I suddenly woke up gasping for breath and looked around in panic for what was happening and it took me a minute in realizing that it was just a dream. I shrugged and breathed easy. Rubbing my eyes I tried to look at the clock, it was quite dark in the room and was hard to make out anything.

I managed to switch on the bed lamp some how, which is just beside and made out that it was 2 in the midnight. It seemed like I slept very deeply. I was in total mess, the bed spread was all over the place and the strap of my knee length long silk night gown was hanging loosely off my shoulder and my left boob drooped out of my dress and my nipple out perking out.

I pushed it back in and pulled the strap back on. My husband was sleeping like a rock, unmoved even when I put on the light. I grabbed the bottle and had the last sip of water remaining and threw it back on the table. Only then I realized that my bladder was bursting and as I stepped down on the floor it was damn cold, I had a pee and quickly leapt back and jumped on to the bed after adjusting the bed spread.

I laid back and extended his arm out sidewards and rested my head on his bicep and started to rub his chest heartily. My husbands sturdy, muscular body was shining under the bed light as he wore no shirt. I turned towards him in the same position laying my left arm over his bare chest and I raised my left leg and placed it over his thighs.

I planted a kiss on his cheek and closed my eyes hugging him tightly. Suddenly the dream has started to flash back into my eyes and that was it, I lost the sleep completely. To avoid those awkward dreams flashing in my head I kept my eyes open looking at my hot husband, I twirled my finger around his nipple and started to play with it.

And observed that he is having goosebumps over his skin and this has encouraged me with more naughty things to do. I raised my head and took his nipple into my mouth and started to suck it and swirled the tip of the tongue around and played with him. His manhood has started to respond to my tongue by erecting up from under his pants.

I lowered my leg off his thighs and carefully guided my left hand underneath his pants and cupped his ball gently. He reacted and gave a jerk but didn’t open his eyes, I caught his cock and started to stroke it gently while I kissed on his ear lobes and started to lick his upper body with my wet tongue. I have never done this before, luring my husband to take care of my curvy body while he was asleep.

His cock has gained its full size as I lowered his pant and brought his tool out into the cold air, but he was still sleeping(or pretending to be sleeping). I was damn aroused by the whole prospect that my pussy has totally dampened in my panty. I sat up and slid off the straps on my shoulder and let my night gown slip down till my waist exposing out my hot boobs.

As I touched my dark nipples they were erect and were dying to be nibbled and sucked. I laid back on his shoulder rubbing my boobs over his strong body and continued to lick him while my hand kept gently stroking his monster and cupping his balls. He raised his hip as if he want me to continue and the desire kept burning me down to take his monster into my wet pussy.

I tweaked his nipple as he hissed like a snake and continued to stroke his shaft and went up kissing ear lobe, I softly moaned “mmmmmh baby come on”. And out came the word “I’m too tired sweety” as he pushed my hand off his dick and turned other-side rejecting my seditious body playing with him. I was leaking my juices and feeling really hot and the arousal was almost unbearable in between my legs.

But I did not want to touch it with my fingers, I wanted my husband’s tongues and his cock to squeeze the love juices out of my hole. I placed a pillow in between my legs to control my hunger and started to squeeze it and rubbed my semi nude body on the bed like crazy. It was as if I was turning very vulnerable for sex and would accept anybody to fuck each my hole.

I was mad at my husband for not caring for me, but I didn’t want to disturb him. I slept on my belly rubbing my thighs against each and hugged a pillow tightly, pressing my breasts and occasionally raising my hips and started to imagine getting fucked by celebrities hard, as though it would happen in stories and porn movies.

I closed my eyes and started to imagine my self being played upon like a bitch, forcing me, fucking me, moaning to be fucked. Hard and wild was I imagining, that I was being banged by hard in my pussy by a group and started to shiver as my imaginations went on and the pleasure of being filled by a rowdy gang and was awesome and I heard my husband growling “Turn that light off” and changing his position.

Suddenly my pure state of ecstasy had turned into rage as I heard him say that. I felt like “There is beautiful wife with one of the most sexy body lying nude with her pussy dripping with love juice and rubbing and pressing her boobs hard and you are sleeping like a stone”. I turned towards the table and cursed myself and future enraged when I found the water bottle empty.

I got off the bed almost cursing my helplessness and pulled up my gown and strapped on. I switched off the light and took the bottle in hand and started to walk like a cat making sure he doesn’t wake up. I slowly unbolted the door and sneaked out of the bedroom, it was very dark and I couldn’t see much. I some how took a few steps blindly and entered the hall and switched on the little night lamp.

I was almost stuck in disbelief when I saw what was happening there. Its my brother-in-law, he was in one of the most entranced state. His eyes were tightly closed and his mouth was wide open with huffing and puffing. He was wearing nothing above his waist exposing his tight body, almost matching his brother and his night pant was down at his ankles and his right hand was stroking his humongous monster of a penis,

with his left hand he was groping and rubbing his body with one of my pantie which I kept for washing. I stood there motionless, and started to watch him. He took that pantie and kept in his mouth and stated to sop up my love scent off it with his tongue and made it wet with his saliva. He took a look powerful breath off the pantie while he was still busy pumping his shaft which was gleaming.

He chewed my pantie crazily and watching him only escalated my problem. I was feeling aroused by his acts and unknowing I was rubbing my thighs against each other watching him play with my wet pantie while my finger were touching my belly and exploring my navel over my dress. When he smelled and licked my panty I felt like I was being licked and sucked by my brother-in-law.

He paused and took my panty to his right hand and wrapped it around his hardon and started to stroke it gently. I was getting restless watching this happen, I was concerned actually thinking of it as sin but I was really enjoying my role as a sexual fantasy for my brother-in-law.

He increased his pace and started to stroke really fast and hard making a characteristic sound, he continued as his huffing went up, longer and longer and he held his breath and moaned and with a few more strokes he erupted like a volcano shooting his cum into the air and a couple more strokes and he blurted out another burst of his hot liquid and then he open his eyes,

raising his head and looking at his willy he squeezed the last drops of his juice with my panty. Noticing that the show was over I quicky gained my senses and leapt back to my bedroom silently, unnoticed with a lot of thirst. My husband is unmoved, I went and slept beside him facing the ceiling and started to think about what I saw, breathing heavily.

I pulled my gown up untill my waist exposing naughty pussy out, I moved up and leaned up against a couple of pillows and made myself cozy. I gently touched my groin and took a swab of my juices from my pussy lips and sucked those finger. I felt dizzy and nice, I spread my legs wide and parted my pussy with my finger and inserted my middle finger into it.

It was the touch of the heaven, I touched my erect clitoris and rubbed it with my index finger. It was exquisite pleasure, I closed my eyes tightly as I rubbed my pussy biting my lower lip under my teeth. Inexplicably keeping my husband be side me I was masturbating thinking of my brother-in-law.

As I closed my eyes I imagined his tongue licking my pussy dry and cupping and squeezing my naked boobs in his hands like dough. With my left hand I explored my erect nipples and navel while my middle finger of the right hand rubbed my cunt with a lot of burning passion.

There were flashes of him locking my pussy lips with his mouth and pushing his tongue into my cunt and strumming my clitoris while his hands groped my boobs and armpits. There was intense pleasure building in me and I gasped for breath, I tightened my muscles and held my breath and a little husky moan and I quivered and squirted out my love juices in huge amounts.

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