After i shifted to Hyderabad, it was very difficult for me to see her. My visits to their house reduced and it was only once in two months, but talking to her over the phone was quiet frequent at least once in two to three days. We used to speak all kinds of things over the phone. But I ensured that when ever I visited their place I managed to, at least play with her boobs for some time .She used to prepare the best of the dishes for me on my visits. None in their house could ever notice that. Later, on one of my visits to their house, vijay asked me if I could manage to get leave and accompany aunty to Chennai, as some one from their family was suppose to be there for a marriage of one their close relatives and it was not possible for him to get leave, I readily accepted to accompany her.i am a good he believed me. It was a chance I was going to get after almost 11 months; I was thrilled and extremely happy. We were supposed to leave after 12 days from then. Later I informed vijay to book the tickets and .he booked the tickets in the second last seats of an AC bus. I almost lost my patience and I was restless, eagerly waiting for the day to come. In the mean time I used to call my Haasini every day from then. I asked her dress in the best possible way on the date of travel for me.

She said she will. At last the date of travel arrived . I was getting more and more impatient now. At last the bus arrived at Hyderabad at around 6 PM; vijay and Haasini were waiting for the bus. The bus generally stops there for half an hour there, for other passengers from Hyderabad to board. I also got down from the bus and saw vijay and Haasini. Though I was speaking to vijay , my eyes were completely on my queen Haasini She had dressed in a very sexy style. She had tucked her sari below her naval. I think she had done this for the first time in her life. She had dressed in a sky blue color shiffon sari and a matching slightly transparent blouse through which I could make out the out line of her braziers. I winked at her while talking to vijay. Then I and Haasini boarded the bus and the bus started to move. We occupied the second last seats as booked earlier and started to talk .I slowly held her hands in my hand and slowly started pressing slowly. We pushed the hand rest in the middle to the back and were sitting so close to each other like newly wedded couple. After checking all the tickets of all the passengers the ticket checker switched of the lights of the bus. So now I slowly put my hands behind her and started fondling her right boobs below her sari and she was relaxing her head on my shoulders. I had my legs criss-crossed with hers. Slowly I placed my left hands on her bare stomach below her sari. She was also enjoying all these traction happening in the dark. I drilled my fingers in her naval and gave her the maximum enjoyment.

She was also enjoying every moment of action. Suddenly the lights were on and the bus stopped for dinner. We immediately got back to our normal position and waited for all the passengers to get down and had a long smooch for some time and then we also went and had our dinner. The bus took almost 45 mins to start again. Once the lights were off we got back to our position once again, I inserted my hand from her naval to inside her sari and her petticoat almost touched her love spot over her panties, I Then slowly inserted my fingers inside her panties and slowly drilled my index finger into the hole, I did the same for almost 1 hr and then made her lie on my lap put hand from behind her back and inserted my hand from her sari to petticoat to her ass and started massaging slowly. In the mean time Haasini Aunty also got into action. She slowly managed to open the zip of my pant and put her hands inside the pant to touch my organ inside my inner wear and started slowing massaging. She then removed from organ and brought it out of my pants and slowly took it to her mouth. She slowly started too and fro action I had the max enjoyment. I was extremely very happy , but it was very difficult for us to continue in the same position for a long time so she sat erect and had her head on my shoulders with her hands relaxing on my chest and I held her with my right hands and we went to sleep. We enjoyed the body heat in each others arms till the bus reached Peramboor in Chennai at 4:30 AM on Friday, where some passengers had to get down. We got down at Villivakkam at around 5 AM and took a rickshaw and reached at hotel in residency road. It was any discussed with Narayanan Uncle and family that we would check into a hotel as the house where we were suppose to attend the marriage would be crowded with guests.We checked into the hotel The boy took our luggage to our room and I ordered for two coffees.

Once we were inside the room Haasini wanted to change, I stopped her and said that’s my job .then we brushed and in the mean time the boy came with coffee. Aunty prepared the coffee for both of us and sipped the coffee talking to each other, once through with the coffee, I called up the reception and told them not to disturb us as we could not sleep the whole night. After that I went close to the sofa where Haasini Aunty was sitting and caught hold of her with both my hands. It was only now that I am observing her so well. She dressed up very sexily for me; she had polished her nails very well in her left hands and her toes. She was wearing a low cut blouse both in front and back .She was wearing a very thin long chain and a little big thin round ear rings. She for the first time was wearing a little high healed sandal. I started kissing her on her boobs through the deep cleavage. I kissed there for a long time and slowly came down to her toe. I put her toes on my lap and started kissing. I raised her sari up to her knees, her legs were looking beautiful with the sandal, well polished nails, swarnna minchi in forefingers of leg and swarnna koluss . I kissed almost all the parts of her leg from knee to toe, I then removed her sandal, I went even to the extend of taking her toe into my mouth. It was so nice a feeling and Haasini was making a slow mourning sound. She was also thrilled and enjoying every bit of it. Then I slowly raised her sari and the petticoat up to her inner thigh, where I could see her white panty with some blue flowers on it. I kissed on both the thighs for some time. I arouse her slowly with fore play. I then made her stand and dropped her sari top from her shoulders and large pairs of boobs covered in her transparent blouse was in front of me I hugged her very tightly to my chest and started kissing her from her fore head, eyes , nose , mouth, and near her ear rings .

Both of us enjoying every moment of it. We continued in the same position kissing each other for at least half an hour. I then slowly started pulling her sari and she rolled across and her sari was in my hands, I put on the table beside and hugged her again, in the same position we sat on the bed and I Again started kissing her boobs and neck. Slowly removed all the hooks of her blouse and started kissing her boobs over her brassieres. Then I removed her blouse completely. Then I dropped my hands to the strings of her petticoat and pulled the strings and slowly pulled the petticoat down with my legs and put it on the floor .Now she was just in her panties and brassieres. I again hugged her in the sleeping position and brought her above me and put my hands behind her searching for the hooks of the brassieres and removed it and put on the chair. Using my toe I now managed to remove her panties also. Now she was in her birth suit in front of me. She covered her eyes with her hands; I slowly removed her hands and kissed her once again. I then got up and undressed my self completely and got back to her and hugged her again. I then slowly took her head towards my dick in the sleeping position and she held my dick with her hands and she started Kissing my dick, She also gave me a very good hand job, and then she took my dick into her mouth and started pushing her head front and back .My dick almost reached up to her through. She did the same thing for almost 20 mins . I experienced a very good blow job from her. Though I have had sex with her earlier I never knew that she could give so good a blow job. I came into her mouth and she drank the entire lot of cum. This was a real good experience for me. Then I pulled her up to my chest and thanked her for the excellent blow job. I again started kissing her and inserted my finger into her love spot. She was enjoying every movement of mine. The I got over her and inserted my dick in her love spot and we had lot of action till 9:30 AM in the morning. I came into her twice that morning .

Then we went to sleep as we were tired and could not sleep properly the last night. We had a nice sleep till around 1 PM in each others arms fully naked. Haasini woke me up by around 1 PM and told that we need to rush to the house in Egmore where the marriage was suppose to take place on Sunday. I woke up and wore my pants she was still not getting up from the bed she was still under the bed spread. She asked me take her nighty from the bag and give it to her, I told her she can directly wear a sari after the bath. I went close to her and kissed her once again and slowly removed the bed spread. She was lying naked and she closed her eyes with hers hands once again. I removed her hands and told her I have already seen all your parts and why should you feel shy in front of me. I took her from the bed in my arms and carried her to the bath room. I made her sit on the slab in front of the mirror and kissed her and showed her, her body parts. She immediately put her hands around my neck and locked her legs behind me hugged me and told me that she has never enjoyed sex even with her husband, the way she enjoyed with me. She told me from today she would like me as her husband. I made her do all the private affairs of toilet in front of me and I did the same in front of her., then we had a quick bath together. I made her wear her fresh panties and bra. She dressed in front of me with the ones I selected for her to wear.

She was looking very beautiful in the sari. I told her that I don’t want to leave her now. She told we can have the rest of it later on. I ordered for lunch and we had lunch together and left to Villivakkam to her relative’s house. The house was crowded; I could even observe young guys and men giving a look at Haasini once we got down from the taxi. You will not believe that even at the age of 33 she Looked beautiful and sexy. Any one who sees her would want her bed .I just can’t express any further. She was the center of attraction in the crowd even at that age. Later after spending some time there I went to meet couple of friends in T Nagar. I told Haasini that I will pick her back by around 7 PM. I met some of my friends and managed to arrange a bike for three to four days and asked the taxi guy to go. So now it was very convenient for me to travel. I reached back Villivakkam at around 6 :30 PM as I want to spend most of the time with Haasini. I informed her that I have reached back and we could leave any moment she wants to. I went to her at around 7 PM and hinted that we should leave. She then went up to her relatives and told that she has to leave , they all of a sudden asked her to stay at their place, she looked at my face and refused stating that she has some purchase to be done . Then we immediately took of from there in the bike. After a Km from Villivakkam she sat very close to me put her hands around my belly and gave a kiss on my neck. I very thrilled, we almost looked like husband and wife. She then on the pretext of holding my belly caught hold of my dick quiet often. We drove to Commercial Street and started walking across. We had an ice cream each and got into a sari shop and purchased some sari for her.

Then we purchased some nice foot wear for her with medium heals and moved to a lingerie shop and purchased some transparent 9 pairs of brassieres and panties of different color for her. She was feeling a little shy to pick up those in front of me. Then we took our bike and started moving towards a hotel for our dinner. We finished our dinner and reached our room by around 11 PM. We were completely exhausted .We just undressed each other and hit the bed hugging each other. I had my right led adjusted between her legs and hugged her tightly and slept. I woke from sleep at around 5 AM and woke her up , she got up wore her panties , brassieres, underskirt and a nightly and went we went to the toilet and freshened up and brushed and ordered for a coffee.. She prepared the coffee for both of us. In the mean time I told her that I want lick her pussy and want to take her from behind. She just looked at me with a smile. After the coffee I sat beside her on the sofa and made her lie in my arms and started kissing her on her face. I slowly started making contact with her tongue . I kissed her lips and started inserting my tongue into her mouth . It was a heavenly feeling. We drank each others saliva. We did this for almost 20 mins and then I made her sit straight and went to the floor and inserted my hand under her nightie and underskirt and removed her panties and threw to the bed and inserted my head under her under skirt and started kissing her upper thighs and then slowly went to her wet spot . She was already mourning with low voice; she was also enjoying every bit of it.

I raised both her nightie and the underskirt to her belly and I started licking her wet spot, I also slowly inserted my tong deep into her hole, she came twice during this session. It was almost 9 AM by then, we got up and had a long bath together under the shower till 10 AM and then dropped her at there relatives place in Villivakkam as the marriage was to take place the next day ie Sunday . I then went to meet my friends and had a nice time with my friend’s .I spend the whole day watching a movie and had couple of beers. By around 5 PM I picked up Haasini from Villivakkam and drove to MG Road. On the way she told me that she wants to pick up from Jasmine flowers as we had to attend the marriage Tom. She also wanted to pick up some nail polish for herself. Then we moved to Commercial Street and picked up her requirements and reached our room by 7 PM. She was dressed in a black sari, black blouse and the new foot wear that bought the previous night. I told her we will have our dinner and then change the dress so that she can remain completely naked once the room boy clears the room. I ordered for dinner and finished the same soon and asked the room bay to clear the room. While having our dinner I told her that today I want take her from behind, I think she liked the idea, and said she has never done that with her husband also. I told her I am Ur husband now and we should try it, she was a little hesitant. Once we settled down I went close to the sofa she was sitting and sat on the floor. She told me that I need to give her some time as she wants to put the nail polish. I told her that I will do that for her. She just smiled at my fantasy, I then lifted her legs and put them on my laps and started kissing her below her knees and toes, her legs were so beautiful with the new sandals that we bought the previous day with a small thin ring on the middle finger of both the legs and the koluss. I then removed the foot wear and put it aside and started kissing her once again on her legs. She was also getting restless by now; she caught hold of my hair very tightly.

I then moved to her upper thighs and started licking very place till I her reached her wet place, her sari and the underskirt was up by now. She was wearing a red transparent pantie that we bought the previous night. I then made her stand and removed her sari, blouse and underskirt which left her with a transparent red panties and a transparent black bra. I then removed her panties also. I now wanted her permission for taking her from back, she did not reply, just looked at me. I told her we will give it a try and if she doesn’t like, shall stop it there. I then stood up and undressed myself, but for my underwear. Before I could hold her she sat on the bed and put her hands inside my underwear and caught hold of dick. I was in the standing position; she started massaging my dick with her hands and then removed my member from the underwear and started kissing on it. She kissed on the tip of it initially and the kissed the below portion and my balls, then finally took it inside her mouth and started rubbing her teeth against. Slowly she took my entire dick in her mouth and started too and fro motion, I almost reached her through. .She gave an excellent blow job for almost 20 mins and I came in her mouth and she drank my entire juice and told me that she has never ever taken her husbands organ into her mouth. I took her in my arms and thanked her for the excellent job. I kissed her in her mouth and took her tong into my mouth , in the mean time removed her bra and then came down to her breasts and started biting her left nipples with my teach and held her right nipples with my right finger and started twisting it slowly , she started mourning slowly .

She was also enjoying every bit of it .Then went to the toilet and brought the hair oil and made her lie on her stomach and put some oil in her hole behind and put some in my dick She turning each now and then. I put pressure on her and said we will just try it once. I caught hold of her hands and spread it to the head rest of the bed and held it tight and got behind her and with the help of my right hand took my tool near her hole, it took some time for me to take it inside and once I took it inside I started kissing on her neck and started taking it up and down slowly. She said it’s paining a lot. I told in couple of moments We will have fun and continued and then increased the pace slowly and did the same for half an hour and all the time I was also kissing on her back and twisted her face licked her mouth. Then we got up from the bed I took her in my arms once again and asked her if she liked it, she just nodded yes. I had her boobs touching my touching my chest and face to my lips and relaxed in this position for some time. Then we went to the wash room and cleaned ourselves and she was wearing her panties and bra, I told her not to wear that. I told to remain as she is. She requested me that she wants wear her nighty .I told ok and she wore her semi transparent nighty with out inner wears and took her nail polish stainer to remove the old polish. I made her sit on the sofa and took her legs in my lap and started doing it for her. Then removed the polish from her left hands. Then she took a nail polish brown color and spread it in her nails in legs and left hand. We relaxed for around 15 mins and had the second coat of polish after that. She said it will take at least half an hr to dry. So I went to the bed and asked her to between my legs and asked her to put her head to my chest and we started watching a Malayalam movie on the TV. We spend almost an hour lf watching TV and talking to each other. I just touched her nail and saw if it has dried. I told her it has dried completely now. I got switched of the lights and came to bed removed her nightie and we went to sleep hugging each other.

I woke up by around 4 AM and went to the loo and came back and switched on the lights. She was lying under the bed spread completely naked, her face was looking so beautiful with just two ear rings and a red round big bindi on her fore head . I slowly removed the bed spread from her body; she was lying in the tilted position with one leg over the other. Pure white body with ear rings, a bindi on her fore head, a thin neck chain hanging to her breasts, two swarnna minchi in her forefingers of leg, a ring in her hand, koluss and nail polish, she was looking gorgeous in this attire. She was in her deep sleep. Watching her like that for some time, I lost my control once again and went to the bed with out switching off the lights and started kissing her once again, In the mean time in her sleep she put hands on my chest and I took her in my arms, she woke up and told she is tired and we will do it later on, I told her to sleep and I will do the rest. I went above her and adjusted my tool to push it against her love spot and put the bed spread above us and slowly started my action again. I did it slowly and she also started responding and encircled her hands behind me tightly. I came in her hole twice till 6 AM and relaxed in each others arms till 7 AM. She got up from the bed wore her nightie and called me and said hurry up we need to go for the marriage .I ordered for coffee and she prepared coffee for both of us . As soon we finished I went to her removed her nightie and took her in arms and went to the wash room and had our bath together. After the bath she wore a towel to cover her boobs and came out .As we had to attend the marriage she wanted to dress in traditional attire.

She removed her orange color pat sari and a matching blouse and her jewel box and then started wiping her hair with another towel. She then removed her jewel box and took a different ear rings, it was a beautiful ear ring than the earlier one. She wore that first. In the mean time I removed her towel and kissed her on the boobs and took naval. She said not now. I then removed a rose color panties for her and made her wear that with my hands she put one by one leg and I pulled it up and caught her ass Tightly. Then made her wear her bra which was white and transparent and said your nipples are visible. She gave a naughty smile .then she wore an orange color underskirt and put her blouse and then the sari. Then tied her hair in plates which reached up to her hips, she generally had a bun kind of a knot behind. This is the first time I observed that she had thick and long hair. Then she wore one thick necklace and a chain and both the hands she wore 7 bangles each .Then she sat on the sofa to wear her sandals. I said I will do that for you. I took little high healed sandal and put that on her foot and kissed her legs at the same time. Then she stood up, she put talcum powder to her face and I sprayed some perfume on her then she took the Jasmine flower and tucked it to her hair. Then I just put my jeans on with T shirt and wore my shoes and told her you look gorgeous today I said I want to smooch you once again before we step out. She said no and told that her dress would spoil. I said I will take care of that and went close to her and put my lip to hers and told her if the groom sees you before marriage , he would say that he wants to get married to you and not to the original bride. We stepped out to hotel restaurant and had a light break fast and moved to hotel Ajanta in MG where the marriage was supposed to be conducted. On the way she told we just have one more day for all our fun. She was feeling a little bad about that. We had leave on Monday evening, back to Hyderabad . I told her we will have the best of fun today evening and whole day tom.

I also said her that today I want see her dressed only in Jewelery with out any clothes on, she hit my head and said u are very naughty. We reached the hotel and there was enough of crowd and most of men looking at Haasini . No doubt she was the most beautiful lady present in the entire crowd; any male with a dick would want to take her right away. I was thinking that how many of them are going to masturbate thinking of her tonight while I can have her the way I want. Once the marriage was over she traveled to Villivakkam in their can and I went to pick her up by around 3 PM, We reached back the hotel by around 4 PM. We went inside the room she relaxed in the sofa. She had sweat spots under her arm pits. I went close to her and raised her hands and started licking that. I bit side of her boobs once in a while. I then made her stand and removed her dress completely but for her jewels and her sandals I hugged her tightly, made her lie on the bed gave a tong bath to her entire body. I got from the bed and had a look at her , fully naked with just flowers pinned to her hair necklace and chain around her neck ear rings , bind on her fore head ,bangles in her hand , Koluss ,minchi in both the legs and sandals , lying on the bed , She asked me why are you looking like this at me . I said I just want to eat you completely. She replied I am all yours; you can do what ever you want. I straight away went close to her, lifted her and made her stand in bend position putting her hands on the bed; I placed my dick on her pussy hole. She was already wet by then, I used my hands to take the juice from her love spot to put that on my dick and her pussy hole and slowly started jerking against her and soon entered my dick deep into her pussy hole.

She was standing with her high healed sandals and I jerking completely. We had wild sex the whole night and the whole of next day till the time of our bus. I would have come at least 9 to 10 times during the entire session. She again gave excellent blow job twice more. At 7 PM on Monday night we got into the Bus. She completely was lying on my shoulders. She said she doesn’t want to depart from and asked me if there is any possibility. I did not reply to her. She was more like my wife. I would never forget these four days in my life as I had max sex and enjoyed sex to the core. I have never enjoyed sex like this after that. Once we reached Hyderabad , I hired a ticket to vizag to her house . I went to my home in the taxi car. I can never ever forget these four days of life.

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