I was right, it was the most extra ordinary day of my life, which bought lot of changes in me, physically and mentally and totally changed my perception of life. Anyway that day I slept till very late, nearly till lunch time, thought couple of times my mom tried to awake me before going to work but I ignored and truly speaking I don’t remember how I reacted as I was unconscious at that time.

When I got up time was around 1 and mom and dad were out on there jobs, I went straight to toilet and came out after bathing and all and entered in the living room. Vittesh Bhaiya was watching television and Silvia Didi was working on Vittesh Bhaiya’s laptop on the dining table. “Good Morning” Silvia Didi spoke from there only,

I replied her but showing very less interest and went inside kitchen to hunt something to eat and found 2 Aloo Paranthas, (chapattis stuffed with boiled potatoes) kept in case roll and came out from the kitchen and proceeded to the bedroom. Once again Silvia Didi spoke from there asking me, “Haasini should I make milk for you”,

I turned to look at her, she was smiling as if nothing is wrong, I said, “No I will make it myself” and went inside my room. Silvia Didi came to the room and stood on the door for couple of minutes and stared at me and once I looked up to see her and then continued having my breakfast.

She went back to the living room, may be to talk to Vittesh Bhaiya and none of them turned back for the long time. I finished my breakfast, washed my hands, keeping my dish aside, again lied down on the bed and avoided getting into living room as I was feeling really strange and could not decide that how I have to react to my brother and sister after knowing the whole thing.

I was still feeling horny and could not control myself from thinking about last night’s incident; it just happened so close to my eyes that I could forget anything. The way Vittesh Bhaiya was riding on Silvia Didi after wrapping her legs around his waist and before that the way Silvia Didi was trembling in pleasure when her brother was sucking her cunt and gulping her juices, and the way my sister,

who was my ideal just a couple of days back was enjoying her brother’s throbbing cock in her cunt. I was recalling every scene of there fuck session and repeating every word they spoke in my mind and with in no time I was wet in my panties and my cunt was soaked in my own juices.

I closed my eyes and drifted my hand inside my lower and passed through my panties and touched my bare cunt and tried to feel the pleasure which Silvia Didi was getting last night. I rubbed my finger a bit on my clitoris and felt good and remained unmoved like that for a minute and tried to recall last night’s scene.

I was releasing more fluid and the feeling was great, from last 2-3 days my body was demanding more and more from me and somewhere I was loving this hormonal changes in me, and my sexual desire was rising and as I was drenched in wet thoughts I felt that my cunt was going through some kind of pulsations and my love opening was twitching a bit,

this was happening first time though I felt bit of it in the past but it use to happen sometimes after masturbation, but this time I was just thinking and it happened. My eyes were closed and I was roaming in heaven with the thoughts of last night’s fuck session. Don’t know when Silvia Didi came and stood in my front, my eyes were closed and I was facing away from the door she came bare footed.

Silvia Didi gently touched me on the shoulder of my hand which was inside my panty and asked me, “Haasini,….. masturbate kar rahi hai”? I got up from the bed and looked into her eyes in bit of shock. Silvia Didi spoke again by rubbing her hand on my thighs, “laa main masturbate karr detti hoon, kall tujhe achha laga tha na”.

I moved away on the bed after removing her hand from my thigh and spoke in low voice, “nahi mujhe nahi karna, please…. Didi leave me alone”. Suddenly I turned and saw Vittesh Bhaiya was also standing on the door and hearing us, and slowly he moved inside the room and stood bit away without uttering a word.

Silvia Didi spoke again, “Haasini hum tujhko sorry bolne aaye hain, abb hum ye kaam dobbara nahi karenge, promise….. We will not do it again” I looked into her eyes and once at Vittesh Bhaiya and again turned to Silvia Didi and spoke calmly, “Didi maine raat ko sabb kuch dobbara hote hue dekha hai, aap dono sex kar rahe the”.

Silvia Didi looked down for a fraction and spoke again “bass yaar ho gaya kal raat ko, hum control nahi kar paaye, promise abb nahi hoga, wo last time tha” again I spoke gently, as I was really very aroused “Didi maine aap dono ki conversation bhi suni thi, both of you are trying to make fool of me, yahan nahi karoge, lekin wahan jaker karoge, aur agar main collage challi jaaongi to yahan par bhi karoge”.

I was looking into Silvia Didi’s eyes while talking to her and continued looking into her eyes for few seconds and she turned her face to see Vittesh Bhaiya. Vittesh Bhaiya was silent. I spoke again, “Didi I promise main kisi ko nahi battaongi, aap logon ne jo karna hai karo, just leave me alone” and with that I lied down again on the bed bit away from Silvia Didi pretending as if I want to sleep.

I wanted to be alone as I wanted to masturbate, I was heavily aroused and totally wet inside my panty and my love opening was still twitching a bit. Silvia Didi lied down beside me, keeping her head on the same pillow on which I was resting my head, she was facing me and she further brought her body closer to me and moved her hand on my thighs and said, “come close, main tujhe masturbate kar detti hoon”.

I tried to push Silvia Didi gently and turned around from my side to on my stomach to take away access of my love hole portion from her and buried my face into pillow and spoke again. “Didi please tum logg jaao yahan se, mujhe akela chhod do” After few seconds Silvia Didi caressed my hairs and spoke,

“Haasini tu frustrate ho rahi hai, aur koi baat nahi hai, just don’t think much about it, mujhe mallom hai tu bhi karna chaahti hai, lekin tujhe darr lagg raha hai”. I gave a thought to her words for a minute, Didi was not absolutely wrong and I knew this fact, truly speaking my body was demanding change, I was fed up of masturbating and I wanted to do something more, but with whom,

I asked myself …….with my sister? No…. with my brother? No……I cannot. I raised my head to see my sister, Silvia Didi was looking at me, I turned to see Vittesh Bhaiya, who was standing near the door. He was missing from there, and suddenly I realized he was standing behind me and as I turned further to see him, he came on bed behind me.

Don’t know when Silvia Didi told Vittesh Bhaiya to come on the bed, may be she spoke to him through her eyes and he just obeyed his elder sister. I tried to get up from the bed, but Silvia Didi held me gently and spoke, “Haasini ruk jaa, kuch nahi hoga, zyada matt soch, jo ho raha hai hone de, tujhe achha lagega, trust me”

I was looking into Silvia Didi’s eyes without a flick of an eye and she was looking into mine and spoke again, “ Haasini tu frustrate ho rahi hai, aur koi baat nahi hai, please meri baat maanle aise tu pagal ho jaayegi” then after a pause, Silvia Didi spoke again “ye sab hamari body ki zaroorat hai, iss main kuch galat nahi hai, aur agar galat hai to hone de,

don’t care bass khush rahne ki koshish kar aur life ko enjoy kar” I felt like crying, I was burning in desire of having sex and could not say yes to it, Vittesh Bhaiya was my brother, my real brother. Once gain I buried my face in my soft pillow and waited for something to happen. Silvia Didi spoke again, “Haasini Vittesh tujhe pyar karega, usse karne de”.

Finally I surrendered in front of my sexual urge and remained unmoved to give my consent. I think once again Silvia Didi spoke to Vittesh Bhaiya through her eyes and next moment I felt Vittesh Bhaiya’s body griping me from behind and he touched my hips with his hard pelvis and just that touch gave me pleasure of being in heaven and I moaned in sexual desire.

Next moment Vittesh Bhaiya’s lips were moving on the back of my neck and I was moaning in pleasure. My brother was brushing his wet lips from behind on my neck and closer to my ears and I was unable to bear that feeling and my body was arching weirdly, I was moving randomly, enjoying every act of my brother on me.

Vittesh Bhaiya turned me around and took me his arms, and started kissing me; Bhaiya inserted his tongue in my mouth and roamed around my wet mouth and took my tongue between her lips and sucked it. It was first kiss of my life, and that with my brother, but at that time I was not in senses to think that, lust was driving me in its passion and I was lost in the sexual blunder.

I too started responding to Vittesh Bhaiya’s kisses and we sucked each other like lovers, like I use to see in English movies, and like in couple of Hindi movies. That kiss was so wonderful that I forgot everything; I forgot that Silvia Didi was lying behind me on the same bed. Some kind of strange thing was happening in my belly, I felt as if I am caring few butterflies into it and they were trying to fly.

After some time, Vittesh Bhaiya moved down to my neck and brushed his lips on that and sucked my earlobes, as now he knew that I am sensitive there and slowly drifted his hand on my waist, under my t-shirt and touched my bare waist and moved up, and tried to drift my t-shirt up, and soon my t-shirt was up to my neck and by breasts caged in a bra was reveled to my brother.

Silvia Didi took out my t-shirt from my neck from behind and next moment I felt her hands unhooking my bra and in a fraction my bare breasts were exposed to Vittesh Bhaiya and it took him no time to take it in his mouth, after turning me on my back. I was laying straight and Vittesh Bhaiya was laying partially on me and he was sucking my nipples,

and my nipples were getting tighter and tighter every second in excitement. Now I could feel the pleasure which Silvia Didi was getting when Vittesh Bhaiya was sucking her breast and truly speaking that pleasure was heavenly. I was puffing as butterflies continued flickering in my belly and I could not control myself from moaning in pleasure.

Vittesh Bhaiya was sucking my breast and with that he was moving and rubbing his hand on my thighs above my lower once while sucking my nipples he tried to find out the thread of my lower by which it was tied. Silvia Didi was keeping an eye on our every move and once again she moved her hand and pulled the thread of my lower and got up and drifted my lower down and slowly took it off from my legs,

without disturbing us from love making. Now I was just in a panty which was totally wet and drenched in my own juices. Leaving my breast Vittesh Bhaiya inserted his hand in my panty and touched my bare cunt while looking into my eyes. I was clean shaven and sensation produced by my brother’s finger over my slit made me shiver strangely,

I moaned loud as Vittesh Bhaiya further moved his finger couple of times from the top of my crack till the end, between my legs. Silvia Didi spoke, “Vittesh aaram se, koi jaldi matt karna, ye abhi virgin hai”, Vittesh Bhaiya hummed and spoke, “hmmmmm… I know…. ye meri jaan hai aaj main isse bahut pyar karoonga”.

Silvia Didi drifted down my panty and I was totally naked, laying on the bed where my elder brother was laying on my right, playing with my wet fuckhole and my elder sister was sitting beside me, looking at us that how her younger brother is making love to her younger sister, the way I was looking that how my elder brother was loving my elder sister from last two days.

Vittesh Bhaiya moved down and this time I knew what will my brother do and I closed my eyes in an upcoming desire of getting sucked and I too wanted to feel what Silvia Didi was feeling from last two days. Next moment I felt Vittesh Bhaiya’s lips on my pussy and my brother started licking my cunt and move his tongue the way he was moving his finger,

from bottom to top and it just drove me crazy, I moaned loud again and this time Silvia Didi tried to put hand on my mouth, just to control my voice. Vittesh Bhaiya lied down on his stomach between my legs and slowly lifter my legs up, holding my thighs and I too lifted myself to give more access of my fuckhole to my brother.

Vittesh Bhaiya completely buried himself between my legs and tried to dig his tongue in my hole and tried to suck it with lot of passion. Vittesh Bhaiya was trying to take out every single drop of my nectar from my love hole, but I was streaming out that nectar endlessly and more he sucked, more I released my juices.

Closing my eyes I was moaning and enjoying and could not think anything, I was lost somewhere and I don’t know when Vittesh Bhaiya took off his clothes from his lower half while sucking my fuckhole, I don’t know if Silvia Didi helped him too, I realized when Silvia Didi came beside me again, with a condom.

Vittesh Bhaiya got up and took off his t-shirt, I looked down he was already naked from his lower half and he was fully erect and I could not move my eyes from his rod, My brother was having monster between his legs and today I could see it even more closely. Vittesh Bhaiya jerked his rod a bit with one hand and moved his finger in my slit a bit and tried to insert his finger in my hole.

I cried a bit in pain, but it pleasured more, he tried again and I cried again. Vittesh Bhaiya watered his rod by rubbing it on my hole, to get some lubrication and I moaned again. He drifted back foreskin of his cock and moaned a bit. A pink bare cock head came in my vision with a cut on top of it.

Condom was already peeled out from it’s wrapper by Silvia Didi, and she gave it to Vittesh Bhaiya and Vittesh Bhaiya took that and said, “Didi apni finger insert karo, Haasini ki BUR ke ander” and Vittesh Bhaiya got busy in covering his rod with a Condom and my elder sister started playing with my cunt as I was laying naked, totally helpless on my sibling’s mercy.

Silvia Didi inserted her finger in my cunt and moved in an out couple of times, my eyes were closed and I was moaning, soon finger changed and now it was Vittesh Bhaiya’s finger, I could feel it, as his finger was thicker than Silvia Didi’s finger and Vittesh Bhaiya too fingered me couple of times.

I was in the state of extreme pleasure and pleasure which cannot be compared with anything in this world. After that I felt something else getting rubbed on the opening of my fuckhole, a lot thicker and harder. I opened my eyes, my brother was leaning on me holding his cock in one hand and leaning on me with a support of other hand Vittesh Bhaiya was adjusting himself to

get on top of me and he was trying to touch his cock on my desired fuckhole. As Vittesh Bhaiya rubbed his rod on the opening of my wet tunnel I felt like bursting and it was a kind of pleasure which I could not bear for long and I wanted to explode, I felt another stream of my juices coming out somewhere from the deep of my fuckhole,

As Vittesh bhaiya rubbed his cock for few more seconds in my clitoris, I moaned loud in pleasure, “OHHHHHHHhh…. God…..Bhaiya…..please…. please….nahi….uhhh…. OHHHHh uhhh Ahhhh….” Vittesh Bhaiya opened my fuck tunnel using his finger and thumb and next moment I felt his thick cock parting my pussy lips wide and Vittesh Bhaiya started getting inside me.

His cock was fiery hot, burning and throbbing fiercely inside my cunt. My head jerked up, I think Bhaiya was hardly an inch inside me and that made my mouth tore open in a big painful Ahhhhhhhhhh……. Ahhhhh……Ahhhh……Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock was slowly getting inside my fuckhole and I was feeling as if instead of finger Vittesh Bhaiya has inserted a thick hot metal rod, it was his cock,

which was crushing me and I felt every fraction of his monstrous pole sizzle and ream into my cunt. My breasts were bursting and hot, my nipples were rigid with excitement. His penis was brutal, hot and big and hard and thick, filling my cunt cruelly. I squeezed my cunt on it, to lessen my pain and I think Bhaiya felt good as I tightened my cunt on his pole as he too moaned loudly and just uttered,

“Ahhhhhh……. Haasini…..Haasini…. Haasini fuck you baby I will fuck you” and with that Vittesh Bhaiya tried to go deeper in my fuckhole and pushed his tout hips with jerk and I just went out of breath and could not speak anything and got unconscious for few seconds. Silvia Didi was caressing my hairs and sensing my condition Didi screamed over Vittesh Bhaiya saying,

“Asshole, tujhe kaha tha, aaram se daalna,…… gaddhe abhi ruk ek minute”. Silvia Didi scolded Bhaiya for his brutal jerk, which took me out of my senses, but Vittesh Bhaiya was also not in his control and he was inside me with more than half of his throbbing cock and again he just said, “Sorry Didi bass ho gaya….bass ho gaya”

and with that he pulled bit of his rod out of my cunt and made another fucking stroke inside my cunt and touched the deepest edge of my fuckhole with his rod and now he was completely inside me, I could not sense anything as the pain was beyond my ability to bear and I cannot write my condition as I could not even scream, because I was out of breath.

My brother was laying over me after putting his whole monster in my tiny fuckhole and I was holding him very tight to bear the pain, tears rolled down from my eyes and after few seconds of last fucking stroke which tore my fuckhole completely I cried with a open mouth 4-5 times like, “ahhhhh….. Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhh…….“

Vittesh Bhaiya remained unmoved for next few minutes and came over me completely and started sucking my breast nicely, just to make me recover from the pain. Though it was paining down there but after few minutes I started feeling more or less same sensation of having butterflies in my stomach as my brother was sucking my nipples again and now he was doing

it with more care and affecting and he was just focused on my breasts and nothing else. He loved both of my mangos one by one and for reasonably good time and now slowly I was moaning in pleasure and my pain was getting subsided, though it was paining but I was feeling much better than before.

Vittesh Bhaiya’s pelvis was resting on my pubic area and I was feeling his swollen balls in the lower portion of my vargina. Vittesh Bhaiya lifted his head and looked into my eyes and as I saw his face, a strange sensation passed through my body, I realized that till now he was my brother and I have never been close to him like that and a thought of getting fucked by my own

brother drove me bit horny and I tried to wrap my legs around him to tighten my cunt around Vittesh Bhaiya’s penis and Silvia Didi immediately got up and wrapped them around Vittesh Bhaiya’s waist. That was unsaid signal from my side to my brother that now I am ready to get fucked properly,

and Vittesh Bhaiya got up bit on his elbows and caressed my cheek with his right hand to say that he cares for his younger sister too and placed his lips on mine and kissed me for a while by roaming his tongue around the walls inside my mouth, and while doing that he pulled out bit of his cock from my fuck hole and pushed it back. Initially Bhaiya started with small and slow

strokes but not for very long and soon heat started rising in Vittesh Bhaiya’s body and with that his energy increased and now his strokes were fucking me properly. I was still in pain but blend of some kind of weird pleasure was also mixed with that painful experience and I was unaware of this lovely feeling till now.

My own brother was fucking me and I was holding him firmly, apart from pain I was enjoying Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock in my fuckhole a bit, and now I could feel the pleasure in which Silvia Didi was moaning last night and like her I was also moaning. But this pleasure did not lasted for long as Vittesh Bhaiya’s speed of fucking me was rising and again it was paining me,

and now once again Bhaiya was out of his own control and could not slower down his speed, even after hearing my cries. “OHMAUHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHH mauhhh….. Bhaiya please…… please….. Ahhhh……. Ahhhhhhh……. Please….. please…dheere….. Ahhhh…….” I was screaming more in pain, though it was giving me pleasure but again every second it was getting beyond my ability to bear.

My real brother was screwing me like anything, and each thrust made me cry out and drove the breath from me with a whooshing gasp and made me back camber steeply. Once, twice, three, four, five times Vittesh Bhaiya plunged into my cunt in that passion. At last, he slammed furiously into my fuckhole and held still, moaning loudly like

“Ahhhhhh…… ho gaya…ho gaya…bass… bassss.,ho gaya”. I gasped and felt Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock pulsate inside me, searing hot. It jerked and quivered for few seconds and a thought smacked me, that I am too fucked,…. by my brother, by my real brother and right now he is cumming and releasing his pressure deep inside me and I am no more virgin,

I am fucked before getting married and I moaned loudly, I too cummed massively with a thought that I am fucked too and that is by my real brother. Holding Vittesh Bhaiya very tight in my arms and tightening my cunt against his rod I shivered like never before and my belly shuddered while I was releasing my pressure.

We both tightened our bodies and cummed like hell in each other’s arms and felt as if we are going to die. After a minute Vittesh Bhaiya rolled over me and lied down on one side and Silvia Didi took charge of flushing the used Condom and went inside the toilet and came out with a wet towel soaked with a warm water and cleaned my fuckhole gently,

I was feeling pain in my fuckhole and thighs and Silvia didi knew this and the way she cleaned my pussy with a wet towel I was feeling better, but the pain could be seen on my facial expressions easily. I could see bit of redness on the towel, that meant I am no more virgin and my own brother was the one who broke my hymen.

Silvia Didi was sensing my condition and finally after cleaning my fuck hole she threw wet towel to Vittesh Bhaiya to hit him saying, “idiot, aaram se nahi kar sakta tha”. Vittesh Bhaiya was puffing a bit and he was realizing his mistake but at that time he just went out of control and for that he said, “bass Didi ho gaya”

and then Bhaiya got up a bit and came over me and tried to hug me and said, sorry to me and I hugged him tight. Silvia Didi took out fresh clothes for me and ordered Vittesh Bhaiya to get ready to go out for lunch. Vittesh Bhaiya got up to take bath and me and Silvia Didi wore our clothes.

I was still very confused and could not speak anything and Silvia Didi was sensing my mental state, she hugged me and I too hugged her and busted into a cry. Silvia Didi took me in her arms and said, “Haasini…..Kuch nahi hua hai, just relax,….hmmmm….chup hojaa” and took me to living room and prepared a small mug of hot milk for all of us and I felt better after having that,

though I was having sore cunt but more than that I was mentally occupied and I was thinking about what I have done. Everything happened so fast that I could not believe that I am fucked now, my fantasies about my first night after marriage were all gone now. We moved out of the house and had lunch in a good restaurant and nobody talked about sex or anything related to that.

Both Silvia Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya were talking about post lunch program and asked me if I want to see the movie in the Cinema hall. I accepted and after lunch we proceeded to nearest mall and bought ticket and watched the movie and through out the time none of them talked about sex and anything like that,

except once when Vittesh Bhaiya left us for few minutes and I asked Silvia Didi that where Bhaiya has gone and she spoke with a smile “Chemist shop pe Condom lene” and I blushed with a smile and Didi hugged me tight there only on the roadside. Silvia Didi was my elder sister in a real sense and she could read my brain,

she knew that I was not normal so just to keep my mind diversified she did all that means having lunch and then movie and finally after a long time we reached back, even after our parents arrival and everything got normal as far as outside things were concerned and now I was also getting normal and could feel the pleasure of what I have done, I was not that mentally occupied and tensed.

Surely Silvia Didi was right, I was getting frustrated, I didn’t knew this but my elder sister sensed that. While watching television with my parents, apparently I was watching the TV show but in my thoughts I was thinking and recalling those moments of sheer pleasure rather moments of sexual pleasure. Finally dinner session came to an end and my parents got up and went to sleep.

Now only we three were left and after 15-20 minutes of my parents departure from the room, when it was sure that they will not come back, Silvia Didi got up and sat beside me and kissed on my cheek gently and asked me in a low voice, “Haasini, hum logg sex karr lain, mera bhi bahut mann karr raha hai”?

I looked at her and said yes, by moving just my head, “tu bhi chal, ander hi sona aaj, teeno bed pe soyenge, chall ooth” and took remote from my hand and pulled me a bit and I got up slowly to go along with her. Vittesh Bhaiya followed us and came in room after switching off the TV and lights.

We all were sitting on bed and both Silvia Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya started taking off there clothes after few minutes and Silvia Didi smiled while looking at me couple of times while doing that, and I responded to her with a smile and when both, my brother and sister were totally naked,

Silvia Didi raised her hand towards me and tried to take my hand and pulled me a bit and spoke “mere pass aa, tere bhi kapdde uttaron, tera bhi mann hai na”? Slowly I moved my head in yes and Silvia Didi smiled more and said, “ajj hum threesome karenge, aaj takk maine threesome sirf movies mein hi dekha hai”.

Silvia Didi took off my clothes too and scene on our bed was that we all were naked, though the threesome happened just for few minutes as it was not comfortable, at the time when Silvia Didi was sucking Vittesh Bhaiya, when Bhaiya was laying on his back and Didi was sitting between his wide opened legs and sucking him, Vittesh Bhaiya pulled my hand and said,

“Haasini idhar aa, main tujhe suck karta hoon” and Bhaiya made me sit on his face and tongued my cunt for a minute or two. Though I was enjoying when Vittesh Bhaiya was holding my hips and pressing my cunt into his mouth but Bhaiya was in awkward situation as he was unable to enjoy getting sucked by Silvia Didi.

Once Silvia Didi pulled to accompany her in sucking Vittesh Bhaiya and I tried, but I was not comfortable doing that so Silvia Didi stopped me saying, “tu rahne de agar tujhe achha nahi lagg raha to”. Finally Vittesh Bhaiya entered inside Silvia Didi first and both reached to there climax and then after some time Vittesh Bhaiya fucked me for the bit longer time and I really enjoyed that fuck,

for me it was more pleasurable then the first one. Finally we slept like last night, me and Silvia Didi on bed and Vittesh Bhaiya on floor. Next day I attended my collage leaving Silvia Didi and Vittesh Bhaiya in the house and surely they had sex once before my arrival and after my arrival we three had a game of badminton in the campus of the apartment and finally in the night once

again Vittesh Bhaiya seduced her younger sister that is me after proper sucking. Our holiday lasted for around 10 days, though Silvia Didi left the city two nights before Vittesh Bhaiya and I spent those two nights with my brother as his wife and enjoyed a lot. Not only that in my next continues holidays Silvia Didi requested parents to send me to her,

so that I can see that town and my parents agreed and Vittesh Bhaiya came a day before and took me along to Silvia Didi’s city and there I found that everything was planned. Silvia Didi’s friend Niyanta Didi left the city for her town on the day I arrived and now we three were all alone in the flat as Vittesh Bhaiya was also on leave.

We enjoyed few more days of sibling sex in different positions and in those sex sessions I learnt to suck a cock and slowly my hesitation to do that also disappeared and I sucked Vittesh Bhaiya’s cock up to his satisfaction.

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