This is story about my cousin’s wife Preeti. She is very beautiful and very sexy, underline word sexy. Of course she is not natural beauty like my wife but she is very attractive. Preeti spends lot of time in makeup and beauty parlor. Preeti’s features are extremely hot. She will turn any head towards her. 36D-27-38. Perfect example for hour glass shape.

She is bit dusky, black and silky hair. Black eyes and pink lips. She is sex godess. Every one would dream to fuck her atleast once. I was very active during my cousin’s wedding. Preeti’s friends works in my team. I have very good reputation because of my skills and cool nature. My team mate also attended the marriage and that is when Preeti came to know more about me from her friend.

She was impressed and moved close with me. and we got very close during the function. To apply visa, Preeti’s in-laws sent her to Bangalore (As I was the only person in family who has experience in attending Visa interviews). I planned that we(Preeti + my wife + me) will go to chennai attend interview and visit Pondycherry + Madurai for three days.

I planned and booked hotels + flight tickets. Now the real story starts….

Preeti came to Bangalore.. I went to pick her up in the morning. Went to Bus-station in tracks and t-shirt. When Preeti saw me, she immediately came and hugged me. I was surprised. As it was public I couldn’t hug tightly and said we will go. We reached apartment. Every now and then she was flirting me.. I really love girls who flirt.

My wife and I planned to work from home alternatively so that she won’t get bored. All the time during lunch and dinner I used to enjoy her beauty, but didn’t get chance to proceed further.. I was waiting for one. She used to wear tight pants.. her thighs are extremely sexy.

A day before our trip we got a call that my FIL met with an accident. My wife said, “I’ll go to hyd and you take Preeti to Chennai for visa interview”. Preeti and I resisted that we all will fly to HYD. But as appointment was fixed at visa interview my mother-in-law and my wife convinced us to carry on with the trip. I said OK and booked a ticket for my wife.

There was a gap of 4 hours for our flights. Next day we 3 went to airport. My wife boarded flight. As soon as my wife went, there is a sudden change in Preeti’s behavior and was moving very close to me. I was thinking to utilize this moment. We both started to flirt each other. I asked, after going to US, where have you planned your honeymoon.

“Bava this is my first trip after marriage and let me enjoy it.. let’s not talk about US”. Though she was flirting I was not making big moves and was taking back always. As I was afraid of consequences. Once we boarded the flight, she held my right hand and hugged. I could feel soft boobs on my hand in side ways. After flight took off, she wanted to pee.

She has to cross me to go. While crossing she was facing and slowly moving. Suddenly she was falling on me, while trying to help, I caught her in my hands and her boobs were in my palms. It was just for 2 seconds..boobs were very soft and firm..One hand is not enough, her smell was awesome and tempting.. I immediately had hardon.

We adjusted and she moved to other seat. She went to loo and came back. I couldn’t hide my bulge and I removed my jacket and placed on it. After she returned we didn’t speak. Few mins later we landed. When we reached hotel she insisted to take one room instead of separate rooms. Chennai was very hot.. I removed my t-shirt and was going to have shower.

Suddenly Preeti stopped me and she started to run her hands on my biceps and chest. “Bava.. you are so fit. Akka is very lucky. Let me help you take bath bava”.. I said no thanks and went inside and shagged off. After coming out I quickly went out of the room so that she can take bath “ can stay in the room.. but I went out(I was afraid that I’ll not be able to control my feelings)…

(These were the sexy moments which flashes my mind every time I think of her) After some time she called me that she is ready for shopping. She was wearing orange colour t-shirt which shows her curves clearly. Went to nearby “Chennai City Centre” shopping mall. She went to try one shirt which was very smooth and see through. I was waiting outside.

She called me to come near by the trail room. Preeti opened the door.. She was damn sexy, Her nipples are were poking outside. My eyes were fixed to her nipples and boobs. Preeti said “Ahmm Ahmm see the dress bava.. I’ll show later” I said “what? what did you say?” Preeti replied “I said I’ll show wearing complete dress later and winked ;)”

I said “dress is super and you are (after few seconds pause) BEAUTIFUL”. She closed the door to change the dress. I was embarrassed to display tent. I immediately took one pant and went for trail room and adjusted my boner. I was wondering why she removed her bra!! Because the dress definitely requires bra.. I saw two beautiful globes with her nipples clearly poking outside..

Till we went to hotel same scene was appearing.. Preeti kept talking.. I was unable to hear anything.. my mind completely went blank. Immediately after entering room, I said “Preeti, You order the food, I’m feeling very hot, I’ll take bath and come, let’s have food together”. I entered bathroom, removed my dress started shower to pretend that I’m taking shower.

My boner became free and was standing tall.. started masturbating.. after a min, preeti knocked the door, I said “what?” Preeti said “Bava do you need any help?” I said no thanks.. She kept knocking the door, I slightly opened the door and kept out of face, I couldn’t see her as she was hiding.. I opened the door little more, she suddenly appeared in front and saw me nude,

to my wonder she was just wearing a small towel just above nipples and just below her pussy. She was looking like a porn star. I was about to close the door but she blocked me and pushed me inside. I covered my dick with towel. She was laughing and trying to pull my towel and finally pulled it.

Then I pulled her towel.. we both are standing nude.. she was very sexy.. smooth skin, cleanly shaven pussy, firm and round boobs.. she immediately hugged me to hide her face.. she was shy.. I was looking at her back in the mirror.. I hugged her tightly and was pressing her boobs against my chest.. I moved my hands on her ass and started to caress her round ass.

Slowly I raised her head and kissed on lips. Kept sucking her lips while pressing boobs and butt. She held my head and kept kissing while caressing my hair. After few mins I came down and kissed her boobs. Held right boob with two hands and started sucking it. Boobs were soft and firm with lovely round shape. Nipples were very hard and I kept licking both nipples alternatively.

After few mins I went further down and she was very shy to show her pussy. She said “Bava.. you are the first one to see my pussy..” I was surprised, I asked “You were recently married and didn’t you had sex with your husband?” She said, she was afraid of blood and even her husband is also afraid on third night before she started touching his dick on pants, he ejaculated.

Both of them decided that after he comes back to India, they will meet doctor and start their sex journey. She said, “Bava, I’m very happy to loose my virginity by you.” I removed her hand on pussy and kissed few times before inserting my tongue into her sexy black pussy lips. She started shivering when I inserted my tongue into her love hole.

I said let’s go to bed than in bathroom. We shifted our ground to bedroom. I let her lie and started kissing every where moving downwards on pussy again. Now after kissing lips I slowly inserted my finger inside, she left a big moan and jumped on to me and hugged me.

I hugged and kissed her cheeks and lips, meanwhile my cock is strocking above her love hole, but didn’t enter inside her pussy. Her pussy was wet and juices were flowing out. She said bava please enter your cock and fuck me. I waited for this night so long please make this night as my first night. I asked her to kiss me every where and suck my cock.

She slowly took my cock with hands and kissed it around the cock and balls. She took my cock head inside mount and started licking with tongue around it. She said it’s salty but taste is good and started sucking cock vigorously. I asked her to change positition to 69 angle. I kept sucking her pussy for few mins.. her juices flowed again.

I said to lie down and slowly entered my dick into her pussy. Very slowly I entered. She was brought her legs very tight and complained pain. I asked her to relax her muscles and legs. She let my cock inside. With few gentle strokes with half dick inside she started crying. I took out the dick and kept licking pussy. After some time I entered my dick again.

Slowly inserted half and entered my dick at once and she shouted and cried in pain. I slowly draw my dick back and kissed her nipples. Asked her wheather to remove my dick out, she said it’s ok.. I inserted again and this time she shouted again. I could see blood coming out. I took my dick out and cleaned the blood and kissed again.

I applied some vasiline to my dick and started fucking her again. This time she was moving good and allowed my dick to go completely inside. I loved it. Fucking a virgin is lot of fun and awesome. I gave strokes nice and slow and fingering her pussy lips and kept sucking her nipples. She came out and after fucking some time I cummed inside her pussy.

She hugged and slept by side for some time. Bell rang and I quickly wore a robe and she went inside bathroom. Our dinner came. After the boy went out, I locked the room and removed my robe. Entered the bathroom and kissed her. She was in a good feeling and kissed me. We both cleaned ourselves and took bath together.

We came out of bathroom had dinner naked and after few minutes she came and sat on my lap feeding me. Icecream almost melted. I poured icecream on her and started licking it. It tasted so well near pussy. and she came in full mood and started stroking my dick and went down and sucked it. We washed our hands started a nice fucking session again.

We tried twice that night in few angles. I woke her up at 6 in the morning and asked to take bath. We both bathe together(and fucked in bathroom) and dressed up. She attended interview and got her visa approved and was said that her passport will be sent through courier.

We came back to hotel, I asked her to go to the room as I wanted to make some calls. She went inside room removed all her cloths and covered bedsheet completely. I opened the door and never thought that she will be naked. I slid into the bedsheet and realized that she was naked. I was surprised and got mood.

She came on me and removed my dress and started sucking my dick like a pro. We tried many angles had a nice 4 continuous sex session. As per her request we spent next two days in the room(cancelled all other places) and fucked for many times and returned to Bangalore.

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