My name is Haasini and I am a young Indian housewife living in California. I have been told that I have a very sexy body. My husband Naveen loves to display my legs and my shapely boobs to his friends and in public. I am deeply in love with my husband. Like a good Indian wife, I very rarely have the courage to disobey him. Naveen knows my weakness very well and freely takes advantage of the situation. We have only been married for a couple of years, and I have always been a devoted wife. Naveen is a good husband, a good provider and very generous in giving me gifts and letting me buy the clothes and jewellery that I want.

In return, I have to sometimes indulge him by doing various things that turn him on. When we are not in the company of conservative friends, he makes me wear revealing clothes where my young body is exhibited as much as possible, even occasionally crossing the line of obscenity. He also has told me to buy short skirts, see-through blouses, push-up bras, skimpy panties and other sexy lingerie. I love to wear both western style clothes and traditional Indian clothes like saris. When I wear skirts and dresses, Naveen allows me to wear only a tiny string bikini or thong panties so that if anybody happens to get a peek under my skirt, he will have an eyeful.

He also wants me to keep my pussy shaved at all times. I know these sounds restrictive, but like I said, I am in love with him, and being his wife, I trust his judgment on what I should wear and how I behave in public. On our last vacation we went to Las Vegas and stayed in a posh hotel and casino on the strip. Naveen’s colleague from work, Peter, was also in Las Vegas at the time. They planned the vacation together so that they could gamble at the casinos together. Naveen and Peter work at the same company, and they also hang out together a lot, playing golf and going out for drinks after work often. Peter was staying in the same hotel, and on the same floor as us.

Peter is an Italian-American guy originally from New York. He is a divorcee and is about ten years older than Naveen. Peter was a frequent visitor at our house, but I never liked him because he always seemed very cocky and full of himself. He would often give me lecherous looks. Whenever he came to our house, he would always hug me longer than necessary and he would always try to move his hands on my back way down like he is trying to grab my butt. He also swears a lot and uses very crude language. I think he is a bad influence on Naveen.

Naveen seems to think he is a great guy, however. Every time Peter has dinner with us, Naveen always makes me wear an Indian blouse-sari set because Peter says that he likes to see me in a sari. I have to wear a very small, tight Indian blouse of thin material so that curves of my boobs are clearly visible. All my blouses are cut low in the back and front so my back is bare and my cleavage shows in front. Naveen makes me tie my sari so low that it is always below my belly button. Also, I am only allowed to wear a thin white bra so that my nipples are clearly visible through the material. Every time I serve Peter drinks, I have to bend down in front of him, and my sari would slide down from my shoulder giving him a clear view of my boobs. I complained to Naveen many times and asked him not to make me wear sexy clothes in front of Peter but he does not listen to me. As a result, every time Peter is in our house, he always tries to undress me with his eyes. Many times I told Naveen that Peter looks at me with lusty eyes and that I don’t like him.

He always replied that I should treat it like he is just paying me a compliment and I should be grateful. He would ask, “Besides, Peter is a single guy, so what’s the harm in letting him enjoy looking at your hot sexy body?” I am a sucker for flattery, and I generally get excited hearing this from my husband, so I never seriously objected to Peter’s lusting for my body. Also, I have to admit that Peter is kind of good-looking, with a good athletic build, so it was kind of flattering to know that he liked my looks. Anyway, here we were in Vegas and Naveen called Peter and told him to meet us at the Blackjack table’s area after dinner. Naveen told me that he wanted me to stand out among the crowd in the casino, so he told me to wear a green sari with a matching sleeveless blouse.

The blouse was made of very thin material and had three buttons in the front. It was cut so deep and tight that my boobs thrust out very clearly, and nearly half of my boobs were visible. I carefully covered my boobs with my sari. Naveen told me to tie my sari way low so that most of my torso would be bare. He also told me to wear my 4- inch black stiletto heels. They weren’t very comfortable, but he said they made my ass wiggle very provocatively when I walked. It was a very warm day, so I didn’t wear any stockings, but wore just a pair of thong panties. I knew Peter was going to have fun looking me over, but heck I was with my husband so I did not care. Peter came down the same time as we did, and just like I thought, his eyes bulged when he saw my outfit. Lots of other guys at the casino were also giving me looks, but I did not care. Naveen bought me a margarita and he and Peter started playing. I was watching the game and enjoying the drink.

I have to admit that I have a weakness for margaritas; I cannot say no to them. Naveen knows this but he kept buying me more. By 10 O’clock in the night, I had finished my third margarita and was feeling very drunk. Also, all those margaritas were making me want to pee. I tried to go to the restroom, but when I tried to get up from my seat, I realized I was far too drunk to walk straight, especially with my heels on. I waited for some more time until I couldn’t bear it any more. Finally when Naveen came over to talk to me, I whispered in his ear, “Honey I need to go pee.” “Then go,” Naveen said. I said, “I am too drunk; please take me to the restroom.” Naveen was enjoying the game, so he got a little irritated. In my drunken state, I heard Naveen say in a rather loud voice, “Haasini, I can’t leave now, I am in the middle of a game here.” Peter asked Naveen, “What’s the matter Naveen?” Naveen said loudly, “She needs to go pee but I can’t leave the game now.”

I felt so embarrassed that Peter and others at the table knew about my full bladder. Peter said “No problem. I will help her out, if you don’t mind?” Naveen said, “Of course not, But she is too drunk. I don’t think she can go to the ladies room by herself.” Peter said ” No problem, she can use my room.” Naveen said, “Okay, just take care of her while I finish the game.” Next thing I remember, Peter was grabbing my arm and lifting me from my seat. As soon as I stood up, I realized I had no strength to walk straight and felt I may fall down unless I hold on to something. I must have grabbed Peter’s shoulder. I thought I saw a big smile on Peter’s face. Like I told you, I did not like this guy at all, but here I was helpless. So I grabbed his arm and shoulder tightly with my hand so I would not fall. Peter put an arm around my waist and pulled me to him so that my body was touching his body. For safety, I had to cling to him.

You know I am a good Indian wife and I would never cheat on my husband so I was very careful to avoid too much body contact. As he was dragging me to the elevator, I distinctly remember his hand grabbing my butt. At that time, I did not see any harm in that. After all, the guy left his game for me, so I thought he deserved to have some fun. I remember Peter pressing the elevator button and we had to wait several minutes for the elevator. While we waited, I tried to take off my heels but Peter told me firmly to keep them on. I think he was enjoying my discomfort. I had a feeling that till I go back to my husband I would be at his mercy. And I was correct. I think I was having trouble just standing straight. Next thing I remember was that my head was buried in Peter’s chest and my eyes were closed. He hugged and held me tight, with every inch of my body touching his body. He was massaging my back and occasionally my butt. I could feel his erect cock touching my stomach through my sari. My bladder was getting fuller and I started to worry about peeing before we got to Peter’s room.

I wrapped my hands around his waist for support and my boobs were pressed up against him. I was very much in a drunken haze, so I am not sure when the elevator door opened because my head was buried in his chest and he was holding and massaging my buttocks. I can not tell you if any one saw us in that state or if anyone came out of the elevators but I remember that we were alone in the elevator as the doors were closing. As I was getting into the elevator, I tripped on my sari and I almost fell, but Peter grabbed me roughly by my hands and brought me back up. In my drunken state, my sari’s folds were getting undone and I was in no position to put them back on. As soon as the elevator doors closed, Peter made me stand up by the side of the elevator so that his hands were free.

Then he pulled on my sari and started taking it off. I was taken aback by this and I could hear myself mumbling meekly, “Peter, please do not do this. Peter why are you doing this? Peter, please someone will come, I am feeling so ashamed.” Peter said firmly, “Haasini, I do not want you to trip on your sari anymore, so it is better to take it off for your own safety. Besides, you need to pee very soon, so we need to take it off anyway. I don’t want you to pee on your sari and ruin it.” I had no resistance left in me. I begged him, “Peter, can you do it in your room? Please, I am feeling very shy. Don’t take my sari off here. Someone may come.” Peter ignored my pleas, “Oh! Come on Haasini, it is late at night. No one is going to come, trust me.” He raised both my hands above my head and pinned them firmly with one hand. With his other hand, he pulled on my sari till it was just a pile of cloth at my feet. Now, I was standing in the elevator in my thin blouse and matching green petticoat. He looked me up and down and grinned while still holding up my hands. I was so ashamed to have this rotten guy take advantage of me, but there was nothing I could do.

After all, he was my husband’s friend. Then he pulled on the thread holding my petticoat. Pretty soon, my petticoat was also on the floor leaving me with just my thong panties from below my waist. My panties were so tiny that it must have left almost nothing to his imagination. I knew he must have had fun looking at my pubic muff visible though my panties. To my horror, the elevator door then opened and two men got in. I think I shrieked, which made the situation worse. I flung my nearly nude body at Peter and clung to him and buried my face in his chest asking him to please cover me so that I will not have to face them. He obliged me gladly with his hands now on my totally naked buttocks. They were a couple of guys from the hotel security staff and they asked Peter if everything is all right. Peter told them that everything is okay, except that I had too much to drink and peed in my clothes so he had to take them off. I was so embarrassed.

The guys must have assumed that I was Peter’s girlfriend. ne of the guys then asked me, “Ma’am, are you alright?” To add to my embarrassment, Peter made me turn around to face the guys and tell them that I was okay. They seemed very amused by my predicament. I promptly turned back and again buried my face in Peter’s chest. I was sure that the men were staring at my bare buttocks, but Peter did nothing to cover me up. I had to stay pressed against this guy that I hated for the next few floors, while he was fondling my buttocks and showing me off to other two men. I could feel his cock on my stomach. All three males in the elevators were smiling and exchanging glances. I was feeling so humiliated that I decided to close my eyes, which relaxed me. I said to myself:

“This is a bad dream, these men would disappear. If I don’t see them they don’t see me.” Finally, our floor came and Peter dragged me out of the elevator virtually lifting me because I was clinging to him so closely. We were in the hallway with rooms on both sides. The hall was empty and nobody was in sight. He left me standing against the wall and then took his time folding my sari and petticoat neatly. It seemed to take forever, and I was so worried that some other hotel guests will see me in this state. After he was done, he grabbed my arm and started to unbutton my tiny sleeveless blouse. Being the faithful wife that I am, I protested, “Peter, please don’t do this.” He responded by ignoring me and opening all the buttons on my blouse, and then took off my blouse completely. He probably had a clear view of my boobs popping out of my black push-up bra. I did not say a word.

Now I felt so exposed with my boobs spilling out of my bra. He folded my blouse and kept it with my sari. I did not have pantyhose or stockings, and I felt so naked wearing just my lacy black bra, matching thong panties and stiletto heels. He then made me walk slowly past several rooms. I could hear people talking inside the rooms and I was so afraid that somebody would come out and see me. We finally reached Peter’s room. Peter took his time opening the door. Finally I was inside the room. In my drunken condition, I tried to console myself, “Okay, that is it, he cannot do much now. He has had his fun.” I rushed towards his bathroom because I wanted to pee so badly. Peter stopped me, “Not so fast, Haasini.” I begged, “Peter, please I have to go pee, can I go to the bathroom?” Peter grinned wickedly, “Yes Haasini, you can. But first, take off your panties. I don’t want you to ruin your panties.” I pleaded, “Can I do it in the bathroom?” Peter would have none of it, “Oh come on, you are a big girl, don’t be shy, and give me your panties.” I felt I had no choice but to obey him, which I did. I bent over and pulled my panties down, in the process, I almost fell down but thanks to Peter who held me tightly I was able to take off my panties without collapsing. I then handed him my panties reluctantly. He then said, “Why don’t you take off your bra as well. I am going to put you to bed here. You are in no position to go back to your husband now.” I hesitated, but he made me unhook the snaps of my bra and give it to him. I was now fully naked, except for my heels and jewelry, and I discovered to my shock that he had left his room door wide open, so anyone who passed by had a great view of me in my birthday suit. I felt so exposed, especially since my pussy was shaved cleanly.

I again tried to go to the bathroom, but he made me wait for several more minutes while he arranged my undergarments and put them with my other clothes and placed them in his closet. Finally, when I thought I couldn’t hold it any more, Peter took me to the toilet and made me sit on the seat I said, “You can leave now.” Peter wasn’t going to leave. “I think I will stay, I’m not taking any chances in your state,” Peter said. “I told Naveen I will take care of you,” he added. At that time I did not care, I had to go then, so I peed right in front of Peter. As I was peeing, Peter spread my knees apart to examine my hairless pussy closely and smiled. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. When I was done, he took some toilet paper and wiped my pussy clean. He then took me to the bedroom and said, “I don’t think I will take you back to your husband now, Haasini.

You can sleep in my bed.” He added, “I don’t have any pajamas, so just sleep naked.” He then asked me, “Are you sure you stopped peeing? Your pussy still seems wet.” I was so ashamed. I said, “No, I am okay.” He said, “Haasini, lie down on the bed and spread your legs. I want to make sure that you are dry. I don’t want you to wet my bed.” I didn’t know what to say. I was just feeling dizzy. He eased me onto the bed. I closed my eyes and spread my legs so he could examine my pussy. I never thought that I would be naked in front of Peter and allow him to look at my bare pussy. By this time I realized that I was totally at his mercy and I better obey what he says. I do not remember what Peter was doing in my pussy. I think he was massaging my clit and putting his fingers in my hole.

I think all that alcohol had made me a little horny. I must have been moaning a little in my drunken state because Peter knew I was now his sex toy. I only remember that I was feeling great, and I was feeling my pussy getting wet, but then I don’t remember what happened. I think I passed out or drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I had no idea where I was. Since Peter’s hotel room was identical to ours, I thought that I was in our room. I was so glad to see Naveen at my side. I threw myself against him and said, “Oh Naveen, thank God you are back. I am so ashamed. That bastard Peter took off my clothes and humiliated me.” Little did I know that Peter was sitting on the couch hearing all this. I was dismayed to see Naveen suddenly become angry with me.

Naveen said in a raised voice, “Haasini, I don’t know what you are talking about. Peter here has been so nice to you. It’s not his fault that you got drunk and peed all over yourself. He left the game to take care of you. He has even put you to bed so that you will be safe. I think you owe him an apology.” When I realized I had made a big mistake and angered both of them, I started crying. Naveen would have none of that. He said, “Haasini, stop your silliness right now, and go apologize to Peter.” I didn’t know what to say, so I wiped my tears and got up. I realized then that I was buck-naked. I pleaded with Naveen, “Please, can I get some clothes or a blanket to cover up?” Naveen was still furious, “No, Peter has already seen you naked, so what are you so embarrassed about?” I had no choice but to go over to Peter, who was grinning widely. I was so mad at him that I wanted to hit him, but instead

I hugged him and said in a meek voice, “Peter, I am so sorry, can you forgive me?” He was really enjoying this. “Okay Haasini, I will forgive you, but how are you going to make it up to me for what you just said?” I was confused and looked at Naveen because I had no idea what he meant. Naveen then said, “Peter’s right Haasini, I think he deserves something in return for what he did for you. I’ll tell you what; I want to go back to the tables to play a couple more rounds. Why don’t you stay here with Peter and do what he says? I’ll be back in an hour.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. The last thing I wanted was to be left alone with Peter again. But I didn’t want to upset Naveen, so I agreed. Naveen smiled, kissed me and left. He winked at me as he was leaving and said, “Now be a good girl and make sure that you are nice to Peter, Okay?” I was so afraid to see him leave, because I had no idea what Peter was going to do to me.

As soon as Naveen left, Peter closed the door, grabbed me by the arm and said, “You have such a smart mouth, don’t you? Well, let’s see what else you’ve got.” He had such a wicked grin on his face; I knew I was in trouble. He eyed me, standing barefoot with not a stitch to cover me, from my head to my toes. I am sure he liked what he saw. He said, “Haasini, I want you to spread your legs wide apart.” I nervously did as I was told. He continued, “Very good, now bend over and touch the floor, and hold the position until I tell you, okay?” “Oh my god,” I thought to myself, “This is going to be worse than I thought.” But I had no choice, so I obeyed him.

He walked around me, examining me from every angle. I knew that he had a really obscene view of my pussy and butt from behind, and I was so ashamed of myself. He ran his disgusting hands all over my butt and between my legs, feeling up every nook and corner. Although I was dying of shame, I had to admit that his fingers felt pretty good when he rubbed my pussy and clit. I squirmed and struggled hard to stay in position while he poked his disgusting fingers everywhere from behind me. He then stood up and rubbed his crotch on my butt, and then leaned over and grabbed my boobs and played with them. He cupped them in each hand roughly and tweaked my nipples hard with his fingers. I always liked having my nipples played with, so I had to suppress a moan to make sure that he didn’t think I was enjoying it. Finally he let me stand up straight and faced me.

Then he said, “Well, Haasini, I think you need to learn to have some respect for your husband’s friends, don’t you think?” I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded meekly. He switched on the TV and grabbed a beer from the mini-bar. He then sat on the couch, took off his shoes and socks, and started unbuttoning his @jeans. He grabbed his crotch obscenely and grinned at me, “Honey, why don’t you come over here and have a taste of this?” I was disgusted. He wanted to drink a beer and watch TV while I sucked his cock! There was no way I was going to degrade myself this way. But then I remembered what Naveen had told me before he left, and I was not so sure. Peter got out of his jeans and then started taking off his underwear. I knew Peter was serious, so I dared not to anger him again. Peter saw my hesitation and said, “Hey baby, you don’t have to act so innocent.

I know how much you like to suck cock.” I was mortified when I realized that Naveen must have told him that about me. It was true that ever since Naveen taught me to give him a blowjob during our honeymoon, I had always enjoyed doing it for him. Whenever Naveen wanted me to suck him, which was often, I always obliged him like a devoted wife. Peter was showing signs of impatience. I figured I had no choice so I knelt down in front of Peter. It was so humiliating to have to kneel down naked in front of Peter who I detested so much. Although I was so mad at him, I could not take my eyes off his cock, which was so erect it looked like it was about to burst. I had never seen any other cock except my husband’s, so I was fascinated.

His cock was longer and thicker than Naveen’s, and it looked very different. I later realized that it was because he was circumcised, and his white skin made it look very exotic to me. I also noticed that Peter had strong muscular legs and a tight abdomen. I knew he lifted weights regularly, so I was not surprised. He brought his cock towards my mouth and said, “Haasini, now be a nice girl and open your mouth.” I figured I was going to have to do this anyway, so I might as well do a good job. At least that way, he won’t be so angry with me. I held his cock with my left hand, and took the head of his cock into my mouth.

His cock was so thick I could barely wrap my fingers around it. I had to admit that his cock felt nice and warm in my mouth. I instinctively wrapped my lips tightly against the head of his cock and started bobbing up and down, like Naveen had taught me. Peter sat back on the couch and sipped his beer, and started flipping channels on the TV without paying too much attention to me. Peter would look at me once in a while and seemed very pleased with what I was doing with my mouth. He would occasionally run his fingers over my hair and face and say disgusting things like, “That’s my girl” and “Oh baby, suck it hard.” I took his cock into my mouth as deeply as I could while also stroking him up and down with my right hand, and started caressing his balls with my other hand. When I gave Naveen blowjobs, he would usually come within a couple of minutes.

But Peter did not seem to be in any hurry to come, so I had to work extra hard to stimulate him. I knew I was doing a good job, and that he was really enjoying it. I was starting to like the feel of his cock throbbing in my mouth but I tried not to appear too eager. Peter would make me stop every once in a while and tell me to lick the underside of his cock, or to take his balls into my mouth, or to flick my tongue across the head of his cock. I was determined to please him, so I obliged willingly. After about half an hour, my mouth and jaw were starting to get sore. I could feel his cock throbbing hard and I knew he was about to come. Naveen always liked me to swallow when he came in my mouth, and I figured that Peter would probably like the same.

Peter finally grunted loudly and started squirting his come in large spurts into my mouth. I tried hard to keep my lips wrapped around his cock and swallowed hard so I wouldn’t have to taste his cum in my mouth for very long, but he came so much that some of it dripped down my chin. Peter made me lick his cock clean, and I swallowed the last drop of cum from his cock. He seemed very pleased with me, and said, “Baby, that was awesome. I never believed Naveen when he said what a fine cocksucker you are.” I didn’t know whether to be flattered or ashamed, so I just smiled shyly. I figured that Peter finally got what he wanted, so I asked him sweetly if I could have my clothes back. He wasn’t going to be that easy. He said, “Haasini, you must be kidding if you think I’m not going to have a feel of that fine brown pussy of yours.” I couldn’t believe that he was actually going to fuck me.

I never thought that Naveen would let him do that to me. Peter was slowly stroking his cock, which had gone soft, and was now getting hard again. He made me get down on all fours on the floor, and spread my knees widely and had me place my face on the floor till my butt was sticking up in the air. He knelt behind me and felt me up again and inserted a finger into my pussy, which was dripping wet. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten so wet. Usually I would get horny while blowing Naveen and soak my panties. Since I wasn’t wearing anything now, my juices were starting to drip down my legs. I guess the effect of alcohol together with the feel of Peter’s cock in my mouth had made me quite horny. I was so ashamed that Peter found out. He said, “Boy, you are leaking like a faucet.

You are one horny slut, aren’t you? I’m sure what you really need now is a good, hard dick in your cunt, and guess what, that’s what I’m going to give you, so get ready.” I was so humiliated that he was talking to me like this and that he was going to take me in this most humiliating position. He spread my knees even wider apart and thrust his cock into me steadily until it was all the way in. His cock felt so big inside me that I could feel my pussy getting stretched around it. It felt wonderful to have my pussy filled so completely, but I was determined not to let him know that I was enjoying it. He said, “Oh baby, you have such a tight cunt. I’m sure you like my cock in your cunt, don’t you?” I didn’t say a word. He started pounding into me with a steady rhythm. He grabbed my waist firmly and rocked my ass back against him as he thrust into me, until we were rocking together in rhythm. He kept going and I was getting breathless and started panting.

Every few minutes he would pause and spank my butt with the palm of his hand so hard that I would cry out in pain. He’d yell, “You slut, this ought to teach you a lesson.” He continued pounding into me until I started to feel a familiar tingling in my loins and felt my orgasm building inside me. Despite myself, I moaned loudly as I came. Peter kept up his rhythm and he pounded into me hard even as I moaned loudly. I still had some effect of the alcohol left in me and I felt lightheaded. Peter seemed to have great stamina and he kept going until he made me come two more times.

Each time I moaned and screamed loudly and it only seemed to encourage him even more to fuck me harder. Finally I had no strength left in me to rock back against him, and I collapsed on the floor. Peter then rolled me onto my back, held one of my legs up with his hand, and continued to fuck me vigorously. Finally when he was about to come, he pulled out of me and knelt over me to straddle my body and kept stroking his cock just inches away from my face. In my ultimate humiliation, he finally ejaculated all over my face, even squirting his cum on my eyes, hair and ears. When he was done coming, he made me open my mouth and lick him clean for the second time. This time he inserted his cock deep into my mouth until I felt it back in my throat and I started gagging. I could taste my own pussy juice on his cock, and I cleaned him completely.

He left me on the floor for some more time with my face covered with his cum. He had a smug look on his face and I knew he enjoyed humiliating me completely. He put his clothes back on and finished his beer and only then let me go to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out, Naveen was back and he and Peter were talking and laughing excitedly. I was sure they were talking about me. Naveen hugged me and said, “Hey sweetie, Peter tells me that that you’ve been a really good girl. I’m so proud of you.” I cringed when I saw Peter grinning from ear to ear. I was still naked. Peter gave my clothes to Naveen, except for my thong panties, which he wanted to keep as a souvenir. Naveen let him keep it, but only after he and Peter took turns smelling my panties to see if I had really peed in it. I was so ashamed. Naveen borrowed one of Peter’s shirts to cover me up.

He made me kiss Peter good night and took me back to our room wearing just the shirt and my heels. When we got back, Naveen seemed hornier than he had been in a long time. He promptly took off his clothes and my shirt. He then threw me on the couch, lifted and spread my legs, and entered me. As he was fucking me he said, “Haasini, you should be really proud. Peter said that you are the best fuck he’s ever had, and you know that he has fucked dozens of girls.” I was embarrassed and flattered at the same time. With that he came hard, pumping his cum into my pussy. We left Vegas the next morning and I didn’t see Peter until the next week, when he came over to hang out with Naveen. He flashed me a knowing smile when he saw me and I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look him in the eye

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