Hi This is Vikram from Ranchi. I am 28 years old presently at Bangalore. This Happened when I was 18 year old and studying in if I correctly remember in 12 grade . We had a biology teacher named Santosh sir.

This story is not about him but his younger sister Kanak Madam. She joined our school as a temporary teacher for Hindi Elective as the regular teacher had met with an accident. She was supposed to be in our school for only 2 months but then Santosh sir managed to somehow get her appointed as a regular teacher to teach the juniors sections.

Let me be frank, I was not a very great student and good looking in those days.But I used to somehow I don’t know how be one of the first three student in all the fields. Somehow used to stand 3rd or 4th in the exams, never a great cricketer but the school team seemed incomplete without me.

Played football, badminton, and many other sports and believe me I was in the school team for most of them. I had a good height of 5’11”, athlete body, whitish complexion and little bit of money in my pocket to spend. Not from a rich family but managed my accounts well. Coming back to Kanak Mam (Mam if U are reading This Please Forgive Me.)

She was a beauty let me tell u this. She should be 5’5″ in height, VERY FAIR, skin, as if touching would spoil the texture and a body to die for the figure of 34,28,34. She was unmarried and had just completed her MA and looked very young. She had brown hair which she kept till the shoulder length.Best part of her was the pink lips and her large sleepy eyes.

You see her lips and You felt like kissing her.Used to generally dresss in salwar and kameez but on the day she used to put sarees she looked so beautiful that once jokinkly I had told her that if she goes to mumbai she could be mistaken for an actressl in the movies. She traveled to and from school by the school bus and stayed in Ratu road area. I by my cycle.

The bus she traveled was a second trip bus and started from school half an hour latter than the other busses so the students and the teachers had to wait for half hour more in the school. Me and some of my friends who cycled to home hanged fooling around that time. This was daily routine and reached home around 3.30 in the afternoon.

I was a bit famous within the school girls and had 3 girlfriends at the same time with all the three knowing the fact and one of them was from 9th standard second from 11th and my sweetheart was in my section. The 9th standard girl was the first girl I had kissed and touched boobs in my life. But that is another story.

I had become close to Kanak mam and spent my half hour after school talking to her in the school ground as all the students hanged in the ground only. She informed that she was staying with her brother and a divorced elder sister who was also teacher in DAV school and came home around 7 pm as santosh sir and mam’s elder sister used to run a tuition centre

for board exams. and they went to their tuition centre directly from the school. Their parents were no more and after the death of their father who was a bank employ they had shifted to Ranchi as life was tough in the coalfields area and opportunities were limited there. Our first term exams were over and we had done pretty bad in the hindi paper.

The boy who came first suggested to me to talk to Kanak Mam to give some grace marks to him because he did not want to spoil his record of coming first always. As these things could not be requested to her in the school we decided to go to her home after school. Ajay came to my place and together we went to her place.

Coming to think of it it must be our morning school as now I remember when we had reached her place it was very sunny and as she had to walk some distance after getting down from the bus, she was all pink because of the sun. They stayed in a two bedroom hall rented house and it was a tiled roof construction of single story in a very big plot of at least 5 acre with mongo trees.

Actually that area was previously a mango garden and the house they were staying used to be the outhouse for the guards to stay.It had a long hall opening to a wide varandah in the front. The two rooms were at the back side and the kitchen was made by making a partition in the one side of the hall.

There was a toilet/ bath between the two rooms and can be viewed sitting in the hall. The varandah was fitted with a collapsible grill for security.When we rang the door bell she came out and was surprised to see us and asked us why we were here. Before reaching to her place I was very confident that I will ask her to give Ajay some grace marks

but as soon as she asked the purpose of our visit I became nervous and could not tell the truth. She had opened the grill just half a feet and was leaning on it as a result I could see her boobs from between the kurta buttons of which one was open. I think she was in the process of changing the dress when we had reached as she was not wearing any bra

and had hurriedly put back her kurta hearing the doorbell. We made some excuses and came back. Ajay was very upset and was also making fun of me while coming back. But I could not think anything other than her boobs. Before this incident I use to like her and fancied her as my girlfriend but never had any other intentions. But that night I manstuburated thinking of her.

Next day in the school she was very normal but my life had changed and I some how wanted to see her nude and kiss and touch her boobs. She again asked me the purpose of my visit but I skipped the topic and told her that I would tell her when I come to her place again today. I did not tell Ajay that I planed to visit her again as I was not sure that I will be able to ask her

for grace marks and if at all I could get another chance to see her boobs again. I did not wait after the school and went home had my lunch and went straight to her place. I reached her place before she had come and waited near a shop from where I can see her coming. I had to wait for 10 mins. and saw her coming.

I took another way and reached behind her as she was opening the gate. She was surprised but invited me to come inside as it was vey sunny outside.She asked me to sit in the hall as it was much cooler offered me some water and went inside the room to change. From inside she asked me if I had time she will quickly have a bath and then join me.

I said ok and started turning the pages of the magazines laying there. I thought there would be a bathroom attached to the bedroom but the same bathroom which opened in the hall had another door to the bedroom. The door of the bathroom was an old rickety one which had lower 2 to 3 inches missing because it had rotten off due to the water. I could see her shadow from below.

I felt dry in my mouth as I started imagining her nude. I shifted a bit on the sofa so that I can see the shadow clearly. I tried to bend down and see but could see only he toes and then she removed her churidar as she had to stand on one legs to remove it. When I heard her pouring water I got up and went near the bathroom door to see if there was any crack

from which I can see but to my disappointment there were no cracks. In my desperation I lied down on the floor to peep from the bottom. What a view. I could see her smooth white silky legs till the thighs but nothing beyond that. And then she bent down to wipe her legs with the towel I got the fullview of her beautiful body as she was bending with me on her sides.

I hurriedly got up and came near the sofa. My head was reeling and my dick had grown thrice the size. I felt dry and went near the fridge to get some more water. She heard the Fridge opening and asked who it was. I replied me and then told her that I wanted some more water. She said ok and will be out in a minute.

I was sitting on the sofa when she came out of the room. She had put on a white Kurta and salwar and with wet and water dripping hair she was looking like an angle. I had never seen more beautiful girl before. She went near the fridge and took out a bottle of water and came and sat opposite me on the diwan. I was continuously sipping the water from my glass.

She asked me again why I had to come to her place again.I got some courage and told her the reason. She was surprised that I had not come for myself but for some other guy. She also scolded me for my stupidity. Finally I asked if I can see the marks obtained she said ok but only for me she is doing this as she likes me very much.

She took out the copies from below the diwan and asked me to come and see. I got up and went next to her on the diwan and sat down. She was searching Ajays and my copies .When she bent down again to keep the rest of the copies under the diwan I got the glimpse of her white boobs again. She was not wearing any bra.

My heart started thumping and was not able to see anything properly. she was showing my papers, where I had made mistakes, how much Ajay had scored etc when it happened. In the process she saw towards me and felt some thing is wrong. She asked what is the matter and I caught hold of her hands and told her that I was in love with her.

She was taken aback, she wanted to tell me something but only said Vikram you go to your home. Mechanically I got up and started towards the varandah and she followed me. Near the Door I turned Back and as she was following me she bumped into me and I took her into my embrace and started telling sorry but I loved her.

She was trying to get out of my holds and said its ok and I should leave but I was not letting her go. Her boobs were crushed against my lower ribs and she was breathing heavily. I dug my noose in her hair and was continuously muttering that I loved her. All of a sudden she pulled me inside the hall and said this is not right and someone might see us.

Her voice was cracking and coming out in gasps I had dug ny face in her hair and in the process I kissed her ears and neck. She shuddered and took both her hands behind my back and held me tight. I was surprised by her reaction which she latter clarified that her ears and neck were the most sensitive parts and when accidentally I kissed and took it between my lips she lost control.

She had started rubbing her cheeks on my chest as my one upper button was open and was desperately pulling my hairs.I too lost control and brought my right hand from behind her back and cupped her breast over her kurta. What a feeling. Her soft breasts were in my hands and she was clinging on to me.

I left her back and with the help of both my hands held her face and kissed her on her pink lips. I was an inexperienced kisser. She kept her mouth closed for awhile but when I persisted by taking her lower lips between mine she gave up and started kissing back. Suddenly she took my tongue in her mouth and started sucking it.

In the mean time my hand had gone inside her kurtas and was touching her smooth bare back. We had been kissing each other for some time now and I slipped my right hand from her back to her front and touched her breasts. Her breasts were just handsfull and smooth like silk. I was touching her breast from the sides fearing she might object and my dream might come crashing down.

I had been caressing her boobs for at least 2 mins. and then with my thumbs I touched her nipples. I had become hard.Slowy I shifted my palm and covered her whole breasts and squeezed it lightly. She was lost in kissing me and I shifted my hand to her left breasts and touched it. I was in heaven and my penis were hard like a rod and trying to poke hole in her lower abdomen area.

All of a sudden she brought her hand down and touched my penis over my trousers. I could not control an pulled her to the diwan. We both were still lip locked and fell on the diwan with a big thud. In the process her kurta had come half up and I could see her milky white midriff. I slid down and pushed her kurta up to her neck level. Her breast and the nip buds were in my view.

They were of the right sizes, creamy white in colour and the nipples were the colour of the onions. Relatively small nipples then I had imagined.I attacked her breast. I was pinching, pulling sucking at her breasts as if there is no tomorrow. Mam was making all kings of hissing noises. I was sucking her left tits when she herself pulled my head to right globe.

I sucked her pink and swollen nipples. It had become twice the size and hard. I rubbed my eyes, my nose and my whole face over her nipples and breasts. She took her both hands up and made her kurta free over her head. She was naked waist above. She was looking like a porceilin doll.Not a mark on her body other than a small brown mole just below her boobs.

Not a bit of extra flesh. Beautifully rounded boobs just the way I had imagined. Very flat tummy and qute navels. Then she sat on the diwan for a second and started to unbutton my shirt. I helped her by removing my shirt and we again lied down on the diwan and resumed kissing and pressing her breasts. She was holding me with one hand on my back and the other was roaming over my bums.

She again stopped kissing and started tucking at my trousers. I hurriedly got up and unfastened my trousers. I lied down on the diwan again in my undies and resumed with playing and sucking her boobs. I was laying on her and she slid her hand inside my undies and touched and pressed my ass. I got up again and slid my undies. I was stark naked and she had her salwar on.

She had closed her eyes and grouping her hands around when she found my hard penis. She caught hold of it and started pulling it towards her. I followed my dick and she guided it towards her breasts. I was crouching on my knees on her both sides and she was rubbing my penis over her breast.It was too much for me to take and I could not control myself and spurted my sperm over her breasts.

One or two drops fell over her chin and neck area and she screamed in horror. Her hands were also sticky with my sperm. She got up and ran inside the bath room closing the door behind. I lay there exhausted. After some time I came to my senses. Got up and wiped my dick clean with the help of her dupatta. Put on my trouser and knocked on the bedroom doors.

After two three knocks she asked me to go home. I wanted to see her and was feeling unsatisfied as I had not seen her nude and had not fucked her. I requested her to come out but she refused and was asking me to go home. I got an idea and asked her to let me use the toilet as I was feeling dirty. At first she did not tell anything And then I heard the bathroom door opening in the hall.

I went inside the bathroom and she went to the bedroom from the other door and locked it from that side. I pissed and washed my penis and shouted that I was going.In fact I was still inside the bathroom and had pretended that I was leaving. Mam opened the bedroom door and peeped into the hall when I came out of the bathroom.

She tried to rush back and bolt the door but I was fast enough to catch hold of her. She had put on a tee shirt. I caught her from behind and pulled her to the double bed. She fell on my lap and I again started kissing her neck and touching her boobs below her tee shirt. My penis was hard again. She was fighting feebly and started moaning in no time.

I put her on bed and this time decided to undress her completely first. I took hold of her salwar strings and gave it tuck.It gave way and her salwar was loose on her waist. All the while I was kissing her neck, face and breasts. She was trying to hold on her salwars with her hands. I kept on trying for some time and then brought my hands up and started playing with her breasts.

We were now side ways facing each other and she was holding me tightly again. I brought one hand to her back in process of rubbing her back slid my hand inside her salwar and in the panties. She kept still for a while but as I touched her ass hole and cunt with my finger a scream left her mouth, OHHHHHHHHHHH,

I started sliding her salwar with her panties towards her toe and she helped me by pulling them down with the help of the other leg. In no time she was naked waist down. She got up climbed on me by putting both her legs on the either sides of me and started rubbing her cunt over my stomach and chests. I could not believe myself.

My Kanak Mam was nude and rubbing her cunt on my body.She was in trance. She had closed her eyes and making all kinds of noises. Then she slid of her tee shirts herself. Now she was all naked, over me. She was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Her face was red because of the exictment. Sweat was dripping over her forehead and flowing over her chick near the ears.

Another line of sweat ran between her breasts.. There was no sag in her boobs. Without any support they were looking very firm.The bulge near the waistline could kill somebody. I was falling in love with this beautiful mam of mine. Her legs and thighs were in perfect shape. And the v at the junction of the legs was killing me. A bit darker of the pink shade.

Light brown hairs of 10 days growth and looking very tender.I was in haven. I could smell her cunt. She was smelling musky. I caught hold of her hips and pulled her towards me. She crouched forward and place her cunt over my mouth. I had never seen a naked girl before and when I got a chance my angle, Kanak Mam was all offering to eat her pink pussy.

She was holding on to the headboard and kneeling on to me and rubbing her cunt over my face. I had watched many blue films before and knew what to do. Anyway nature teaches u every thing. Involuntarily my tongues came out and touched the vagina lips. This rocked her body and she started screaming loudly.

She was telling many things which I could not understand but she was screaming a lot. I beacame afraid if some one listens.She was herself rubbing her cunt in all possible directions. I took charge and held her beautiful ass and asked her to be still and inserted my tongue in to her cunt. She screamed OH! MAA and I started to tongue fuck her.

She was fondling her breast herself with one hand. Then she again started rotating her hips and started tell Han Vicky Aur Ander. Aur Ander.My noose was inside her pussy touching her clitoris.PLEASE MAT ROKNA, DONT STOP,OHHHHHHHHH, YES,YES, MAI SUSU KARDUNGI DONT STOP. I was trying to enter my finger in her ass hole when she came with a big YESSSSSSSSSSS.

over my face. My whole face was wet with her juice. She lied down beside me and I noticed that between all this my dick had shrunk. Although I was exited like hell but my dick had become small.I reached down and removed my trousers and placed one of her hands on my shrunk penis. She started stroking it and my penis came to its glory in no time.

Let me mention I have a sizeable penis. of about 7 ” but the girth is more than the norm al. In full erect position it is as thick as the womens wrist.When I was fully erect I gotup and turned her over her belly. I wanted to see her ass and back side. She was looking so beautiful with even her back up I started to kiss her back and in no time reached her ass.

She came on her hands and legs and started rotating her ass. I was bitting her ass and licking her ass cracks. She again adjusted and brought her ass hole in front of my tongues. I was a bit hesitant to suck her there and she might have sensed it. She got up and pushed me down And started rubbing her pussy over my penis.

Before I could do something she caught hold of my dick and started pushing in her pussy. I was really going to fuck her. It refused to go inside. She again came over my mouth and I licked her cunt. When it was wet she tried again. But in vain. My penis was becoming thicker due to the excitement. That is when I took charge and pushed her down and tried in missionary style.

I was a virgin and so was she. She did not bleed but had never had sex before. After much trying and with the help of my spit I managed to enter her. What a feeling. She was crying with pain but had engulfed me with both her legs behind me. I was doing with small strokes but as the heat started building up I forgot her cry and pain and started humping her.

She was shouting YES, YES AUR JOR SE, She was rotating her hips below me. I was thankful that I had come just minutes ago. and was able to hold on. She started abusing me SALA BEHANCHOD AUR JOR SE KARO.CHODO MUJHE.AUR JOR SE.I was humping her like mad. My back had started acing. I was surprised to listen such language from such a beautiful girl.

I was squeezing her boobs. Pinching her nipples. Then she pulled me and started biting my lips and tongues. I tasted blood in my mouth. I was afraid that she would bite off my tongue. I some how freed myself and started kissing and liking her face. She was acting as if she has gone mad.Kanak mam was humping me from below.

Then all of a sudden she came out from below and was on her for legs. MUJHE PICHE SE CHODO. FUCK ME FROM BEHIND. She wanted doggy style. I was in heaven. I went behind and put my dick near her cunt and in one push my whole dick went inside. I bent on her and caught hold of her hanging boobs. She was making sounds like mad.

JALDI KARO, JOR SE PLEASE VICKY JOR SE.JADI, JALI, HAN, HANNNNN, PLEASE AUR JORSE KARONA.PLEASEEEEEEE And she had orgasm. She fell flat on the bed and my dick was still inside all. I was tired and cursing why was my sperm not coming out. I also fell besides her all panting and my dick still inside her has hard as a rock

Then I requested her to give me handjob so that I feel light. She started shaking my dick which was not as good as me doing it my self. I removed her hand and started blowing myself.To help I asked hed to put her boobs in my mouth.She put her nipples in my mouth and with my hand I was pressings her ass and cunt.I held her tight.

She was half laying over me and had put her leg over my legs. Her swollen cunt was touching my body. I was holding on to her. Wish I had many hands to touch and feel her everywhere at one time. She was kissing my hairs and touching my balls. I came with a big blast

She cleaned me with her t shirt. We both kissed each other hungrilly and I put my face between her boobs, holding her body, her legs over my pelvic area holding my head between her arms and pressing onto her boobs we fell asleep. When we got up it was 6 in the evening.We were still in the same position.

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