My name is Haasini, live in Bangalore; married, but no children. To tell about myself, I am 5.4”, bit over weight (for my height) with 36/30/38 figure. I don’t have flat tummy. I am plumpy after my marriage. I am dusky, with big eyes (brown eye balls) with long lashes, sharp nose, and with a sparkling smile on my face.

All say my eyes are more expressive and smile can flatter anybody. It’s not that I am very beautiful woman, yes, but sure, I can make people turn their head to look at me not just once, twice or thrice. I enjoy each and every part of my life, as it keeps me happy. I live to the fullest with whatever I do. I and my husband’s is a love cum arranged marriage. We met each other thru common friend of ours and something sparkled between us and we decided to get married. He had objections in his house to get married to me, but things got settled once they saw me and spoke to me,

then immediately we got engaged and within three months we got married. I got lovely In-laws who love me a lot. They support me on every step and guide me to make my life sweet. Well, this story is about my sex encounter with one of my client. I am working as Marketing Manager to one of the renowned builders company.

As I mentioned about myself, I always possess myself a pleasing personality. I always make sure I carry myself with my own attitude. I speak openly to people. I always create my own impression between people, whoever meet me or talk to me on phone they surely would like to get back to me. I meet lots of men and women in our business.

May be clients, architects, realtors, many more; mostly they get impressed the way I get along with them. I get lots of open invitation for joining them for dinner, coffee or lunch. But I always make sure I don’t entertain these things and politely I reject invitations going out with them and rather I invite them for office as we could talk more about market ware bouts and have lunch or cup of tea.

I always know intentions of men when they show more interests on female as I can understand them by their talk and body language. Still we should carry ourselves without hurting their or my feelings. This happened so before 3 months back that one of my site coordinator called up and gave me an id to send some drawings of a building and I did it.

After sending those drawings, I got a call from the gentleman, Mr. Pradhan asking whether the drawings are sent to him. I said it has been sent and we disconnected. I was on my way to home and I was waiting for transportation and suddenly I got a call from the same guy and he wanted some details. I was answering and same time I was checking for some rick to my place.

Both things were happening on time where he was not comfort with this (I guessed so), then I said sorry and started clarifying things. I should say that it was my stupid behavior with my client doing something else when is on call. Then he was clarified and I was heading home. Suddenly struck something in my mind as my sister wanted some retailers to sponsor their office event,

and then I thought I could take some help and called him again (here, I should admit that Pradhan has a good voice and I like real male voices. Not those roaring voices where you don’t understand a single word out of their mouth, but just a roaring noise on phone). I asked for the favor and he asked me to talk one of his colleagues.

I passed that number to my sister and I don’t know whether she was able to get the sponserors or not, but I did my best to get her job done. Then we never spoke but followed up our official matter through mails. We never spoke anything on personal front. I totally got this guy out of my mind as like other clients who take details and make us wait for sometime saying about their senior approvals, etc. etc.

Later a week passed, while going home, I got a call from Mr. Pradhan. He asked me whether that’s the right time to talk to me. I said, “Carry on, not a problem as I am heading to home”. Then it was not an official call. He said to me something sparked to him after talking to me the day when I was waiting for my transportation.

I said, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to talk to you and check with auto guy also”, and he said he liked my attitude that way. I said, “Thanks”. He said that he never felt like talking to someone like that in his profession and he felt that something is there in me which drove him towards him. As, I said earlier, I am used to these kind of talks usually getting from men.

I was not too amazed and I said, “oh really! That is not as amazed as I am like that”. He is a very strict man in his professional life as I understood. Even I too liked Mr. Pradhan for the way he spoke to me and been very clear with the things. We started talking about our likes, dislikes, personal lives regularly through sms or phone.

We started liking each other as good friends and I wanted a person with whom I could be myself and share my feelings. Though he was complete stranger in my life, I accepted him without thinking too much. He is matured enough to take things better as he is also married and committed to his life.

He was missing something in his life and he wanted to get through me, I understood from him and he expressed it honestly. I always liked people who are honest and share things frankly. I appreciate those qualities in people. I liked that quality in him and accepted his friendship. Even I too started sharing most of my life as I knew him from decades and I was feeling very light

from my heart after talking to him or taking him as one of the good friend in my life. I was/am happy the life with my new friend. We were talking on phone regularly and sending sms at office hours. One day, he said, he want to meet me (we never met each other, though we became very close to each other). I was not interested to meet any men (friendly) outside in café, or dinner or lunch.

As I was worried thinking about my married life. It’s not that I never went out with my friends for café or dinned out. I had boy friend with who I have been for 5yrs and we broke. But after marriage I never ever tried going out or liked going out. I avoided most of them for security reasons.

Somehow, his talks convinced to meet as I too had a chance of meeting him one Saturday for lunch. We planned for meeting and we described each other about ourselves so that we will recognize. I got ready the day wearing jean with long buttoned top (I never wear tops above my butt, always wear long tops). I left my hair just clipped little hair (my hair is above my waist).

I made myself to look better than everyday and left to office. My heart was thumping fast. I went office I did my regular work still my mind was thinking how he looks, how are his mannerism, many things. At around 1.30pm, he gave me a call and said he is waiting outside my office. I went out and he was near my office gate. He was standing away from my office parking his car.

I saw him, he is 5.9” with good built (athlete body) wearing blue shirt. He was looking impressive with his outer look. I liked his style. He is good looking man. We greeted each other and went for lunch. Throughout lunch I was feeling very very nervous and avoided direct eye contacts. I liked his eyes. Those were brown with long lashes.

I normally talk to people looking at their face eye to eye. But the day I was not able to do that. Even I was able to notice the same with him also. We finished our lunch. We were talking many things about his college, friends, and life; still we are not able to see each other’s face and talk. I enjoyed his company and he too. He dropped me back to my office.

That was our first meet and our second meet was he dropped me back to my home. I was waiting for Pradhan near a Bus Stop. He came and picked me and drove me back to home. He always likes to listen to me as I keep on talking. Rather I can say he is good listener. By this time we both were very close to each other. You can say I was falling slowly for his nature.

He always expressed his feelings towards me as I am light in his dark life. But I always avoided any feelings to be said to him as I didn’t know where that would land up. I have seen many people having extra marital affairs and landing up in problems. I really liked him as person, more as a human being. He always gives smile on my face.

I was feeling that my life was changing a bit. Prior to this though I was happy sexually, I was missing some love in my life. Let me give more brief about my relationship with my husband before going ahead. I and my husband have lots of problem between us. He is introvert and thinks he is superior in his thinking.

Always arguments and frustrations between us and sex is not the only thing in marital life we require. We need love and affection which I was lacking from my husband. I am not saying he is a bad man from his character. He is a good man by his heart, very generous but he was suspecting my character. He thinks that I have affair with all men I meet in my life.

If I deny sex anytime, then he always think I had it with someone and that’s the reason I was not doing it with him that day. I have been very honest with him from day one. But my honesty was not paying a better result. Like most of the people I started hiding my friendly relationship with Pradhan with him and started deleting his calls, sms all those.

He used to always check my phone saying he need transparency. But those transparency was not utilized properly as he always questions me too many about the calls. If any of my official calls are more than 5mins, then starts questions. I was feeling low and getting depressed. I was not able to share these with anybody, though I used to share few things with my closed ones.

But not too many things; by then Pradhan came into my life as stranger and became part of my life. After, Pradhan dropping me home, I was feeling very very nice from my heart. Whatever my husband started taunting me for I accepted it without any word. I let him say anything. My duty was to satisfy him on bed and do what he says.

This routine been for sometime and Pradhan said he want he want to take this relationship to other level with mutual understanding without disturbing our marital life and we meet up in some secured place. I agreed. I still don’t know why agreed for this as I was very very philosophical with my thoughts and been in my own ethics. All broke within few days.

May be because, I was missing some love and affection and my sexual feelings were excited for a new adventure. For the first time I started fascinating him with his body. Then I felt I was satisfying my husband’s requirement and not my requirement. Pradhan decided his home as the secured place.

His wife was away for some reason to his native and we thought that was the best time for us to get along with our desires. We discussed that he will pick me up from a nearer place and we go from there. I left office little early and we reached his house. He opened the house and welcomed me.

He offered me seat and went inside. I was looking around his home, it is neat and kept things on its place and well maintained. I liked the atmosphere as it was very calm and nice. I wanted to be alone without any noise and it was like that as I desired. He offered me water and he sat opposite to my seat. I was so nervous that I could hear my heart beat and any moment I could faint.

Luckily I was sitting. We both were with the same situation and searching for words. He closed all the screens and turned off the living room light as we had enough light coming through screen from neighbor apartment. He sat next to me, took my hand into his hand and I was feeling that he was more nervous than me. My nervousness gone and I was feeling shy.

He sat on the floor and I was sitting on the couch. I held my face and kissed my lips. Mmmmmm !!!!!!!!! I liked those as whole body felt like passing current. He unclipped my hair and he looked at my face. He said I look more beautiful when I leave my hair on my shoulders. He kissed me again taking my lips in his mouth. He took me to his room.

He hugged me and felt my boobs pressing his chest hard. Ahhhhhh I felt for the moment that it was wonderful feeling which cant be described through words only should be felt J. He started caressing my body feeling me everywhere through his hands. I was getting aroused by his every touch. He was on my face, my neck, and my ear lobes, everywhere.

I was feeling his hot breathe making me feel hornier. He removed my top (iron getting spoilt) and saw my boobs covered with white bra. He felt my boobs above my bra and took me to bed. He removed his shirts. I saw his upper body broad, hairy chest and sexy. We lay on the bed and he was saying me that he want to only feel me not anything do more than that.

He squeezed my boobs with his hands. He made me literally moan (which I never does with my hubby). He kneaded them one by one. I was feeling my pussy becoming wet. He got his mouth near my nip and rolled his tongue on it. Wow…. that was wonderful. He sucked my nips taking into his mouth. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

He was playing with my soft breasts (my weakness to get aroused). I was aroused by then and he wrapped me by getting his hand below my back and I lifted my upper portion of my back and made easy for him to suck my boobs more into his mouth. My body was arched shape. And I was nude from the top of my body.

I was not able to control my feelings and I was dripping below. He has a magic to take woman to the core of sexual pleasure. I was enjoying each and every second with him. My hands were caressing his back, chest, his nips, and pressing his head hard to grab my boobs in his mouth. He sucked them harder and harder.

He went between my chest, kissed my tummy, naval and he held my boobs n pressed them hard. He came up n kissed my lips, sucked them, rolled his tongue inside my mouth and we sucked for long time. He kissed my neck, licked my earlobes, sucked my chest and rolled me backward.

I stretched my hands both way and he was on my back biting my ears, licking my back and giving me great sensation to whole body. Lying on same position he slid down licking my back. From behind he tried to remove knots from my bottom, but I was not ready for this. Still he said he want to only feel my skin and not penetration.

I said alright, but my heart was saying he should fuck me hard and tear me apart. Undressed me completely and he was nude too. It was dark as we got only some neighboring apartment light falling through windows. I saw his manhood standing straight desperately to enter my wet hole. He turned me normal position. He spread my leg, fell on my body.

He got his manhood near my pussy, teased my pussy and kissed me sucking my tongue. Now I was out of control, held his buttock trying to press against my pussy. He shoves his prick deep inside me in one push. Wowoooooo!!! It took me to the sexual ecstasy. He folded my legs to chest, gave me hard strokes going deep inside, feeling my pussy hole inch by inch.

I was flowing. I was feeling his hotness deep inside me and he was grinding inside me. That was beautiful. After 10mins, he was building up his sperms and he was moving fast. He came out with load and lay on me. It was nice adventure, longing since a long time. We saw the time and it was time for me to reach home. We cleaned ourselves, dressed up, gave a long kiss.

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