Hi I am Pradeep . My wife name is Haasini, age is about 35, beautiful even at this age, and has nice body 36D-29-38. She loves wearing silk saris and sleeveless blouse. She wraps the sari tightly around her body showing her solid 38 ass and 36D boobs prominently.

She wears sleeveless blouse showing her armpits when she raises her hand. I know that all my friend love her ass and the sexy armpits and lusted for her. My friends who are coming to our house regularly addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing house hold work. She moves her ass seductively even in the house and my friends watch her as she walks

moving with her body to catch the glimpses of her fleshy 36-D boobs when she bends. I think my friends must masturbate daily thinking of her boobs, armpits and ass that comes to our house. I am board-minded person and I have a long day’s fantasy to see my wife fucked by my friends by tak!

In their long big cocks in her cunt and anus hole while I watch. I have talked about my sex fantasy with my wife every day night while I fuck her but she refused my proposal saying that it is sin for a married lady to think about any other male. But I love to see her pussy and ass to be licked and fucked by my friends always fascinated by it for years but she was not favor of it and not gives me chance to do so.

My wife Haasini worked as school teacher and one of her male colleagues Santosh used to drop her to the house after the school on his motor cycle. There was nothing to raise doubts in my mind about their relationship, as it was quite a normal thing. I have worked in a private company and had shift duties.

I would have never thought that my wife is becoming a sexy SLUT without my knowledge in between those years if I had not come early from my duties on that day. My children left for their school and Haasini had gone to the school too. I did not expect anybody at home but when I came to the front door I did not see any lock and it was bolted from inside.

I was just wondering who could have been home at this hour of the afternoon. I was about to press the doorbell absorbed in the thoughts when I heard some strange noise. It was sound of moaning and whispering. The moaning was familiar to me because my wife moans in a similar fashion when I fuck her. I wondered who it was.

So out of curiosity I listened and found that the sounds came from our master bedroom. I went cautiously to the bedroom window and tried to see through it. The window was not bolted from inside but the panels were just closed leaving some gap between them. Through the gap I peeked inside and was surprised to see my wife and her colleague, Santosh, in compromising position.

They both were naked and Haasini was lying on the bed naked and Santosh was on top kissing and fondling the two huge globes and my sexy wife was moaning with pleasure. “Oohhh Santosh, Knead my boobs and suck my nipples oh I love it suuussk oohhhh!” my wife was moaning.

First I became very angry and wanted to break the door and kill both of them within no times but within few minute I felt hot and excitement in my body. It was same scene that I had fancied for years.My cock got hard watching all this. My wife was fucking her own colleague. After sucking the boobs Santosh reversed himself so that his hard cock!

Was above the mouth of my wife. He had nice 8 inches cock, which was thick and strong bigger than me. My wife lustily swallowed the entire cock and sucked it hard. I could see her cheeks swell and shrink as she sucked the rod, moving it inside her mouth. Santosh was licking the pussy of Haasini and pushed his tongue inside the hole making her lust for more.

Taking the cock out of her mouth she said, O santosh lick my ass u bastard u slut lover push your tongue inside the ass. Fuck me!” Santosh was encouraged by this and made her kneel on the bed, got behind her and try to put his cock at the dirty ass hole of my wife. Haasini’s boobs were hanging from her body and swayed with the body of hers.

Santosh caught hold of the hanging globes for support, thrusting his cock in her ass. He then spat on the asshole of my wife and on his cock too, for lubrication and pushed it again in the asshole of her. The cock went in easily now. I envied him for fucking the ass of my wife, as I badly!

Wanted to do what he was doing but never permitted by Haasini to do so. He fucked her ass for 10 minutes and then my slut wife was moaning loudly now. “Meri Gand maro jorse chodo. Sala mere pati se mast chod raha hai! Uska lund to chota hai aur meri gand marta nahi sala. Chodo Santosh ohhh gandd mmarroo! Haasini moved her ass back and forth fucking the cock impaled in her ass.

Santosh shouted and came in her ass, fully exhausted and lay on her back, boobs still in his hands. My wife too came and her body and ass jerked. She too lay exhausted. Ooh Santosh lets go! I am afraid someone may come. They got up. Haasini and Santosh started to dress. My wife had his come still in her anus hole; still she dressed putting the sari and all.

I had tremendous erection and wanted to fuck her then and there in her ass. Then slowly I went to main door and pushed the doorbell. Haasini took almost 3-4 minutes to open the door. When I entered I saw Santosh sitting on the couch, sweat running all over his face. My wife had tied the scattered hair into a knot and she too was sweating.

I looked at them and asked my wife. Oh how she was here at this time. “Ooh! Pradeep, we had half day today and so Santosh had come to drop me home and I asked him to take a cup of tea before going. Do you want tea? my wife replied. I said yes. I sat there with Santosh talking to him but I could not forget that the same man had fucked my sexy wife few minutes back.

He looked tense as he talked to me, but I behaved as if I did not see anything. After taking tea he got up and left. I asked my wife why she was so late in opening the door. She could not answer me and looked scared. I did not say anything and went to the master bedroom to see if I can find anything to pin my wife, any evidence of!

The fucking left behind. I saw men’s underwear, blue in color lying below the bed. I took it and went away hiding it. I behaved as if nothing has happened and Haasini too did not suspect anything. So after dinner in night when she came to bed I showed her the Blue underwear Santosh. She lost her color and sat down weeping.

She told me that she was sorry for what had happened and won’t repeat it in future. I said, ” Sali ghar me lund hai aur bahar walo se chudwati hai! Dekho meri friends ne tumbahra gand aur choot per jaan de rahe hai aur tum us luwade se gand marwati ho. Besharam Randi. Listening this my wife looked fearfully at me.

I told her if she would obey me then not to worry about it and I would not give her any punishment for her such sinful act. She agreed to this and looked relieved of the tension.I told her to take leave tomorrow and arrange small party for my friends next day. After talking with Haasini I became happy and then contacted Ranjan by phone.

He was my best friend and we shared many things together. We had discussed about my dream with him many times and he knew my sex fantasy.So I told him. Oh come at 10 am to our home as I have a new plan for fucking my wife. He asked me if my wife have no objection now for fucking with others and how she become agree for it.

I said no, now Haasini deserves to be fucked by whole world. He asked me if I had any difficulties if he would come one of our common friend Jayanta for fucking her too. I said no, I have full plan for their fucking with my wife. He smiled at that and told me to proceed with the plan. He smiled at that and told me to proceed with the plan.

I told him to leave the all things to me and I will definitely arrange their fucking. I also told Ranjan that he must bring Jayanta for the party and they should reach tomorrow at 10am definitely at our home for me! I wanted to fulfill my long waited fantasy in very exiting, sexy and hot ways. That was the idea of calling my two friends fucking with my wife.

Ranjan and Jayanta was expert in fucking. Jayanta dominate in this matter and had 9-inch long cock. Ranjan had 8-inch cock and also was expert in fucking. So on the next day my children were going to school leaving my wife and me alone in the house as we both took casual leave. Haasini and I were in the house.

My wife was asking what I was going to do to her, but I did not tell her anything and just smiled. I told her to wear sleeveless blouse and tight sari, showing her naval and belly button. I asked her not to wear any Bra or Panties on that day. She protested but complied due to fear. So at 10 am Ranjan and Jayanta arrived.

As they were our old friends Haasini knew them very well. So after formal greetings I told Haasini to serve the tea to all. She brought the tea and snacks from kitchen and served all of us. We are sitting on our drawing room. After formal discussion I asked to Haasini openly in front of our friends chalo aapne kapade utaaro aur mere friends ko aapni moti gand aur boor dikhao.”

My wife became wondered after hearing my direct proposal.She did not expect such behavior and talking from me. She looked at me in fearing eyes. But I told her to follow my instructions other wise she would put in trouble for her fucking with Santosh, may be she face divorce from me. Hearing my words she got up and stood still in the middle of the room looking with shame in her eyes.

I got up and pulled the pallo of her sari and removed it, pulling it away from her body. Now she stood with only the blouse and the petticoat.Her boobs and ass were very seductive. Ranjan told me to push her onto his lap and then open her blouse. She fell on Ranjan’s lap and I went to her opening her blouse. Ranjan felt her big ass on his lap and started to fondle it.

“Dekho Pradeep tumbhar patni ki gand kitni moti hai ohh mere lund par gand rakh di hai.” Saying so he opened the knot of her petticoat and pushed it down exposing the top of her ass cheeks. By this time I had removed her blouse and was fondling my wife’s 36D boobs. Ranjan asked her to stand and remove the petticoat and blouse too.

As she rise her arms, we saw her armpits and Jayanta immediately put his mouth there and started to lick the sweat in them. I came up to her and pushed her petticoat down, sliding from the plump round ass. Now she stood before us, completely naked and tried to cover her boobs by folding her arms over it. Ranjan ordered Haasini to unzip his pants, pull out his cock,

and suck him until he was hard which she obediently did. We saw Ranjan’s cock erecting slowly. Ranjan enjoyed it too much and moaned slowly Ohhhhhhhhhh. After she had sucked him hard, he grabbed one of her tits, and licked and sucked it clean ending up with gently biting her big hard nipple. This made my wife sexier and she started to shake her body.

After that Jayanta slowly moved his finger into her pussy from behind and began to rub her pussy. Then I asked my wife to open Jayanta’s pant and make him naked. Haasini bent and put her hand on his pants to remove them, but stopped with shame. I went to her and put her hands over the zip of Jayanta’s pant and she obediently removed his pant and freed his hard cock.

Then Jayanta told her to suck his cock. Me too removed my clothes and became ready for taking over the actions. After a while I told her to come and suck me and once I was really hard. I ordered her to knell down on the floor and take turn sucking us until we re-ready for dessert.

Jayanta slapped her ass and told her to raise her hands above her head so that he will be able to lick her armpits. Ranjan spat in Haasini’s armpits and asked Jayanta to put his cock in there and fuck. Jayanta put his cock in her wet armpits and started to explore it with the cock. The small hair there tickled his cock and I watched that Jayanta

could keep more than half of his cock well lodged in my wife’s armpits. Now Ranjan pressed her arm closing the pit over his cock and asked Jayanta to fuck. Now Ranjan was stroking his cock watching all this action. Jayanta had fucked in armpit of my wife vigorously and came, washing the armpits with his come.

His come trickled from the sides of my wife and what a sight! I told Ranjan and Jayanta to rub their cocks in that come and spread it on my wife body. I could see my wife shiver with the touch of two cocks and the rubbing of come on her body. Now my cock started to harden more and more. Ranjan told me to!

Show them the big boobs of my wife. So I took each boob in my hand and showed them how big these were. Oooh your wife has lots of milk in her jugs Pradeep. Press them hard and squeeze out the milk for us. Ranjan said. I squeezed the boobs and found some thin liquid come out of it. I licked it and it was sweet.

I rubbed the nipples and more of it came out and sprayed on my mouth. Haasini had milk in those boobs. How I remembered that she had been admitted in hospital a month back to get an abortion and from that time her boobs looked fuller than before. Ranjan was delighted at the sight of the milk coming out and we both suckled on the boobs of my wife.

We invited Jayanta too and he also drank the milk from my wife’s breasts. After satisfying ourselves with armpits and boobs I told Ranjan to concentrate on her ass and pussy. He told that he wanted her ass to be fucked first. He ordered my wife to bend forward and show us the ass hole by spreading it with her own hands. Ran!

Jan had nice imagination and I loved what he said. Haasini looked at me and I looked at her. The look of shame had vanished from her eyes and I could see LUST in her eyes now. She bent and taking her hands behind caught her ass cheeks and spread them to show us her own ass hole. She spoke for the first time, Oh Come on fuck me. Meri boor chodo,gand maro.

Tumhare friends ka lund bhi dalo meri gand mein aur choot mein. Muzako maat tadapao meri gaand maro chato muze! Ranjan aur Jayanta ka 9 inch lund gand me aur choot mein dalo ! Mai tumhari randi hu chodoooo mujhe!” Ranjan told me to lick her ass hole and he told Jayanta to give his dick for my wife to suck.

I hurriedly went and put my mouth to Haasini’s ass hole and sniffed it. It had nice dirty shitty smell and I could also smell the stale sweat on her ass. Jayanta went to my wife and pushed his 8 inches cock in her mouth. The slut greedily swallowed the whole thing and sucked on the dick. Ranjan was watching this and. Rubbing his lovely cock making it ready for my wife to take.

Then Ranjan asked me to take my wife to our master bedroom and put on bed. I carried my wife in my hands and laid her on our double bed on her back. My wife then spread her legs wide open inviting us to fuck her hard. Ranjan came between her thighs, lifted Haasini’s legs on his shoulder and pushed his 9 inches cock in her cunt.

Ranjan’s cock went easily up to the hilt. Then Jayanta went to the face of my wife and offered her prick to her opened mouth.My sexy wife swallowed Jayanta’s cock easily. I got up and watched the show and my already hard cock swelled more. I took my wife’s toes and started to lick them while she sucked a cock and fucked another.

It tickled her and she jerked her feet with the sensation of my tongue on her toes. Ranjan asked me if I wanted to fuck wife too. I told him yes let her take all the cocks in her holes. Then Ranjan withdraw his big cock from my wife pussy and told Jayanta to lie down on the bed, we lifted Haasini up spread her legs!

Wide and slowly lowered her pussy down over Jayanta’s cock until it completely disappeared inside her. We slowly moved her up and down on Jayanta’s huge cock until it was too much to watch and Ranjan got behind her and slowly pushed his cock inside her ass while I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. Now all we three were fucking her in her three holes.

After some time we wanted to change the position. So Ranjan lay on his back and asked Haasini to ride his cock and suck Jayanta. He then positioned me at the ass and asked me to fuck the ass of my wife I had lusted so far. I immediately pushed my cock in the asshole of my wife and it went in easily. I could feel Ranjan’s cock lodged inside the pussy of my wife.

We both fucked Haasini’s asshole and pussy and Jayanta fucked her mouth. First to come was Jayanta and he shot come in the oral cavity of my wife and taking his cock out sprayed some on her face and boobs. I took my hand and spread all that come over Haasini’s! Face and boobs. Oh she loved it.

I felt my wife’s body jerk and move below me on Ranjan’s cock swallowing all of it in her pussy. “Fuck me you bastards. Fuck me I want cocks of my husband and his friends. Bring more cocks you bastards. Fuck me, fuck my pussy and asssssss! I am ccomm ingg!” and my wife came. I felt her pussy oozing on Ranjan’s cock and her ass hole relaxing on my cock.

Sensing her come Ranjan spurted his come in my wife’s pussy and I could feel his cock twitch while he came. I too came and deposited come in wife ass. My wife loved it and her body went limp and her eyes shut. We all took rest.

We felt our bladders full and so all of us went to the bathroom. After pissing and bathing each others we came out and dressed. I thanked Ranjan and Jayanta for fucking my wife and making her free and open to a new world of enjoyment. My wife too kissed them and rubbed their dicks before they left.

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