One day I was coming back from work feeling down from my break up. My ex dumped me and I was feeling empty. I wasn’t so sad cause hey I’m a good looking young stud and can easily get laid, you know! I was thinking of fucking that bitch, I’m single and fabulous! I ain’t got a girlfriend but it’s only a matter of time. So I decided to drive home and chill from all the stress.

And… guess what? So I’m driving and there she is… this absolutely gorgeous girl walking down the street. I pulled over and got out of the car. She was so pretty and had some mysterious smile. I came up to her and started a talk. I asked her name and offered her a ride. She thanked me and refused. I kept on convincing her that I don’t stalk goddesses on the streets, that I was just a normal guy who would do no harm to her. It took me a while to talk to her before she finally agreed to take a ride with me.

Her name is Shanty. Back than she has just turned 18. She studied at the community college and had a boyfriend. She dumped him a few weeks later. I was 25 and had my own house, nice car and a pretty good income. So we started dating. I was always picking her up from school. I took her out to the restaurants, night clubs and was giving her nice presents. She fell in love with me and decided to introduce me to her parents.

My shorty lived with her mom, her daddy and an exchange student from Germany. Mrs. Miles –her mom was 45, her daddy- Todd Miles was an accountant at some real estate company. Anyways! The exchange student Simone was the same age as my Shanty and went to the same school. She came for a semester and became Shanty’s close friend. Sister-friends so they call ‘em. That evening we had a nice cheezy family dinner and I was asked a number of questions!

The next day on the way back from work I picked up my girl and we went over to my place. We ordered pizza and watched a horror movie. As soon as we lied down on the couch we started making out. That was beautiful. We cuddled, we kissed and it felt like real love. My girl tasted so sweet. I have never met a girl sweeter than her. I was trying to get laid with her for like a month and finally she seemed to be ready.

I gently took off her dress, her panties and started kissing her breasts. Shanty got so turned on she closed her eyes. Her breath was burning hot and she smelled like love. I went further down and stopped at her belly. I put my tongue inside her belly piercing and felt her exploding under my dangerous tongue. I went further down cause I didn’t want to miss the culmination. I put my lips on her clit and started licking her out. I bit her a few times and that drove both of us so fuckin crazy she let her juices out right on my tongue.

I lied down on her and softly put my dick inside her heaven-like pussy. My pussy. We made love all night long till the dawn. I was surprised Shanty wasn’t complaining that her parents would be worried. She said they adored me and let her stay over the night with me. I was like, oh yeah, that is me – everyone’s favorite guy.

A week later a friend of mine invited two of us to his birthday party. We agreed to meet at her house at 3 pm so that we could buy a present together. I came by to pick her up exactly 15 minutes before 3 but she wasn’t there. Her mom opened the door and told me to come in and wait for her daughter to comeback from the classes. Mrs. Miles offered me a drink and I went for coffee. As soon as we sat down and started talking with my future mother-in-law the house phone rang. Mrs. Miles answered the phone and I could tell she was talking to her beloved daughter. She talked to her and passed the phone to me.

Shanty told me she has forgotten she had an exam at half past three and blamed it on me saying I was making her love-stoned. We had a cute conversation and I told her I loved her anyway and would come back to pick her up at six. To be honest I even got pissed off at her for ruining my agenda. But god! she’s such a cutie I couldn’t tell her that. I thanked Mrs. Miles for coffee and was about to leave when she said I could stay and wait for her daughter at their house. I decided to stay because I really liked that wise, intelligent, kind, sophisticated and very good looking woman. I mean I only liked talking to her back than…

We went to the living room and sat down in front of each other. She was wearing a silk-made rob with no buttons, just a belt, like a geisha. Accidentally one of the sides opened up showing me her amazing legs. I pretended I didn’t notice and she simply fixed it. I asked her if I could turn on the TV and watch the sports news. She passed the remote and as soon as I turned it on she told me to hold on.

It was too late. I pressed the button and saw that someone was watching an adult movie. Well, I presume it was her. She told me to switch it. But I asked her to hold on. Mrs. Miles asked me if I liked this kind of entertainment and I told her that I do like it when my girlfriend is not around, because simply, I’m a guy.

We laughed and kept on watching the movie. We started discussing the thin line between art and pornography and she quoted someone famous saying “It’s in the eye of the beholder.” We ended up talking about men in the porn and slowly our conversation turned into discussion of their phalluses. Unintentionally I said I had a really big one. Mrs. Miles was surprised I said so and asked me if I had any prejudice on showing it to her. I pulled down my jeans and took out my mighty penis. She said it was pretty impressive and asked me if I could come closer. She got down on her knees and took it into her mouth. She was giving me my best blow job ever. I came right inside her mouth and she swallowed it till the very last drop. That was fantastic!

She sat down on the couch and put her hands on her head. I asked her if she was okay and if anything that I did was wrong. She started telling me she was so frivolous for doing so with such a young guy like me…bla-bla-bla that I could easily be her son. I told her to forget about it and relax. I told her I would keep it a secret. I hugged her and kissed her lips. She started melting from my kisses. I slowly took off her rob and took off her bra. She had a bit chubby body but she was a super model for her age. I was kissing her tits the best way I could. I was trying to make it up for the blow job. I licked them and blew on them and I felt Shanty’s mom getting really excited. I went down to her pussy and pooled her legs apart. She got so wet and I started kissing her clit. I felt her getting an orgasm and put my tongue inside her vagina as much as I could. Her warm sweet juice was flowing on my tongue and lips.

It was so fine to put my dick in such a wet pussy! When I think of it now it still drives me fuckin nuts. She had a multiple orgasm. That I know for sure. A woman of her age would never fake that shit. I felt I was about to cum and I pulled out. My experienced sex partner was surprised when I said I wasn’t done yet. I turned her around and she asked what I was doing. I said I want to fuck her in her ass. She started protesting and said she has never tried it that way. I told her not to worry and trust me on that one. I took a lubricant and slowly started pushing in. She said it hurts and I told her that it does only in the beginning and afterwards she would feel the highest level of pleasure.

Slowly but surely I went all the way inside her anal. My lover was shaking and curving like a snake and that was when I started cumin. Cumin right in my girlfriend’s mother’s ass! Damn! I’m a real mother-fucker. She told me she had never felt so good with her husband and that I was the best she has ever had. We kissed one more time and went to take a shower before Shanty gets back. We definitely didn’t want her to find out!

I washed, put on my clothes and sat down to watch the sports news. It looked like nothing has ever happened between us. Mrs. Miles asked me to promise that it will never happen again as for respect to Shanty. It was sad. Shanty came from her exam and we went to the birthday party.

Exactly in one week I was sick over the desire to feel the sweet pleasure with Shanty’s mom. I designed a plan in my head. Late at night I was dropping off Shanty and asked her if I could check my email, cause mine was slow. Her parents were already asleep and we went to her room. I pretended I checked my email but all I did was I left my wallet under the table in the hallway.

The next day I waited till 10 am. According to my plan all the family was supposed to leave to work or school… except for Mrs. Miles. I came over and she opened the door. I excused myself and said I had left my wallet and had to get it now cause I had my driving license and id in there. She let me in. I went to Shanty’s room and got it. She’s not a stupid woman so she understood that I was faking. I came up to her and started kissing her lips. We lied down on the bed and started taking off our clothes. The moment both of us got completely naked someone came to the front door.

It was Simone, the exchange student. She came in and saw me. God! She turned around and went to the kitchen. Mrs. Miles went after her. I put on my clothes and went outside for a smoke. I was feeling so shit that we got caught. She’s a big girl 19 years old and she clearly understood what was going on in Shanty’s bedroom.

I finished up my cigarette and Mrs. Miles came outside. I asked her what was going on and she said that Simone put us in the choice. I was like what the hell. She said that fuckin German bitch wanted us to “make love” in front of her, otherwise she would tell Shanty and Mr. Miles everything that she saw. I was shocked. How could she do that to Mrs. Miles who was so nice to host her as an exchange student?! But than I was like, all the German chicks are sick in the head. I remembered the porn-videos I watched were mainly from Germany. Above all that I always thought she was a bit into Shanty. “Very likely she is a stupid lesbian”, I told Mrs. Miles. Shanty’s sister-friend! Bitch!

I said fine! And we went inside the house. Simone was sitting there all red from embarrassment. I asked her if she wanted to change her mind. She said no, “I know what I want for keeping secrets of that matter”. I told her if we do it she sits back, shuts her fuckin mouth and watches us. “Don’t you dare to say a single word to Shanty, Mr. Miles and anyone else!”

She sat down on the chair and I started kissing Mrs. Miles. I took off her clothes, took her hands and put her on the bed. I got so turned on from the weirdness of the situation. Mrs. Miles closed her eyes. She looked a bit confused. I looked at Simone and saw that she was touching her pussy. I gave her a sign to join us. She got up and came to the bed. She started kissing Mrs. Miles’ nipples while I was already fucking her pussy. I got up and asked Mrs. Miles to sit on top of me. She did so and it was much comfortable for Simone to touch and kiss her host-mom. That moment over-whelmed Mrs. Miles started cumin. Literally, I felt her juices running down to my stomach.

Simone saw that and pulled back. I turned Mrs. Miles to the doggy-style. I pulled her legs wide apart so that Simone could see each detail. I started fucking Mrs. Miles in her anal. When I looked for Simone she was already naked. Oh, she was gorgeous! Those amazing fresh tits, nice suntan… She lied down on the bed and started licking out her host-mom’s pussy. Mrs. Miles had a second orgasm and came right on Simone’s face. I couldn’t hold myself anymore and shot my sperm all over Mrs. Miles’ big ass.

Some of it dropped on Simone’s face and surprisingly that “lesbian” took my dick to her mouth and sucked the leftovers of my sperm. I left to the bathroom to wash my face. When I got back I saw Mrs. Miles lying on the bed with her eyes closed and Simone licking her pussy. I got a hard-on right away! You would too if you saw that for real! I came up to them and started kissing Simone’s pussy. I didn’t have to do it for long! She came right away. I wanted to fuck Mrs. Miles again but Simone stopped me and said:

  • “Even though I’m a virgin, I want to feel you inside me. I’m jealous you fuck Shanty, you fuck her, and I want to try as well.”

I told her I didn’t want to take the responsibility of taking away her virginity. But she insisted saying she couldn’t go back to Germany without losing her virginity. Of course I couldn’t resist that sexy naked girl that was begging me to fuck her.

I slowly went inside her pussy and felt something hard in there. It was my first experience with a virgin so I fucked her very smoothly and carefully almost like making love. She screamed once but other than that she seemed to love it. When I felt I was cumin I got out and came on her belly.

Simone was lying on her back with her eyes closed. Mrs. Miles looked at the sheets and saw blood. She understood everything but didn’t say a word. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and in about 15 minutes I was already gone from their house.

Six month later I and Shanty got engaged. When I proposed her Simone got really pissed off. Only than I understood that I meant so much to her. She told me she was jealous since the first day I came to their house. Poor Shanty had no idea that her best friend started hating her because of me. She also had no idea that before the wedding I and Simone would meet once in a while, like two or three times a week just to fuck over at my house.

Simone was so sexy and told me all of the naughty stories she had experienced in her life… including the fact that once she has licked my Shanty’s pussy right after I left the house. Damn! What a family!

Oops. Forgot to mention Mrs. Miles. Once in a while I would come by to say hi but never again made love to her over at their house. She would tell her husband she wants me to take her to the grocery shop because she had problems with her car. And on the way back we would drop by some motel and fuck, fuck, fuck

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