I have a friend named Mike, I met him when he moved to our area from another state. He had two sisters that were two and four years older than us and a couple younger brothers. Their father had just died in a car accident a year before they moved there. His mom at the time was 45 and plain looking but her body wasn’t bad she had a little paunch belly but she also had pretty big tits..When I got around 18 I use to go over and try and talk his sister into going out with me. She was 18 and wouldn’t, not yet anyway which Ill get to later. One night I was spending the night and we were in the living room watching TV with his sisters and mom and his older sister was sitting next to me on the couch I could see right down her bra less blouse when she leaned forward my cock was hard as a rock. I noticed my friends mother looking at me every once in awhile, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

I couldn’t take it any more I had to relieve my hard on. So I got up unnoticed and slipped down the hall to the bathroom.I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet leaned back and started stroking, that is when I noticed a cloths hamper right in from of me. Right then it hit me. I wondered if Sherry or Anna had left any panties in there.I opened it and there was only four things in it, a bra a pair of shorts, a sleeveless Blouse and a pair of panties.I recognized these cloths they belonged to my friends mother. I pulled out the panties and looked closely at the crotch there were a few light brown pubic hairs in them and I could see where her pussy crack had left its mark.I almost came just looking at them.I held them to my nose and stroked a couple of times I shot a huge load on my belly. I felt a lot better when I returned to watch TV but I still noticed my friends mother looking over at me once in awhile.

I use to spend the night over at his house all the time this was just one of them but it was a little different this time. My friends room was in the basement and there was no bathroom down there.So I got up and it was about 1 in the morning and made my way upstairs. I went down the hall and the door was closed. I could see a light coming under the door. I didn’t hear anyone, so I gently tapped and my friends mother said Im taking a shower Ill be out in a little while. I didn’t reply I just started to go back down stairs .But I had to take a piss pretty bad it was summer so instead of that I went out the back door and went to the back of the yard and took a piss and when I was coming back to the house I noticed the bathroom window. I thought to myself damm Id sure like to see those tit’s with nothing covering them. The window was frosted and was a little to high but like I said it was summer so it was opened. So I went next to their shed and got a milk crate that was laying there and put it under the window. I didn’t know how much I would be able to see but Ill tell you this. I wasn’t prepared for it.

I raised my face into view and the sight I seen is still burned into my memory . His mother was leaned back on the toilet exactly like I was earlier with her legs splayed wide huge tit’s sagging slightly down onto her paunchy stretch marked belly and she was rubbing her clit gently. When she hit it just right she would raise her feet slightly and close her eyes her little belly paunch would tighten and release as she did herself. Needless to say my cock was hard as a rock. So I took it out and started stroking with her, trying to keep up with her tempo .Once in awhile she would rub her fingers down to her pussy hole and get some lube and then continue. Her pace was increasing and so was mine.

I had to be careful because the toilet faced the window. If she looked up at it I was busted. But I didn’t have to worry she seemed to be watching her hand do herself and seemed to be lost in that.But there was a great advantage in that angle. I had a full view of what was happening and could see right into that pink slit.I could see that pussy hole in her plump hairy pussy while she rubbed her clit and made it come open unevenly. .I could see the hair that grew sparsely down to her asshole and just a little on her inner thigh’s.I had to grip my cock tight to keep from shooting my load . Her pace started to quicken and I could see her belly twitching more and more, her breathing was choppy.and in just another minute her belly tightened and she picked her legs up still spread widely and her toes curled down and she was rubbing her clit at a desperate pace. With her legs pulled back all of a sudden sucked in a breath and threw her head back and shoved two fingers up her pussy and started fucking herself hard.

That only lasted maybe 30 seconds, then I saw her reach for something. It was a deodorant or shampoo bottle. I didn’t know which at the time I really didn’t care. But it was about 3 inch’s across and had a rounded top like a dildo. She grabbed it from next to her I hadn’t realized it was there up until then, but she had put it there for that purpose. She hurriedly put it at her opening and literally pried it in, cocking it to one side and getting it started and then pushed it slowly up inside of herself.with her hairy pussy lewdly stretched open she reached up with her left hand and started pinching her left nipple and started whispering with choppy breaths ye-ah the-ats it fuck my pu-ssy good her face was in a grimace, it was like she was about to cry or somthing.but I knew she loved it I could see her cum running down over her tight brown asshole as that bottle disappeared into that hairy snatch time after time.All of a sudden she pulled her knees back farther, they were still raised high and reached down with her left hand and took the bottle in both hands and started pulling it all the way out and shoving it up herself hard as she could .She started repeating in a very shaky urgent whisper that I could hardly make out. Th–ats it fu–ck me ha–rd, th–ats it fu–ck me ha–rd, th–ats it fu–ck me ha–rd, th–ats it fu–ck me ha–rd. Until every muscle in her body was tight her toes curled down and tight as she could get them and her face red and sweating until she finally grunted out ohhhhhhhh god yessssssss she lowered her chin to her chest to watch the makeshift dildo go in and out and she trembled all over while she was finishing. I started jacking my cock I couldn’t take another second I shot a huge load down the side of their house.I continued to watch her as she slowed her pace and her breathing. She pushed it all the way in and closed her eyes and relaxed just letting her breathing come back to normal. She closed her legs to keep it in. She would tremble a little every couple of seconds. It was an awesome sight. I watched as she put her feet down spread her legs wide and pushed with her pussy muscles until the bottle slid quickly out onto the floor.she let out a long breath haaaaaaaa.

I figured I had pushed my luck about as far I wanted to and got down of my perch and replaced the crate next to the shed. I stood there and fired up a cigarette trying to remember every detail. When I finished my smoke I headed back in and through the kitchen and there she was coming from the hall. She smiled and said did you need to use the bathroom ? I didn’t want to tell her I just pissed in her back yard ,so I said yep I do. I went to the bathroom and there it was replaced with the other bottles that everyone used every day it was her makeshift dildo.I picked it up it was still warm I smelled it I could smell a slight scent of her pussy along with whatever scent the shampoo was my cock was hard again.. Hey I was 15 what do you want from me ? My cock got hard when the wind blew .I took off the top and as I suspected there was some pussy juice that had leaked through the crack I tasted it and then I rubbed it on my cock and jacked myself off again.

While nothing happened between her and I that night it was the start of my loving older women.i had never seen what older women had thought of as imperfections in their body’s brought on by age as sexy before that night . But after that I did. I even loved the stretch marks on her paunchy belly. After that night I looked at most all women as sexy and fuckable.

I really wanted to fuck her . But there was no way that was going to happen I was to timid to approach my friends mother . So for the next month I jacked of thinking about what I had seen and basically accepted the fact that I was never going to get to fuck her.

It was about a month after that I went by their house to see what my friend was up to and I knocked and heard his mother say come on in. I went in and she was watching TV in the living room. I asked for my buddy and she looked at me and said he’ll be back in a few minutes if you want to wait. I sat down and she made small talk with me for a few minutes the house was unusually quite because six kids and teens lived there. I asked where everyone was. She said the smaller kids had went somewhere with their friends and their parents and the older girls were at their friends. So that just about ended the conversation as she started watching her show again.I kept looking at her and imagining what she looked like when she was spread wide panting and Cumming like a beautiful dowdy horny slut.that wasn’t the persona she projected day to day if you just met her you would think of her as not liking sex much at all. But I knew that wasn’t true I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it.

That day she had on a halter top and shorts.I could see faint outlines of her nipples threw her top and she was sitting Indian style on the couch and I could see her pussy crack as her shorts tried to go up her puffy pussy.

My cock was rock hard because I knew just what she looked like under those cloths. I shifted in my seat and tried to re arrange my cock so it didn’t hurt so bad. I seen her glance at me every so often when I had to move to try and let my cock find and new position but it was pretty hopless. Still watching TV she moved one leg onto the couch and dropped her other foot to the floor like she was in a normal sitting position . I could see the outline of her pussy a lot better like that but I didn’t want to at that moment . All I was worried about right then was making my hard on go away so I wouldn’t look like a fool before I had to stand up.I started to panic my eight inch cock was hurting so bad I had to find away out that room.

Gang Bang Squad

I finally said well Im going to get going if mike comes home tell him to give me a call. I said it without standing up . I planed On waiting until the small talk was done and then making a break for it. She looked at me and said wait before you go I want to talk to you. She got up and turned off the TV (no remotes in those days) she sat back down with her ass on the edge of couch across from me and leaned slightly forward her legs were spread . She leaned on her knee on one elbow and looked at me with a hint of a smile.

I didn’t have a clue as to what she wanted to talk about.

I sat there waiting for her to tell me. She just sat there for maybe 30 seconds staring at me.at the time it seemed like 20 minutes to me.Finally she spoke.

I want to ask you something and I want you to be honest and don’t be worried……….. OK ?

Yeah OK ?

I was shitiing my pants I wondered if she knew we were smoking weed or something..

A few weeks back when you spent the night…………

Yeah ?

Were you outside the bathroom window while I was showering ? My cock went soft immediately.

Oh my god, I was so fucked now. She was going to tell my dad and I was going to be grounded the rest of the summer.

My face must have went beet red.

I stammered, no why do you ask ? I wasn’t admitting shit.

She smiled, I wont be mad. I just want the truth. I wont tell anyone. I just want to know.

I looked down at my feet and didn’t say anything.

Well are you going to answer me ?

I got up my courage and said look Im so sorry I had to take a pee and I went out there because you were in the shower.

She looked me in the eye , Im not mad its normal for young boys to be curious.

I started apologizing anyway feeling like an idiot.

Im so sorry It wont happen again I was just…………..

Just what ?

I was going to say horny but realized I couldn’t say that so I was stuck.

Just what ???? Tell me………….. Im not mad at you I just want to know.

I was just……………….. Horny.

Well that’s nothing to be ashamed of.everyone feels like that its a normal emotion.

I looked at her relieved she wasn’t mad and wasn’t going to tell my dad.

Again she just stared at me.until finally she broke the silence.

What did you see through the window ?

I answered quickly.

Not much.

She smiled again. And then changed tracks on me.

Did you masturbate when you were looking at me ?

I froze I didn’t know what to say to that.

Did you ????………….. Its OK if you did.

I looked at the floor ………yes

Its OK everyone does it…………can You please tell me what you seen that made you want to masturbate ?

She said it so nicely I wanted to tell her but I didn’t want to embarrass her.

Oh no. This was a nightmare. I was going to have to sit here and tell this forty something lady and mother of my best friend I had seen her stuffing and rubbing her pussy until she came.

I just looked at her

Can you tell me please ? I really want to know.

I took a gulp, I could tell you but I think it may be embarrassing for you and I don’t want to do that.

She stood up and walked the 3 steps to the love seat and sat next to me

She said look at me. So I did.

It wont embarrass me, I promise. I just really want to know what you saw .

I looked at the floor again.she grabbed my hand and said look at me……………I Did again.

Please just tell me and be honest.

I said……………….. I saw you maturbating.

No dear I want to know exactly what you saw……………. Describe it to me.

Are you ………..sure ?

Im sure, just please tell me.

Well I saw you leaned back on the toilet and you were rubbing your clit .

What else ?

Then you used the bottle and put in your ……………. Vagina.

I couldn’t even bring myself to say pussy in front of her.

And you liked seeing that ?

I looked at the floor again

Did you ?


What did you like seeing ?

Well……….. Everything

Can you tell me what exactly ?

I liked seeing you do that to yourself.

Have you ever seen a women naked before ?

Not in real life just in magazines and movies and stuff.

What did you like seeing the most about my body ?

I was embarrassed to tell her.

It’s OK I just really want to know.

Well before I saw you naked I never thought of you like that,I only thought about young girls when I ………

When you masturbated ?

Yes…….. And then when I saw your body naked I thought the stuff I always thought would turn me off about a older women would kind of turn me off about you but it didn’t. It made you more ……….. I don’t know what to call it.

Desirable to you ?

Yeah that’s it.

Like what exactly ?

Well Im not trying to offend you or anything but the way your belly is a little swollen like ?

She smiled………. Yeah I know……………………… You like that part huh ?

Yes I like it a lot.

What else.

Well i’ve always heard about stretch marks and how women don’t want them, but for some reason when I seen yours it really made me want to……….

Want to what ?

Well you know.

Have sex ? Or masturbate ?


Which ?

Well either I guess.

Anything else ?

I liked the way your breasts look and how hairy your……….. Vagina is.

She smiled at me………….well We have a problem don’t we ?

I looked up at her. Thinking we do ? But I didn’t say anything.I was starting to get scared again.

You seem to enjoy watching me get myself off and I like knowing you like watching me.

She paused then continued, I can’t see what you find attractive about watching me but you seem to. So maybe we can make a deal?

A deal ?

Yes………… Maybe we can help each other out ? No one else can find out though

.I repeated the part that interested me……………help Each other out ?

Yeah your a good looking kid and if you like seeing what I do when Im alone, I don’t mind you watching me do it.

And then she quickly added ……..if You wouldn’t mind my watching you ?

She looked at me seriously prodding me for an answer……..would You ?

My dick was getting hard at the thought of it.

No ………..I Wouldn’t……. Mind that.

OK good………… Then we have a deal and this is our secret ?


I have to stress this to you, you can’t tell ANYONE. Not a buddy ……….. NO ONE.OK ?

Yeah I promise. No one.

She reached across and felt between my legs the only problem with that was after this conversation my cock was hard as a rock and trying to come out the top of my shorts which was killing me she realized her mistake and felt where she knew it would be.she smiled and said your ready to go .

Then added matter of factly……..Take it out, let me see it.

I leaned back and she unfastened my shorts my cock sprang free. It was such a relief for me she stroked it a couple times and looked me in the eye and then back to her hand and my cock .

She smiled…. Your very well developed. We should go to my room.

I followed her down the hall. When we got in her room she said get undressed Im not sure when the kids will be back so we should get this done.she talked like it was just something to do. It was like ….were going to make each other cum and thats all there is to it. Which turned me on more

She immediately started taking off her cloths. I stood there and watched I guess she forgot this was my first time and that I didn’t know what to expect.she was completely naked before she noticed I had only taken off my shirt.she reached out and put her hand on my chest, then watched her own hand as she rubbed down my belly.

Um that’s nice.

Here let me help you she pulled my shorts and boxers down and said sit. I moved back a step and sat on the edge of the bed as she pulled them off over my socks and shoes. She then pulled off one shoe and then a sock and the did the other foot as if she was undressing a child. When she was done she was on her knees in front me she took both hands and stroked her hands up my thighs and then back down them feeling the muscles her breathing had increased and I got the feeling she was like I was when I was outside the bathroom window. Trying to take in every detail and commit them to memory.she was watching her hands move over me and then she stroked up my thighs and rubbed my balls. My cock jerked uncontrollably.

She giggled and purred

You like ?

I whispered yes

She took my cock and stroked it all the while looking back and forth from my face to what she was doing with her hand.I could tell she was getting off on seeing my eyes glazed over and the effect she was having on me.She smiled and and said your dripping cum already. It was true a lot of pre cum was dripping out my cock. She took her finger tip and robbed it gently around my cockhead picking it up once in awhile to see it string up. She wiped as much as she could on her finger and held it up for me to see and then slowly put it in her mouth and started fucking her mouth with her finger sucking it like a cock all the while looking directly in my eyes .I was on the verge of Cumming watching her.

In a breathy whisper she said Ummm I could just eat you up.

I didn’t say anything.

I think we need to get you off before you can get me off. What do you think ?


She smiled still looking directly in my eyes .She stood and leaned forward her huge saggy beautiful tit’s hanging down in front of me.she moved up and locked her mouth on one of my nipples and then started slowly kissing down my belly she kept her eyes locked on mine to see my reaction. Her tit’s rubbed over my cock. I had to move to the side or I would have came right then and I didn’t want to just yet .I wanted to see her suck my cock. She was just toying with me. She got to my cock and put her mouth just above the head and blew out a hot breath as if she was fogging a glass haaaaaaaaaaaa. I squirmed and she smiled a little half smile still looking directly in my eyes

Are you ready for this ?


She holding my cock straight up she stuck her tongue out and flicked the underside of my cock head

Just cum when your ready.

I didn’t reply I just looked deep into her eyes breathing heavy in anticipation of what I knew she was about to do.

I was wrong she moved down and started to suck my balls still looking up at me I started breathing really hard I knew I couldn’t last much longer she must have known to because she moved up and took just the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked very lightly. My breathing became choppy and staccato right away she must have sensed I was going to cum because she continued gently sucking the head but now flicked her tongue on the underside of the head while doing it.I could feel her breath was choppy from her nostrils and I was going over the edge and managed to whisper Im going to shoot.She pushed my cock as far down her throat she could manage which was about six inch’s of it I could feel her throat muscles contract. My cock swelled again it was ready to burst out of its skin. She started bobbing the whole length still sucking it good I shot the first blast and whispered oh god still looking directly in her now glazed over eyes, she tasted my cum and tried to drive my whole cock down her throat in her lust she gagged herself and kept bobbing and sucking the next blast hit and the rest just came in a rush there was so much it was Cumming out the sides of her mouth she kept sucking hard and swallowing every drop she could get like a hungry puppy.

When my cock finally quit throbbing and pumping her mouth full of cum she popped it out of her mouth and licked the rest of my cum off her lips and smiled and said good to the last drop. I had to laugh.she got on the bed and slid in the middle and leaned back on her pillows.

Come up here .

She patted the bed next to her.

Now it’s my turn.

I got up next to her not knowing what she wanted exactly.

Don’t be shy, you can touch me anywhere you want to.

I reached out and grabbed her tit and kind of squeezed it.

She said like this and and started pinching them lightly and then rubbing the nipple in a circular motion with her palms.I repeated what she was doing and she sucked in a short breath and whispered that’s nice.I got brave and traced my fingertips over her stretch marked pouchy belly and made it twitch and her squirm and my cock hard as a rock again.She seen the affect it had on me.

Those really turn you on don’t they ?


She laughed and said I thought you were just being nice.


You can do whatever you want with me just let your fantasy’s run wild.

I lowered my head to one of her big saggy tit’s and started sucking it she let out a breath and at the same time said ohhhhh yeah that’s it. I took it between my teeth gently like she had done and lightly bit it then moved to the other and repeated it. She grabbed my face and pushed her lips on mine and stuck her tongue in my mouth so I did it back she started sucking my tongue, just like she had sucked my dick earlier. I rolled on top of her and she spread her legs. My cock touched her bush and it sent like an electric shock through both of us. She broke the kiss and turned her head and said suck my neck and ear lobes I did, she started writhing under me and her breath was choppy. I started kissing down to her tit’s and paid them close attention again like I had before. Then started kissing down her belly sucking it and kissing it until I got to the top of her bush. She was going crazy she had my hair in two handfuls and was grinding her pussy against me.I stuck my face in her medium length bush and took in her smell. I had always heard about eating pussy now I wanted to do it more than anything except shove my cock up inside her. When I did that she pulled her knees back like she had when she was on the toilet and reached down with both hands and opened her pussy and held it open and said.

Suck my clit…… Pleaeeeeeeeeese

I could see it up close for the first time it looked like a little miniature rosebud I locked onto to it and began gently sucking it. She was trying to watch me suck it but when I started rubbing my tongue around it in circular motions like I had seen her do on the toilet with her fingers she took in a big breath and held it and threw her head back then she must have remembered how much she liked seeing me suck her because her chin dropped to her chest again her face in the same grimace I had seen on the toilet and all of a sudden she whispered loud and urgently Im Cumming sooooo goooooooood ………yesssssss Don’t stop. I didn’t but I got an idea.

I shoved two fingers straight up in her dripping pussy hole .At first I didn’t know if I had done something wrong because her eyes opened wide from the squint they were in and her mouth formed the letter O but no sound came out she started trembling from head to toe I kept licking her. Her belly tightened and didn’t release after about probably 30 seconds with her face with that same look and her shaking all over she whispered loudly and quickly I need your dick inside me. …………NOW . I raised up onto my knees and she held her pussy open so I could see her hole I put the head at the entrance and she raised her hips and popped it In She said give it to me hard. I shoved in her hard and bottomed out it felt like silky heaven. It was better than I ever could imagine I could feel the head pushing past her female organs and when that happened I got the look again, the one where her eyes were wide open with a look of panic and her mouth shaped like an O again her belly and tit’s moved up and down in time with my pumping her pussy.she whispered omh my god that dick it so big and hot, it feels sooo gooood .I wanted to suck those titties while I was doing this. I leaned forward and started sucking one It changed the angle my cock was entering her and I was getting up under that pussy and I didn’t know it at the time but I was pounding her g spot. She pulled her legs back farther I decided to help her and pushed her feet next to her ears and started pounding up under that pussy hard. She dug her nails into my back and started whispering a little deliriously, hardly able to get a breathe.

That’s it fuck that pussy hard…………… Make it hurt so good

At that point I was just giving her about 75% of what I could have . I was afraid I would hurt her.now I knew what she wanted I started fucking slamming that pussy. Her toes were curled down tight like I had seen them in the bathroom,when I started fucking her with all my might she said.


I would have stopped if she told me to by that point.

While she was Cumming she started saying

You have to cum baby fuck that cock in me,give me that cum.

And then started repeating c’mon give it me,c’mon give it me,c’mon give it me,over and over again urging me on. The sight of her like that made the cum boil in my balls and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I filled her up . About 5 hard slams more and I was shooting up in her and she knew it .She was looking at me wide eyed and curious while I did. I pumped a few more times another shot my cock was swollen to its Max. I looked down at my cock entering her and her pussy was being stretched open nicely I shot again and watched as some of my cum was pulled out with each stroke when I had cum all I could I pushed up in her hard and laid flat on her not moving. She stroked my hair and said in an out of breath panting voice.

How was it ?

I didn’t move I said in the same voice……….. Great

She giggled.

My cock deflated inside her and I rolled over she rolled over and propped herself on one elbow looking into my eyes.

So tell me the details…… Was it like you thought it would be ?

No it was a lot better.

C’mon tell me what was better than you thought.

Why do you want to know ?

I just like hearing what got to you. ………….it Gets me hot.

Well I liked touching your body I liked when you …….. You know put it in your mouth .. ……I Liked when I did that to you.and most of all I liked……… When I put it inside you.

I liked all of that to,.We can do this anytime the kids aren’t here if you want ?

Yeah I want to. Im spending the night tomorrow night ? How about then ?

She laughed I don’t know everyone will be here. We’ll see.

The next night everyone was asleep when I spent the night . I waited until mike was out of it and made my way upstairs his mom was in the kitchen.

She laughed quietly .I thought you may come up.

She whispered Ok but we have to make this quick and nodded for me to follow.

I followed her down the hall to her room. She shut the door quickly and took off her robe she was naked already and pulled my shorts and boxers down in one motion.She dropped to her knees and start sucking my half hard cock. It was hard almost immediately. When it was she said do you want me to make you come like this or inside of me ? Inside of you.

She said Im a little sore from yesterday try and make it quick OK ? She knelt on the bed and said do it like this.

I got up behind her.she said go easy at first OK ?

I thought you liked it hard ?

She smiled and said I do but I haven’t did this in awhile and Im a little sore from that pounding you gave me yesterday.I don’t need sex all the time like I use to, but I want to help you anytime you need it………… We have a deal remember she smiled. I liked this deal.

I started to push up in her and she let out a sigh slowly you’ll get deeper like this and I haven’t had it like this In awhile.

I pushed in slowly. She said ummmmmm that’s nice. I started fucking her slowly She said Im going to cum, so cum as soon as you can. I started fucking up under that pussy again and the closer I got, the harder I had to fuck her. She whispered yeah that’s it give it to me hard. I leaned up over her and started pounding that pussy.

She said tell me Im a slut and a whore for doing this with you.

Huh ?

Just tell me and fuck me hard.

I kept pounding that pussy stretching it to its Max, moving my ass in circular motion’s so I could stretch it more and then I started saying your such a fucking slut look at you giving your pussy to your son’s friend. She started panting like a dog ha-ha-ha-ha-ha and then whimpered oh god yes ………. Cum in me Im a slut. That did it my cock swelled and she started pushing back to me my thrusts making a loud slapping sound in the room neither of us cared at the moment I said Im going to cum in your slutty nasty pussy ….I Was starting to get into this. When I said that it set her off. She started whispering loudly over and over yesssss—– cum in my nasty pussy — cum in my nasty pussy — cum in my nasty pussy — cum in my nasty pussy. I started to, the upper half of her body collapsed on the bed she was trying to keep me from driving her face into the head board with her hands but it was a battle for her I was fucking her so hard. I could feel that pussy sucking my cock as she came with me. When I was done I just pulled out and she stayed in that position I could see my cum draining out of her in globs.

After a couple minutes she got up and sat on the bed and smiled.

I could get use to this again.

Im already use to it.

She laughed

I wish we could just roll over and go to sleep together but you better go back downstairs.

I know. OK i’ll see you tomorrow. I left

When we got up in the morning mike and I went upstairs his mom was cooking breakfast we sat down and mike said mom what’s wrong ?

Nothing why ?

Your walking with a little limp.

Oh Im just sore and favoring it.

When he turned away she smiled and rolled her eyes at me.

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