Hi all this is Haasini from Chennai. I’m 24 age 5’6″ height and people say I have good structure my shape is 34 30 36. I’m working in a private company. I’m not very sincere in my work I used pretend working often there are lots of teams in my office and each team ll be assigned with some work my team consist of 5 members 3 girls and 2 guys.

One of d guy named rahul a well build guy with athletic body he used to flirt with me often but I like him and he is a Mr. perfect regarding works we got a foreign assignment which we need to complete in a week but we dint complete it in stipulated time so we need to work for over time so me, Rahul and other 3 were working over night me and rahul in a cabin and others were working in different cabins.

I was wearing a yellow saree with low hip and black tight low cut blouse on that day just to impress him he was working very sincerely even though he worked sincerely he always had look at my boobs, hip, navel often. I notice it every time when he look at me.

After d work got over we left d office, I was adjusting my saree my pallu dropped down and he looked that, I saw him he smiled at me and left the place. I adjusted my saree and left the office unfortunately my two wheeler dint start so I asked him to drop me in my house he was so happy that I asked him to drop me he asked me to hop on.

I got hold his shoulder and sat on the bike he was so happy when I touched him my body was frequently touching his body due to the bad condition of the road there was big speed breaker on the way he applied sudden brake which made me to hug him tight when I hugged him he was so happy and there was a projection in his pant finally he dropped me in my house.

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I bid bye to him with a smile and went inside my house. We submitted the foreign project but my performance was little poor when compared to his performance, so he got a promotion he became my senior officer, but still I don’t feel jealous on seeing him but I was upset that he left our team because he’ll do all the works for me when he was in our team.

He became my senior officer and was guiding us in the project works. As usual I didn’t do the work properly and my performance was still low comparing to others. So they put me again in the same project with different team. I was totally upset with the work load. At that time Rahul told me that he would help me in next project so I planned to ask Rahul for help.

I planned to flirt with him and give the work load to him so that he can do it for me. So I was waiting for a perfect time. My cabin is exactly opposite to his cabin. One day he came to my cabin to find what I’m doing with the works assigned for me.

I thought this will be the best chance and I used the chance. I was wearing white shirt and black jean on that day. It was a short shirt. He knocked the door to enter my cabin. On seeing his arrival I removed my first button of the shirt and I was sitting typing something in the computer once he entered the cabing his eyes got struck in my cleavage he was peeping into my shirt after a moment he asked me about the files that was given to me.

I said it is there in the cupboard he asked me to take it from there. I got up from the seat, he was looking me without taking eyes off the files were in the top rack of the cupboard shelf so I lifted my hand to take the file since I wore a short shirt the shirt lifted up and my hip was exposed, he saw my hip. I saw him staring at my hip I could see the lust in his eyes so I thought of igniting him more.

I deliberately dropped the files down and was bending down to take the files so that he could see my shape of butt and back. My butt was facing him. My shirt lifted up in the back and he was continuously watching my back. I stood up and adjusted my pant and shirt and also my bra by leaving my hands inside the shirt he was consistently staring at me then I gave the files to him

and was asking some doubts in the file my free hair was falling on his face and head and he was smelling my hair I kept the file in front of him and I was standing next to him and I bent down to mark some points in the file one of my hand was resting in the table and other was on the back of his chair touching his shoulders once I bent down he got clear view of my cleavage that too in close,

he was continuously peeping at my cleavage and trying to see my boobs when I got up my boobs slightly touched his shoulders at that moment his dick got erected and hard and he was completely clueless how to hide that.

He was like “You look very sexy today” I just smiled and asked him “oh really?” he said “yes you are gorgeous” once he said this I asked him whether he could do the work for me obviously he said “yes will do it for you I gave all my works to him. He completed the work for me and it was a pakka work.

I was so happy that my performance was improved and there is an opportunity for getting promotion. I thanked him for the work, he said no problem. One day he called me to his house for completing some work. So that if I finish this work with him will also get a promotion. So I went to his house, I was wearing a blue jean and red checked shirt he lives in an apartment in the first floor.

It was actually on Saturday. I went to his flat around 6.30pm. He was in casual dress. He welcomed me and gave me a cup of coffee he showed me his house. He tried to put his hand around my shoulder but I dint say anything he said that I look very cute and gorgeous in this attire. I smiled at him and said thanks. He told after completing the work he will drop me in my house.

I said ok. We started with our work immediately after having a cup of coffee as usual he did all the work I was just sitting simply finally we completed the work by 8.00pm. Once we completed the work I just started from there he asked me to wait for a minute I asked “what?” he told that he has fallen in love with me. I was shocked still I like him a lot.

I didn’t reply anything I just started moving from that place he asked me to reply. I maintained silence and was moving slowly he grabbed my hands pulled me near him and told me “I love you” I said leav me I have to go now ll talk about this tomorrow. He said “no reply me now I’m damn crazy about you I wanna make love with you” I said “don’t talk rubbish leave me”

suddenly he hugged me tight and started fondling my butt he asked me “can we have sex now? I pushed him, he again hold my hip and dragged me to a corner of his room pushed me towards the wall and kissed me in my lips then on my cheeks, eyes, head, neck. since I liked him I didn’t stop him but I know the limits.

He started unbuttoning my shirt. I refused and moved from there he caught hold of my pant and pushed on the bed he jumped over the bed caught my pant removed the zip and pulled it down till my knees I was wearing a black panty he lied on me and started kissing me and fondling my boobs he caught hold of my two hand in his single hand and unbuttoned my shirt.

He removed half the shirt and only one button was left he started kissing my cleavage was pressing my hip and stomach then he pulled me to a corner removed the shirt buttons and my pant fully, I was wearing a pink bra. Simultaneously he removed his pant too and took out his tool.

I was moved on seeing a 10inch tool he caught my panty and tried to remove it and pushed me on the bed again in no time he removed his t-shirt he was having an athletic body. I was lying on the bed in bra and panty in front of him. i tried to cover my body with my hands but it was no use. I begged him to leave me but he gave me no choice.

he kept his hands on my head and whispered in my ears ” I wanna fuck you baby” he hugged me from the back massaged my shoulder slowly dropped his hands on my butt then came to my hip he slowly kissed me from head, then eyes, cheeks, lips, neck, cleavage, boobs(on bra), hip, navel, stomach, panty, thighs, legs

He licked me from toe to head he hugged me tight and removed my bra and squeezed my boobs started sucking my boobs and he was pinching my nipples he bite my nipples put his dick in between my boobs and he shaked it he started sucking it hard while sucking he removed my panty and his fingers was rubbing my pussy his dick was rubbing my thighs

it was a superb feel but still I felt I’m doing something wrong but I was helpless and was feeling the urge of sex he then licked my pussy and fingered it he put his finger inside my pussy and was moving it up and down he licked my pussy put his tongue inside my pussy was sucking the whole juice from my pussy he was continuously squeezing my boobs.

Then he sucked my navel pressed my butt he was sucking my navel for a long time then he came to my boobs he swallowed my boobs my one full boob was inside his mouth he was pressing my butt cheeks. I was lying nude on the bed he was squeezing and crushing me suddenly he stood up and asked me to suck his dick I said no he forced me to do it

but I didn’t open my mouth he caught my neck and made me to open my mouth and put his dick inside my mouth and slowly shaked it first I hesitated then I like to suck it. I sucked it hard he rampaged his dick in my mouth it was hitting my throat his dick was huge like a black giant.

I sucked his dick fully then licked his nuts he was beating my mouth with his dick he literally sat on my face and pushed his dick inside my mouth it was hitting my throat in every stoke then he took his tool out of my mouth he showed his whole body to me he showed me his abdomen and arms I was moved on seeing his well built body he just carried me in his arms and made me upside down.

We were doing 69 in standing position. I was just hanging over his shoulders and sucking that huge cock and nuts again but I felt this was awesome he was licking my pussy his tongue deep rooted in my pussy. I felt the pleasure of sex he squeezed my boobs pressed my butt cheeks, slapped it then he literally threw me on the bed and jumped over me put his 10 inches cock inside my pussy he shaked it fast.

He was like a wild bull my two legs were over his shoulders and his hands was holding my hip. First it was paining and I didn’t like it after few strokes it was awesome and I helped him by shaking my hip. I found a smile on his face when I started moving my hip he screwed me for a long time his 10 inches dick was moving up and down in my pussy after this he lifted one of my leg

and fucked my from sideways he was biting my fingers in the leg and he screwed me inside ways. He was biting my thighs, legs but he totally fucked my pussy in all directions. I was bleeding but he didn’t care for that he was still giving strokes up and down. After this he put his dick into my mouth I gave him a blow job then he turned me back and started lickin my asshole

his tongue was exploring my asshole he inserted his big tool in my asshole and started shaking it faster we were doing in dog style. I just loved this move He was awesome a wild animal he was slapping my butt cheeks screwed my asshole to the core. he squeezed my boobs always then he made me to sit on his lap and started screwing my asshole

again he was squeezing my boobs I was sitting on his lap and he was giving strokes in the bottom I was jumping up and down my boobs were bouncing up and down he was licking my back and neck. Then he started fingering in my pussy and was giving strokes in my asshole he fucked me till he get exhausted finally he pushed me on the bed and fired his sperm on me he sprayed it all over my face,

boobs, navel then he hugged me tight and kissed me all over the body from forehead till toe he was rubbing my pussy and asshole. I was bleeding it was paining a lot for me but I could find a lot of pleasure in that then we had a bath together he just cleaned my pussy and asshole then he helped me in dressing up.

Finally I left his flat and I was totally weak so he dropped me in my house he kissed me on my lips and I got down from the car and went to my house. Now I also got promotion but still he is my senior officer and I’m working in his team and now I don’t do any work he does every work for me my work is to satisfy him in sex but I get more satisfaction than him in having sex.

Every weekend we used to enjoy having sex. We had sex more than 15 times but still my first experience was awesome to the core. I just loved it now also we think about our first experience. In office whenever he enter my cabin I used to remove my first button of the shirt

and bend down often so that he can have a clear look at my cleavage if he gets chance he even press my boobs sometimes and kiss me we are really enjoying our sex life sometimes I used to do night stay in his house and have fun with him.

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