Part 1

But that was not the end of the conversation, Didi spoke again, “Achha tu masturbate to karti hai na”? With that she switched off the laptop. I said “haan”, with very less hesitation, as the wall of hesitation was disappearing between us. Keeping laptop aside Silvia Didi said, “aa main tujhe masturbate karti hoon, fir battana kitna difference hai mujhe mein aur tujh mein”.

That was really very shocking for me, I got up from the bed to go away while saying, “Didi tum poori pagal ho chuki ho, main lesbian nahi hoon” Silvia Didi laughed on that and followed me to the end of the bed and said, “Pagal main bhi lesbian nahi hoon, main sirf tujhe masturbate karroongi, tu battana regurlar se zayada mazza aaya ya nahi”.

With that Didi held my arm and tried to make me sit down on the bed, but I got down from the bed on the floor, and Silvia Didi came closer to me and suddenly tried to put hand inside my lower and somewhat touched my pussy over my panty. I immediately took out her hand from my lower.

As I said I was totally wet inside my panty, almost dripping, she smiled on that and said, “Haasini teri kachhi (panty) poori geeli hai”. I drifted bit more away from her and said, “Didi please, kya kar rahi ho”? She smiled and moved closer to me and said, “Aree aa na yaar, kyun sharma rahi hai, main to ladki hi hoon”’ with a last word she spoke suddenly she placed her hand on my pussy over my lower and rubbed it vigorously.

I went into a sudden pleasure and moaned a bit, at that time my pussy was very sensitive and Silvia Didi was any day more experienced than me, she rubbed me for few seconds and I just got mad and could not resist myself to get that pleasure. Silvia Didi inserted her hand in my lower and panty and touched my wet bare cunt and I moaned further.

I was having hairs on my cunt, as I was very irregular in removing them. She took out her hand and took me inside the toilet and gave me a new razor which she took out from her bag, and told me to shave my cunt. I tried to avoid but she insisted saying, “arre kar na yaar, mujhe chikni BUR(pussy) chahiye masturbate karne ke liye”.

It took me around 10 minutes or may be less to clean my hairs from my cunt and now Didi took me out from the toilet after washing my cunt properly. I was naked from my lower half, and somewhat I was following her instructions, as I was in bad state from last night and I wanted something to happen with me and my body and the way I was trying to satisfy myself, it seemed insufficient to me.

Silvia Didi took off my t-shirt too and I was totally naked in front of my sister, though it was not first time that I was naked in front of her, hundred of times we changed in front of each other, but this time whole scene was different. Soon I was laying on bed on my back and Silvia Didi was laying beside me.

She was laying with a support of her elbow on my right and her right palm was covering my cunt and she was moving her hand very slowly. Didi spoke in lustful tone, “Dekh Haasini, main tujhe masturbate karr rahi hoon, tu meri baat dhayan se sun aur mujhe jawab de, kuch bhi boll jo mann mein aaye, gande se ganda without any hesitation”.

Then Didi asked me while rubbing few of her fingers on my slit, “Batta mujhe, kal raat ko tunne window se kya dekha tha”. Though that was just starting but I was getting mad, I was breathing very high, I was totally unaware of the feeling whatever I was feeling with in me, Silvia Didi asked me again, “boll Haasini kya dekha tha raat ko”,

I spoke in puffing tone, “tum aur Bhaiya sex kar rahe the” Silvia didi was calm and she said again, “nahi, hum sex nahi kar rahe the, Vittesh meri thighs khol ke, mujhe CHODD raha tha”. Didi continued and said, “Haasini abb soch wo mujhe nahi tujhe CHOOD raha hai, Ussne teri thighs khol ke apna LUND teri BUR mein daal diya hai”.

Speed of Silvia Didi’s hand was increasing and she was rubbing me with more energy and I was in heaven. A thought of Vittesh Bhaiya fucking me made me crazy and I moaned loud and my moans made Silvia Didi more furious to rub and speak. And she spoke again in excitement, “Haasini soch jaise wo meri BUR chaat raha tha, waise wo teri BUR Chaat raha hai”.

Didi was rubbing my fuckhole very fast and I was crying in pleasure, I screamed in passion, “Didi mera ho jaayega….. Please stop….. Didi…Didi… Please stop”. But Silvia Didi continued and said, “to hone de, nikalne de ander jo nikal raha hai”. I was somewhat about to die, trembling in pleasure tightening my thighs I tried to push Silvia didi,

But Silvia Didi got hold of upper edge of my cunt between her one finger and thumb and pressed that portion between them, I just went out of breath and in a fraction I exploded like a bomb and shivered like never before in shattering orgasm. Pressure was released and I was dead, I just lied there naked facing away from Silvia Didi and shivered for bit long.

Silvia Didi was laying behind me and remained silent and unmoved, till I got up to o to the toilet, I looked at her while getting up, She smiled and asked “mazza aaya”? I was feeling bit guilty for what I have done, I spoke in disappointment “Didi tum Pagal ho gayi ho, aur mujhe bhi pagal kar diya hai”, She smiled on that, and said, “Agar pagal hone se mazza aatta hai to kya problem hai pagal hone mein”.

I got up and went inside toilet and came back and wore my clothes and tried to sleep and don’t know when I slept. When I got up I was really very nervous, disappointed and don’t know what I was thinking, that mental state was really very strange and I was depressed. Silvia Didi was in kitchen and she was making tea for herself and as she saw me she smiled and asked me for tea and finally served me hot milk with Bornvita,

which I use to have it in the evening, she was sensing my mood and wanted to dilute my tension and for that while sipping tea she spoke in bit teasing tone, “Haasini abb doodh peene ke din gaye, abb tu baddi ho gayi hai, abb doodh peelane ke dinn hain”. I laughed on that a bit and again said while laughing, “Didi tum pagal ho, ghar se bahar jakar bigadd gayi ho”.

She sipped her tea and spoke carelessly with bit more than a smile, “aish kar yaar, kya rakha hai in sabb baton main”. Still I was having few questions in my mind which I wanted to ask my sister about her pre marital sex life and somewhere all these thoughts were making me horny, I spoke to Silvia Didi further and asked “Didi tum kya Boss ke saath hi rahti ho Raat ko”,

Silvia Didi smiled on my stupid question, and said, “Pagal hai kya, wo married hai, hum month mein hardly do baar karte hain Saturdays ko, maximum evening tak main wapas apne flat par hoti hoon”. I further asked her, “tumhare office mein koi aur bhi hai jo boss ke saath karti hai,”? She spoke while looking at television, “Haan, patta hai kaun, Niyanta”, “kaun Niyanta Didi” I was in utter shock.

I knew her, she was Silvia Didi’s closest friend, Silvia Didi and Niyanta Didi have always been together in life from school to collage and even they applied for the job together and from the beginning it was decided that Didi will go out of town to work if and only if both of them will get selected for the job.

For Niyanta Didi’s parents Silvia Didi was security of there daughter and for my parents Niyanta Didi was playing same role. Silvia didi spoke again, “Saturday ko jabb boss ke pass main nahi hoti to Niyanta hoti hai, aur jis Saturday Niyanta ghar pe hoti hai, main Boss ke pass hoti hoon, boss ke friend ke vacant flat pe” then after a long pause Silvia Didi spoke again,

“last Saturday jabb Niyanta Boss ke pass gayi hui thee tabb Vittesh aaya tha, aur hum dono ne sex karr liya”. I was shocked to hear that about Niyanta Didi too, and I further asked, “aur Niyanta Didi ko tumhare aur Vittesh Bhaiya ke baare mein patta hai”? I asked Silvia Didi, she looked at me and said,

“nahi, na Niyanta ko Vittesh Ke baare mein patta hai aur na hi Vittesh ko meri professional life ke baare mein patta hai” then after a pause Silvia Didi spoke again with bit of smile, “aur tu abb mere se inquiry karna band kar, tu bhi poore maaze le rahi hai,……(with a small pause and bit more smile she spoke again) appni kachhi (panty) check kar dekh fir se geelli ho gayi hogi”.

She was right I was wet again as I was leaking continuously. After some time our parents returned home and everything went back on track. We were watching television till our dinner time and as such everything was normal as far as outside world was concerned, but from inside I was very uneasy and that condition was very strange, I was happy, as well as sad,

as if something wrong is happening and I was liking that wrong thing happening around me because such thoughts were arousing me. Around 11 or may be bit before that we came to our bedroom and I tried to sleep. I was really very tired, not physically rather I was tired only mentally.

We didn’t knew whether Vittesh Bhaiya will come in the night or he will stay at his friends place, and I feel that I cannot include Silvia Didi in that because she knew, she was trying not to sleep and for that first she made coffee for herself and then switched on the laptop and started playing game. Once I asked if Vittesh Bhaiya is coming, and she responded that she does not know.

I slept for a while and after some time Silvia Didi too slept leaving the light on. Somewhere around 12:30 suddenly my sleep broke, I turned to see Silvia Didi, she was laying behind me facing away from me, and I turned back to my position and covered my face completely with the sheet as I use to sleep like that only.

For few minutes I thought that now Vittesh Bhaiya will not come, but I was wrong, suddenly Silvia Didi’s mobile rang and immediately went silent. Either she disconnected the call or Vittesh Bhaiya made a missed call and Silvia Didi got up slowly a bit and I felt that she leaned over me just to confirm that I am sleeping or not.

And then slowly she got up from bed and went out, I remained unmoved, and after 2-3 minutes Silvia Didi entered in the room with Vittesh Bhaiya. Light of the room was already on an I think it was kept on intentionally, because if Silvia Didi would have switched it off and then on Vittesh Bhaiya’s arrival she would have switched it on then it would have taken my attention.

Anyways, I heard bit of fumble between them, may be at that time Vittesh Bhaiya was trying to get hold of Silvia Didi’s body and she was pushing him away. Both of them were talking in very low voice and as it was extreme silence so it was enough for me to listen and understand what they are saying.

After bit of that fumble Vittesh Bhaiya spoke in bit sarcastic tone, “Didi main tumhare liye aaya hoon itnee door se nahi to wahin na so jaata”, for which Silvia Didi replied in same tone, “Haan haan maloom hai mujhe, jaise main hi marri jaa rahi hoon sex karne ke liye, tu khud apne liye aaya hai, jyada bann matt”.

Then again Vittesh Bhaiya spoke, “haan haan theek hai, chalo na drawing room mein chalke karte hain”. Silvia Didi replied in scolding tone, “Pagal hai kya, mummy aa gayi na toilet jaane ke liye to raat ko hi ghar se nikal deengi dono ko”. Silvia Didi was right, we had only one bedroom with joint toilet that is ours,

though it was bigger bedroom and ideally it has to be of parents but because we had an extra book self and study table so this room was given to us. Vittesh Bhaiya continued talking to Didi “fir tumhe Haasini ko bahar drawing room mein sulana chahiye tha, tumhe to maalom hi tha ki main aaoonga”.

Silvia Didi opened the wooden Elmira and took out cotton mattress (we call it gadda in hindi) and threw it just beside me on the floor and said, “Bichha isse, abhi dekhte hain karna hai ya nahi” they could not choose the other side of the floor because most of that portion was occupied by book self and study table and hardly had a space to stand.

They were standing bit away from me and I was facing that side only covering myself fully with a sheet and other side of the vacant bed was behind me and as I said earlier I was just listening them and could not see anything, I was pretending myself in sound sleep and I do not have to do much for that,

I was very much known for my sound sleep in my family and relatives but at that time I was well awake and in last few months when I started living alone in the afternoon after my brother and sister’s exit my tendency of sound sleep vanished gradually. Then Silvia Didi spoke, “bed par hi karen, ye to waise bhi ghoode bech ke soti hai”, she was talking about my sound sleep.

Vittesh Bhaiya opposed that idea, “nahi, karte time bed heelega aur ye ooth jaayegi, yahin pe karte hain floor pe” Finally that proposal got finalized as I could not hear anything from Silvia Didi’s side and they started laying the bed on the floor silently. Finally they switched off the light and now only small moon light was on, which was more than sufficient to see anything in the room.

In between when they were preparing to get on the bed which was laid on the floor just beside me, after switching off the light they went to toilet and I felt that no one was around me, so very slowly I removed a small portion of the sheet from my eye and adjusted my vision accordingly so that I can see everything happening on the mattress.

I don’t know why Silvia Didi was not talking to Vittesh Bhaiya about me, that I know the whole thing, and in next few minutes that thing also happened. But before that Vittesh Bhaiya came and lied down on the floor and his head was in opposite direction from my head, so I could see his face,

though his expressions were not clear but I could see that he was eagerly waiting for his sister to come beside him for another sex session as he adjusted his hard cock in underwear couple of times before Silvia Didi’s arrival. Finally Silvia Didi came and lied down beside Vittesh Bhaiya and Vittesh Bhaiya immediately took his sister in his arms, and started the process of seducing a girl,

but I think Silvia Didi was not that aroused and she stopped Vittesh Bhaiya by smacking him lightly saying, “rukk ja abhi, karte hain thodi derr mein, mujhe tujhe kuch battana hai”. Vittesh Bhaiya stopped the furious way of touching his sister’s body and moved his hand down from Silvia Didi’s back to her hips and I could see his hands squeezing her bumps.

Silvia didi spoke about me saying, “kall raat ko Haasini ne window se sabb kuch dekh liya hai, humen sex karte hue”. That sentenced literary wobbled Vittesh Bhaiya and he jumped up from his bed and got up and said, “Didi kya boll rahi ho, tumhe kaise patta, tumhe shak hai ya confirmed ho”. Silvia Didi pulled him down beside her and said, “Confirmed hai, meri baat hui hai Haasini se”.

Vittesh Bhaiya was really scared and spoke, “abb kya karen, pagal ne mummy papa ko batta diya to”. Silvia Didi spoke in disappointment, “nahi wo kisi ko nahi bolegi ye to confirmed hai, par usse naa hi patta chalta to achha tha” then after a pause she said, “wo chahti hai ki hum doobaara na karen”.

Silvia didi was relaxed in that concern because she knew me that I will not talk to anybody about that, I think she was disappointed with a fact that her image is broken now in my eyes, and she spoke again, “Vittesh mera mood bahut kharab hai, and I am mentally very tired, mujhe pyar karr, achhe se, mujhe sex karna hai, nahi to mujhe neend nahi aayegi, just fuck me yaar,

par jaldi jaldi matt karna, aaram aaram se kar, pahle achhe se meri sucking kar, usske baad daalna ander”. Silvia Didi was really very desperate to have sex with Vittesh Bhaiya, though she never reflected her disappointment to me and behaved casually but she was really depressed.

Vittesh Bhaiya spoke, “Didi aaj main tumhe iss tarah se choddunga ki tum ye raat zindagi bhar nahi bhoologi” Silvia Didi spoke in pleasurable tone, “chodd fir, mere kapdde uttar aur shuru ho jaa, aage jo hoga dekha jaayega”. Vittesh Bhaiya got up and started making love to Silvia Didi, and I cannot define that love session in words, the way one brother was making love to her sister was really amazing,

and I could see that Silvia Didi was roaming somewhere in heaven. If I have to start writing that love session from the beginning then I will say, he started with a kiss and Vittesh Bhaiya’s hands were moving continuously on his sister’s body. He was squeezing Didi’s bumps tenderly while kissing and both of them were lost in each other.

After few minutes Bhaiya got up and tried to took off Silvia Didi’s t-shirt and Silvia Didi got up a bit and after taking off her t-shirt, Vittesh Bhaiya gently turned Silvia Didi around and unhooked her bra and licked her back nicely and I saw Silvia Didi was trembling in pleasure, she was moaning trying her best to control but I could hear her pleasure moans as she was in extreme pleasure.

Slowly Vittesh Bhaiya moved down to her waist and tried to pull Silvia Didi’s slacks down and Silvia Didi lifted her bottom a bit so that her brother can take off her clothes and Vittesh Bhaiya took of her slack and panty too and now Silvia Didi was totally naked and I could see her bare hips as they were very close.

Vittesh Bhaiya continued kissing his sister and moved further down started licking and kissing Didi’s hips and Silvia Didi continued trembling in the same ecstatic fashion. I could feel Silvia Didi’s conditions from her pleasure moans and the way her body was moving weirdly, I could feel the condition of her cunt as I was streaming out hell of liquid from my love hole when I was not directly involved in the act,

I think at that time Silvia didi was going through a flood from her fuckhole, when her brother was seducing her. Silvia Didi was laying on her stomach totally naked and Vittesh Bhaiya was laying between her legs on his stomach and his mouth was on Silvia Didi’s hips. In that that particular position I could not see that what he was doing exactly as his head was coming in

between but either he was kissing or licking Silvia Didi’s Ass crack after parting her hips a bit with his both the hands and for few seconds he tried to lick Silvia Didi’s cunt in that position as he was trying to burry his head between Didi’s legs from behind and Silvia Didi too lifted her bottom so that her brother can do whatever he is trying to do with her elder sister.

Vittesh Bhaiya continued burying his mouth between Silvia Didi’s legs and licked her cunt from behind for few seconds, I could sense that as Silvia Didi’s moans got higher at that time. Then Vittesh Bhaiya got up and turned his sister on her back and removed her bra from front and massaged her breast nicely between his hands for few seconds.

Finally Vittesh Bhaiya lied down on Silvia Didi and started sucking her breasts one by one. Though I could not see that thing happening, as I could see only Vittesh Bhaiya back head and above that Silvia didi’s face. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying feeding her breasts to her younger brother.

That was a chance for me to adjust my self for the better view as both of them were lost in lust and I removed bit more of sheet from my vision and now I could see there love making much better. Vittesh Bhaiya loved his sister very nicely and he was not at all in hurry and Silvia Didi was enjoying tender love making of her younger brother and I could see Bhaiya’s hand

massaging Silvia Didi’s big tits while sucking the other one. Silvia Didi was really enjoying that breast sucking as after few minutes when Vittesh Bhaiya moved down to her body Silvia Didi spoke in lustful tone, “Vittesh please thoda aur suck kar, nipples ko suck kar na ki poori breast ko”

and Vittesh Bhaiya continued sucking his Didi’s tits and this time he focused on her dark brown nipples and that made Silvia Didi crazy and she pressed his head further towards her boobs to tell him to suck them hard and Vittesh Bhaiya sucked them hard one by one for next 2-3 minutes and gradually came down to her body and in just in few seconds his lips were roaming around Silvia Didi’s fleshy thighs.

As he parted Silvia Didi’s thighs to get access of her cunt an aroma of her love juices got spread around and from that erotic smell I could feel Silvia Didi’s state, she was heavily aroused and flooding endlessly from her love hole and next moment Vittesh Bhaiya took that love stream in his mouth by putting his lips on his sister’s fuckhole and some kind of wave

traveled through Silvia Didi’s body and she shivered with a different moan. Vittesh Bhaiya was sucking Silvia Didi’s cunt and gulping her love juices and Silvia Didi was giving away all her nectar to her younger brother with joy. Couple of times she lifted her bottom to get his tongue deeper and Vittesh Bhaiya sucked her hard to pleasure his sister in her desired way.

Vittesh Bhaiya sucked her continuously and to put his tongue deep inside Silvia Didi’s pussy he folded Silvia Didi’s legs and held them in air and rested them on his shoulder after few seconds and focused on his sister’s cunt and continued getting deeper and deeper and Silvia Didi held Vittesh Bhaiya head and pressed him hard into her cunt and moaned nicely and

spoke in lustful fashion “ahhhh…..hmmmmm…… ohhhh…shit…..Vittesh main marr jaaongi, bass kar… abb… Ahhhh….bass… bass daal de ander…” Vittesh Bhaiya stopped and got up and took off his jeans and underwear to and leaned a bit on Silvia Didi to speak and said, “Didi tum suck karogi”? he tried his level best to speak in a low voice but that was enough for me to hear it clear.

“nahi tu bass dalde abb jaldi” Silvia Didi replied, “Didi please suck kar do, erection better ho jaayegi, ootho na, bas ek do minute ke liye kar do” Vittesh Bhaiya requested his elder sister to suck his cock. Finally Silvia didi got up and came on her knees. Vittesh Bhaiya was standing beside me,

I was looking at them from the sheet and everything was happening hardly 20-25 inches away from my eye and I was looking at it without a flick of my eye. I was peeping from my sheet and I could see Silvia Didi’s face, Vittesh Bhaiya’s hard cock was really very long and thick too and then slowly Silvia Didi took his cock in her mouth.

Vittesh Bhaiya murmured his pleasure “Ahhhh…… Didi, Achhee se suck karo na, maine bhi to kara hai tumhe”, and closed his eyes in surrender (I guessed from his moans as I could not see his face). Now Vittesh Bhaiya’s hard meat was appearing and disappearing in his sister’s mouth and Silvia Didi was holding Vittesh Bhaiya cock in her lips firmly to massage her rod and sucking him while moving her head to and fro,

taking in her brother’s rod again and again. I could not see Bhaiya’s face as he was standing beside the bed and I was lying on the bed inside the sheet, but I could hear his pleasure moans and he was delighted with the feeling of getting sucked by his elder sister to whom he always addressed Didi.

Bhaiya was moaning continuously and humming in very low voice holding Silvia Didi’s back head and Silvia Didi’s head moved steadily, her hands were pumping back and forth in rhythm, driving her brother’s big cock in and out of her wet moist mouth, massaging his cock by rubbing it on her mouth’s inner walls till Vittesh Bhaiya stopped her saying,

“Bass….Bass…. ruk jaao Didi ruk jaao” Silvia Didi stopped and retained her position on the mattress. Now it was time for Vittesh Bhaiya to fuck her sister and he knelt on his knees took out Condom, I think it was kept below the pillow and further walked a bit on his knees between Silvia Didi’s legs and parted her thighs further and leaned forward on Silvia Didi while holding his rod, pointing straight to his sister’s fuckhole.

I adjusted position very slowly of my head so that I can see the penetration and next moment Vittesh Bhaiya flexed his hips and entered inside Silvia Didi in one push, I could see Vittesh Bhaiya’s thick and long penis getting into Didi’s cunt in one push, this time penetration was residing few inches away from my eye and I could see there gentiles in contact very clearly.

The way Silvia Didi moaned as she got stuffed I could sense that Vittesh Bhaiya has went deep inside his sister all of a sudden and next second Vittesh Bhaiya started fucking his sister again. His cock distended Didi’s cunt-lips wide open, and raked her inflamed clitoris as it rasped and squelched into her cunt again and again.

Vittesh Bhaiya skewered Silvia Didi deeply, running his cock-sword into her cunt-sheath repeatedly with an important roll of his taut hips. Silvia Didi moaned and gasped, her body was jerking and snapping back and forth on the floor above the mattress, her breasts were jiggling with Bhaiya’s fucking thrusts, I was getting glimpse of Silvia Didi’s big breasts too.

Vittesh Bhaiya leaned further and sucked her breasts or may be just nipples and Silvia Didi moaned thickly. “OHHHHh uhhhh OHHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHHH uhhh OH ma uhhhh ahhhhh uhhhhh yes-uhh-yes-uhhh-AHHHHH-uhhh-ohma-uhhh-yes-yes-yes-yes-Yes!” Silvia Didi cried rapturously, her body was heaving and writhing and lurching. Sweat streamed out off their body.

Didi’s legs were spread wide, her knees were bent, and her feet were high against Vittesh Bhaiya’s strong back. Her hips pumped and heaved up a bit faster and faster couple of times under him as Bhaiya stroked furiously in and out of Didi’s body, ram-fucking her without care, thundering in and out of his sister’s flesh with his huge battering ram.

She dug her fingers fiercely into his thick arms and shoulders, her neck arched and she spoke in gasping tone with lot of control, “dheere……dheere….Vittesh please….please….Ahhhh….. Dheere….ohhh…god ….please…. dheere”. Silvia Didi was requesting her younger brother and lover to slow down the pace,

but I think Vittesh Bhaiya was beyond his control and continued like that only and spoke while puffing in broken and very low voice, “Didi…didi mera ho jayega…bass…..bass…Silvia Didi’s sibling lover’s penis appeared and disappeared from and into her cunt few more times in high speed.

Bhaiya’s buttocks rose and fell, pumping faster and faster, hardly 3-4 more times and with a shattering cry, Silvia Didi orgasmed. “OHHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHH uhhh OH OH OH OH uhhh AHHHHHHH uhhhh yes uhhhhh AHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried, her body was tensing and arching, her cunt was biting down fiercely on his cock as she rocked and shuddered in a violent ecstasy.

“AAAARRHHHHHH uhhhhh AHHHHHHH uhhh yes uhhhh yes uhh yes! Yes Ohhh

Didi…ahhhh…. Ahhhh….take it… take it Unhh UHHhh yes,” Vittesh Bhaiya gasped as he released his jizz from his shuddering body. Both, my brother and my sister were spent; Vittesh Bhaiya sank onto Silvia Didi, and kissed her gently for few seconds.

Silvia Didi held his sweating body, tenderly caressing his head and his powerful back, her fingertips contouring his fine physique. Her breasts were pressed hot against her brother’s chest. I think Bhaiya’s cock began to shrink inside Didi and slowly, he slipped out of Didi’s cunt and rolled over onto his back beside her and took off the condom.

She felt good I could see the way Silvia Didi was puffing closing her eyes. It was great sex, satisfying hard and demanding, for both of them and for me too but I think not of the kind Silvia Didi needed. She turned to him, rising on an elbow, and spoke softly, “Idiot tujhse kaha tha dheere dheere karna,…..aur tu pagalon ki tarah karr raha tha”.

Vittesh Bhaiya looked at Silvia Didi with a smile and said, “bass Didi ho gaya, koshish ki thi parr control hi nahi kar paya”. Silvia Didi lied down back in her previous position and said, “waise achha tha, bahut mazza aaya” then after a pause of few seconds Silvia Didi spoke “wahan pe kiske saath karta hai” “kisi ke saath nahi”

Vittesh Bhaiya replied, “sach boll, mujhe maloom hai tu karta hai, nahi to ittne achhe se nahi kar pata” Vittesh Bhaiya surrendered and spoke, “hai ek, mere apartment mein, bahut chaalu lady hai” Silvia didi remained silent expecting more details from Vittesh Bhaiya and Vittesh Bhaiya continued again,

“usska husband bahar rahta hai aur kabhi kabhi weekends pe aata hai, weekdays mein main hi usska husband hoon”. “aur tum” Vittesh Bhaiya asked Silvia Didi, after few seconds “main kisi ke saath nahi karti” Silvia Didi tried to lie, “jhoot, jabb maine tumhe pahli baar chodda tha tabb tum virgin nahi thi, mujhse jhoot matt bolo thoda bahut main bhi samajhta hoon ye sab”

Vittesh Bhaiya replied calmly, Silvia Didi giggled a bit and said, “Boss ke saath,…. bahut harami hai saala, parr caring bhi hai”. Silvia Didi revealed truth of her professional life to Vittesh Bhaiya calmly and Vittesh Bhaiya too spoke about his sex life, moreover except the name and physical details of that lady he didn’t had much to tell.

After that conversation and after getting back into clothes both of them were laying there only beside each other, Vittesh Bhaiya spoke again, “abb Haasini ka kya karen, kahin wo mummy papa ko batta na de”. “nahi, wo nahi battayegi, kall hum dono ussko sorry bol deenge aur promise kar deenge ki abb hum dobaara nahi karenge, (then after a long pause Silvia Didi spoke again)

aur abb tu jabb wahan aayega tabhi karenge, yahan nahi karenge”. Vittesh Bhaiya said “theek hai dekhte hain, lekin agar ye collage challi jaayegi tabb to yahan bhi karr sakte hain”. Silvia didi just said, “hmmm…tab karr sakte hain” then after few more seconds Silvia Didi spoke again, “ghar se bahar jakar hum dono hi biggad gaye hain,….bass abb Haasini hi bachi hai”.

Unfortunately my siblings didn’t know that I am awake and I have seen everything they have done and heard every word they have uttered. Finally they slept Silvia Didi beside me on the other bed and Vittesh Bhaiya on the floor, on mattress. After few minutes I moved my hand into my panty and as expected I was in the pool of my cunt juices.

Apart from my panty my lower was also bit wet and stained with the liquid which I released through out the sexual encounter of my sister and brother. I masturbated and released my pressure in next few minutes and tried to sleep but I was awake till morning, drenched in the fucking thoughts and finally felt sleepy around 4:30 or 5:00 with a hope of a weird day ahead.

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