I am Haasini living in posh south Delhi colony,, aged 27 married for the past seven years. I am a housewife and my husband runs his independent business in manufacturing. I possess almost every worldly comfort one can ask for. A big beautiful independent house, caring family, wardrobe full of clothes and jewels and a decent bank balance and financial security.

In other words, I live peacefully and happily without any concern. I am 5′-3″ tall and have reasonably maintained my figure of 33-27-35 all due to my daily morning jogging and exercises. My colour is wheatish and I have good features and short hair that reach just below my shoulders.

I am quite fond of wearing designer clothes and I am very cautious about my appearance and always apply my make up even if I am at home. I was married at the age of 20 by my parents and even after years of marriage, I have maintained my sexy looks and body well. It give me great satisfaction to see men looking at me and staring at my figure whenever I go out to shopping or movie dressed up in style.

Things in my family were going very smoothly & good for every one. My husband and I were almost satisfied with our relationship. Physically I was only involved with my husband and never tried anything outside. Although I had heard a lot about extra marital affairs and swapping of partners among various other things in TV serials, magazines articles and gossips in kitty parties etc.

At times the thought of having some fun from some other man did come to my mind to arouse me sexually, but there was never any serious possibility or confirmed offer from any one and I never did go ahead independently in search of a man to have sex with. A few times my husband also talked of doing a partner swap but he also lacked the courage to talk to any of his friends because of fear of embarrassment.

On several occasions I even suggested the names of his friends whom he could talk to for a partner swap. There was one among his known friends called Varun, whom I used to like a lot. He was a smart and handsome. He had that some thing in him which always attracted others towards him.

He had a refined sense of humour and I always felt him over powering sexually when ever he or we visited each other. Several times I asked my husband to talk to him if he too was willing to swap his wife. I even suggested him the ways to start the conversation on this topic, but my husband never gathered the courage to ask him this question so bluntly for fear of embarrassment.

I even asked him that if he was unable to talk to him about the swap, how about me having sex with him on my own. Although he had no objection to my having sex with another man, but it would have to be an exchange of partners. It was mazing, he did not have the guts to talk to his friend, and he did not want me to go ahead either.

I did not go against his wishes although I knew that I just have to make a few gestures and signals to Varun to bring him to my bed. So we were carrying on the same monotonous sexual routines between us which had lost much of its charm and excitement with the passage of time. One always want some changes in his life.

As such the fun from having sex from some one else remained in my dreams and fantasies. As an alternative, my hubby and I both used to fantasize about having sex with some other partner during our sexual inter-courses. So despite I remaining physically committed to my hubby all these years, I was mentally sleeping with several of his friends and mine too.

Shortly I developed a crush for Varun with whom I used to fantasise a lot. One thing I always liked about Varun was his adult sense of humour. He would always tease me by some adult joke or comment, but his comments were never crude or vulgar. They were refined and always left a blush on my face when I got the real meaning.

Due to my repeated fantasy about having sex with him, soon I developed a strong urge to have sex with Varun in reality. I wanted to sleep with him at least once. I wanted him to see and explore my naked body and fuck me hard. But all my thoughts could never turn to reality and I continued living in my old routine life.

One day on a Sunday afternoon Varun called up my husband and asked if we were willing to go out to Simla for a small vacation of a few days with he and his wife Sunita, just four of us. As my husband had not a very tight schedule ahead, he asked me if I was willing to take the next few days off. I readily agreed since it had been quite a long time since we had taken a break and relaxed in the hills.

More over the thought of a few days in the company of Varun was also tempting, although I knew that nothing is going to happen what I had been dreaming of, still I would love to be as close to him as possible. Our journey to Simla was very enjoyable with Varun always passing some naughty comments on me, would tell adult jokes and also he would tease me at any opportunity.

Most of the times, I would simply blush when I understood the real meaning of his comments and some times I would also reply in a fitting adult comment. Which we would also enjoy a lot. Since this was normal with him, neither my husband, nor his wife ever objected to this type of conversation. They would either smile or laugh out loud at any more than funny stuff.

At Simla we booked ourselves in a hotel and took two separate adjoining rooms. As I entered my room I found it well decorated with two windows on different walls with a pair of thick curtains drawn on both of them. The front big window had a lovely view of the valley and the road below along with a few shops.

The second window I found was face to face with another window of the next room that was occupied by Varun and his wife Sunita. There was a small and narrow shaft in between and the heating and air conditioning ducts and pipe lines was passing through it. Our stay was memorable with all four of us enjoying the cool weather and relaxed frame of minds.

A day before we were to return for Delhi, I and my hubby were taking a short nap after lunch. In the late afternoon, after our tea I asked him to come down to the market for a few things I and Sunita had seen earlier in a showroom as I wanted to buy them. As we came out of our room, we knocked Varun’s room and asked them to come over to the market.

Sunita was already ready but Varun was unwilling as he wanted to take a nap further. So we three left for the market and Varun went on to sleep. We left him asking him to meet us at our regular restaurant in about two hours time. When we reached the showroom, my husband left both of us there and went ahead for a long leisure walk further down the Mall Road as he was least interested in shopping.

He told us that he would come back in about an hour and a half on his return walk and then we would proceed to the restaurant where Varun would meet us for dinner. During our shopping, I found that I had forgotten my purse in the hotel room and did not have any money with me. Sunita was also not having enough to cover the bill for both of us.

As our hotel was not far, I asked Sunita to hold on to the stuff while I bring my purse. When I reached our hotel and entered my room, I went on to open the curtains to let the sun in to warm up the room. Without thinking, I also pulled aside the curtains of the window opposite Varun’s room as I thought I was hearing some noises from there.

Since the bed in his room was right in front of the window, I was able to see very clearly inside & I was shocked to see that Varun was humping the receptionist of the hotel in doggy style. They both were totally naked with their clothes scattered all over the bed and some on the floor. She had covered her face under a pillow but her head would come out and made loud noise as


This sight was good enough to make me go hot and sexually aroused immediately. They both were at such an angle, on their bed that, I was able to see very clearly Varun’s dick that was going in and out of her pussy. It was really black, longer and thicker than my hubby in all respects. I became so horny that I started rubbing my clit seeing all this and I also had closed my eyes in sheer excitement.

With my other hand I started pinching and rubbing by boobs. I got so hot that I started visualising myself taking place of the receptionist and Varun humping his long and thick dick inside me. It looked like a page from my fantasies. I was really high and all of a sudden I realized what I was doing.

But to my sheer embarrassment Varun saw me in that situation and just gave me a meaningful smile and kept on humping her in and out. Our eyes remained locked for a few seconds before I walked away pulling back the curtains on the window. We did not talk or mention any thing about it even till we finally arrived at Delhi. Varun was absolutely normal as if nothing had ever happened.

The only change I could feel was that whenever our eyes meet, he would give me a very meaningful smile which I could never understand. We did not meet for quite some days to follow, but I was always dreaming about what I had seen and his black long dick. At nights I always dream about me and Varun doing sex together and he was taking me in the doggy style,

the way he was taking that girl who wasn’t much to look at as compared to me. I kept on thinking what did Varun see in her that I did not have? Perhaps she wasn’t too hard in getting under him. Or may be she was enticing Varun to play the games with her. Any way, now on comparing Varun’s dick with my hubby’s I thought it would be more than its worth to try

and seduce Varun in having sex with me and get that long hot rod satisfy my lust. I was determined to have Varun inside me and was planning to get him over. I thought that possibly now Varun would not refuse if I make gestures towards him to take me. My hubby did not allow me to have a relationship with any one, but there would be no stopping this time for Varun, as I would not be telling him anything. Yes, I would be cheating on him.

Since coming back from Simla there was no contact with Varun for quite some time and I did not want to lose the initiative, I casually asked my husband a couple of times to invite them both to a dinner at our home. He agreed and after a few days invited them both for dinner on a weekend. They both agreed to come and I made preparations for some very special food items and a sweet dish

made of rice and milk which I was sure every one would like and appreciate. Before their arrival, I was getting ready and dressing myself in a off white saree and a matching deep neck and back blouse to reveal my cuts and show off my figure instead of my usual shirt and trousers. I purposefully draped the Saree a shade further below my naval to reveal a good amount of my belly.

I also did some light make up to look even more desirable and I was ready for him when I was satisfied with my looks. My husband did try to take some liberties seeing me like that, but I forcefully averted his advances to remain fresh for Varun’s sake. He even passed a naughty comment, “come on Haasini, you still have to come to me at night any way, don’t count on Varun, you can’t seduce him”.

I glared at him and he left the room laughing on his joke. I was this time determined to prove him wrong and was sure Varun would this time love to tease me even harder and I was ready to arouse him and tease him as well so that it is not very long before he takes me. When they arrived and I came out of my room to greet them,

I found that Varun gaped at me and a glimpse of lust came into his eyes when he saw the cuts of my body in the my attire. He continued looking at my chest and naval areas not saying any thing but smiling on his own. I wanted him to complement me and tease me on my appearance but he was smart enough to understand that such a comment in front of his wife could spell trouble for him later.

We all were sitting in the lounge on the sofa sets talking and chatting about this and that. I was sitting opposite Varun and occasionally shift my position so that he can take a good look at my exposed areas. Soon the topic shifted to our trip to Simla and how we had enjoyed it. We all were recollecting our memories when Varun siad, “the trip to Simla was memorable one.

Our hotel was really nice and some views from my windows were absolutely amazing.” He was looking at me and further added, “the hotel was ideally located and the staff so willing to co-operate that I would always remember it”. I knew what he really meant and the entire scene of his fucking the hotel girl and I looking at them from the window of my room came into my mind.

He then pointedly asked me that how did I felt about it. While getting up to serve the dinner, I simply replied that no doubt the hotel staff was more than co-operative and a few views from the windows were breadth taking. No one but only we two could understand what we really meant in our statements, for them it were just casual comments.

At dinner time I was serving dishes to him & my husband who were sitting on different corners of the table. I had purposefully asked Sunita to remain inside the kitchen and fill the bowls with dishes that I had already made after heating them. This gave me an opportunity to serve and get in close with Varun.

While serving him, I used to get so close that while pouring any dish in his plate, I could touch his arm with mine or my fingers. I had been waiting to tease him so this time while serving the specially made sweet dish, I showed him my cleavage by bending a little more than required. He stared at it and gave a smile to me and uttered his thanks softly.

I was not sure if the thanks was for the dish or the view. After sometime I asked him if he wanted some more of the sweet dish, for which he said “sure why not, it is looking so good.” I knew he was referring to my cleavage by saying that it was looking good. I also knew what he really wanted was another peep at my boobs.

I smiled and served him in the same manner, but this time I purposefully left my side pallu a bit loose and I knew that now he would not only get a good view of the top of my boobs but also a little portion of the top of my bra. This was what I wanted him to see. He passed a very naughty comment, “looks like this sweet dish is made from the supply out of those two attractive milk containers”

which only I could hear as at that time my hubby was attending a phone call and his wife was in the kitchen putting away the crockery. I blushed to red and not knowing what to say I gave him a meaningful and naughty smile before moving away as my hubby had just come in. After dinner, we were sitting in the drawing room and chatting and talking over various topics.

At one point, the discussion came towards general health and a common problem of weakness in the body. My hubby was telling that instead of taking medicines and tonics, one should take natural fruits and vegetables to cure simple ailments. He told that bananas were the best for such problem as it has every thing the body needs.

Varun looking at me with a naughty smile on his face asked me to take bananas daily without fail as it satisfies the body needs. He further asked me to let him know if it were in a short supply any time. He added that long and thick bananas were always the best among all. I knew what he really meant and I just blushed at his comment and said nothing.

Since it was normal for him to pass such comments, my hubby and his wife also did not give much attention to it. Later as Varun and Sunita were getting ready to leave, Sunita went into the wash room to make up her face and adjust her clothes. My husband had gone to our bed room to pick up the door keys when the phone rang and he picked it up from there.

It was one of his long business calls at odd hours. As I started to move out of the room, Varun without impulses and not seeing me moving out also tried to come out of the room. It was pure by chance or luck that we both tried to cross the door at the same time and got stuck in between. Neither of us were able to cross the door and our bodies were crushed together.

We remained like that for a few seconds. A shivering sensation ran down my body because of the touch from Varun’s body from top to bottom. My breasts were pressed against his chest, my tummy and the lower portion with his libido, my thighs with his thighs. I couldn’t help closing my eyes for may be a second or so as I had started getting aroused.

Since neither my hubby nor Sunita were there, Varun took the best use of the opportunity and he bent a little to kiss me on my cheek. As I said nothing but shivered closing my eyes, he planted a small kiss on my lips before he pulled out. A Kiss from Varun on my lips really turned me on.

I was pleasantly shocked and Varun while leaving said the good night wishes and thanks for the sweets I had so lovingly served. No one but I understood what he meant by “lovingly served”. Varun’s kiss had aroused me sexually so much that I couldn’t sleep properly the whole night. I was hugging and crushing my husband all the time thinking that I was with Varun.

Even while having sex with my hubby I suppressed crying out Varun’s name in ecstasy. The next day around in the after noon Varun called me up on my mobile to thank once again for the lovely sweet dish serving and finally the good night kisses. I said nothing in that regard but we kept on talking for some time before I had to hang up as our maid was ringing the bell who had come to do her daily job.

Then slowly we started talking over the phone during daytime for hours together. This time was suitable to both of us as my husband was away on his works and Varun was comfortably sitting in his office chamber. We became so close and intimate that he started telling me all about his girl friends and how he used to make love to them.

Most of the girls he had sex with were either his neighbours who were the friend of his wife and wives of a couple of his friends and employees. The whole conversation was more like the phone sex. I enjoyed talking to him so much that I would get hot and would put my hand inside my trousers and start rubbing my pussy.

At times I would lock the doors and undress completely to rub my pussy or pinch my boobs while talking to him. I now wanted him more than any man in the world. Once my husband had to go out of station with one of his business associates and he was to return late at night. I was all alone once the maid had left in the morning after finishing her job.

As I had nothing to do, I was just playing with my phone book, searching for some one to talk to. Suddenly the phone bell rang and as I picked up the phone and said “hello”, I heard the voice, “hello my dear bhabhi, how are you today”, it was Varun on the other end. All of a sudden, my eyes lit up, my pulse rate shot up and my mouth turned dry as it was an ideal time and opportunity for a long phone sex.

I wished if he could come over to my place and take full use of the opportunity of having the house completely to ourselves. As we started talking, I told him about me being alone at home and my hubby out of Delhi and his return late night. After a short conversation, he told me that he had some work near our place and would like to have a cup of tea with me if that was OK with me?

I stammered “sure why not”. He further asked if I needed any thing from the market, he can bring it over with him. Without thinking and with an intention to tease him, I told him to get a bananas remembering what he said when he came to dinner. It was just a teaser for him but the moment I uttered these words, I bite my tongue as I never thought what it could really mean.

He understood my words and said that he would be with me in around half an hour along with the banana and he further asked me to get ready to have it. I knew what will happen to me once he comes. I was prepared for that as I wanted him inside me. More over today was a great opportunity as no one was there till late night and I could never get a second chance.

I was thinking that, when my husband had allowed me for a partner swap, it means he has no objection if I sleep with some other man. So doing this with Varun was no cheating with my hubby. I was just trying to justify my actions with foolish reasons. Later, I went to the wash room to apply a touch of light make up and some perfumes.

I changed my dress to an attractive Saree and matching blouse that had deep neck to show a good view of the upper of my boobs. A few minutes later I saw him coming from my balcony. The very sight of him made my heart beat even faster.

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