I am a girl in my twenties and this experience is about Sibling sex or what we call incest. This whole incident revolves around me (Haasini), my sister Silvia Didi and my brother Vittesh Bhaiya. I do not have to say that names are changed because that is most obvious thing, but truly speaking each and everything written here except names is true.

That day I was really very happy, my elder sister was coming home on a bit long holidays as she use to come just for a day or two in the past. Not only that, day after her arrival was my brother’s arrival scheduled. My brother was around three years elder than me and Silvia Didi was the eldest among us and she was around two years elder than Vittesh Bhaiya.

I was the youngest child of my parents. After long time we all were getting together for reasonably long time. Vittesh Bhaiya was living in one of the major city of Maharashtra as he was working there, and Silvia Didi was working in another city of Maharashtra which was closer to Vittesh Bhaiya’s working town,

can say a four hour distance by road and both of them use to reside in there working towns and I was pursuing my B.A final year living with my parents in a reasonably big city of UP. Among two of them I was really very close to my sister Silvia Didi and always followed her from my childhood as my ideal, she is intelligent and smart.

Age difference between me and Silvia Didi was of around five years, even then we were very close and frank but there was a limit which was unsaid. We use to talk to each other on all subjects, and on sex as well sometime on our period dates and sometimes on post marital sex and about the pain which we were suppose to bear and sometimes she use to crack kinky jokes on me saying like,

“dekhna tu to apni suhagraat per rou padegi” and Vittesh Bhaiya was our brother and we always took him in that way only. As both of my parents were working and after departure of my brother and sister I was getting habituate of spending time alone. We all were at very sensitive age as far as sex was concerned and I don’t know about them, means my brother and sister,

I use to masturbate some times and was having ordinary thinking and fantasies about sex which guys and girls have at that age. Sometimes it seemed good to me and sometimes I felt it as a filthy thing. As I said I was very close to my sister in the past and because of her job we were not in touch in that way and most of the time we spoke to each other on phone and after a long time we were getting together.

Finally Silvia Didi arrived, I decided to miss my collage for few days and while doing routine work we were continuously chit chatting. Our parents took leave and we spent whole day together while doing all types of conversations, like her professional life, her way of living in that town, my studies, bit about our dates and also few words about sex.

She talked to Vittesh Bhaiya and informed her that she has reached and once again asked his schedule and finally day came to an end and we slept together in the night again after chit chatting till late night. Everything was normal and casual and I was enjoying my time with her.

Next day in the afternoon Vittesh Bhaiya arrived and we all got together after a long time and we had lunch together and watched TV for some time and chit chatted during that and slept for some time in the living room only on the carpet. In evening we played Badminton in the campus of our apartment and gradually day came to an end and this time along with us our parents were also there.

Problem which we faced at that time was that we had only two bedrooms which were inhabitable and third room was converted into storeroom. Earlier that room was of Vittesh Bhaiya but after his going away we made that room store room. So mutually we three decided that anyone of us will sleep on the sofa. Once again normal chats and bit of television happened in dinner time.

Around 10:30 a particular English movie started and it was already seen by Vittesh Bhaiya and Silvia Didi and both of them praised that movie a lot and we all started watching that movie and finally our parents went to sleep around eleven as they were suppose to go to there jobs in the morning. Now only we three were left and apart from watching movie simultaneously Vittesh Bhaiya was busy on laptop too,

sitting very far from me on the dinning table, and every thing seemed normal, the thing which took my attention was, Silvia was going there on frequent intervals and couple of times I saw her smiling while looking at screen without speaking a word and while standing close to each other Vittesh Bhaiya and Silvia Didi was talking to each other in a very low voice and were conscious about my presence.

This thing took my attention and my mind got diversified. Once something happened which I could not see as they were somewhat behind me and I was facing television but result of that thing was a slap on Vittesh Bhaiya’s back head, which Silvia Didi smacked. Though I asked with a smile “kya hua” but Silvia Didi ignored saying anything about that.

After around one hour from the time movie started Vittesh Bhaiya got up and said that he is going to sleep, as he was also suppose to go somewhere for picnic with his friends very early in the morning for the whole day and for that Silvia Didi said, “haan tu so jaa bedroom mein, hum dono to abhi movie dekhenge”. Vittesh Bhaiya went inside to sleep.

After some more time, may be after 15-20 minutes Silvia Didi also pretended to be sleepy and spoke to me, “Haasini tu so jaayegi sofe pe, main jaaoon sone”? As I was already bit occupied with there thoughts I could not speak anything except OK. Once again Silvia Didi insisted me to see the whole movie saying, “tu movie end tak dekhna, isska end bahut achha hai”.

And after a minute Silvia Didi also took a leave and now I was alone in the living room and truly speaking I was not at all focused on the movie. After few more minutes of thinking about them I realized that I have forgotten to take my particular pillow and sheet to cover myself and for that I got up and walked towards the bedroom.

Don’t know why I was bit conscious to make any audible noise and I walked bare footed and as I reached closer to the door, I heard Silvia Didi’s voice saying, “Stop it, maar khayega mujhse”. I became conscious and stood there only to hear something more but could not hear anything. After few minutes of extreme silence I knocked the door and Silvia Didi opened the door after few seconds.

As such scene inside the room was normal but for me it was enough to prove that something is fishy. Vittesh Bhaiya was sleeping facing away from the door and Silvia Didi was trying to control her smile and her hairs were bit spread. I remained silent and politely asked for my pillow and sheet and after taking that I came out in bit of confusion.

Truly speaking I didn’t have any doubt that something was going on in the room which is not normal, first thing was that why Silvia Didi bolted the door from inside, we never bolted our door except while changing and above that why Vittesh Bhaiya pretended sleeping when he was awake just a minute before my knock.

I came back to living room and tried to focus on movie but I think that is the most difficult task to do for anyone when something like this is happening around. I sat there for some time in confusion in deciding that what I have to do. Finally I decided to peep inside the room through window. I moved in the thin passage which is there outside that room’s window.

Silently I stood near the window and tried to hear what is going on inside the room, but I was unable to understand anything except recognized giggle of Silvia didi, and Vittesh Bhaiya was also responding in same fashion and I could hear his voice too but I could not understand what they were talking.

I tried to peep inside but curtain was on, but it was matter of coincident that curtain on the other end was bit off, I moved silently to the other end on my knees and fore arms because cloth of curtain was very thin and my impression could be noticeable. Anyways I tried to peep from that end and I got bit successful to see inside,

I could not see the whole room from there but more or less I could see the whole bed as it is placed next to window but bit away from the wall. Silvia didi was sitting on bed resting on her elbow and Vittesh Bhaiya was laying on the other side and both of them were talking, I could not hear anything but I could see that Silvia didi was smiling continuously.

As such I could not smell anything bad from that scene but I wanted to know that why Bhaiya pretended himself sleeping when he was well awake, and next moment I got my answer, everything was not at all normal. Silvia didi got up and switched off the light, as she got up and moved Bhaiya said something for which Silvia didi said “No”

I could read her lips this time, finally she switched off the light and everything went dark, I got bit disappointed but just after few seconds light got on and it was Vittesh Bhaiya who was standing near the switchboard and he came back to his side. Once again Silvia didi got up to switch off the light and once again Vittesh Bhaiya switched it on.

They were in tussle, Silvia didi wanted to switch off the light on the other hand Vittesh Bhaiya needed light in the room and next time when Silvia didi got up to switch it off, Vittesh Bhaiya got up and quickly got behind Silvia didi and in a fraction he drifted her lower down to her feet. Silvia didi’s ass mounds packed in tight panty came in vision, it just happened so quickly that I could not think that what is happening.

Though I was expecting something like that only, that is why I was standing there, even then I was shocked and this act shocked Silvia didi too but her shock was not of that kind, her reaction was not of the kind as this has happened with her for the first time, rather she smiled and smacked Vittesh Bhaiya on his shoulder and spoke something and further tried to lift her lower but Vittesh Bhaiya was unstoppable,

he stopped Silvia didi from lifting her lower, next moment he lifted his elder sister leaving her lower there only and took her to bed and immediately took off Didi’s t-shirt and now Silvia didi was just in bra and panty. Vittesh Bhaiya came on her top and tried to kiss her and after bit of fumble from Silvia Didi’s side they started kissing like lovers.

I could not believe, my brother and my sister were lost in something which was sin. They were doing something which lovers do, and I was watching them, Vittesh Bhaiya and Silvia Didi kissed for maximum couple of minutes, and Vittesh Bhaiya move down to his sister’s body and continued loving his sister on her neck and next moment he was holding

Silvia Didi’s big breasts and squeezed them in passion and made Silvia didi moan in pleasure, though I could not hear her, even then I could feel her pleasure as it can be seen on her face. I was standing somewhere on there head. Vittesh Bhaiya lifted Silvia didi’s bra and took it off in a second or two,

her boobs came out and that popping out of her fair milky jugs made Vittesh Bhaiya insane and next second he started sucking them and Silvia didi’s pleasure went double and she moaned nicely and this time I heard bit of it, even they got conscious after that as they knew that I am awake outside, but that thing could not stop them and Vittesh Bhaiya

continued undressing his sister and after sucking of few minutes he went further down on Silvia didi and drifted down her Panty too and now Silvia didi was totally naked in front of her younger brother and next moment her younger brother started eating her cunt and Silvia didi simply jumped in pleasure and could not control her pleasure moan for a second and enjoyed her brother’s lips and tongue on her fuckhole,

Vittesh Bhaiya continued sucking Silvia didi and after couple of minutes he stood and pushed down is lower and jockey in one go and now he was naked in front of his sister with long erect cock and seemed very excited. Everything was happening so quickly that I could not think anything, I was scared, even then I was standing there to see more,

from my perspective whatever was happening between my brother and sister was absolutely wrong and unethical but I don’t know why I was not reacting on that and I was waiting for next thing to happen and next thing was nothing except the penetration of my sister’s fuckhole by my brother itself.

Next moment Vittesh Bhaiya folded Silvia didi’s legs to enter his cock in her cunt, but Silvia didi stopped him and spoke something in excitement and Vittesh Bhaiya got up from bed and took out something from his jeans and it was condom. My eyes were stuck on my brother’s hard cock. It was big and for me it was totally new perception to look at my brother.

First time in my life I was seeing male penis and that is of my brother, who was going to fuck my sister itself and my sister was eagerly waiting for that to happen, like me she was also looking at his rod as Vittesh Bhaiya was covering his rod with a rubber and just in a minute, he was ready to fuck his sister.

Finally he sat between Silvia didi’s legs and parted them holding her fleshy thighs and leaned over Silvia didi holding his rod pointing straight to her hole and next moment his rod disappeared between Silvia Didi’s legs, though I could not see my sister’s cunt getting stuffed from there but I could feel the penetration in her fuckhole from Silvia didi’s facial expressions.

Silvia didi grabbed Vittesh Bhaiya in her arms and next moment Vittesh Bhaiya’s hips flexed in pumping motion and he started fucking his and my sister. Both of them were getting mad in lust and the way both my sister and my brother were enjoying each other sexually it was clear that they were not doing this for the first time;

I was getting sure that they are in regular practice of this and into this relation from long, from how long I didn’t knew. Vittesh Bhaiya did not lasted for long, neither Silvia didi could control herself and with in five minutes both were about to reach at there peek and it just happened next moment.

Silvia Didi grabbed her brother even tighter and moaned nicely in control and Vittesh Bhaiya also went deep in his sister’s fuckhole with a jerk and shivered a bit and hollowed her cum deep inside her love hole. They rested for few minutes side by side after flushing filled condom and finally Silvia didi got up and started wearing clothes and Vittesh Bhaiya

tried to stop her but she spoke something and pointed her finger towards the door. That was hint for me that she is going out to see me. I moved back to my place silently. When Silvia didi came out of the room, she was fully back in her clothes, but I could see the change in facial expressions, she seemed bit more happy after that lovely fuck which she got from her younger brother,

it could be physiological at my end, just because I knew that she has just gone through a fuck I was feeling that change on her face. My heart was beating high but as such I could not see any odd expressions on Silvia Didi’s face, no guilt feeling and nothing like being conscious. She was holding glass of water in her hand and pretending as if she has came out to drink water,

though she was here just to see me, that what I am doing and intentionally I tried to pretend that I am sleepy. Silvia Didi talked to me about movie and again said that she is sleepy and she is going back to her bed and once again said good night to me in addition to that she said if you are sleepy then sleep,

this movie will come again on television in the morning and I said ok to it and tried to look into her eyes, but as such there was no guilt feeling in her, neither she was hesitant to talk to me, actually she didn’t knew that I know the whole truth about her and my brother. Silvia Didi went again to her room.

I tried to sleep but I could not, I was uneasy with a thought that once again Silvia Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya will be fucking and I am not seeing them. I was leaking in my panty, I think that fear was disappearing and I was feeling bit horny and wanted to see more, I touch my slit, it was getting sensitive every second and I could not control myself thinking about my sister and brother.

I waited for some time, tried to stop myself but finally got up to see them again. As I reached to the window again and peeped inside, fortunately light was on again and the scene inside was even more hornier, Vittesh Bhaiya was sitting on bed and Silvia Didi was sitting on floor, on her knees and she was sucking Bhaiya’s hard meat and as such I could not see any hesitation among them while doing that act.

I was standing on the back of Silvia Didi and could see her just in Panty sitting on floor and Vittesh Bhaiya was totally naked and I could see his face, his eyes were closed and he was enjoying getting sucked by his elder sister. Though I could not hear anything but I could feel his moans, couples of times he held Silvia Didi’s head and made her suck with bit of speed in excitement.

After few minutes Vittesh Bhaiya stopped Didi and got up from the bed, Didi too got up from the floor and spreading her legs she lied down on the bed after taking off her panty, Vittesh Bhaiya took out another condom and covered his rod and before entering, he kneeled down for a minute to suck his sister’s fuck hole and finally came on Silvia Didi and wrapped her legs around his waist and entered inside her cunt with a sudden push,

this time Silvia Didi cried in bit of pain and I heard that cry a bit. Once again my brother and sister started fucking and now I could see my sister’s cunt getting stuffed, Silvia Didi’s fuckhole was stretched to the maximum as my brother was having monster in size and Silvia didi was enjoying that monster deep inside her.

Vittesh Bhaiya was fucking her nicely, with a steady speed. Vittesh Bhaiya’s hips pumped and swung back and forth, each skewering thrust was probing Silvia Didi’s cunt. Bhaiya rolled his hips savagely and Didi gasped and moaned as his long and thick cock ran into her cunt from all angles.

Silvia Didi’s cunt also ran up and down to the length of his shaft, impaling itself on Bhaiya’s cock repeatedly for two three times. Gradually there speed increased and I understood that once again they are going towards the height of sexual explosion. They both were moaning but in very much control, I could hear them a bit but I wanted to hear them clearly as I was also getting crazy,

I went closer to the window and concentrated on there words, Silvia Didi was in extreme pleasure and she was getting out of her own control, I could hear her voice somewhat clearly, “Oh god oh ma unhh ohhh unhh ohhh unhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh oh yes Ohhhhh yes Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god yes… fuck me ohhh yes yes… fuck me… fuck me… oh yes… fuck… fuck it hard!”

Silvia Didi was dying in pleasure and finally she clenched Vittesh Bhaiya’s back with her nails wrapped her thighs even tighter and spoke again “Vittesh Chodd mujhe……Jorse chodd” with in few seconds Silvia Didi orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat swamped her. Vittesh Bhaiya was magnificent in what he was doing,

he went on fucking his sister hard through her orgasm and that thing was making Silvia Didi more shiver in pleasure and she was trying to stop Vittesh Bhaiya by holding him hard between her hands and thighs which were tightly wrapped around his waist, but Vittesh Bhaiya continued pumping Silvia Didi’s fuckhole with somewhat same passion and finally Didi spoke

in shuddering voice” stop it……. stop it….. Vittesh….. Vittesh…. Please stop…… stop”. Next moment Vittesh Bhaiya also met his peek and shivered a bit while emptying his load into Silvia Didi’s fuckhole. Both of them were totally exhausted, I could feel there condition from there. This fuck session lasted for long time as compared to first one and I could see,

it pleasured them more and for me even it was a better watch then the earlier one. Vittesh Bhaiya went inside the toilet to flush the condom, and Silvia Didi wore her cloths and entered in the toilet after Vittesh Bhaiya’s arrival and once again my eyes were stuck on his cock, though it was limping a bit by now but that was enough for me to stare at.

I was totally wet inside in my panty, like never before. Finally both Silvia Didi settled down on bed on there sides after talking a bit, which I could not hear. I moved back to my place and lied down on the sofa after switching off the television. I was uneasy for the whole night and more or less I was awake till morning.

My mental state was really very strange, I was bit scared with a thought that what will happen when our parents will come to know about this, above that more than fear I was horny and could not take out my hand from my panty. Suddenly this whole episode initiated some kind of extreme anxiety into my body;

I was bit jealous of Silvia Didi and somewhere in a fractional corner of my brain I was also getting desperate to experience this. As far as my age was concerned I was big enough to do all this but I was lacking in guts, again and again I was thinking about the reaction of my parents on this matter, that is, what will happen when they will come to know this.

But as we all know of all the worldly passions, lust is the most intense passion and finally I surrendered and that night I masturbated thrice in a row, fantasizing that Vittesh Bhaiya is fucking me and truly speaking it was maximum number of masturbations for me in one day till now.

Though after masturbating I was having a bit of guilt feeling but that feeling also surrendered in front of this heavenly passion of fucking and I enjoyed every time I cummed fantasizing about me and Vittesh Bhaiya. When I got up in the morning, a bit late, everything seemed normal to me as nobody knew anything about what I have seen last night.

For a fraction even when I recalled last night’s incident it seemed dream to me, as if I was dreaming about my sister and brother in that way, but gradually I was back in reality. Mom and dad were almost ready to leave for office, Vittesh Bhaiya was already out on his schedule, and he was suppose to come very late in night or may be in the morning.

I was alone in the house with my sister and my behavior was not at all normal. I was trying to see in her eyes, but Silvia Didi was absolutely normal and couple of times she asked me “what” when I was staring at her, but I ignored, I was unable to gather that much of courage to talk to her about that, about her relation with our brother.

Through out the day till afternoon, Silvia Didi was trying to talk to me, about different things, about her office work, about yesterday’s movie and about lot more things and I was responding to her but very differently, even after trying a lot I was unable to behave normal and my brain was stuck in last nights thoughts, the way Vittesh Bhaiya was fucking Silvia Didi

and the way Silvia Didi was moaning while getting sucked and fucked and the way she was sucking her brother’s hard cock. Through out life I have seen many types of sins and heard about many types of unethical acts but this type of unethical thing never came in my mind, where one brother was fucking his real sister,

like he would have fucked his wife and moreover that sister was also enjoying and seemed in indescribable pleasure while getting fucked, I could not believe that I have seen Silvia Didi in an intimate position with her own brother, with the one who addresses her Didi from his childhood and so many times, rather from so many years she is tying RAKHI on his wrist.

Everything seemed messed up to me, but a bit horny too and I was leaking in my panty since morning. I masturbated in the shower and wore fresh clothes, but my panty was in its worse condition even after that. Finally after lunch we came in the bedroom and Silvia Didi bought Vittesh Bhaiya’s Laptop along with her,

after login she got up and took out one DVD from her hand bag and smiled a bit while looking at me and spoke, “blue film dekhegi”? I remained silent and tried to read her mind, she instantly came on bed and inserted the disc into the laptop and spoke again, “tunne dekhi hai kabhi blue film” I said “nahi, tum kahan se layi ho”? (no, from where you got this),

Didi said, XYZ(name of the town) se, dekhni hai,” I did not answered her question; don’t know why I was trying to read her face, staring at her. But Silvia didi was hardly concerned with my mental state. She played the movie and once again she looked at me and spoke, “dekh, ye sab hota hai, shaadi ke baad”.

Movie was ordinary, a man with a big cock was fucking a girl of may be mid twenties, Silvia Didi was watching that movie and in between use to stare at me for a second or two with a smile. Finally I gathered some courage and spoke with a throbbing heart, “Didi tum Vittesh bhaiya ke saath sex karti ho na”?

Didi immediately turned to see me, and her facial expressions were totally changed, and after staring at me for few seconds she said, “haan,…….. tune raat ko dekha tha na?, window se? I said “haan” again she said, “Mujhe lagga tha ki koi window pe hai”. Then with a pause in requesting tone she spoke again “Haasini tu please kisi ko battana matt”,

I was looking into her eyes, Didi was bit scared, I spoke again, “Didi tum pagal ho, Vittesh to bhai hai hamara, agar kisi ko patta chal gaya to”? Silvia Didi spoke again in the same requesting tone, “dekh Haasini agar tu nahi bolegi to kisi ko patta nahi chalega”. I spoke again, “Didi main kisi ko nahi bolungi, par tum ye kaam dobara matt karna, mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai”,

then after few seconds I spoke again, “Didi promise karo ki tum dobara nahi karogi”, Silvia Didi was looking into my eyes and spoke again in the same fashion, “Haasini tu wo sab chhod,… tu bass kisi ko matt bolna warna main sucide kar loongi”. “Lekin Didi tumne aisa kiya kyon, matlab tumhe darr nahi lagga” I further asked her.

She looked down in disappointment and said, “bas yaar ho gaya, Vittesh wahan aaya tha apne office ke kisi kaam se, aur mere flat pe aaya mujhse milne, uss time main akeli thi, aur bas humne kar liya,……..(with a pause) ye physical desire bahut kharab cheez hoti hai”. As the matter was open now between us so I just felt like talking to Silvia Didi more about this as I was feeling good,

so I continued, “tumne pahli baar tabhi kiya tha, Bhaiya ke saath”. Didi remained silent and seemed bit hesitant to speak, I understood and I asked her further, as if I knew the answer, “Didi tum wahan kisi aur ke saath bhi karti ho na?, tumhara koi boy friend hai wahan”?, she looked into my eyes again and said, “Haasini tu kisi ko battaayegi to nahi”, I said, “nahi battaaoongi”,

Didi spoke again, “Boy friend nahi hai,…… par apne boss ke saath karti hoon. tabhi to with in one year main team leader bann gayi hoon”. “Didi tum pagal ho, koi promotion ke liye aisa karta hai kya” I spoke as I was really very shocked to hear that. Silvia Didi spoke again, “Haasini, tujhe nahi patta corporate sector main aaj kal ye sab normal hai,….

fir maine socha agar jaldi aage badhna hai to kar hi leti hoon, bass……. jo shadi ke baad hona tha wo pahle hi ho gaya”. I was eager to hear more from her side, as I was getting bit more wet, “Didi boss ne tumhe kaha tha ki tum karogi to wo tumhe promot kar dega”? “Haan hint diya tha”, she replied. I asked again “Boss ke saath hi pahli baar kiya tha”.

She said “haan”, I was getting curious to know more about it, and I asked, “Bahut dard hua hoga tumko”, Silvia didi said “haan pain to hua tha, par maine hymen pahle hi break kar liya tha, masturbate karke, to bahut jyada pain nahi hua, (then with bit of smile she continued), lekin mazza bahut aaya tha”.

“Didi tum ekdum Pagal ho, aur Vittesh Bhaiya ke saath kaise kiya, I mean ussne bola ya tumne shuru kiya”? Silvia Didi spoke with bit of sarcastic smile, “bass yaar ho gaya, uss din maine nighty pahni hui thi jab wo Saturday subah subah aaya tha, wo mujhe aise dekh raha tha aur maine mazak main bol diya ki aise kya ghoor raha hai,

to ussne bola Didi agar tum meri sister nahi hoti to aaj tumhara rape kar deta”, “then what did you said” I asked Silvia Didi further, Didi smiled a bit and said, “actually main bhi thodi mood main thi, maine raat ko blue movie dekhi thi, maine usse bol diya ki rape karne ki zaroorat hai, mere se poochh le main haan kar doongi…….. Bass fir kya tha usne mere kapde uttar diye.

Evening tak wo wahin pe tha apna kaam karne bhi nahi gaya. Office main jhoot bol diya ki accident ho gaya hai aur injured hai” I was really amazed with the facts, and more than that I was feeling really horny, I was totally wet inside my panty, but I never pretended like that and continued my fashion,

“Didi tum pagal ho, tumhe darr nahi lagga, agar kisi ko patta chal gaya to”, Silvia Didi was bit relaxed after talking to me and more over she wanted to change the temperament of the conversation, she spoke but in different fashion, a bit casual “Tu wo sab chhod, tu matt kisi ko bolna bass”.

Then with a smile she spoke again in a naughty way, “aur batta… tune kya dekha window se”? I wanted to continue my gesture but her tone changed my temperament and I smiled a bit and tried to maintain that gesture, “wohi jo tum aur Bhaiya karr rahe the”. Silvia Didi continued smiling and said, “fir….dekhne ke baad raat ko neend aagayi thi”?

Her tone was of the kind as if she knew the answer, I smiled on her question and spoke, “Nahi, raat bhar neend nahi aaye”, “to aa jaati room main, Vittesh to tabb bhi mood main tha, tera bhi kaam kar detta”, she spoke in a humorous way, I was really shocked with that statement,

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