When Sylvia waved her husband, oh farewell when he was walking to the checkin counter she was not sure when he will come next and whether he will bring a visa for her to go to his work place to join him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she wiped it off with the tissue she had in her hand.

But she waited there for him to come back after checked in and give her a flying kiss and a final wave of good bye. Sylvia who married John only a month back had many sweet memories. John did not give her a moment of rest. They went on a honeymoon for three days. All these days he was indulged in so much of sex, that her own concepts of sex changed.

Right from the day they entered their bedroom on the day of marriage till the moment he got into the car to go to the airport he was fucking her. She too being a hot stuff. It never occurred to her that this is too much. Now his sudden plan to depart, makes things worse. How she will sleep tonight she thought. John’s younger brother who is in the college had come to see him off along with her.

He was pacifying her. He is younger to John by 2 years. He stayed in their house a little far away. The new house built by John before his marriage was more modern will all facilities which Sylvia liked very much. She asked her own brother, Fazil to come and stay with her, but he refused. How she will spend her time in this new house alone.

Suddenly she saw John coming to bid farewell to her. He had his mobile phone in his hand. Sylvia dialed his number and asked him to come closer so that they can have a hush hush talk. But the security did not allow him to come and mix with the general public. She asked him who will keep company with her in his absence. She was looking at the face of John which suddenly turned serious. He told her he will ask either his younger brother or his cousin to come and stay with her.

John was calling another number and talking in the hone. Finally he called Sylvia and told her that his younger brother, Varun will come and stay with her. He will go to the college from her home and come back there. On week ends he may go to his house to see his parents. Sylvia said it is ok. The matter was settled and all were happy.

With a big wave of his hand John went inside for security checkup. He will not be able to come out. Sylvia looked around and found Varun. Varun was just 20, handsome fellow, doing for his graduation in the college. Very shy by nature he always tried to avoid looking at Sylvia. Now the fate had made that he has to stay with her in her house. She called him and asked him to go with her.

But he replied that he came in his bike and that he will come to her home in the evening with his spare dress. She said ok. She looked back. She will not be able to see when the plane takes off. Sylvia was doing her graduation when the proposal came and her papa got the alliance fixed and arrangements were made for the marriage.

Sylvia asked how much the groom had studied, her mama scolded her and told her that he is earning handsomely and why talk about his education and all. He is quite handsome and healthy, has his own house, earns handsomely what more you want. Sylvia kept quiet. She is very beautiful, winner of beauty contest in the college, bright in her studies,but could not complete because of the marriage.

Sylvia walked slowly and searched for the driver of the taxi and returned in the taxi alone to her home, paid for the taxi and entered her house. Luxuriously furnished house with three bedrooms, Sylvia suddenly remembered how John carried her to each of the bedrooms and fucked her. It took two or three days for her tiny hole to get adjusted to the massive cock of John.

But he had no patience, because of his short leave. He licked her to make her horny and then fucked her. He had a lot of porn filims and he knew how to locate porn channels in the laptop. He showed them all to his wife and she was very hot and eager to get fucked. She kept all the CDs and the laptop in her almirah in her bedroom under lock and key. Without him what use these things have.

She cleaned the house of all his clothes and put them in the washing machine and his shaving kit and every other object were taken and hid somewhere. She had a cook who cooked fish very nice. She asked the cook to prepare nice dishes and keep pathiri and fish curry ready for receiving Varun. Varun came in the evening with a small bag with his clothes and books.

Sylvia asked him to occupy a bedroom adjacent to hers. It was a nice room with a double bed and attached bathroom. Varun had a bike and liked to roam around and meet his friends. Sylvia asked him to come back soon, he said he will be back soon and left. He came by 9 pm and ate the pathiri and fish curry and relished them.

He bade goodbye and went to his bedroom and closed the door. Of course Sylvia did not expect anything more from him. She too went to her room and slept. She thought she will complete her education and learn some computing and try to get a job here. If in the meantime her visa comes, she can always get a job anywhere.

Next day during breakfast she told Varun about her plan to continue her education. Varun said it is a good idea and he said he will inquire from the office of the principal.how to proceed in the matter. Varun went to college and came back in the evening. Sylvia told him that she may need some tuition just to get her into her studying mood. Varun asked her what tuition you need.

Sylvia asked him to give her the fundamental lessons in his subjects and she will study them and keep ready for him to question next day. Varun said it is a good idea. He sat with her and showed her his books and went on teaching her. She had a one piece night dress and her body contours were clearly visible.

She was just watching him and he went on talking and talking and finally he noticed that her boobs were very much bulged, he looked at her face. She said that enough for he day and she just was stretching in her seat. Varun was staring at her. She raised her hand asked him to help her to get up. He pulled her hand and she just fell on him under the pretext that he applied more pressure.

Her boobs were pressing against his chest and he held her tightly to prevent her from falling. Quickly her hand moved to his crotch and noticed that he too had an erection. Varun was overwhelmed and he touched her boobs which were very swollen. She pulled his head towards her boobs and he opened his mouth and sucked her nipples.

She unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down to reveal his erect cock. Sylvia was quick to take his cock in her mouth and her tongue was fast enough to lick the sensitive spots in his cock. They have reached a point of no return. Neither he spoke nor she. They moved to the bedroom and he removed her nightie and she removed his pants and the t shirt.

He had a beautiful body and his cock was just magnificent. He liked her naked body. He forgot that she is the wife of his elder brother. She asked him to kiss her cunt. He just looked at her cunt and lowered his face and kissed her cunt. But he did not lift his face. He licked it all over and his tongue licked her clitoris and then his tongue searched for her fuck hole and tongue fucked her.

She was just enjoying. Younger brother was a good lover like his elder brother. They both started with licking and kissing her clitoris. He just got up and took his cock and put it in her cunt and pressed it down. After about a week after the departure of her husband Sylvia was getting a real cock in her cunt, real live cock, and it was going in and in searching for more pleasure.

She looked at the face of Varun and pulled it and kissed him on his cheeks and lips. He stopped his inward journey when the whole rod was in and he just looked around at her face and boobs. He kissed her face and lips, he sucked her nipples and licked them all around. Sylvia felt like being in heaven. Varun was not in a hurry at all. Slowly he started to fuck.

Sylvia had her orgasm gathering all over her body. It spread like a wave Varun’s deep thrusts were very good. her fluids were flowing to make the hole well lubricated. the pluck/pluck sound was enhancing her pleasure. Her orgasm came like a bang. She encircled her legs around him and embraced him tightly and pushing her body up to meet his thrusts.

Varun was also coming to his orgasm. But he pulled his cock out and sprayed his fluids outside. They did not talk anything about fucking and he did not know her safe days etc. Sylvia went naked to the bathroom and cleaned her cunt of all the fluids. He too went and had his cock washed by her. It was still erect and hard. Sylvia wanted one more fuck then and there in the bath room.

She lifted her leg and placed it on the commode and embraced him. he inserted his cock inside her and with his both strong hands lifted her and with his full cock embedded inside her carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. He fucked her very deeply and fast. They both took lot of time to cum. But it was a full fuck, both reaching their orgasm together.

Sylvia asked him to sleep with her in her bedroom and fuck her daily. He asked whether she has any pills or condoms. She said she does not have any and asked him to buy them. After taking rest for some time they again had a leisurely fuck. Varun was ready whenever she wanted. She was ready whenever he wanted. He brought some nice blue films.

He brought a laptop and took internet connection. They could see live shows, porn shows in the net. They fucked very methodically. John called her regularly and enquired about her welfare. She told him that Varun is coming in the nights and goes away to college in the day time. John said he is trying for her visa in all possibility he will get one within a month.

Sylvia never thought she will have to go to her husband’s place. She thought her husband may come just for a month every year and for all the eleven months Varun will fuck. She compared who is the better fucker, John or Varun.

Though it was John who give her her first pleasure in sex and who gave her her first orgasm, Varun gave her oceans of pleasure in sex. She did not want to leave him so soon. However they doubled their indulgence so that they may not waste any time.

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