I am Sulabh from Bangalore and this is about my experiences with a girl named Haasini. I work in an IT Company at Bangalore while Haasini now works for a Bank at Mumbai. We got to know each other when Haasini was looking for a job move since she was working at Calcutta with one of the banks and was desperately in search of a new job.

This is about three years back when I was working for a Bank as an Area Manager for one of the states. Somehow Haasini got in touch with me and I helped her secure a job in the same bank at Mumbai where I worked earlier, which is how we got to know each other. The formal courtesies and working relationship developed into friendliness and fondness for each other

and we eventually started talking a lot about each other, likes, dislikes etc. That time I just came out of a failed relationship and was really looking for someone whom I can laugh with and someone whom I can have a good time with but I wasn’t interested in any relationship of any kind since I felt hurt deep inside.

Haasini on the other hand was going around with someone who studied with her during her graduation years but eventually they were drifting apart and hardly talked since this person joined his post graduation at some US University and no longer seemed to be interested in her. So indeed,

Haasini also missed talking to someone who can laugh with her which is why our chemistry ticked and both of us got together as phone friends as house on fire. Before talking to her I always knew myself as reserved but witty individual who had a sense of humor which never crosses any line, so generally a sophisticated, non flirtatious, boy next door personality.

Haasini on the other hand was a brat, a person who loved to attract people especially boys and was very flirtatious. So we used to talk for almost 8 hrs everyday, after office and while being in office and came very close to each other. We used to talk about everything: her lip gloss, brand of my specs, lining of her panties, body odor- everything.

Well, even while all this was happening I never developed any “love” or “feeling” of friendship and closeness. I just considered her as someone with whom I enjoy flirting, talking a lot about the most non-sensical things and just blabbering and I think it was the same case with her. And which is why we always told each other that howsoever friends we are- we are not in

a relationship and will never be since both of us never wanted to get in a new relationship. So our long talks changed to eventual flirting which sometimes ended up as phone sex. Before that occasion I never thought Phone sex was something sane people would like doing as it seemed so unnatural and artificial.

When I was going around with my ex, we occasionally tried having phone sex and I don’t know what she felt, but I felt useless. So getting back to story, Haasini and I used to talk about how she is getting aroused and what I will do to make her happy sexually. We used to discuss about our sexual fantasies and how she and I will help us achieve it.

It used to be good fun and both of us loved it to the core. Till that date, we never met each other and just saw a few photographs of each other. In few days we started making plans of meeting each other. I started seeking opportunities to go to Mumbai and she thought of coming to Bangalore. And she made a plan to come to Bangalore since she wanted to attend the Alumni meet of her grad.

Institute at Bangalore. I was overjoyed as I thought it would be the best opportunity to meet her, see her and may be more. While we were talking about her coming to Bangalore, we started discussing what she will do at Bangalore, where she will stay etc. I wanted her to stay with me since my room mate was off for some project to Singapore and I was staying alone.

I really wanted her to stay with me as I thought it to be a best chance to see her closely and may be fuck her in real. She also had the same thing in mind but we were unsure as how it will happen since we never saw each other and what if we don’t like each other. But the devil mind which I’d developed by then said

“god damn a fuck is a fuck and I don’t want a long term relationship with her- so what the heck”. She also would have thought about it the same way and that’s why she made a plan to stay at my place for the 1st day and stay at her friends’ place for the 2nd night and on the next day after that, the Alumni lunch was scheduled.

So as planned, she travelled by train and arrived at Bangalore station where I was present to pick her up. It was a strange feeling to wait for someone you’ve never met and when you have mentally planned to screw her. So she arrived and among all the travelers I could recognize her from a distance as she had the charactertic dusky complexion, short height and an amazing smile.

Let me describe her here. Haasini was a dusky complexioned gal 5 ft 2 in height, not exactly slim but not fat either. She had big boobs which drew my attention. She was wearing a red top and a knee length skirt. We both met, it seemed awkward for the 1st second but we were overjoyed to see each other and we hugged each other briefly.

Well one of her pet peeves was that when I come to see her at the station, I should come on a bike as she loved to sit behind a guy on a bike (weird). I knew how to ride a bike but I didn’t have a bike. So I managed to get a bike from one of my friends who no longer used it. So the bike wasn’t in a great condition and made some noises here and there.

It was some Hero Honda model that seemed quite old but worked for me. So Haasini and I starting on the bike from Station to my home where we wanted to go first so that she could have her bath post which we could go out for dinner. Haasini as flirtatious she could be, was sitting peacefully, enjoying the breeze through her hair.

I wanted to ride the bike safely as I was riding a bike after 4-5 yrs. In between she would hug me from behind and laugh uncontrollably as the hug used to chill my spine and the bike would wobble. It was an amazing feeling to feel her boobs on my back but at the same time I wanted to be careful. So we reached our building and I won naughty glances from the gatekeeper.

We came to my flat and I was little paranoid about people who would see me with her but then finally we reached the flat. She went around the house to see the whole flat and gave a knowing nod as everybody does when they see a bachelors home. I told her that I’ve arranged for her in my flat mate’s room ( I never wanted her to land there though) and that she can relax there for a while and take her bath.

But she came to my room to see each and every thing. I opened my almirah to keep my wallet and she wanted to see everything inside it. She noticed a dump of clothes inside and promised that she will arrange them properly. So she sat down on my bed and was in no mood to move. I also sat there and we started talking about our lives, how we met and how we are as good friends.

We discussed how we talk on phone incessantly but just at that moment something happened to me and I kissed on her lips. I couldn’t believe myself nor did she and both of us were zapped. We sat for few minutes without saying a word to each other. And then we kissed again. I held her hand and came closer on the bed and we kissed again which was the longest kiss for me ever.

We explored each other mouths so much they they became a sore. A torrent of adrenaline rushed though me and I was in no mood to stop. Slowly I leaned over her, made her comfortable on bed and in no time she was lying on the bed and I was on top of her kissing and feeling her hot body below me. I could feel her soft boobs on my chest and was breathing heavily.

My dick was so erect that it started paining and was touching and pressing against her knees. I am a 5ft 11 inches tall guy, masculine body since my body frame was larger than her, she was below me like a mouse topped by a cat. Both of use got so aroused that we didn’t notice that we hardly met for few hours and now are going towards a point of no return.

She was breathing heavily and coudnt resist and started getting more and more horny. She started touching my chest and feeling it and eventually touched my dick 9 outside the pants. She loved touching it and wanted to feel it more in her hands and kept on groping it. I eventually started fondling her boobs outside her red top.

It was a great feeling to feel her like this and I felt her warm nipples even thought the top was on. Her 34″ boobs seemed perfect over her small frame. They were so soft that I almost pressed my hands against them all through. Before this, I never met any woman with such soft boobs and it was real please to grope her soft titties.

I wanted to stop as I mentioned that we’ve just met for few hours and we can again get together at night after dinner but she was in no mood to listen. She was soo aroused that I could feel her having an orgasmic feeling. She was now feeling my dick down her crotch and was somehow trying to masturbate through it.

Suddenly she came on top of me and started feeling my cock more than before down under. I was also loving it but it was little painful to me with clothes on. After a few minutes I switched turns, switched off the light and came on top of her. I started fondling her boobs again and started removing her top. She resisted a bit but coudnt control herself and my sudden behaviour.

I was getting more and more horny which was evident from my face and her heavy breaths showed me that she was also very horny. I took her top off and saw the most beautiful sight as ever. She was wearing a Maroon underwired bra which seemed half satin and half see through; her nipples were resting inside, desperate to come out.

I always knew Haasini loved wearing sexy lingerie and this sight comfirmed this. Her boobs and her body looked prefect. My awe and constant gaze at her boobs made her blush and she asked me if I like them. I nodded and started feeling them with my hands and told her that this was the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.

On hearing this, she became hornier and started feeling my cock beneath my jeans. Her activity wanted to prove that she wanted me to remove my jeans. I started removing my shirt and was half naked. She loved looking at my chest since I was not thin, not lean with a worked out upper half. She started feeling my nipples and started smelling me.

I don’t know what was up with smelling for her as she loved smelling me all over and started smelling me and my under arms. Then she started licking my nipples which drove me to 7th heaven. But naughty that she was, she gave me a bite on my nipples and I jumped off the bed. Like an insane girl, she started laughing and asked me to come back.

I tried to show anger and went outside the room. It was all dark outside as I didn’t switch on the lights and it was almost 9:00 pm. I went out and didn’t return for few minutes. She became little worried and tensed in the meanwhile and came out of the bed. In the meanwhile I thought of doing the same to her and to frighten her to no end.

But I also thought- I really want to fuck her.. real quick. So I removed my jeans and my underwear. My cock sprung out of the underwear and I was nude- totally nude. I went in the kitchen as it was dark everywhere and shut off the main switch of the house. Suddenly it was darkness all around- as the lights of my room also went off.

Haasini got frightened and started calling me but I didn’t respond. Somehow she knew it was a prank and wanted to be a part of it, but then which each passing second, she was getting restless and frightened. She tiptoed and tried to sneak out of the door of my room to see if she could see anything. She could see the room outside since it had been few minutes that lights were off.

She mustered up courage and came out calling my name. She was still wearing her maroon bra and came out of the room trying to locate me. I was hiding in the kitchen behind the door and thought that if she enters the kitchen, I’ll catch her from behind. My flat had 2 balconies- one of them extended the drawing room and faced the other blocks of building,

while the other balcony was meant to wash utensils and was near the kitchen but not inside the kitchen. Haasini started to call my name and was really frightened due to being in a stranger’s house and as there was seemingly no electricity. She came near the 2nd balcony and I thought it to be a best occasion to catch her.

As sooon as she came near the railing of the balcony, I sprung, all nude to clutch her and she panicked and started shouting. I had to closer her mouth to tell her that it’s me but she was afraid as hell! Eventually she relaxed and started beating me for my prank. This got us closer and at the balcony itself, both of us started smooching again.

Till that time she didn’t notice that I was all nude. While we were smooching she wanted to feel my dick and tried to touch me down and was taken aback! She gave a naughty smile and tried to lean as much as possible to my body to feel it. In the meanwhile I removed her bra and saw the beautiful titties under the moon light.

It was magical as I knew nobody could see us as the balcony faced the isolated part of another building but the moonlight could trickle through which made it so mystical. I saw her boobs and wanted to kiss them.I knelt down to kiss them and could smell her body odor which made me tipsy.

I now know why she loved to smell me like this. I started smelling her boobs and her under arms and eventually started licking her boobs right beneath the moon light. She started breathing heavily and my constant nibbling drove her crazy. It also drove me mad and I wanted to get her onto the act as soon as possible.

I removed her skirt and saw the most skimpiest of thongs that I could ever see. They were matching maroon thongs which were almost transparent if not translucent and showed Haasini’s underparts. It was a small piece but made her body look very sexy.I asked her to turn around to show her butt and wow- the glimpse made me weak down the knees.

The small panties were tied by a thin string from behind which vanished inside he butts and her butts looked awesome under the moonlight. I bent down to see her butts from close and gave a small bite on the butts. Haasini squeaked and hit me on my head.I turned her around and asked her if I can remove her thongs.

She said “no” and told me that we should not to it as it would lead to having sex and she never wanted to have sex before marriage. I told her that we’ll not have an intercourse but we’ll enjoy each other’s body. I slowly removed her panties and now.. both of us were totally nude in the balcony. Weather at Bangalore was perfect and since it was rainy season, it was very pure and pristine.

We hugged all nude and felt our body heat passing onto each other with fresh rainy breeze passing through our bodies. It felt like eternity and I wanted the clock to stop. I really wanted to enter her and be in that position forever. We kissed and started fondling each other. I started sucking her boobs again and this time she became hornier than before and begged me to stop and asked me to touch her down there.

I slowly started touching her and felt her clean shaven pussy. Her pussy was very fleshy and seemed like it also was ready to get fucked or licked. I started feeling her with my finger and it felt so moist when I touched her. She also held my dick in her hand and started shaking it vigourously.

I tried to put my finger deeper inside her cunt but she asked me to stop as she said that she still was a virgin and didn’t want to lose it. I obeyed and asked her to turn and hold the balcony railings by her hand and point her butts and pussy to my face. She quietly did unsure of what was happening. I loved the sight when she bent like a sexy pornstar and showed her cunt in the moon rays.

From behind, I came closer to Haasini’s ass and gave her a brief lick to her cunt. She became crazy and asked me to keep licking her. I was little hesitant as I don’t really love the taste of a woman’s cunt but I wanted to do it since it aroused her. I started licking the outer part of her pussy and in between sometimes I’d take my tongue deep inside her pussy.

This would drive her mad and made her beg even more. She started loving it and looked hungry for a lot of cunt licking and may be sex. I then got up and bent on her entire body to embrace her from behind. My whole body covered her body from behind and I was all over her. Both of us loved this position as our whole bodies could feel each other. But both of us were hungry for more action.

She asked me to lick her again but I told her that I will let my dick touch her cunt and will not penetrate but will play with her cunt using my dick. She agreed and we started playing with each other in that position. I would try to come closer to her cunt and touch her cunt walls with my dick and would suddenly move it away while she was trying to keep it constantly stuck to her pussy walls.

So I moved my dick here and there while she followed her ass and pussy to keep them close. Deep inside, I wanted to enter her and feel the heat of her cunt which would drive me crazy but since she was not ready, I didn’t do it. Both of us were hot, wet and cold ( due to perspiration and cold breeze) with passion. Then she did something unthinkable.

She moved her hand to hold my cock and on pretext of holding it to feel her cunt for a longer time, tried to feel her cunt walls and eventually shoved my dick inside her cunt. I had the most amazing feeling of lifetime. Though I’ve fucked a few women in past but this pleasure seemed far exceeding any pleasure before.

I eventually came to know that she also had had sex before and sex before marriage and all that was because she didn’t want to do it at the spur of passion but it precisely ended up being in the same position. As for me, it was the heat I’d love to feel through my dick. I went inside her very hot and wet hole and wanted to stay there forever. I slowly started pushing my dick in and out.

She was breathing very heavily and started moaning and blurting grunting sounds like mmhhhhaaa.. mmm hhhaaaaaa. I was at the pinnacle of my passion and started ramming her cunt like a professional. Everytime I came out of her count the cold air surrounding us and the wetness on my dick due to Haasini’s cunt would make me go back inside really fast.

Before I met Haasini I had kept few condoms in my almirah as I always knew that we might end up having sex and it always is safe to keep it abreast. But the state of passion that we were in, I couldn’t think of moving an inch to get the condom. But sanity started getting over passion and guilt to do something wrong to someone started getting over. I asked her that we should get a condom.

But Haasini was in no mood to listen. She seemed like a hungry tigress and would have torn me apart if I would have come out and left her in that state even for a second. She just didn’t want to listen and told me that she will manage and both of us mutually agreed and continue fucking.

I started breathing very heavily and blurting uuuh…aaaaah….zsshhhhhh.. and in few minutes exploded with a lot of hot semen which entered Haasini’s cunt. I secretly loved the feeling of my hot semen flowing inside her. We remained in the same position for few more minutes and continued hugging each other in the same position.

Then I came out and asked her to clean herself and got little worried as we would have worn a condom. She exclaimed that she will pop and I-Pill and would not be a matter to worry. We hugged each other for some more time on the balcony and came inside. I switched the mains on and switched on the lights. We both were still nude and hugged for some more time.

It was 12:00 midnight by then and we were terribly hungry. Both of us together had a quick hot bath and wore new clothes. I didn’t plan anything to eat in the house and hence didn’t keep anything in the house, but since Bangalore almost shuts down by 11:00 we were skeptical if we’d get anything to eat.

Hence we started off in my car to go to Bangalore-Mysore highway and went to a roadside dhaba to have some egg biryani. After our dinner session we had some fun, fondling and sucking in the car. She sucked my dick while I was driving and we came back at 2:30 am. We came back to the house and again started having steamy sex and slept at 6:00 am.

Next day, we woke up at noon – tired but satisfied caressed each other and laid on bed with each other for some time.

We got up arms in arms like divine lovers and quicky got ready. We again had bath together and cleaned each other. She sucked me off while having the bath and I licked her cunt again.I loved drinking the water droplets trickling off from her cunt. It was a fun filled moment and we both played with each other for some time.

We got ready for the day to go for a long drive towards a big mall. As it was a rainy day, I planned to go in my car but she was adamant in going on the bike. The Mall was 15-20 kms from my house and I told her that since we need to go to the mall then to her friends house which again would be about 10 kms from the mall,

car would be the best especially bcoz it would be dark when we’ll go to her friends house. But she insisted on bike. So we started the bike journey. It was drizzling slowly and we loved the feeling of water and cold air on our faces and body. She hugged me tightly and we zoomed across the city to reach the mall. We spent a lot of time and by the time we came out it was 9:00 pm.

After dinner, we started off for her friend’s house which was not 10 but about 17 kms from the Mall. We started off again with Haasini behind me and shopping bags in her hand. Soon it started raining. As Bangalore, when it rains, it really rains a lot. At first we continued driving as we were almost wet but then it started raining heavily and we had to stop.

We stopped at a chai shop and had some hot tea. The rains didn’t seem to stop and we had to cover a lot of distance and it was getting late. So we thought of starting again as the rain slowed a bit, so that I could drop her and go back and both of us could change at our respective destinations.

We again started driving. Her top was totally wet and I could feel her hot nipples poking my back through her bra. I loved that feeling. The rains also started getting heavier and I was getting naughtier. I took my left hand back and started fondling her tits. She got scared as it was risky to ride like this as the roads were slippery and people could watch us.

Very soon we were off to a highway kind of road and there was nobody on the road. The people who would pass were too busy to fight against the rains and reach their homes. But here I was at 11 pm, on a bike which I didn’t own, an old tainted bike which could breakdown in this torrential rain anytime,

with a girl I hardly know but have had terrific sex with her the prev night, on a rainy road groping her and being as naughty as I could. Haasini was enjoying every moment of this bike ride. She started her uuummms aaha..and I became hornier. My dick also started fighting against my jeans ( who made these jeans- cant they be little softer near the dick or may be little elastic ).

Haasini sensed my discomfort and moved her hand to my dick and started fondling it. I loved it but felt some pain inside. I wanted to adjust it to make it vertical. I asked Haasini to put her hands inside as one of my hand was on the handle of the bike while other was busy groping her. Haasini, like an obedient student put her hand inside my jeans and help my dick.

I loved the feel of her hands and my dick just loved it since it was feeling cold due to pouring rain. I asked her to keep her hand as it is while I would ride the bike. This was risky as it would draw attention of the people driving cars and we might also slip. The rains also increased to a point where I wasn’t able to see anything ahead and stopped the bike by the road side.

I knew it was risky because somebody might stop and maybe pick us up or anything. I told her to stay put on the bike and started driving in the village kind of road perpendicular to the main road. The area was a new town kind of area and was under development. She was getting restless and horny but I was tensed.

We couldn’t see anything much around and stopped by a house which had a verandah kind of structure which was covered. We took shelter inside the verandah so that we would wait till the rains slow. Haasini told her friend that she would be late and is caught in the torrential rains. We were feeling very cold and so we hugged each other.

Haasini was looking very cute drenched in water. Her dress was looking almost transparent and her boobs were pointing out. The clothes that we bought were also wet and I asked her to wear something from those over the already wet clothes. I want feeling unsafe in that verandah and asked her to hide behind the house so that I’ll knock the door to see if there is someone inside.

I knocked the door multiple times but nobody opened the door. When we became sure that nobody stays in the house, we felt safe and came together clinging to each other waiting for the rains to stop. We were both feeling very cold and started smooching and hugging. We grew hornier and started groping each other. I removed her top and removed my shirt.

Both of us were little apprehensive because of the situation we were in but the thrill of it was something we couldn’t resist. Within no time both of us removed all our clothes and we were absolutely nude. This time we were nude in a place which we don’t know, a verandah of a house by the highway, in midst of torrential rains. We started loving, licking and sucking.

Haasini started giving me a blowjob but I wanted to fuck her. I asked her carefully to sit on the verandah which was very dusty with dried leaves- but that’s where the fun of it lied. She carefully rested her hot wet body on the floor and I rested with her for a while. Then I asked her to sit on me while I lay on the floor.

She slowly came over me and within no time I was inside her while she started jumping slowly. It was out of the world as I never imagined doing something so weird, so irresponsible and naughty especially in these circumstances. After a few minutes both of us cummed and she rested on my for some more time.

I was feeling a little pain due to tough cement floor below my butts while some pellets and leaves were poking my thighs. We loved this sexual experience as it was doing something which was unimaginable for both of us. Till that time the rains subsided. I put on my wet clothes while she wore the new clothes she bought and we started off again to reach Haasini’s friend’s house.

It was very late but we finally reached. Her friend was also very hot and that moment I thought that maybe I would fuck her sometime but never got an opportunity to do so. Her friend asked me to come inside but I thought of returning home since my clothes were stained and would have drawn some suspicion.

I went back home and Haasini stayed with her friend, finished off with her Alumni meet and went back. After that event, we met again in Mumbai thrice and had terrific sex each time. We continued our long hour talks for some more days and eventually stopped talking since the passion died down and both of us became busy in our own chores.

Now we talk once in a while but always discuss about those 2 nights that we spent together. It was indeed an amazing experience for both of us which we’ll remember forever. Now both of us are married to other people but still I remember and miss those nights.

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