by somebody close like uncle staggered me and I started sweating. Madly scared just in few seconds my fever was evident over my expressions and next instant uncle changed his temperament, moving ahead he once again took me in his arms and caressed my cheek tenderly,

I was nervous, worried and frightened still I felt bit of blissful sensation passing through my spine and next before I would have tried setting myself free uncle started kissing me all around my neck and ears and I once again puffed in undesired pleasure.

I tried pushing him but not with much strength and holding me hard he continued rubbing his lips over my soft skin and soon after neck he started kissing me all over my face and I cried in irritation of his stinking mouth “uncle aapke muhn se bahut gandi smell aa rahi hai…”.

He stopped for a fraction, looked into my eyes closely and suddenly planted his lips over mine and started sucking them with all his passion and affection. I was lip locked and at my end I did my best preventing uncle from kissing me but holding my waist and clenching me hard against his chest uncle did not stopped sucking my lips.

He was gone crazy in lust and somewhere deep I was also feeling myself getting weaker, my breasts were getting crushed against his hard chest and along with feeling my melons getting heavier in excitement I could feel evident stiffness in my nipples. I was getting aroused, still I was not willing and keeping my lips closed I did not reacted to uncle’s kiss at all.

After a minute of sucking my lips eventually he broke the kiss, I was thinking that he might scream over me for not responding to his kiss but he stayed calm, caressed my face softly and in the end came out with a promise that he will stop drinking if I will start fucking with him in really very weird words “Tu mujhse Chudwana suru kar de…I promise main Daaru peena chhod dunga”.

Words he spoke were dirty but what he said was a big thing to take place, everybody in the family wanted that to happen but for that I could not justify myself being in sexual relation with him. “No…I can’t do that…” I spoke that but in low voice, “You have to help me…tujhe karna padega…”

Holding my waist with both the hands uncle stayed firm over his demand and next instant I felt his hands moving down to my ass. I was already feeling aroused and his hands over my ass; over thin cloth of my capri shivered me intensely and with evident sweat over my face and neck I puffed while looking into his eyes.

“Dekh kisi ko kuch bhi patta nahin chalega….bus sirf ek baar mujhse achhe se Chudwa lay” “I promise main aaram aaram se karunga aur tujhe bahut mazza aayega” and after hearing all that I got further breathless. Weird and extremely shameless uncle was gone crazy in lust and I wanted to hit him for what he just said but I stayed jammed, possibly because his prior statement;

that he will stop drinking against having sex affair with me was also alive in my mind, I wanted to help him from coming out of his drinking habit but at any rate I was not ready give him consent of fucking me for that. Anyhow that instant it was not about what I wanted, it was about what he wanted and he wanted to fuck me somehow, he could sense that I am not revolting much,

moreover he could also feel that I am little aroused too and caressing my cheek tenderly uncle spoke that if I would have been virgin then he would have done nothing with me “agar tu Virgin hoti to main tere saath kuch nahin karta…but you have already done all this…” and in continuation he asked me to let him fuck once “ek baar mere saath bhi kar lay”

and hearing that unconsciously I did big mistake by asking him just once “Ek bar…?” and uncle considered my unnecessary question my acceptance and saying “Haan…bus ek baar” he instantly started kissing me again. Once again I was lip locked and this time I could feel that physically I am not protesting much,

certainly this fact that uncle will stop drinking if I will fuck with him was driving me into this, still I would say I was melting more because of my lust. As such I don’t have any genuine reason for that desire still I would say biologically the time span I was going through was high as far as my sex hormones were concerned.

My periods were recently ended and I have noticed my sexual urge use to rise high at this time, moreover I use to confront with my seiner; my boy friend every month exactly in this span to nullify threat of pregnancy but this time my boy friend didn’t got keys of his friend’s flat to tranquilize mine and his own yearn and unluckily with that I was stuck in the situation

where I was literary failing to hold my undue sexual desire poking my brain. Don’t know exactly from how long, but I was realizing that I am wet and while getting sucked over my lips slowly I was feeling releasing myself and in that hobble I don’t when I opened my lips and uncle’s tongue wiggled all around my mouth.

Once started uncle did not stopped for next 4-5 minutes, moving all around while releasing his tart saliva into me he pulled out my tongue into his mouth and sucked it. He was drunk and because of his deep and long kiss soon I also started feeling intoxicated, it could be physiological but it was significant and I don’t know while kissing when uncle started squeezing my breasts.

As I realized his hands over my melons I tried pushing him and he broke the kiss, “uncle please leave me….!” I requested while swallowing his sour dribble into my mouth and knobbing his head uncle came out that now he will not leave me “NO! You have responded to my kiss….Ab main tujhe nahin chhodunga…”

and with that holding my ass with both the hands he tried lifting me abruptly and with a loud shocking hiss in fear of falling down I unconsciously wrapped my arms around his neck. Next uncle rapidly folded my legs around his waist and smiled while gripping me harder over my ass and I went through strange shivering till my soul.

“You know… jab tu chhoti thi aur jab bhi main tujhe godi mein leta tha…tu mere oopar susu kar deti thi…” Saying that when I was small and he use to uphold me I use pee over him every time; for an instant he spoke funny but I got nervous with his words but before I would have tried pushing him and jumping out of his arms to set myself free he stared to walk towards h is bedroom.

“uncle please leave m e…” I fluttered a bit on the way to his bedroom and finally throwing me on his soft spongy bed he once again tried coming out with humor; that he wants to see the place from where I use to pee over him “Mujhe teri wo jagah dekhni hai jahan se tu mere oopar Susu karti thi….” and soon after saying that uncle started taking off his clothes.

Being a sexually experienced girl I would say uncle has an amazing body. Standing almost six, with bit of belly, his arms and forearms are thick, shoulders wide and strong; his chest is hairy, broad and deeply cleaved. Thick dark hairs along with dark mustache but cheeks and chin clean-shaven,

altogether uncle is a very good looking male with very caring nature and it will not be exaggeration at my end that if he wouldn’t be my uncle then possibly I would have fucked with him with complete consent. Anyway that particular instant I was not at all looking at his gorgeous body, I was nervous and madly confused,

I could feel evident heaviness and wetness over my breasts and cunt, which meant that I am aroused but I was yet not ready surrender and as uncle took off his t-shirt I tried to drift back. “Kahan Jaa rahi hai meri Jaan…” Saying that uncle moved forward swiftly and holding my both the ankles pulled me hard and I was flat on his bed over my back.

After that he took off his lower and before I would have thought about running again he climbed on the bed with just jockey over his body. Eventually I was buried under uncle in the middle of his soft and spongy bed and looking into my eyes he smiled cunningly and feeling eternal lust mixed with attachment for uncle I closed my eyes in subdued consent. uncle once again lip locked me, kissed me softly to begin and slowly went deeper and to my surprise this time I accepted unpleasant taste of his saliva.

uncle kissed me long and I kissed him back with more or less with my consent and by the time he broke the kiss I was bit more charged. Usually I am very active and very naughty on bed with my boyfriend; that was my basic temperament while having sex but with uncle I had to be hesitant and I stayed as is and without saying a word uncle started taking off my clothes.

He lifted my t-shirt, pulled out my Capri out of my legs and after that turned me around to unhook my bra and ultimately rubbing his hand tenderly all over, he kissed and licked soft skin of my entire back. I puffed and moaned restlessly but this time did not try to get away from him.

Face buried in soft pillow I was almost on my belly and his lips moved up slowly and reached to my neck and earlobes and I started gasping louder. uncle sucked my ears, licked nape of my neck and getting further restless as I tried getting away, wrapping his arm around with his palm over my soft fleshy breast uncle lied down partially over me.

I fluttered to prevent him teasing my ears while moaning in intense pleasure but uncle did not stopped sucking my earlobes until I was breathless. I tried getting up as he stopped sucking my ear but uncle impaled his enormous weight over me and next instant his hand moved down to my waist to take off my panty.

I attempted to save myself but as now I was into the act, it was a half hearted attempt and uncle easily managed to drift my Panty down to my knees and rest of it he took it out with his feet. Eventually feeling uncle’s hard cock over my ass with a cloth in the middle I was buried stark naked under his massive weight and puffing in undue lust I told him that what he is doing is very bad

“uncle aap bahut galat baat kar rahe ho….!” And he replied saying that he know that I am also desiring and told me to stop feeling shy and enjoy “Mujhe patta hai tera bhi mann kar raha hai…ab sharmana chhod aur…mazze lay…” and with that rubbing my soft bare thighs his hands moved over my belly and soon his fingers tried reaching to my Pussy.

Lying bit sideways under his weight I clenched my thighs to hide my pussy but soon uncle found the way and started rubbing my opening tenderly. I groaned in pleasure and just in few seconds I felt that I am flooding intensely. Slowly uncle’s fingers moved further into my Pussy and soon loosening my thighs I gave him access of my cunt to rub me.

uncle was well aware of my mental and physical state since beginning, he could sense that I am intended, that is why he was trying and he was happy to see that I have stopped protesting and he whispered in my ear that I am a very good girl “Tu bahut achhi bachi hai…bus aise hi mazze lay” and with that uncle plunged my cunt with his thick finger and I shuddered erotically.

After few ins and outs with one uncle added another finger to my cunt and I gasped thickly with significant quiver of my thighs and uncle asked me if his doll is enjoying in soft sensual voice “mazza aa raha hai meri Gudiya ko…?” and his words aroused me further high and I started gasping louder.

uncle fisted my cunt for few more seconds, until he saw me heading towards my climax and finally stopped playing with my cunt and turned me over my back again. Looking into my eyes he smiled shamelessly and I closed my eyes in embarrassment.

He kissed me over my cheek, sucked my lips for couple of minutes while massaging my soft fleshy milk mounds and in the end started sucking my throbbing erect nipples with lot of care and affection. uncle sucked my breasts unhurriedly, thumping my nipples with his tongue he chewed them against his teeth delicately and holding uncle’s head I moaned helplessly.

Next while sucking my melons once again uncle’s hands reached to my crotch and I can say I was somewhat waiting for that, I was so aroused that now uncle was not doing anything against my will and holding his hand I myself took him to my exact opening and once again his fingertips poked me.

I hissed loudly and my body started trembling in pleasure and uncle withdrew his hand instantly and fondled my naked ass while teasing me that his doll is heated up now “Meri Gudiya garam ho gayi hai…” He was absolutely right, I was reached to the state where I was dying to get fucked but uncle was yet not over with his foreplay and kissing my soft skin all the way soon he was over my cunt.

He opened my thighs and looking at my pussy closely once spoke out erotic about my childhood “Hmmmm…. ye jagah hai…jahan se tu mere oopar Susu karti thi…” and with that he opened my pussy lips with his fingertip and my opening started contracting feverishly. I gasped and nodded my bottom in intense fervor and uncle decided to suck my cunt “ab mein issko suck karunga…”

uncle uttered and in broken voice I requested him not to do all that “nahi uncle please wo sab matt karo….” Though I really love getting sucked but that time I needed him to fuck me and next instant he asked me then what should he do…should he fuck me straightaway “to fir kya karun….sidha tujhe Chod dun…?”

for a fraction I hesitated but in the end opened up shamelessly “Haan…fuck me”. uncle smiled over my state and I was embarrassed and I turned my face away. Anyhow uncle wanted to suck me first and he denied to fuck me straightaway “Nahi….aise nahi….pahle main meri Gudiya ki Chut ko chaatunga…fir usko Chodunga…”

with that he opened my thighs further wide and next instant he was licking my cunt softly with his thick rough tongue. “Iiiihhhh….” I cried repeatedly with clenched teeth and uncle sank his lips and tongue into my cunt lower and lower. Slowly my knees and thighs were bent in a great obtuse V and I started enjoying uncle’s thick tongue wiggling into my cunt like a snake.

My fingers crawled allover and inside his thick hairs and lapping every tiny drop of my sticky juices uncle just went on going deeper and deeper in my cunt. “Ohh…Maaa…” finally I cried helplessly, my thighs shivered, my belly sucked inward and lurching my ass upward in unbearable pleasure I requested uncle to stop “uncle please bus karo…. mera ho jaayega…”.

I was once again heading to climax and accepting my demand uncle stopped sucking me and got up to fuck me. “Bus…ab main apni Gudiya ko Chodunga” saying that uncle took off his jockey and even after trying hard I failed to resist myself looking at his Cock.

It was big and very thick; uncle’s length was almost same as what my boyfriend had but uncle was far thicker; he smiled as he saw me looking at his cock and I once again closed my eyes in awkwardness. Next for an instant uncle got away from bed, opened Elmira and took out Condoms and started covering his rod after coming to bed again.

I was out of my monthly cycle hardly 4 days back, more or less I was in safe period, I wanted to stay silent but as I saw while trying hurrying uncle is struggling to cover his rod I told him to put in as is while telling him that I am in safe period “Aise hi daal do…mera safe period chal raha hai….” and my statement delighted uncle, “ye hui naa baat…!”

he smiled and throwing that piece of rubber away came over me and kissed me nicely. By now I was totally lost in lust and responding back to his Kiss I asked uncle to fuck me now “uncle…please fuck me…” “Yessss…. My Doll…I will fuck you and I will fuck you everyday”

with that uncle widened my thighs with his knees and rested tip of his cock over my opening and replying back to his statement, I denied for more fucking “Nahi….! aapne sirf ek baar bola tha” and without saying a word uncle plunged me hard with a sudden jolt and after filling my cunt with his cock came out saying that he lied “Maine jhoot bola tha…”.

I cried in pleasure as his thick long Cock sizzled into my twat and leaning over me and looking into my eyes closely he once again said that he will fuck me daily “Main tujhe roz Chodunga”. His face was a vision of lust, no further argument from my side and I closed my eyes to feel the real bliss of being a female and uncle started fucking me.

“Ohh…yessss…meri Gudiya…. I really love you” Up and down, back and forward, driving his length in and out of my cunt uncle hissed in pleasure while saying that and his words continued arousing me. I grabbed him in my arms and arching my back gasped loud in intense pleasure.

uncle was amazing, far more powerful than my boy friend, his body was thick and hard and cock was literary blazing my cunt. Screwing me hard and fast his hips rose and fell swiftly in incredible rhythm and within one minute his deep and long thrusts started taking my breath away.

I grunted and cried out loud, I was close to my climax and wanted to cum but uncle did not stopped and nailing his skin as I whimpered again, moving in and out of my cunt hole he asked me what happened in same loving way “Kya hua…meri Gudiya…” “Meraa…hoo…Ahhh..jaayegaa…uhhh unclemm mmmum” broken voice and puffing like hell,

somehow I managed to tell him my state and uncle took me casually “koi baat nahin Gudiya… hone de jo ho raha hai….” and he did not stopped to let my climax pass. Desperate for release I cried and cried and continued dying in unbearable sensation passing through my womb and digging my cunt consistently uncle started kissing me.

He chewed my lips, sucked my tongue but down there; over his crotch did not stopped fucking until crying in husky voice I started pushing him. Yet not broken but dam inside me was reached to the pinnacle where I feeling that now I will certainly die in this fucking pleasure. “Bus meri Gudiya…mera bhi ho gaya…”

That’s what uncle spoke while squeezing his taut hips together with a final jolt and in the end crushing my soft cunt under his heavy crotch raised his head and grunted loud. I orgasmed hard; like I never imagined, my entire body shuddered with thick tidal waves rising from my womb and quaking my belly and breasts.

Holding uncle tight I cried husky throughout my release and above me uncle also moaned densely as his thick hot jizz churned out of his cock and flooded my cunt.

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