I am samrat agarwal. I live in Ahmedabad and i am back with a new story. This is a story between me and my accountant.

God she is so sexy. I love the way she was rough and nasty.

Let me tell you something about myself first.

I am 22 years old and my dick is 7 inches long. My father is a businessman and i started coming to office about a year ago. Here i saw my accountant for the first time.She is 27 years old and is very sexy. She has a figure of 34b-30-36. I love her curves. She is not very fair but her eyes are beautiful just like her. Her name is Silvia.I never had any bad intentions for her.

Initially, when i had just started coming to office i didn’t know the abc of accounts as i am a science student.Whenever i used to enter the office she would always be there, working on a pc. I was keen in accounts so i started learning it from her. I used to sit besides her while she worked and i noticed her work.

Slowly i started grasping it and found out some flaws in the accounts she maintained.I started instructing her about her mistakes and she followed them. It was six months since i entered and i had grasped almost all the tricks and prats of accounts.

During these 6 months we had become very good friends. Although we exchanged numbers for business related issues but we started talking about stuff other than accounts too.

One day i called her in my office…

Me: good morning Silvia. From today you will provide a brief report to me about all the work you do, everyday.

She: ok sir you’ll get it on your desk before you leave!

Me: thank you. But there are still some flaws. Did you clear them?

She: sir there are no more flaws i could see!

Me: i’ll show you.

Meanwhile i received a call and she continued her work.Later I entered her cubical and she stood up offering me to sit. I told her to sit down as there were only 2-3 mistakes.I kept my left hand on her shoulder and leaned to grab the mouse. I didnt realise that i had my palm on her shoulder throughout. When i was about to leave i saw her feeling uneasy so i removed my hand and apologized. I left her cubical and couldn’t forget that touch. I started craving for her body.I called her in the smoking room. None of us smoked but we talked there,whenever we wanted to during office hours.We started talking about general topic and suddenly…

She: do you have any gf?

Me: no… But why are you asking so?

She: aise hi..why? I mean you are so good looking and handsome guy, you earn good too! Why no gf?

Me: i didnt get any girl of my kind..and i winked at her.

Me: but why are you so interested?

She: nothing..i asked like friends do!

Me: ohh okay!..by the way do you have any bf?

She: no i am waiting for the right guy too…If You Know What I Mean…and she winked.

I got a call and had to leave. She resumed her work.While returning home she had no means of transport so i was going to drop her. I had brought a bike that day. Lucky for me.

She kept her hand on my shoulder and sat. My crave for her body increased and so i decided to be a bit scary while i drive.I was driving really fast and she grabbed me by my waist. A moment came when i had to brake really hard. She crushed herself into me and i could feel her boobs. I was now mad for her body.

She had started liking me by now and i was unaware about it. She looked for excuses to see me during office hours and often asked me for a lift.This was getting like a routine and i understood it.My father went abroad for a client meeting and my mother accompanied him. I was their single child so i was alone at home.My mind was getting dirty and i made a plan to fuck her. Next day i didnt go to office on purpose. She messaged me asking my whereabouts. I lied and told her that i am having fever so i wont be able to come to office today.

She told that she’s coming to see me right away.

About an hour later the doorbell rang and there she stood in two piece suit. She was looking stunning that day. A bit different was her look that day. I invited her in and i lied down on the sofa. I was acting to be sick and started shivering.She came near me and touched my forehead trying to read my body temp. She said i was normal but i was still shivering. I grabbed her hand and pulled it near my chest. She lost her balance and fell on me. Her hair were covering half of my face and i loved the way they smelled. I was in heaven with her lying on me crushing her boobs in my chest.

Soon She realized what was happening and stood up. She got a blanket for me and i slept. Later I started feeling something near my crotch and woke up. When i woke up it was her who was trying to undo my pajamas.

She: i knew you were not at all sick. I knew you wanted me since the day you first dropped me home. And you confirmed it today.

I was stunned. Before i could even move she was on me. She started kissing my lips, biting them. She bit my lip so hard that i started bleeding. She wanted to remove my shirt so she stood up but i was not over. I pulled back on me and again started kissing her. We locked our lips and i was trying to push my tongue in her mouth but she refused. I was stubborn so i started pinching her on her waist and her hip. She screamed in pain and opened her mouth. I was still pinching her and pushed my tongue in her mouth. We both started sucking each others tongues and my hand reached her boobs.

I pulled her shirt out and ripped it apart. The buttons sprang out and i grabbed her hair and said ” i think you like it rough. Tonight you’ll see what rough is…” Saying so i spit on her face. My saliva was rolling down her cheeks and i went down for her red bra. I pulled the straps down and started licking her cleavage. I planted some kisses on her cleavage and some love bites. While i was doing so her hands reached my cock which was hard, rock hard by now, and started rubbing it.

I was kneading her breasts and pulling her tits trying to rip them apart from her boobs. She was screaming in pain and started pushing me away. This pulled her tits even more and her pain intensified. Her boobs were getting red and i was loving it. I held her by her waist and started kissing her. She was angry and held my neck and started kissing me hard. She wanted me to feel pain. She started kissing me hard and spit inside my mouth. I drank all of it kissed her cheek and again went for her boobs.

I started sucking and biting them, pulling her hard nipples with my teeth. She was moaning in pleasure and pushed my head deeper. I started choking and lifted my head to gasp for some air bit she didn’t let me do it. She again pushed my head on her tits and started moving her pelvis in ecstasy. By now we had reached in sitting position and. I again started kissing her on her lips and neck and she started undoing the knot on my pajamas.

We both stood up and my pajamas fell on floor. She gripped my dick with her warm hands and started stroking it. I held her hand and said ” have some patience babe…not here”. I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom.

I slowly placed her on my bed and came near her face. I slowly started kneading her boobs and kissing her, i was trying to be sensuous. But she bit my lower lip and so i started pinching and pulling her tits again. I moved down towards her navel kissing her neck cleavage and boobs. I started licking her navel and inserted my tongue in it. I bit her stomach and started undoing her belt and pants. I was so quick i couldn’t believe my hands could be so fast. In an instant i removed her pants and panties together. There her pussy was, hairy but clean, dark but wet. I planted some kisses on her pussy and started fingering her vagina. She was very wet and her juices were spilling out. I dug my tongue deep in her.

She thrusted her pelvis, started moving it to and fro. She held my head and dug deep in her pussy. I found her clit and she dug her pussy deeper in my mouth. I started pulling pinching and biting her clit and she was moaning in pain and pleasure!

I tongue fucked her for about 15 min and she had a huge orgasm spilling all her juices on my face and in my mouth.

By now my cock started hurting and i was desperate for a suck. I made her sit on the bed and i stood up.My cock was pointing right towards its aim-her mouth!She planted a kiss on its tip first and started licking just the head. It was heights for me now so i thrusted my cock in her mouth. About 4 inches of my cock were still out and i wasn’t happy with that. I held her head and thrusted my cock deep in her throat. The warmth of her mouth and its juiciness made me go crazy. I started pumping my rod in her mouth and she started choking.She removed my cock from her mouth to catch her breath but i never allowed, my revenge!

Soon i felt some pressure build in my balls and i started digging deeper and faster in her mouth. I could’t control any longer so i pulled my dick out of her mouth and sprayed all my seeds on her face and in her mouth. My cum was everywhere on her face. Her eyebrows, lips, cheeks, forehead, all were dripping with my cum.We were pretty exhausted now so i fell on her and we slept in each others arms all naked.

It was 10 pm in the night by now when we woke up. She stayed alone in a rented apartment so it was not difficult for her to stay with me. She went to the kitchen to cook some food and i followed her, we were still naked. While she was cooking i grabbed her from the waist and started kissing her neck and shoulders from back. I was having a hard on and my dick was pressed between my stomach and her ass crack sending a shiver down her spine. My hands now moved towards her boobs and her pussy!

I inserted my finger in her pussy and was kneading her boobs at the same time. She was now aroused, turned towards me and started kissing me!We started on the kitchen slab itself. I pushed her on the slab and spread her legs. I was in no mood to lubricate. I just wanted her cunt now.

I started pushing my dick in her pussy and slowly entered her. Then i realised that i had to be rough. So in a jerk i entered her fully and she screamed in pain as she felt dry inside. I was unable to stop myself and started pounding her hard. I fucked her for about 20 mins in that position and she came with my dick buried in her. I was not yet over. I wanted some more fun so i lifted her, my dick still in her pussy and slammed her on a wall. I started thumping again. This time i could feel i was going deeper inside her and she was screaming louder.

After sometime i needed a tighter hole- her ass. So i took her to my bedroom and made her stand on all fours. I put some oil on my dick and her asshole and slid my thumb in her ass.

She: what are you gonna do sam? I am not ready for this yet.

I was not in the mood of replying. I had decided to be as much hardcore as possible. I placed my penis on her asshole and started pushing it in. It was really tight to get in and she was screaming. Two tears rolled down her face as i entered her ass. I was loving the tightness and slammed my prick in one go. I started pumping it in and out,my balls hitting her ass cheeks making the sound “thump thump thump”.

I increased my speed and i was getting exhausted so i lied down on the bed now and she came above me. She did not insert it in her ass this time but her pussy. I loved the way she dominated. She lied on me and started moving her pelvis up and down. We started kissing and she inserted her panties kept next to us in my mouth. It was awesome feeling. I could taste her dry juices on her thongs and its smell was making me crazy. My energy had now revived. I turned her to face the ceiling and pushed my rod in her asshole.

I started abusing and spanking her ass while i ass fucked her. She was moaning and told me she was about to cum but i told her to stop as i was also cumming. We came in missionary position and i started ramming her with speed. We both came together and slept.

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