Let me narrate the story of my friend, Ashok (name changed), aged 26, six footer, with robust athlete’s built, very handsome working in an MNC in their marketing division in Chennai. After the week end with his parents in the village he was returning to Chennai

in his Bullet motor bike when he met with an accident and fell down unconscious in the road, his heavy bike falling on his left leg. He had multiple fracture in his leg. A good samaritan lifted the fallen bike, extricated Ashok from beneath,

collected his laptop, brief case and papers and wallet and took him to a hospital in Chennai and left him in the casualty explaining the accident, all the articles recovered from the site. The hospital people found that his life is not in danger,

got his leg x rayed and the damage due to the accident was assessed. Since it as a hit and run accident they reported the matter to the police, but proceeded to revive him and informed his parents and the employers about the accident, from the addressed found in the brief case.

His friends rushed to the hospital, identified him and asked the hospital authorities to give him the best of treatment whatever may be the cost. The money bundles found in the brief case was intact. In the meantime his parents arrived and they took possession of his articles and asked

him to be kept in a separate a/c room. The surgery needed to correct the damage done to be bones took lot of time. Ashok who recovered consciousness and asked for his laptop. The doctors and the nurses took special care during surgery and his leg was put on cast

and he was shifted to a deluxe room with a full time nurse to take care of his needs. Visitors were restricted and even his parents were allowed to visit only during evening visiting time. He was put on pain killers and sedatives.

Radhika, a 20 year old, beautiful nurse was given charge to take care of him. She was there in the surgery room when his surgery was taking place and she was one of nurses asked to prepare him for the surgery.

When his pants and underwear were removed, the nurses present were astonished to see his 7 inch cock and the balls. When they were asked shave off the public hair, Radhika’s hands quivered and she asked her friend Renu to do the task.

Renu could start the task but somehow their touch made his cock to get an erection and the girls were scared. They already had leaking from their pussy and somehow they completed the job for fear of reprimand from the doctors.

After shaving him off completely they ran their hands in the shaven area and enjoyed the rigidity of the erect mast. Poor Ashok was unaware of the tortures he inflicted on their poor girls. After successful completion of the surgery, he as lying totally nude in the bed,

covered only by a cotton sheet and his contours were clearly visible outside. Radhika was asked to monitor his pulse and breathing rates and record it at regular intervals. When he is in deep sleep she used to insert her hand inside the sheet and hold his cock softly.

If there is no sign of awakening she used to remove the sheet partially and look at the object with great interest and pull back the skin to see the colour of the glans. The problem is the object was so mischivous that mere touch by the nurse made it pulsate

and start to increase in size. Radhika was scared that the patient should not know that she is enjoying at the cost of his helplessness. Sometime when he is awake he used to ask her to help him to urinate.

She will bring the vessel for the collection of urine and gently lift his cock and place it in the vessel. But Ashok cannot urinate when she is looking at him or at his cock. He used to ask her to go away from near him so that he may urinate in peace.

She used to smile at his discomfiture but cooperate with him well. He liked her looks and he picked up small talk with her. She also liked to watch his face when he talked. He used to ask her to place his laptop on his chest so that he may browse with his wireless connection.

She was not familiar with computers and least of all with laptops or internet. She never peeped to see what he is looking at in the screen. One day she happened to see that a porno site was displayed in the screen. She was aghast.

Can such things ever happen, or atleast be shown publicly in the computer. When he sensed that there is another interested observer, he called her near and asked her to see in his presence. She noticed his cotton wrap was in a tent formation.

She was shy at first to come near him. Ashok called her and sit near him and watch. It was a porno video where the girl gave the man a blowjob and then the man was licking her cunt and clit. Ashok allowed his hand to stray over Radhika and touch her boobs.

With all the clumsy nurses’s clothes it was difficult for him to get near the boob. He asked her to hold his cock in her hands. Radhika immediately obeyed him and saw his cock in broad day light in full erection.

She could not resist the temptation to lick the tip of the cock where a drop of precum was shining. She opened her mouth wide and took the cock in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it. In the meantime Ashok’s hand was groping under her skirt and reached her panty.

She held her legs wide to give him more room. He inserted his fingers into her panty and reached her cleanshaven cunt area. His left hand was holding the laptop from falling, right hand feeling the tenderness of her cunt, when his cock was trying to get deeper into her throat.

Too much of rubbing of the clit brought a uncontrollable sensation of orgasm and she allowed the cock go deeper into her throat and having been chocked, she coughed and lifted her head. She saw a vigorous fucking session going on in the laptop screen.

She has not seen such a scene although she had a fucking experience with her cousin, it was with fear and not with pleasure she went through it. When Ashok’s fingers were busy in her cunt, she watched with great interest the fucking scene where the girl straddled him

and was moaning and hissing and crying with pleasure. Finally Radhika looked at her watch and told him to keep quiet since the doctor may come at any moment for his rounds. Ashok closed the laptop and asked Radhika to arrange pillows to cover his erection.

She went to the bathroom and adjusted her dress to cover up the disarray. After about 15 minutes the doctor and the nurses came on routine check up and since everything was progressing in the normal course they left immediately.

Since the routine ritual is over, Radhika was relieved and went and bolted the door She told Ashok that they cannot have such wild session during day time and that it is just the third day and they have another twenty days to go.

They have to be careful not to attract the attention of the doctors. Ashok agreed provided she gives him a french kiss. She agreed on condition that her dress should not be disheveled. She told him that she will give him blowjob whenever possible to relieve him of the sexual tension.

The day went on peacefully. It was Renu who has to attend on him in the night. Renu was equally charming girl of 20 with very good charming features. Radhika did not want to go but what to do, duty is only for the day and somebody has to work for night duty.

She left murmuring some secrets to Renu. Ashok had some porridge for supper and some fruits. Renu brought the urine collector to help him to pass the urine. Ashok’s cock was in erection and it wont bend to get into the urine collector vessel. Renu could not control her mirth.

Why you are not able to pass urine, she asked. He said there is some block, just take it in your mouth and suck it so that the block may come off. Renu said ok and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

She felt some pleasurable sensation and her panty was getting we with viscous fluids. Suddenly Ashok shot his cum into her mouth. Poor Renu did not expect it. Her mouth was full of cum and in the frenzy of sucking she swallowed the whole thing.

After the last drop also shot into her mouth his cock came out of her mouth. She looked at it in satisfaction. He asked her to place the urine vessel and he passed the urine in ample quantity into the vessel. He asked her to clean the tip with a tissue, which she did.

He asked her to keep it in her mouth for some more time. Renu pulled a chair, sat on it and laid her head on his thighs and took his limp cock in her mouth. How handsome the fellow is she thought. He asked her to get his laptop and he asked her to come and sit near him and watch

the screen. The porno video with the blow job and cunt licking scenes sent shock waves through Renu. His hand went inside her panty and pulled it down and groped her cunt and clit. Renu, wide eyed amazement saw the fucking scene in the screen.

The girl was enjoying the fucking. Ashok’s middle finger went deep into the cunt of Renu. To take out a boob out of the nurse’s dress is difficult, but to access the cunt is easy. Ashok’s fingers got busy with her tiny clit and deep inside her hole insearch of the g spot.

Renu was jumping with pleasure. She was very close to her orgasm. She wanted his cock in her mouth very badly. She stretched her body so much to reach the cock while allowing him to meddle with her clit. Finally the orgasm came.It came like a torrent.

It was the first time she was experiencing such a massive orgasm. It took time to subside. Ashok asked her to get on top of him with her legs on either side of him and take his cock inside her cunt. She said no, no, how can I, you have a fracture in the leg.

He said dont touch my leg, just climb up I will show you. She climbed up, and lowered herself on his cock. He guided his cock into her hole and asked her to press down to take his cock inside. Renu, did it clumsily but after two or three attempts she was successful

and it went inside half way. By some more pressure it went fully inside and it was a tight fitting arrangement. He made her move up and down slowly and she was in seventh heaven. It took solid ten minutes of fucking for them to reach orgasm simultaneously. Renu was all in ecstacy.

It was past midnight. She got up much against her wishes and jumped to the floor and went to the bathroom to clean herself. Before her duties are over she did it once more and Ashok did not sleep at all. He has to keep something for the day duty nurse, Radhika.

Twenty one days of hospitalisation ended at the end of twentyone days. Ashok feigned pain so that he may stay there for some more days. Radhika during day time and Renu during night time gave him heavenly pleasure.

They straddled him and fucked him, they straddled his face and made him to lick and suck their clits. Both the girls exchanged notes and knew what the other is doing.

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