A little after my twentieth birthday, my parents moved to Dubai. Since I was in the middle of my engineering course at a college in chennai, I began to live in my house, along with my grandma. Our house, is an ancient bungalow with three floors and creaky doors.

Grandma never came upstairs so the whole of the top two floors was consequently at my disposal for three whole years of my life. During that period, a lot of mischief happened at my place.

My friends came over to drink, we watched porn, and with time, I even sneaked in the women that I dated. But back then, just after my twentieth birthday was when the most beautiful of all things happened.

Haasini was my second cousin. Her parents lived in a nearby town, and she had moved to chennai becoz she got a job here. She was three years my senior, and our parents deemed it fit that she move to our house, since we had no lack of space.

At that point of time, I was at the peak of my sexual curiousity. I had never been with a woman, much less seen a naked one, except ofcourse, in porn. I was instantly attracted to Haasini, who was mind-blowingly beautiful.

She was fair skinned, had a slender waist, and her lips were full-blooded and juicy. She had silky dark hair, and a perfect figure. And her breasts seemed perfectly symmetric and by the looks of the clothes she wore, pretty well endowed!

For the first two months, I lusted after her. I masturbated several times, enchanted by her smell, after the several hours she lay next to me on my bed.I smelt her underwear when she left them near the bathroom..and masturbated yet again to that beautiful smell.

Sometimes, as I sat studying, she would pop into bed next to me..and lie facing down…her ass was always just a touch away, inviting, perfectly round…and yet, I was too scared to make the move. She was my cousin after all…And an older one!

But two months later, I had decided it was time to do something. My decision was made one evening, as I sat on my bed..naked, as I masturbated. I had forgotten to lock the room, and Suddenly it swung wide open!

Haasini stared at my cock. I stood up as a reflex. My cock was still upright and I was unable to hide it. There were no clothes in my vicinity, and all I could do was gave a helpless expression, as I asked her to leave.

Haasini had been on the phone when she unwittingly stepped into my room..She fumblingly apologized and attempted to close the door…But even as she closed it, I noticed, her eyes were still on my cock.

An hour later, when I joined her and grandma for dinner, she gave me knowing smile. And I realized it was time I did more. Easier said than done, because, though Haasini lazed around in my room,

showed ample cleavage sometimes, and consequently walked in several times into my room while I was changing, she invariably slept in her own room… Most nights she whispered and moaned into the phone.

I later found a letter hidden between her underwear. She had a boyfriend in Banglore,who was desperately in love with her. And why not? She was very sexy girl. So I resorted to the next best thing.

I started wearing my pants half way up my ass, no underwear, so she could see my butt cleavage…And I noticed that she hung around me more, when I wore such pants.. I sometimes left the door open while I changed, or after a shower,

or while I masturbated…And she walked in on me..several times! She always stared at my cock and such times..but made no direct moves. And I was still scared. One day, I came in unwittingly..and saw her change in her room.

She had just finished a shower and was towelling off..I backed off immediately, and peeped from behind the door. For the first time I saw her perfect tits. They were proportionate and almost mango shaped..and her nipples were hard and dark pink.

As I have already mentioned, she is fair girl, with the most slender hips ever…her buttocks were flawlessly pink, and I almost cummed into my pants as I watched. She dropped the towel and she rubbed body butter on her skin,

and I noticed her pubic hair for the first time. It was trimmed and concentrated in a triangle above her vagina. It was unbearable to look at, and I pulled out my cock and started to masturbate. I didnt care.

If she came out and caught me, I’d still stand there and masturbate. If she came to me, I’d kiss her, lick her, fuck her! I didn’t care. Ten minutes later, she began to dress, still not having noticed me.

And I dropped a load of semen on the wall…Couldn;t help it! Now I was scared she would spot me..and I ran, limp penis hanging, back into my room.

Now that I had seen Haasini naked, my lust for her grew tenfold. I became even more daring. I left magazine copies of Playboy and penthouse lying around my room, and made sure she spotted them. I never wore a shirt at home ( and I have a good athletic body).

I began to wear even looser jeans (minus the underwear, ofcourse), and more than half my ass was always visible. Whenever I walked around the home when she was there, I was almost constantly sporting an erection. Haasini had this kind of electrifying effect on me.

Thus a few days after the masturbating episode, Haasini came into my room, as I sat on the bed studying, and flopped onto it. She was wearing a Salwaar Kameez, and she lay on her chest, barely an inch away.

Her ass was there yet again, inviting, ripe and round and utterly delicious, and this time, I could picture its pinkness which I had seen a few days ago. And I placed my hand on her hip. She didn’t respond or acknowledge it in anyway.

And a slow excrucuiating 15 minutes later, I moved my hand onto her ass. Still no response from her. She appeared to be sleeping… My book was now positioned such that it touched her hip, and my hand on her ass could be explained

as a harmless touch by a younger cousin. Thats what I intended it to look like. I was wearing a pair of silky shorts that day, and my cock peeped out from under it, fully erect.With my left hand, I slowly touched my cock, and starting moving the shaft up and down.

My right hand lay on her butt, I could smell her and feel her, and I began to masturbate. I stroked my cock slowly, careful not to shake her or the bed too much..but soon enough, I felt close to climax, and involuntarily, I gave her ass a little squeeze.

With a sudden jerk, Haasini lifted herself from the bed, and in haste, I pulled the leg of my short over my throbbing cock..” I am going downstairs”, Haasini said, and she stood up and began to leave. In the last second, she threw a glance toward my cock.

Things would have continued this way for a long time. With masturbation and furtive glances and masked lust. But suddenly things took a turn for the better.It was the rainy season and Haasini’s room had a leaky ceiling that needed fixing.

So she began to sleep downstairs with my grandma. This continued for a while, and initially, I found it irritating. But finally, luck came to me. It was a weekend, and I decided to stay over at a friend’s place for group studies. I mentioned this to Haasini and my grandmom and left.

That night we didn’t study much. Instead, we watched a porn movie! One of the best I have ever seen. Once the movie finished, me and my friend looked at each other sheepishly. Neither of us wanted to study, and it was quite clear we both wanted privacy.

I suddenly felt the need to go home, and he did not stop me. It was raining heavily, and I got drenched on the way home.So, I reached home, and hurriedly removed my wet clothes and got naked. I walked to my room, slowly stroking my cock and switched on the lights.

Haasini lay fast asleep on my bed! Quickly, I switched off the light. I was horny as hell. (like I said before, it was one of the best porn movies I had ever seen). I did not wear any clothes. I picked up a lungi..somethin I dont normally wear,

and I slowly got into bed next to her, and into the blanket she was using.I saw that she was wearing silk pajamas and a shirt. My head lay close to hers, and she turned slightly, so that her hair came close to my nose. I could smell her fragrance and it drove me crazy.

I moved closer and placed a hand upon her hip. No reaction from her. Just the regular deep breathing and heaving of her breasts. It turned me on more than ever. And I finally placed my hand on her left breast.

It was soft and the silky shirt she wore made it all the more erotic. I let my hand remain there for a few minutes, and then, I began to slowly move it around her breast,in little circles..My heart beat wildly..but I was determined not to stop today.

It had been too fuckin’ long already! After I circled her left breast a few times, I became a little bit more daring..I squeezed her breast lightly, and then a little more firmly. She was breathing deeply. A single thought hammered my constantly…

was she pretending or was she really asleep? Only one way to find out. I started to unbutton her top. With a lot of deliberation, I struggled with each button. I worked my way down all the buttons, and finally her bra was exposed.

Yet again, I placed my hand on her left breast, and traced small circles with my finger..I tickled her nipple and laced and scratched at it, through the bra..My friend had once told me, this excites women..I was hoping it would work.

Meanwhile my erection was throbbing. It deserved attention. And immediately. I took my hand off her breast, and slowly took her hand..steadily, I moved it inch by inch, into the blanket, and finally onto my cock.

To have her touch my cock, felt like heaven. It was like nothing I had ever imagined..It bet every fucking masturbation session I had ever had. I closed my fingers around her hand and tightened her hold on my cock slightly.

Her fingers closed over it, with more pressure than could have been my doing. Slowly, her hand began to stroke it. I gasped in excitement and shock. She turned toward me with a sigh, and opened her eyes for the first time. The wildest night of my life had just begun!!

Her fingers moved lightly over my cock, until they traced its tip. She tickled at it slightly, and moved her fingers around the tip in anti-clockwise motion, as though unscrewing the lid of a bottle.

Her eyes were on me. We held direct eye contact. We were both breathing deeply, and neither spoke. Hell, there was no reason to speak. She continued to tease the tip of my penis, and I could feel it getting wet. Suddenly, she grasped it hard and pulled at it aggressively.

I lunged forward, and at once, my lips were on hers. Our tongues interlocked, as our salivas mixed and flowed. Her mouth moved expertly over mine, teasing and biting my lips, and I devoured her thirstily.

Her hand held on firmly to my cock, and she pulled yet again, when I least expected it. It hurt. And it felt like heaven. I threw away the blanket,and kicked off the lungi. The cold breeze of that rainy night, coupled with the swirling fan,

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brought a cold shiver to my legs..her hands continued to stroke my cock, and slid down smoothly to my balls ( thank god I had taken the pains to shave them that morning…the effort seemed tiresome at that point, but now was more than worth it!)

She moved on top of me. And slid off her already opened shirt. Her bra seemed tight, and ready to burst upon with her bountiful tits..With one hand, she continued to massage my cock…and with the other, she held my face as she kissed me, licked me and bit me.

She ran her tongue down the lobes of my ear, and that turned me on, almost as much as her first contact with my cock..She took my chin into her mouth, and sucked on it. She moved onto my neck and bit me hard. It sent a bolt of electricity.

I would show the mark for the next two weeks..but right then, I didnt care. Haasini moved on to my chest biting and sucking on it…she tantalised me, slowly, and sometimes rapidly..never giving me a moment to guess, and I had goosebumps all over.

She closed her mouth over my nipple, and they reacted instantly.. I had never even known my nipples could even be so sensitive.. And then, without warning she dug into my belly button, sandwiching it with her tongue.

She left it wet with saliva as she dragged her tongue lower and lower…her long silky hair moved down my chest, and I shuddered in pleasure…She moved down and down and I arched my back to show her the full glory of my cock.

She reached it finally…and at that moment, she pulled back. Her tongue lost contact with my skin. Instead she surveyed my cock. It dangled before her, hard and erect, and she placed one hand without it.

And then she gave what could only be a chuckle, and made a small flicker with her tongue. She licked its tip. A minute later, she was sucking my cock in full glory. And she did it like a pro. It wasn’t very difficult to deduce that

she and her boyfriend had done the same thing before. She took it half the way in, and licked it and sucked on it, and inserted her tongue into her tip… Eagerly, I arched my back again, pushing into her. But she held me down and motioned me to be still.

She was in control. She decided how much she wanted inside her mouth. And she was doing a very good job. I moaned and groaned while she expertly sucked my cock…she accompanied it with slow massaging of my balls, and at one moment, even traced her finger down my asshole.

Periodically, she stopped sucking me, and instead stroked my cock, giving its sloppy wet surface a handjob. It was the most beautiful experience of my life. Till date. I was in no hurry to blow my load so soon, and so,

I pulled her up again, and we kissed with a lot of tongue.it felt a little salty… must have been my precum, on her tongue. I put my arms around her and undid her bra. ( it took me a few minutes to figure out). Her breasts popped out,

and she dug them into my face, I licked and sucked on them with fervour. I worked on her already hard nipples. Sucked on them and nibbled lightly..I ran my tongue on them and pressed against them hard..I massaged them with my hands,and squeezed them with gusto.

I threw her aside to the bed, and she lay faced down. I climbed upon her…kissing her back and her neck. And finally, I reached her ass. I pulled the pajamas down, and she moved her legs to help me.

This was something I had to see! I flicked on the lights. She flinched, knowing what I had done. But did not move. I pulled down her panties slightly to reveal her butt crack. And I licked at it, with an aim to tickle. She shuddered.

I now pulled down her panties, and yet again she moved to help make it easier. I dug my face between her ass cheeks and smelt her..That wonderful smell of her panties. I had finally reached its source. I bit and sucked upon her juicy ass cheeks, and Spread them to lick her asshole.

And with my tongue, I pushed deeper and deeper into it..She seemed to arch her ass forward into my face. I moved downward, and suddenly my tongue went into an oasis of juiciness..She shuddered and moaned, and I knew I had reached the honey pot.

I turned her over, and licked her pussy hard..my hand moved to her breasts and massaged them…she lifted and placed her legs on my shoulder as I ate her out. She seemed experienced in this too.

With her legs on my shoulder, she pulled me closer, and her hands massaged my hair as I licked and sucked her juices. This continued for a while and finally, I moved upwards.. I reached her lips again and she enveloped her legs around me.

I struggled with my cock, and she guided me in. And I began to have sex for the first time in my life. But I was not gonna let it finish this quickly either. It was my first time, and I wanted it, elongated as much as possible.

I pulled my cock out and moved to her mouth..I stood beside the bed, and motioned her to kneel and suck my cock. She looked at me coyly as she got down and began to suck it hard. Her hands placed on my ass,

she moved me forward and backward and she sucked and blew me..I fondled her perfect breasts. And suddenly I had a brain wave. I pulled her to her feet, and asked her to follow me. She looked confused. I pulled at her, and now she followed.

With her fingers holding my erect cock, I made her guide the way up the stairs to the terrace. My hands remained on her ass, as I followed her. It was raining heavily,and the cold droplets hit our naked bodies sending a chill.

I took her to the middle of my terrace, which was surrounded by buildings on all side..but who would really be out there in such a heavy rain. I sucked on her now wet breasts, and then we embraced and kissed. And then I lay down in the rain and water.

She lay on my, in 69 position, and proceeded to suck my cock. I consequently licked her pussy, dripping with juice and rainwater..we did this for ten minutes and then I was on top of her fucking her madly. She cried and moaned and grabbed at my ass.

The water poured over us, making it all the more erotic, and I pulled off my penis and shot semen all over her belly…my ass cold and wet with water shivered. We kissed for a few more minutes and showered in the rain.

She lovingly washed my cock and we sneaked back downstairs to towel ourselves. We slept. Exhausted, and finally warm…inside the blanket, naked and together. And the best thing is… I woke up the next morning to a blowjob.

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