Hi, this is Vijay from Mumbai. After the terrace encounter i had with my maid Haasini we had several fucking sessions on the terrace and in the lift, but my final encounter with Haasini is very vivid in my memory.

This is possibly because it was the only time we enjoyed ourselves unhurriedly without the danger of being caught. We pulled all the stops and had a wild time, the memories of which will stay with me a life time. I am sure she also feels the same way.

Actually what had happened was that her mother-in-law had her plaster removed and started moving about. Now I knew that she would be back to work any day in the near future and her daughter-in-law would be dispatched back to her village.

I was waiting for an opportunity to have an encore of our last encounter and one day I heard her talking to my mother asking for directions to a famous temple in our city which she wanted to visit before leaving for her village.

After taking directions she said she would be visiting the temple the next day early in the morning. While saying this to my mother she stared pointedly at me to see if I was getting the message. This set the machinery in my head in motion

and I prepared a plan for our final encounter. I decided this time I would treat her like a queen and it should be an occasion she should remember for a long time to come. Now this temple of Lord Ganesh in Mumbai is very popular and revered.

The number of devotees visiting it being huge, the queue for entering the temple is very long. In case you get into the queue at about 5.00 a.m. in the morning, your turn to worship the god will come at about 2.00 in the afternoon.

My Company had a flat very near this temple and was being used as a guest house for visiting officials from the Head office. A VIP guest was going to come within the next few days and using the pretext of getting the flat ready for the guest I

obtained the keys from the office to this flat. I visited the flat in the afternoon and stocked it with items that would be required by us the next day. I told my mother I would be staying over at a friend’s place and spent the night alone in the guest house.

Next morning I drove down to the temple in my car at about 5.00 a.m. and there she was waiting outside the temple. On seeing my car, she got in and we drove to the guesthouse. She had a wild glint in her eyes and gave me her mischievous smile.

I was by now familiar with this look of hers and it indicated that she was feeling very horny. She could not wait until we reached the sanctuary of the guest house and started rubbing my thighs in the car itself. Eventually she fondled my erect cock

over my pants and gave light squeezes to my balls. The car reached the guesthouse and we got into the lift. It was a old building with a collapsible gate lift. She shut the door and I pressed the button for the correct floor.

She turned around and put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. He tongue parted my lips and teeth and twisted itself around my tongue. I rubbed her back and squeezed her ass which brought out an excited moan from her.

She was rubbing her thighs against mine and using one hand to rub my crotch. I kissed her on the ears and neck, leaving a wet trail of kisses and finally buried my face in the deep valley between her twin globes.

I took a deep breath and took in her aroma which was of some flowery talc she used. Both my hands were pumping her breasts from the side in the meanwhile. We were so busy in our action that we did not realize we had reached our destination and the lift had stopped moving.

We were suddenly conscious of a loud tapping noise and separating we looked around. An aged resident of the building was tapping the grill of the lift with a disgusted look in his face. He then continued on down by way of the stairs for his morning walk for which he was aptly dressed.

I opened the lift door while she giggled like a school girl on being caught in this fashion. While I struggled to open the door of the flat she embraced me from behind and impatiently pulled down the zip of my pant. Inserting her hand in the open fly

of my pant she fondled my erect cock as I was not wearing any underwear this morning. I finally got the door open and both of us lurched into the house and I pushed the door shut with my foot. All this action had made me also equally horny and we did not even reach the bedroom.

I pushed her against the wall of the living room and pushing aside the palloo of her sari I unbuttoned her blouse. While I was doing this she hurriedly unraveled her sari from around herself. I removed the blouse completely from her body.

She was wearing a black bra with lace frill on it. The bra was low cut and struggled to keep the twin globes of flesh in control creating a deep cleavage between the two. It was a nylon bra with elastic on the bottom. In a hurry instead of removing her bra

I just pushed it up and freed her breasts whose nipples I could see were already hard and pointed from all the excitement. I started mauling her breasts and rolling the nipples between my fingers. Overcome with excitement I was pinching her nipples quite hard.

I even bent down and taking the nipples between my teeth bit and licked them very roughly. But the excitement had increased her threshold of pain and all she did was breathe raggedly from her mouth and groan loudly and deeply in her chest.

In the meanwhile she was busy rubbing and fondling my cock and balls with both her hands. We were both aware that this was possibly our last time together and were in a hurry to take as much advantage as we could of the opportunity that we had.

Taking my head between her hands she pulled me up and kissed my lips fiercely. She looked me in the eye with a crazed look and told me to take her. I look around and seeing the sofa nearby I made her bend over the back of the sofa.

I pushed up her petticoat to her waist and encountered her soaked panties (incidentally olive green this time). I pushed her panties down to her ankles and she kicked it away in a hurry. Holding my erect cock in my hand I guided it to her pussy

and positioning it properly gave a hard push. She gave a deep groan as my cock pushed aside the walls of her pussy and buried itself entirely in one push. We started off at a fast pace and she was also moving her ass in tune to the strokes of my cock.

We did not last very long. I came long and hard, spurting huge quantity of my love juice into her pussy as she also came simultaneously. We both collapsed onto the carpeted floor of the hall. Having gotten up quite early in the morning and feel drowsy

after our fucking session we promptly dropped off to sleep on the carpet itself. When I opened my eyes I found it was already 8.00 a.m. and she was sleeping next to me peacefully. I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for both of us.

We had fried eggs, toasted bread with butter and jam, biscuits and coffee. We sat on the dining table and ate our breakfast like a married couple. We were chatting and she told me about her family. Her husband was a useless wastrel who was interest only in gambling and drinking.

It was not surprising as her father-in-law had done the same all his life, living off the earnings of her mother-in-law. Sex with her husband was a luxury which she got once in a blue moon. Usually he could not get an erection and if by chance he achieved it,

he could not sustain it to satisfy her. This was the reason she was childless even after 3 years of marriage. She could not do anything about it in her village as it was close knit community and would have eventually resulted in blood feuds and honor killings.

But on coming to Bombay temporarily to fill in for her mother-in-law she had decided on having an affair before returning. So here we were fucking our brains out like there was no tomorrow. All this serious talk had made our mood melancholic.

Suddenly the mischievous, impish smile and the glint in eyes were back and I raised my eyebrows enquiring what was cooking in her naughty brain. Saying she wanted to eat a lollipop she came and sat down on the floor before my chair.

We had removed all our clothes on waking up and were sitting naked to have our breakfast. When I saw the bottle of jam in her hand I understood the meaning of what she said. Taking my flaccid cock in her palm she started applying jam on the shaft and balls.

After properly applying the jam she started off by licking my balls. Taking each ball in her hot mouth she tenderly sucked them clean. Transferring attention to my cock she licked away the jam entirely and then started sucking it earnestly moving her head up and down over my shaft.

She grunted with every suck, watching my face for the familiar look of imminent release. In the meanwhile I was using my toes to rub her pussy and clitoris simultaneously. When she sensed the approaching orgasm in my cock she got up and straddled me guiding my hot erect tool

into her pussy. I savored the delightful sensation of her wet hot body accepting me. She slid down my cock till pelvis met pelvis and our pubic hairs intermingled. Then she started riding my dick like a young girl on a pogo stick.

She was using her pussy muscles to clench on my cock as she rode it up and down. I moved my right hand between our bodies and started rubbing her clitoris and used my left hand to massage in and around her tight ass hole.

When she sensed she was about to come she started massaging my balls with one hand, balancing herself with the other as she continued riding my cock. We both came together. We sat in that position for quite some time enjoying the afterglow of our coupling,

caressing each other in silence. I then told her I had another surprise for her. I showed her the master bedroom with a huge wrought iron bed with satin sheets on it. Letting out a squeal of delight she jumped naked into the bed.

“Oh this feels wonderful “ she said as she rolled and wriggled her body against the fabric. I put on the airconditioner, pulled the curtains shut and went around the room lighting the candles that I had placed all around the room. This gave the room a warm and comforting glow.

I then joined her on the bed and started kissing her. I slyly positioned her on the centre of the bed without her realizing it, as I kissed her passionately. I then lifted both her arms above her head and tied it with a silk scarf I had left there for the purpose, to the head post of the bed.

Realizing what I had done she looked at me uncertainly. I smiled back at her and told her that she was going to be punished for being a naughty girl. I then sat on her waist with my thighs on either side of her body without putting my weight on her.

Taking out a feather brush that I had purchased for the purpose I languidly brushed down each arm to the armpit. She started giggling and then moaning. To escape the tickling sensation she tossed from side to side but could not do much as I was sitting on her waist.

When the tickling became unbearable goose bumps started to break out on her arms. She groaned and grunted and begged me to stop. Lightly I applied the torture across her stomach and then to each breast concentrating on the nipples until they swelled to fullness.

She continued to buck trying to avoid the feathers touch but my weight on her hips limited her range of motion. She screamed out that if I continued to torture her she would come just from my touch. I was enjoying this power over her.

I finally decided to stop the torture and put the feather brush aside. She moaned loudly and told me to rub her body in order to stop the tickling sensation. Accordingly I rubbed her arms and stomach to relieve her of the tickling sensation.

I then used both my hand to encircle her left breast squeezing and manipulating the tissue and her engorged nipples. I gave her right breast the same treatment. She finally stopped wriggling as the sensation subsided.

Telling her she was going to get a massage I asked her to turn around. As she was lying on her stomach her back looked beautiful in the candle light. Soft, slightly pale, with a sensuous, deep channel sloping into her spine.

I opened the container of oil which I had already warmed and holding it over her back, let some dribble out onto her shoulder blades and then down her spine. The I placed my hands on her shoulders with my fingers spreading the oil around.

I started to work my hands over her shoulder blades. Then I pressed her back firmly with my fingertips. She let out soft sighs now and then as I rubbed my hands down her back, then rubbed them back up her shoulders.

I picked up the bottle and dripped more oil into my palms, rubbing my hand again to warm it up. Then facing her feet, I placed my hand on the small of her back and firmly pushed my hands downwards over her ass. This got a deep sigh, almost a moan.

My hands went across her ass cheeks, spreading outwards to the side. I swept them back and cupped each cheek in my palm. The I drew them upward, pulling her cheeks apart slightly. I continued to caress her ass, squeezing, kneading and spreading with each stroke,

I let the tips of my fingers creep further in between her thighs. But I didn’t go all the way there. I poured more oil on to my palms and began to massage her hamstring and the inner thighs of her right leg. I worked the oil into her leg, stroking firmly.

My hands crawled dangerously close to her crotch, but I always swerved them away just in time. I worked down her legs over the back of her knees, caressing her calf. She liked this. She moaned and tries to roll over.

I put my hands on the small of her back and stopped her. “No wait, I have not finished yet” I said. I dripped more oil into my palms and work on her other leg. I was starting to get impatient. I took a bit more oil and go back to massaging her ass.

I was facing her head now and with each stroke up and over her ass cheeks I swept my fingertips further and further between her legs and pulled her cheeks apart a bit more each time. The tips of my fingers start to touch the fringes of her pubic hair, then her vulva.

She parted her legs a little. I pulled her cheeks apart a little more and my fingertips stroked across her labia. She let out a deep moan and I could hardly contain myself now. I rubbed my hands down between her thighs, caressing her labia between my fingers.

The massage has gotten her wet. I ran my hands further between her legs and sought out her clitoris with my finger tips. She was breathing heavily and letting out the most arousing moans. I rubbed my fingers over her clitoris

and she raised her hips to give me better access. I played with her opening and pushed my middle finger into her, but not very far. I twirled it around inside her and she let out a deep throaty groan.

She was moving her hips up and down now pushing herself into my hands. I couldn’t wait any longer. So I leaned forward, placing my hands on her ass cheeks, I spread them apart. Then I put my face between her legs and flicked the tip of my tongue up

and down on the edges of her labia. She practically screamed. I flattened my tongue and used it to spread her lips apart. She tasted incredible. I gave her a long lick, starting from her clitoris, going right up through her lips and in the end I pushed my tongue

inside her as far as it would go. I then drew it out and licked back down to her clitoris. She was so wet now it was getting all over my face, dripping down my chin. My face was pushed right up into her crotch, with my tongue on her clitoris and my nose practically in her vagina.

I could hardly breathe. Suddenly I decide to do something I had never done before. I brought my tongue over and between the labia again across her opening. I flicked my tongue gently around her anus. She moaned and reached back for my head.

I grabbed her hand and continue to lick her. She started writhing. I slid my tongue back down between her legs. She was moaning, saying my name, gasping and letting out tiny yelps. I grabbed her cheeks again and spread them way apart

and taking her clitoris between my lips sucked on it hard. She was thrusting her hips back against my face and then she started to scream. She lifted her ass up in the air and I was hanging on for dear life.

Her thighs were quivering and she was pulling the sheets in every direction. As she subsided I continue to lick her gently. I then asked her to turn over as I had not finished. She turned over lazily with a satisfied smile on her face.

I picked up the container of oil and dripped some of it on her breasts. I made sure to get some on her nipples. As I have said previously she had large breasts and lying on her back they looked like two mountains with a valley in between.

They were topped off with perfectly round brown colored nipples. The nipples stand hard and erect, just big enough to suck on. I rub her breasts firmly spreading the oil around with my fingers and palms.

I caressed her with an upward motion gently cupping my hands under her breasts Then I ran my thumbs over her nipples, as I work my palms around the side of her breasts. Then I ran my palms flat, down over her breasts. Then back up again. She started to moan.

I ran my hand over her stomach working the oil into her flesh. Then I leaned down and sucked on her left nipple, as I brought my right hand over her right breast. I took her right nipple between the thumb and forefinger and slightly twisted and pinched it.

She gasped. I flicked my tongue over each of her nipples, alternately biting & sucking. I switched back and forth between her breasts and whichever I was not licking I was caressing. I dragged my tongue over her chest from one nipple to the other,

then used my tongue in a large circle around the edge of each breast. I stop at the bottom of her right breast and drew my tongue up to her nipple and sucked. Her chest was heaving and she was moaning lightly again.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I straddled her body holding myself over her, my hands on the bed on either side of her hips. I was more erect then I had ever been. I leaned down and brushed the head of my penis against her labia.

I rubbed it up and down, gently pushing it into her more and more. She wrapped her legs around my hips and grabbed my shoulder. She thrust up against me and she was so wet I slid right in. I caught my breadth, closed my eyes and my head swam.

She was warm, wet and tight. I moaned loudly and she responded. I started to move in and out slowly. I drew the penis back until the tip was just barely inside her, then I pushed slowly all the way back into her, grinding my pelvis against her at the end of each stroke.

Gradually I picked up the pace, pushing in faster and harder. Her hands were pushing against my chest and she raised her hips to meet me on every stroke. Our moans were like a chorus. I leaned forward and kissed her,

my tongue probing into her mouth. She responded and I drew back, so that our tongues were playing about outside our lips. Now I was thrusting into her hard and fast. She was grunting, moaning and yelling my name.

I leaned back and hooked my arms underneath her knees. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders. My shoulders were under her knees. I pounded into her as she threw back her head. She was not making any noise even though her mouth was wide open.

I thrust my self deep into her and just stayed that way, grinding my pelvis against her. With each stroke I ground myself into her harder and longer. She was thrusting her pelvis up into me every time. Despite the air-conditioning I was dripping with sweat.

It was running down my face, into my eyes. I licked my lips and tasted her sweet juice mixed with my sweat. I started to feel her tighten around me. Little pulses at first, then stronger. This was the hardest part for me; it brought me right to the edge.

Finally her vaginal muscles gripped me and pulled me in, and suddenly they relaxed. She groaned and screamed my name. I came. A lot. Unlike most of my orgasms this one built up in my feet, crawled up the back of my legs and hit me right dead centre.

I felt I could no longer see, but it was because I had my eyes closed. I was grinding against her and I felt like I was exploding all over my body. The it subsided. But I keep feeling little quakes, small bursts of pleasure every few seconds.

I released her legs and collapsed into her arms gasping. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders and we rested in that position for some time. I was still semi hard and when I drew out of her slowly feeling my semen follow me out and run over my penis.

I kissed her on the cheek and then on her mouth, out tongues idly playing. She kissed my cheek and then I roll off her to her right. I wrap my arm around her waist and bury my head between her breasts.

She reached back and put her hand on the back of my neck, playing with my hair. We dozed off together in this position. When my eyes opened it was afternoon. She was awake and was idly playing and fondling my penis.

I got up and heated the ready to eat packed lunch that I had stored in the refrigerator. We then decided to have a bath. I turned on the heater to heat up the water and decided to shave in the meanwhile. As I was applying shaving cream over my cheeks

she walked into the bathroom and took the brush from me saying she would shave me. She then applied the lather all over my face and then carefully using my razor shaved my face. I told her I wanted to return the favor.

She giggled and told me that she did not have a beard or moustache like me and what was the use of shaving. I indicated to her that I wanted to shave around her pussy. She was initially reluctant, quite sure I would nick her on her tender parts

but gamely agreed when I convinced her with a deep kiss. I made her sit on the bath tub with her legs apart. Using a scissor I trimmed the dense growth of hair on her pussy. I then applied shaving cream on her pubic hair.

Using the brush as I was lathering the hair she started giggling and squirming as she was feeling ticklish. So I put aside the brush and used my hand to spread the lather properly on her pussy hair. I could see that as I was rubbing her pussy she was getting turned on again.

She had closed her eyes and was sitting with her head hanging loose. I used my thumb to rub her clitoris. She was breathing deeply and fast. Her breasts were rising and falling with each breath and her swollen nipples had hardened

I then took the razor out of the mug of hot water and started shaving her pussy. With each stroke of the razor she let out a arousing moan as she was being caressed by the friction of the razor on her pussy.

Very soon I had shaved away all the hair and I could see her bald pussy from which her love juice was already dripping. Now with the hair gone I could see her bald pussy quite clearly. It looked like the pussy of a new born baby.

The mon veneris was prominent and plump and the swollen clitoris was peeping out from between her lips. I leaned forward and licked away the juices that had dripped out on to her thighs. I then spread her pussy lips and taking the clitoris between my lips

sucked on it ardently using my tongue to stimulate it. She grunted loudly and taking hold of my hair started quiding my mouth as I continued to lick and suck her pussy and clitoris. I slipped one hand around her waist and using

my middle finger lubricated with her pussy juice slipped it into her anal opening and massaged her prostrate gland. This was too much for her and unable to hold back she came all over my face and mouth.

I then started washing her body. I first applied shampoo to her hair and washed it and then soaped her entire body giving special attention to her breasts and pussy. Very soon she was ready for further action. I then told her to soap my body.

She applied soap to my entire body coming finally to my private parts. Here she applied soap first to my balls tenderly fondling and squeezing them. Then she applied soap to my penis rubbing it in slowly and thoroughly.

By now I had a huge erection and unable to hold on any longer I lifted her up. She clung to me like an eel and wrapped her legs around my waist. Then with one hand around my neck, she used the other hand to guide my rock hard penis into the depths of her pussy.

I turned on the shower and under the downpour of hot water I pushed her back against the wall and started slowly moving in and out of her pussy. Hanging on to me with one hand she was using her other hand between our bodies to rub and stimulate her clitoris.

Very soon she reached a feverish pitch and started moving up and down using her legs around my waist as leverage, answering every thrust of mine with a downward thrust of her own. I also sensed the impending explosion and increased the speed of my strokes.

As she started coming she kissed me passionately and she transferred the hand rubbing her clitoris behind her back and started squeezing my balls. This brought on my own orgasm and I came explosively pumping my semen into her pussy.

When the pleasure had subsided we both washed the other person and then we dried each other. I then made her wear a new set of silk bra and panties (incidentally cream colored) that I had purchased for her. I also gifted her a beautiful silk sari.

I dropped her off at the temple where she offered her prayers . She was out of the temple in 15 minutes. I then dropped her off ten minutes walking distance from her house.

While parting she had tears in her eyes and she kissed me fiercely and passionately. We both knew this was our final encounter and we may not meet again in our life time. She left for her village the next day and as usual her mother-in-law

started her usual rounds to collect and deliver the clothes. After about 8 months I heard that my lover had given birth to a baby girl. I wondered whether if it could have been mine as we had never taken any precautions or birth control measures.

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