I’m Ram, 23 years old, working in an IT company. I got a 5.7inch cute cock with lil public hair as my girlfriend’s wish. So, it just happened that I fell in love with this beautiful female, and get to fuck her quite often. This incident which I’m gonna narrate today happened recently.

My gf is an Anglo-Indian with good English accent and a beautiful smile. Every week-end, I go to her place and chill out with her. Her dad died when she was young and was then raised by her mom all alone. I really like her mom a lot. She is a hot mallu at 48. She has a mole next to her lower lip and pretty huge tits. She is 5’6” with a tattoo on her right arm.

To me she is fun and I didn’t have any feelings on her until that very day. To give you guys a clear picture, she just looks like Kim Cattrall. Once, my girl and I were sitting on the couch watching some fucked-up film on star-movies. Around 7 o’ clock in the evening, her mom woke up from bed and came to the living room. She was wearing nighty with no bra on her.

She came straight to us, said hi, and then sat next to us. “Could you pass me that magazine ram?” was her first few words. “yup, sure.” She was looking into the magazine with her spec on while I was just staring at her pointing nipples. It was trying to burst open her fit dress. I could clearly see it from the side and made me horny in no time.

She is a fair bitch with rosy lips that will make anyone to bite it with pleasure. I slowly slept on my gf’s lap. Looking at that, she said “swetha, stop romancing in front of me” and blushed. We gave an awkward look and jumped into her room. My gf’s spongy tits were pleasing, but I wasn’t really interested in her as my attention changed to her gorgeous mom. I couldn’t stay back that night, so I left.

Few days later, the right time came with no announcement. My gf was asked to work in the US for the upcoming project. Actually, she was my project head and a year elder to me. She didn’t want to leave me, but I insisted saying some stupid shit to convince her. The project was to be done in a month. Everything was happening too fast.

So, every night we skyped talking about lot of shit going around. At the same time, I jerk off thinking about her mom. But, no incident was pre-planned, everything just happened like that and I used it to my needs conveniently. Around two o’ clock, early morning, swetha called me “ram, could you do me a favour?” I was like “yup, tell me baby, something wrong?”

“Look, my mom isn’t feeling well, and she doesn’t take care of herself so well. So if you don’t mind can you take her to the hospital?” I was like “no probz baby, i’ll take care and now tell me the number?” Without any hesitation, I took my bike to her place. In a hurry, I pressed the door bell. After few minutes, a lovely female with 34D, opened the door.

I saw her blanket wrapped around her body and looking so pale. I felt really bad. I then asked, “how you feeling?” She replied “terrible ram” and sat on the couch shivering. I then touched her neck and she was fuck hot. Quickly, I went to the Apollo pharmacy and got some dolo 650 for her. She was kinda better after taking the medicine. We spoke about all things.

She was really funny at times and made me feel comfortable. After few days, she was back to normal. But, I didn’t stop seeing her. We then went for shopping, cleaned the house and got drunk together. Like for two weeks straight, we had fun. Then I was pretty busy with my office work and didn’t see her for two nights.

The next day evening, she gave me a call asking me to come-over, if i’m free. I felt really good. So, that next moment, I went to her place. This time when she opened the door, I really saw her. Straightened hair, long ear studs, reddish lips, white t-shirt and jeans. Looking at me, she gave a big smile and said “my man is back, get in.” I then kept my helmet on the table and asked her if she is bored.

“Was, but from on, I don’t think so.” There was a change in her style of talking to me. In the sense, she was more open to me than to her daughter. It was quite strange. She then went to the kitchen and was making some noodles for us. I was back of her actually. She then offered me a beer and started cooking.

She went high in no time and started bluffing out crazy things she has done in her life, before swetha was born. At times, she was trying to act slutty, but she was drunk, maybe due to that. She couldn’t stand in a place for long time. She then asked me, “ram?what do you feel about me?about this beautiful lady?haha.” I was like ”sweet and lovely mom.”

“Dai, don’t call me that, i’m not that aged.” “oh really? Then lift me if you can?” She then quickly placed the bottle on the table and came forward to lift me. She slowly stretched out her hands and hugged me tightly to lift. But, couldn’t. I was laughing my ass off and she too. Then, I was just staring into her eyes and her tits were brushing my chest with no gap.

I caught her face and planted a kiss on her lips and was biting it for a while. She then moved away from me to her room walking unsteadily. I didn’t know what to do, so I just followed her. While walking, I caught her right hand and kept it on my cock and kissed her lips again. She was trying to resist, but couldn’t since I applied more pressure on her.

She then pushed me again and said “its time for you to leave ram, please.” I kissed her hands and asked “you want me to stay or leave for ever?” She didn’t utter a word. With my thumb, I slid along her dry lips. I then drifted my tongue on her upper lip with a passionate look. Her hands were now around me. I kissed her forehead, then went on to ear lobe and bit it hard.

“aaaah” was her only sound which she stressed it for few seconds. I hugged her so tightly and lifted her straight to her room. On the bed, my hand touched her back and went straight down to her ass and contracted it. She quickly removed her t-shirt and I found two large round tits waiting to reveal themselves. I was just biting her nipples with her bra on and it made her really horny “ooooh.”

She then sucked my index finger by putting it deep into her throat and placed it inside her panties. I dragged my hand on her shaven vagina “ohhh yeahhh.” She then removed her bra and buried me in her chest. I did leave my tongue out to lick her cleavage and smelt it. With my flap, I rolled over her nipples and pulled it a bit with my teeth. She didn’t leave my hair at all.

She kept massaging it all the time. I kept on wetting her cute rubber tits with my spit rubbed on her dark areolas. She then made me to stick in my tongue into hers. Her lipstick was gone, and I could see her dry lips getting wet. Her tongue was out and I creamed it with my saliva. Until then, I didn’t know elder women were lot better than young bitches.

Quickly got rid of her panties to play with her wide opening with my finger “aaah ram…ooooh yeahhh…” I then spat on her navel point and she was shivering like hell. I leaned forward to suck that spit and went down to her clit. With no warning, I pushed my tongue into her opening “aaaah” she moaned. She got up and pressed my head deep into it with lot of pressure.

I couldn’t breathe but her scent made me go violent “ooooh Ram, caaaan’t.” “mmmm” “ooooh” “aa-aa-aaaah” With those final words, she climaxed and the liquid just oozed out. I was then closely lying next to her hugging. She whispered into my ears, “you are sweet.” I then gave a weird smile and slept off like that. The next day morning I got up and rushed to office.

I couldn’t work and was desperately waiting for my work to get over. After my shift, I was back at her place. I was taking a quick shower when this female got into the restroom. She was beside me running her hands on my back. I was facing the wall as she slowly moved her hands to my butt-crack. She then made me turn around and got my dick.

Looking into my eyes, she kept on massaging my penis. While she was giving an hand job, I squeezed her tits and didn’t stop smooching her. She then went down on her knees catching my huge dick. She pressed my dick against her face. With her tongue, gave a quick lick to the opening of my dick.

Each time she pushed my penis deep into her throat and was suffocating to breathe at times. I was holding her hair “aaaah” “ooooh” “mmmm” “hmmmm” “yaaaa” “yeahhh” “yea-aaaah” “aa-aah” I just felt my dick was cold and smooth. Every touch of her saliva felt really good to me. She then did it faster by moving her head to the front and going back.

I couldn’t handle the pressure and came on her face. She licked the white juice and applied on her tits. She was moving her hands on her dark areolas and pinching it slowly. She then stood up and smooched for a while in the shower. Without taking my lips off her, I moved her to the bed and rolled on it. I was lying flat and she was literally sitting on my abdomen.

Slowly, she leaned forward with her hair all over my face and her nose touching mine. She titled her head to her right and took one of my lips between hers and sucked on it. She cupped my face in her hands and applied her spit on my lips again. Her hand moved to my earlobe and rubbed it gently. Suddenly, She moved away and was sitting straight with me holding her tits.

It was so huge and I kept on rotating it. “Ram, you got a condom?” “yup, just a sec” saying that I ran in search of my pants and finally grabbed one. With no delay, I put on the condom and lied down next to her. We took the spoons position. Her boobs were hitting my chest while she was guiding my tool into hers. At first, I pushed it slowly.

She caught my hair so tightly and kept pulling it “aaaah” “Ram faaaster” “Please Ram faaaster” But, I did it slowly and made her cry. Each push, she moaned with pleasure. Her eyes were glowing in joy “aaaah” “ooooh” “do it” “faaaaster Ram” “mmmm” “Ohh Maa GOD” “yaaaah”

she was crying and moaning together with the right feel “ooooh” “aaaah” “fuck me” “oh-yeaaaa” “oh-yeahhhh” I increased the pace “oh” “yeahhhh” “come onnnn” “yeahhhh” “aaaah” “aa-aaaah” with that she had an orgasm.

After two days, my gf was back and I stopped my affair with her mom. I think the sex part was crazy, but intimate relationship won’t work out. We stopped meeting up at her place and I always take her out.

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