Myself Haasini,I am 22 years old.I like to read stories on human digest but not all of them as I hate reading stories based on brother-sister, mother-son or father-daughter’s relationship. Any ways thats my point of view.I want to share my Sexperience with You all.I am having a fair complexion and My figure is 34-28-35 now.

This incident happened approximately 2 years back when I was 20.At that time my figure was 30-26-34. I fell in Love a with a guy Varun of my college.We both were persuing Engineering from a well renowned college of our city.I was a very shy girl and hesitate to talk to boys,though some of them had a crush on me and wants to me which I came to know later on.

Varun was one of them.I was an intelligent student of my class and popular too among my teachers and class mates.Varun always find new reasons in order to talk to me.He loved my company and soon we became friends.At that time I had no feelings of love for him.After a couples he proposed me and I denied because I don’t wanna indulge myself in Love or any thing else and ruin my career.

Moreover, I had No idea that whether he truly loves me or its just a time-pass for him.Frankly speaking,i dont wanna Trust any Boy and let him play with me and my emotions.But I continued our friendship and after couple of months I was fond of him and the way he treated me.He always take care of me and helped me.I could now clearly see Love in his eyes for me.

It was like that I feel myself safe whenever I was with him.(wo mujhe apna sa lagne laga tha shayd dost se zada kuch lagne laga tha).I could not sleep not sleep in nights and can’t study and was feeling helpless because he was always running in my mind all the time.I was not able to control my Love emotions for him.

And after a few days he again proposed me on Valentine’s Day that”I cant live without You Haasini and life seems so empty and boring without You.. You mean world to me.Would You Like to spend Your whole Life with me JAAN” and I accepted his proposal by sayin,”Yes, I do Love You Sweetheart”.

He gave a red rose to me but we din’t had a Kiss on that day because I was shy and he was afraid that he might lose me if I get angry when he will touch me or kiss me.Days moved and we Loved each other more and more day by day.More than an year passed like this only.It was our last year of Engineering and we had to submit our project reports.

We both joined the same Training institute and were busy in our individual projects. On a certain day we were working since morning on our projects and it was too late,both of us was feeling very hungry and tired too.We decided to move to a nearby restaurant and have something.I was a little tensed,may be he sensed that and asked me that what’s the matter while driving the bike.

I told him about my family problems that I had a fight with My Mom for some reason and I hate so much of restrictions on me,etc.When we reached the restaurant he ordered Cold drinks and chowmin for us.We both were having talk on the same matter and a moment came when I started crying while telling him about my problems.

He immediately put his hand on my shoulder and was supporting me to get rid of my sorrow.It was first time when he touched me casually and I liked the way he supported me. Waiter came and served the cold-drink first with straws dipped on it. He drank his cold drink and I was slowly drinking mine.

Suddenly something striked in my mind and I took his straw and put it in my glass and asked him to drink mine but he refused saying that “You were feeling hungry so have it whole”.I insisted and he drank a little bit of it just for my sake.I too joined him and asked him to drink with me.

Both of us started drinking cold-drink from the same glass sometimes with different straws and sometimes with same one by one.We both were looking at each other and smiling and both of us were Loving it. After that we had our Lunch and simply walked away from the restaurant. While walking He hold my hands for the first time and told me not to worry.

I loved the way when he was gently holding my hand for the first time.I went to my home.When I reached home I gotta call from him,He said that “He Liked those moments of the very same day spent with me”.Next day he again asked me to join him to the same restaurant.We walked in and that he asked for a corner table which was not visible from everywhere.

He ordered lunch and were just chit-chatting and making promises to each other for our coming future as he was going to some other Big city to persue M.Tech from a top-most ranked college. He again held my hands in his and was making prromises that we will love each other like this and soon we will get married when we both are placed somewhere.

When the food was served.We were not eating our food with ourselves,i was having my food with his hands and he was having food with my hands.We finished the whole food like this only. And after that it became our daily routine of visiting some or the other restaurant and having fun with each other.

One day he came closer to me when we were wating for the food to be served by the waiter,Varun placed his head on my shoulders and was holding my hands and was talking something romantic.Don’t know why but automatically my hands went on his cheeks while his head was on my shoulders.I started caressing his cheeks while listing to his romantic talks.

This was arousing both of us.But since we were in a restaurant we cant do more than that. Soon things changed and We both were Loving those changes :). Now we were coming close to each other and use to had romantic as well as sexy talks on phones.He asked me that he wants to hug me and come a little bit more closer to me to which I replied that it is possible only if You become My FIANCE.

Soon we decided to exchange rings just for our happiness and move this relationship further and give it a name more than a Gf and Bf relationship. On one day he bought a beautiful artificial Diamond ring and an Expensive,Lovely Breslet for me.I was wearing a casual Salwar-suit on that day.We both went to a Big restaurant of our city and sat on a already booked corner table by him.

We both sat and ordered delicious food for ourselves.He then took my soft hands very gently in his hands and placed that beautiful Ring on my left hand’s Ring finger.Now he took out that breslet also and made me wear in my right hand wrist.I was so amazed by this that I cant tell. I was blushing at that time and was feeling very happy.

We both admitted to each other that now we are no more Gf and Bf,we are each others “Would-Be Husband and Wife”.We started again our romantic talks.Sometimes He was holding my hands sometimes I placed my head on his shoulder and sometimes he was placing his head on my shoulder while talking.It was like my world has changed.

I clould feel that warm air when he was breathing and could sense easily his heart beats.I was just Loving it.Suddenly when I was busy talking to him I felt something under my short Kurti. I realized that that he has inserted his one hand inside my kurti while his one hand was on my shoulder. I cant tell that was just awesome when he was moving his hand inside my kurti.

It was the first time I was sensing a man’s hand on my stomach and waist.He was moving his very gently and softly on my waist and stomach and sometimes he was encircling my belly-button which was really arousing me.I started moaning softly was controling myself. I was also feeling Shy when I saw a little bit of lust mixed with Love in his eyes.

My neck was choked and I could not speak a word from my mouth.I moved my face facing the wall.He was asking me to look into his eyes and face towards him but I was not able to do so. As my hairs were open his started smelling my soft and silky hairs and was kissing my hairs while his hands was still on my waist.

He forcefully made me face towards him and he touched his lips with my soft pink Lips for a fraction of seconds as this place was not appropriate for Lip kiss or smooch. His hands now were moving upwards but suddenly the waiter came and he had to remove his hands.After that we had our delicious food and walked out from that place with a promise to meet some place better than this.

After that we had our delicious food and walked out from that place with a promise to meet some place better than this.

He hugged me tightly when I was about head towards my home.Each and every day was bringing surprises and happiness to both of us. I clearly remember that day was friday and we were having two days holiday (saturday and sunday) which was like two years for me. We decided in two days to bunk our project class and go for a movie.

While talking to him on phone he clearly expressed that he wanted to move his hands a little upwards above my stomach but it could not happened because of waiter.I dint said anything.He continued tha talk further and atlast I said please do me a favour and bring a showl with yourself in your college bag of your sister or mum.

He question me back that why I need showl in this hot summer season.I said to him just do what I say.But still he insisted then I gave him a hint that You will easily move your hands on my upper body part like you wish to and i’L also feel comfortable that nobody will get to know what’s going on in the showl which I will use to cover my upper body part.

He was damn happy to hear this and said You are too intelligent Miss Haasini and with that we both laughed. But I put a condition with that he will only touch my upper body part only, he wont force me to let him touch my lower body part below waist.He said ok I promise I wont force you for any thing.

We both went to a big mall of our city on Monday.I was wearing a black colour shirt and black jeans.There he buy movie tickets of a Flop film so that crowd wont be more in hall and booked corner seat in the last row.There was some time to start that movie.We both were roaming here and there in the mall.And as He likes my long and silky hairs,he asked me remove my hair band and lose my hairs.

He loves when my long hairs comes on my cheeks and shoulders. I was literally shivering and thinking was thinking in my mind that what ever I am going to do is not all good. My parents trust me and love me too.I was questioning myself that if I am breaking their trust or what ever I am going to do for my beloved’s happiness is right?

May be Varun has sensed that I am getting nervous and shivering.He hold my hands gently and talked to me in a very soft tone to make me calm down and let things go on.Movie was about to start in a minute or two,so we both rushed to hall and sat at our booked places.Movie started but crowd was very less.We watched movie for hardly 10 minutes.

He was sitting towards my left hand-side.I saw that he was staring at me.i asked him to give me showl(a wollen cloth used to wrap upper body part to get rid of cold).I immediately wrapped it.After that he hold my hands and moved his one hand straight away in showl and then in my Shirt and toched my waist for few seconds and withour wasting any time he took his hand at my back and opened the hook of my bra in one go,I was amazed.

He slowly moved his right hand to my right breast and cupped it in his palm.I could not beleive that my lover’s hands has touched it.He was slowly-2 squeezing it and I was loving that movement.He then asked me to come to his seat and make myself comfortable in his laps.I moved on his seat but adjusted myself beside him in his seat.

Now he was holding my left breast with one hand and his one hand was on my shoulders.He kissed my cheeks. He was busy squeezing my both breasts one by one.Now I could not myself and I started moaning softly and I was getting unconscious too.I rested my head in his arm as and seeing me such situation Varun planted a soft kissed on my Neck.

He kissed my eyes and cheeks too while his one hand was still under my shirt playing with my breasts one by one. Now he started kissing me passionately on all over my neck and earlobs, I was getting aroused with that.Then I realized that these parts are so sensational that a woman or girl feels butterflies playing in her stomach initially if a man or boy kisses all over neck or earlobes.

Now he was so Desperate that he moved out his hands from my shirt nad hold me tightly with both his hands and immediately started Kissing my lips and inserted his toungue in my mouth.I was so quickly done by him that I was not understanding what to do.My lips and its near arear was wet with his saliva.

Seeing that I am feeling very shy he stopped and I clean my wet mouth as it was the time of interval.He again started smooch and was kissing me passtionaly.Then he tried to open the chain of my jeans in order to reach my private part.but I stopped him.He looked at me and may be he remembered he his promise.

But after sometime he was so much aroused that he forget everything and instead of my Stopping him he put his fingers inside my jeans and panty.He touch my soft little pussy hairs with his fingers and straight away move his whole hand under my panty.As my pussy was totally wet with this love making.He moving his fingers inside my panty touching my pussy lips, as if teasing me.

Suddenly the lights were On as it was the Interval.We quickly move to our initial seats and he went out to bring out some food stufs for us.We were eating pop-corns with each other hands and when I was having some pop-corns in my mouth he immediately kissed me and move his tongue inside my mouth and transfer the pop-corns of my mouth to his own.

It was like a game for both of us.We were putting pop-corns and wafers in our mouth first and while kissing we were fighting for it so that we could have it from each others mouth. Believe it was adding more flavous.Like this sweet kissing fight we finished whole food stuffs. It was fun for us.

Suddenly as he was also a virgin like me, he said to me that flesh of his 8 inches of dick is opening and it is giving him a lot of pain.I was shocked because I was not knowing about this fact earlier.Let me tell You Varun is having a very attractive muscular body and he is 5.9 feet long.He is also having a fair complexion with curly hairs.

He asked me to touch his dick and caress it so that it may bear some pain and get normal.I was feeling very shy as I have never seen a man’s dick or touched it before.He opened the chain of his jeans.I closed my eyes and slowly touched it for few seconds.It was really hard and erect.Then I moved my hands back.It was already the time exit as the movie was about to get over.

I hardly remember any seen of that movie because we were busy in our love-making.When we were out of the hall and were waiting for the lift he immediatly sat on his knees on the floor,i was surprised that why is he doing so.He hold both my hands in his hands and very romantically he said “Haasini, Thanks for trusting me and giving me happiness in every way you could.

Thanks for being mine.Thanks for loving me and giving right to touch You”. I replied” JAANU, I love You but I have given You this right because in whole 1 year You have always been nice to me,You never forced me for any thing.You have always cared about me and my feelings.Thanks for being My Fiance and giving me all the love and respect which every girl desires.”

We both smiled and had a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with that day. But I was not knowing that there are still many more things to happen in our life which will give both of us More and more happiness,love and satisfaction. We talked on phone that whole night and we both were getting too horny and unable to control ourselves.We decided to meet at some place where there is nobody except the two of Us.

On that day when I reached home I received a call from him that he has some better plan for tommorrow.I asked what’s that?. He said that in that city only his married sister’s bungalow which was gifted to her in her wedding by his parents is vacant as she lives with her in-laws.

Varun is having the duplicate keys of that house with him only as he had to take his house’s servant to clean the bungalow before his Sister’s an Brother-in-law’s Arrival and they come at weekends to visit their bungalow with their small kids. I said,Fine Let me think. And after disconnecting the call I was totally confused whether to go where he wants or to deny him.

As I was a little afraid although I trusted him but still their was something that was scaring me. At night when I was talking to him I said to him I will only come if he promise me we wont go further for sex as I was not at all to broke my virginity before our First night(marriage). He agreed to my point and said “YOU know I Love You Jaan and will never force you for sex till the day You yourself ask me to indulge in Sex activities like that.”

I said-” I Love You more and more for this very reason that You are always nice to me and wont break my trust.” On Tuesday we went to our training institue and after 2 hours working there We moved to his sister’s house which was vacant.I was wearing a skin tight salwar-suit.He opened the gate and asked me to wait there in the garden for 5 minutes as he is doing some arrangements.

After 10 minutes he came outside and asked to come in.When I was about to open the main door he asked to remove my sandals and then move in.I was surprised why is asking to do that.But to my surprise when I opened the main door, The Floor was covered with the ROSE PETALS all around.I was astonished at his way of surprising me.

Also there was a pot filled with rice.He asked me that as I have come to this place for the fisrt time so like indian tradition,Please throw that pot filled with rice,very nicely with My right feet.I did the way he asked me to do.I was waking on the bed of roses decorated nicely on the floor by him.He had made a path of that rose petals till the drawing room.

When I was about to walk further he asked me stop and TOOK ME IN HIS ARMS with both hands and I placed my both hands on his shoulder.Then he comleted his sentence-” You are my princess,how can I let You walk on the floor or put your soft feet on thefloor” I was feeling and lucky to have a such a Loving And Caring Fiance.I was blushing and smiling too.

He was looking me at me with all the love in his eyes.He took me to the bed-room and gently put me down on the well decorated bed with rose and rose petals.A heart was made with the flowers in between the bed by him.I was feeling that I am the LUCKIEST GIRL OF THIS WORLD, at that time.He came closer to me, kissed me on my forehead and slowly opened the chain of my Suit(top) which was at the back.

He removed my Suit while he was kissing me all over my neck,earlobs,lips,cheeks.Then he got up and took me in covered me with blanket and he also got inside it.He did it because he knew that I will feel shy getting nued infront of him for the first time.He opened the hook of my bra and also untied the knot of my salwar and moved it down a little bit.

He took my both breasts in his both hands and was squeezing it gently.He started kissing my lips and perfectly moving his toungue inside my mouth and was caressing my melons.Now he moved his towards my left breast and started licking it.I cant tell how I was feeling at that moment,then he started sucking my breast like a hungry child.

He sucked both one by one for 10 min and then he took out 2 packets of chocolates which had already melt and spread that melted chocolate on my lips,neck,cheeks,aeroles, breast and nipples,my belly button,tummy and everywhere he could.Now he started licking that melted chocolate on my body very gently.

He sucked my both Melons one by one for 10 min and then he took out 2 packets of chocolates which had already melt and spread that melted chocolate on my lips, neck, cheeks, aeroles, breast and nipples,my belly button,tummy and everywhere he could.Now he started licking that melted chocolate on my body very gently.

His toungue was moving all over my Body and I was moaning softly.He again started sucking my Melons hard and it that was really painful for me.I dont what he was doing but the pain was unbearable for me(i think he was creating vacuum onto my soft pink nipples).I started screaming Loud in pain….and was saying…

Stop it JAANU..plzz what r u..its painin me like hell… uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..please get away from me.. plz plz….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh… ouuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

stopi it…. na please… I beg u Jaanu,Shona please….

ooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh…. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. aaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…

I was not holding his hairs very tightly and I tried to remove his head from my melons.. but was not successful..May be because A HUNGRY LION HAS GOT DELICIOUS FLESH TO EAT AFTER A LONG TIME-PERIOD.He said ” please dont shout,if you do so then people passing by may think that I am harrassing You physically….

He removed his Shirt and I was amazed to see his Muscular body.Perfect biceps,chest,etc.

I said”ok” and I took my mobile from my bag and played Romantic Songs on that so that my voice could not be heard from outside.It added more spice to our Love-making.

Now again Varun started kissing my Lips.He was so aroused that he started biting my Upper Lips.He then inserted his chocolaty tongue in my mouth and I was enjoying it.i Too started kissing him wildly and I bite his lower lips.Now my hands were moving all around his hairs to shoulders,back and then to his chest.His hands were busy pinching my nipples and squeezing my nipples.

My moans were increasing more and more.I could feel something really Hot dripping out of my pussy.My translucent pink panty was wet with my hot orgasms.I cant remember how many times I had orgasms that day.Now, Varun was really getting wild and he was biting my all over my neck.My neck,shoulders,part above Melons, was full of his LOVE BITES.

On every Love bite I was crying out of pain.Now gotup and removed and my Salwar.He was amazed to see my sexy panty.And planted a kiss on it.He himself removed his Jeans.He was wearing a very sexy Frenchie which was making me Horny.His tool was half out from his frenchie.I could feel that his Tool(Penis) was fully erect.

He came closer to me and now he started rubbing his chest to my Melons and started moving to and fro and was also kissing me all over my body.He was liking it when his Chest’s Nipples were rubbing my Breast’s Nipples. Moreover,I could feel his Hard-On Tool on my pussy,As if his Lolipop is dying to penetrate my pussy.I was also liking this rubbing and pushing of our bodies.

It was like some SPARK was coming out of our bodies.We both were Loving it.I now rolled my Legs on his back.After some time I Started caressing his legs with my Feet.I Was giving foot massage to his legs,from his toes to knees.I was now pointing my Thumb nails of feet on his both legs.We both were getting too horny with this kind of Love-Making.

I was moaning-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh He was saying continuosly- Baby, I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh… He too was moaning slightly.

He slided his one hand inside my panty and started exploring it.He tried to insert his one finger inside my vagina but was not successful as my vagina walls were very tight at that time.I dont even knew the meaning of masturbation at that time and never practised that also.When he started forcefully inserting his finger,it was paining like hell to me.

So He started kissing me so that I can bear that pain.He inserted his half finger and started moving it to and fro. I was throbbing due to intense pain.Now he inserted hiss full finger inside my pussy and started moving it to and fro.Intially it was paining but after few minutes I started enjoying it too.Now my screams changed again into Moans.He removed my panty and his underwear too.

He started kissing my Pussy.But I did not let him to suck it.He had seen a pussy for the first time in reality so he was examing it.Now he asked me ” Baby, if You like,May I insert this into Your pussy. I was so aroused with this Love-act that I only said”hmmmmm (yes)”. He asked me to widen my legs.I did so.Now he came in between my legs.

He placed his Penis in between my pussy(Lovehole).He tried really hard to insert his tool, but was not successful,his dick slipped evrytime.He again put his tool on the right place and pushed it inside my pussy but it was giving me intense pain at that time and I refused to Do Sex.I said” ke abi Tumhara Loha(Penis) andar gaya nhi to itna dard de raha h,jab jayega to mera kya haal hoga..mujhe nhi karna ye sab.”

(that its not inside me even then its hurting me what will happen to me if its whole inside my vagina,i will die out of severe pain). But he was trying it forcefully to insert his 8 inches long erect dick inside my tight vagina.It may have gone half inch only inside my pussy and it was so painful that I started crying and saying “Leave me please”.

Seeing that I m going through pain and sheding tears, He changed his mind and just Hugged me very tightly.And said sorry to me.He hugged me like this only for nearly 10 minutes and was wiping my tears.He made me calm down and said again that from now onwards he won’t force me for having sex with me.We will just do foreplay but not practice sex,unless and untill I will be willing to have sex.

Two days later (as we decided), we got married to each other in an Arya Samaj Mandir.He applied vermilion(Sindur/Suhag ki nishani) on my forehead and He told me that from now onwards WE are TWO BODIES AND ONE SOUL and WE WILL BECOME as ONE BODY-ONE SOUL that day when His Penis will be inside My Vagina. 🙂

After that day we just did everything except sex.(all kinds of foreplay games and oral-sex, etc.) Like this days passed and we completed our B.Tech and that day also came when he was going to some other city to persue both now far away from each other but were dying each and every moment to meet each other,kiss and touch each other.

There was a big gap of 4 months.Our sexual urge was growing every day remembering those sexy and lovely moments spent together.His birthday was coming and I decided to gift him something special.I decided to gift him my Virginty on his coming Birthday.I asked him when is he coming to our city.He told me and I said to him that I have somthing special for him.

I asked him to come soon so that we can be One Body-One Soul.He understood my intension. These days I searched on internet about many topics like ” How to have sex for the first time, what to do inorder to bear less pain,Foreplay games involved during sex,Poses which Boys Love,etc. etc.”.

I also read some chapters of KAMASUTRA inorder to gain knowledge about sex and different sex-poses mentioned in it. He too gained knowledge from his friends who have been fucking unnumerable girls. The day came when it was his Birthday and he came to our city.He asked to met me at the same place.We both went to our favourite place.

I was wearing Pink Top and Blur jeans that day.We met each other,hugged each other and I wished him” Happy Birthady Sweetheart!!” He said “Thank You”. He asked “where’s my gift” I said” I am all Yours MY Love, Do whatever You want, I won’t stop You on this special day”.He smiled took me in his arms and threw me on Bed.

He was really horny and did not want to waste a single second as we both have met after a long gap.He immediately started kissing me like mad on my Lips,Neck,earlobs.He kissed me so wildly on my Lips that my lower lips and upper lips both were paining.He started sucking my Lips badly which made a mark of his teeths above my upper Lips.I was too getting wild.

He removed my Top after that opened the hook of My Lacy Bra.He laid me down straight on bed and removed my Jeans.He removed his Shirt and Jeans too.Now we both were in Our Panty nad Frenchie.without wasting a single second,He Started sucking My soft Melons.He was pressing and squeezing my another melon with one hand.

Now he started Biting all over my neck,above breasts, on breasts and giving me Red Love-Marks of his teeth all over my Baby-soft skin.I could feel his Dick was erect and was hurting my pussy under my panty.I started moaning loud in Pleasure.He was sucking my Melons again and I was not able to able to control myself and getting unconscious.

My vagina was dripping Love-juices one after another.He started rubbing his chest to my Melons and started moving to and fro and was also kissing me all over my body. Now,he started biting my Tummy and near my belly-button.Which was giving me immense pleasure.My whole upper body part was full of Love-Marks and Love-Bites.

Then he moved a bit down and put hold my Lacy panty with his teeth and slipping it down.He was removing my panty not with his hands but with the help of his teeth.I was liking his each and every way of giving me pleasure.He removed his Underwear.Oh my God, He was looking damn handsome.

He took our mustard oil and applied it on his dick a little bit and on my pussy by sliding his 1 finger inside my vagina, then Two fingers to make my vagina wide enough for his Dick.Now he took my one leg on his shoulder and widen my other leg apart.He then placed his dick right on my Love-hole and tried to penetarte it.It Moved easily upto 3 inches due to the lubricant and I feel severe pain.

I scream loudly “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I felt that something is broken inside my vagina.Yes, My Hymen was broken and blood was oozing out of it. He then again penetrated his Pole inside my Hole,which moved now to 5 inches.In third attempt his Dick was whole inside my Love-Hole.He was now looking at me with Lust mixed with Love.

He started kissing me wildy and started stroking really fast.He was moving his waist To and Fro.He was taking his Penis completely out of my Vagina and penetrated it again whole inside my Vagina in one go, which was giving me severe pain.I was screaming loudly with every stoke………..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…


uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aah aaaahh hmm hmm uuuummmmmm

He too started moaning and was saying……….Ultimate, Ultimate.. YEah Yeah…..

harder.. harder…………………………….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmmm He came closer to me and now I was biting his shoulders and I planted my teeth on his shoulders and was biting him hardly.

He was as if getting enery from that and he started stroking really fast.He was at his full pace.I was feeling pain with every stoke of his Pole(Dick).But was loving that Sweet Pain given me by my Lover.Now he was at his climax and He started scracting my body with his nails.I too was moving my hands on held his arms tightly.

He was staring at me but I was not getting that much courage to look into his eyes.I was my head either left or right side while this Love-Process was goin on.He squirted his hot, sticky, viscous liquid called as Semen into my Vagina.He laid on me for 5 minutes and now I was caressing his hairs very gently. We both were Panting(hanf rhe the hum dono).

Sweat was coming out of our bodies and the when the cool air touched our bodies, it was just too good. We both gotup after 10 minutes and he helped me to go to bathroom. He cleaned his penis which was almost red from my Blood and he also helped me to clean my pussy. We both came and laid down on bed hugging each other tightly.He was smiling and was looking at me.

I asked him”That now We are One body-One soul right?” He said “Yes,My Beautiful Wife”.We both smiled and were now kissing each other.He got up and gave me contraceptive pill so that I might not get pregnant.After eating the medicine blood again started to come from inside my vagina and flowed to the bedsheet.Now we both gotup and cleaned the bedsheet.

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