Her husband never paid her any attention. That´s why she felt so sexually unsatisfied.

She almost passed out, her eyes popped up for so much screaming and lust. I was burning from pleasure, as I saw my father second wife sucking my dick so anxiously, full of madness.

It was a very quite and foggy morning, grey, like those we usually have in Bilbao , Spain . I was doing the dishes, while daydreaming in the things I was doing, my lifetime, standing in front of the sink, as I heard my father´s broken voice coming from the living room:

“Hey, boy, isn´t today the dead line for paying the energy bill?”

I replied: “Yes, I think it is, dad. But I’m affraid I left the receipt at home.”

He said: “Ok, I´ll give you 15.000 bucks to pay for the bill before you head for downtown. You just pick up the money at home. It’s on the dinning room table. You can pay the amount due in the receipt at the Bank or Bilbao offices.” He said this with is customary cautiousness.

“Shall I wait until Timothy is here?” I asked while started to take off my apron.

I said: “In this way you won´t be alone here on yourself while I´m gone.

He said: “No, you just leave at once because banks close at 1:00 o´clock according to schedule. It´s almost 12:30 now.”

Well, I put on my jacket and left. My house a short distance from this place. My father owned this bar in a joint venture with his brother Albert, but ordinarily, I used to perform all duties, yet everybody assist me a the bar with frequent customers.

As I got home, I was not able to find the key which we always keep hidden in a special place, under a rock, so no burglars couldn’t sneake in. I walked along the wall until I reached the back yard where a back door is normally open, in case of these emergencies.

When I got into the house, I didn´t believe my eyes. I turned my back and again tuned to see this scene: my father’s second wife was giving a man the greatest blow job ever!! I hardly could belive my eyes!!!

The window was half opened, I got closer and very carefully peered through a small gap. I could see them perfectly and they weren´t aware of my spying through the window. The man said to her:

“Come on, go, Nathaly!! Suck it!! Your´re wonderful at this!!”

I recognized that voice at once, a familiar voice. It sounded like Albert uncle’s. This had been turned the answer to some questions I had about why he had to leave home mid morning since time back. He used to have the appropiate excuses and would return home again to meet my father’s second wife there.

She was still on her knees engaged in sucking the huge shaft with such lust, gaggling like I´ve never seen it in a woman before. She looked more like a furious bitch hungry for a man´s penis. Suddenly, uncle Albert began to take off her bra, fiercely, while rubbing his dick against her tits, but my father’s second wife didn´t cooperate for she was busy acting like a cheap bitch, looking for the shaft which had accidentally came out of her mouth. My uncle grabbed her by the arms and forced her to stand up. This moment I realized she was only wearing a dark bra, buttoned in the front but incapable of holding her big boobs which appeared to be fighting to get free off this confinement.

I was surprised at seeing the big hairy mound, hair sticking out of under her panties. I felt something sick in my stomach and was already dizzy. In only a second my life had turned into such tremendous outcome. My thoughts were focused in my poor dad, alone in the bar, working hard, not knowing about his misfortune, for this woman was his wife, cheating him.

Nathaly was her name and she had turned into a bitch by doing nasty, I couldn´t imagine how this came to be true, though. This was not only adultery, but a disgrace to the family. My uncle turned her around and pat her in the back. She, looked like a robot, obeying, and bent over as he spanked her, rest in her elbows on the bed, her ass high in the air, for his doing his job here.

In that new sex position, gripping her ass cheeks with both hands, he plunged the dick with a single stroke, to fuck her wildly, passionately, and said to her with each stroke in and out:

“You take this, bitch!!”

Since they were in front of me, I had a good view of them in the middle of the room. That´s why I could also see my father´s second wife’s breasts bouncing at a good rhythm, each tit, back and forth, keeping a pace matching my uncle strokes.

There she was face down watching the floor; I wasn’t able to look at her expression in her face, yet I was able to see my uncle’s; could tell, by the crazy signs in her face, he was cumming at that exact moment!! When he was done, he gave her a little push forward and she fell on the bed lying face up. His rudeness caused me horror.

My father had married this woman 10 years ago, I reckon. He was 63 and she was a 44 year old single woman. Our life style was very quite, pacific and monotonous: the usual trip to the bar and back home. To tell you the truth, I don´t recall a love attention aimed at her.

I was shocked by her pretty well shaped body despite of her age. I never imagined such a wonderful body, excellent, solid, firm, massive, hidden under that comfortable loose dress she always wore. She looked so gorgeous, with tits that would impress any man, tight, fleshy thighs.

I stared at her for a long time and I saw as a narrow stream of cum erupted among her thick hairy mound to run between the thigs, and finally felling on the sheets. She suddenly opened her eyes and caught sight of me; let out a loud scream. Her face became as reddish as a tomato, and tried to use a piece of sheet to cover her tits, while screaming at me:

“Go, go away now, you, arse.”

I replied, too serious: “I haven´t missed anything!! I saw it all!!”

My voice sounded severe. As she heard those words coming from me, she became very embarrassed and covered her face with both hands, but she had forgotten about her breasts now in open view, completely naked, unattended.

She broke into tears, hysteric and began to beat her head against the bed iron bars. I was completely taken aback by such violent reaction because she could get hurt, or tried to do something crazy!!

I said very frightened:

“You don´t you worry, mom, take it easy.”

My tone of voice was kind and nice from now on. “

“I´ll be discrete about all this stuff, and I´m not going to give you away, mom, because I don´t wish the one to blame if anythng would happen to you after this is disclosed.”

My father’s second wife kept on weeping desperately and began to scrape her face with hysteria. I quickly got close to her and took her strongly by her arms to keep her from getting hurt due to this hysterical reaction, but she never dared to look at me in the eye. She kept on hiding her face away from me, among the pillows because of her embarrassment and humiliation.

She was now comforted by some words like she was a grown up and had the right to manage anything with her body, as she wished. This advice didn’t work either; on the contrary, it got worse, while my father’s second wife continued screaming desperately trying to get loose off me, le me alone!!

I sat by her side and asked her to calm down. She started to say in a soft voice:

“It´s been a long time now since your father hasn´t had sex with me and I’m still young. This is unfair, so I have my onwn reasons for cheating him.”

She also told me that my uncle had realized she was a very hot woman, full of lust and that he kept on harassing her, courting her by spanking her persistently.

There was an instance in which he would corner her by the shelves and kissed her in the mouth against her will. She, at the beginning resisted, but he insisted over until she gave in pussy. Since that time, he kept on visiting her almost every morning to touch her like a rubber doll. She had tried to stop him from going any further, but he would threaten her by bringing the issue to my father.

I began to judge this had been an unhappy woman, victimized. She slowly calmed down but I didn’t notice I was unconsciously careessing her back softly trying to support her, and felt something strange into my pants: having a hard on, with the indgredient she had been naked during the chat. I was sure the scene had prepared me for this kind of behavior.

I had just turned to 20 and I was still a virgo, but these events had triggered something in me and I only wished to love this woman, and I didn’t care if she was my father’s second wife. I had never been so close to a woman before and I hadn’t kissed one either, to the point that my hands began to touch her unconsciously down one side of her body, until I found myself touching her in her thighs.

“No, please, no!!” she begged, but I wouldn’t mind what the hell!! went back to touch her pussy through the black panties, brushing it softly with the back of my hand to feel it better, along with the hairy mound. I began to notice a pre cum; needless to say, I was already too turned on and felt the necessity to keep touching this woman -I said before I had never touched one- began to slide my dumb finger very gently within her pussy; didn’t find any resistance within her love tunnel, so I began to finger fuck her smoothly.

“No, please!! please, don’t do that!!” she moaned nervously, shaky.

Her cunt was completely flooded, already leaking liquids. It looked like if she had put a lubricant inside her vagina, and I had a sensation of a pussy releasing a hot steam from inside.

As the middle finger explored inside her, my father’s second wife let out a soft moan, shut her eyes and pulled her head back. She remained silent, motionless but I had made a good finding: she had a problem, was always hot, sensible, and ready to enjoy and to fuck any man who touched her clit.

How come my dad didn’t know about his wife’s sexual capabilities? He had thrown everything to the trash and didn’t take advantage with a wife performing so good in bed. His age would be the one to blame, a reason for not fucking her well and give her sexual relief. I think other methods would exist such as eating her pussy, or he would rather finger her pussy, with equally excellent results.

I was out of control and began to slide down my zipper. Had no difficulty, and took out my dick using only one hand. I had an enormous cock, rock hard. I wasn’t going to miss this chance, so I rode on top of her and, holding my dick with one hand, began to look for the pussy entrance. The head brushed her wet lips and this brought me into a big gratification I had never felt before with a woman, so I charged at her pussy, and with a tremendous blow, slid it completely within her, to the bottom, effortless. All taboos went to the trash, and began to trespass a door that was always prohibited for me we

I began to fuck her strongly, stroking her firmly, but slowly at the same time. She never looked at me in the eye, but I could tell by the expression in her face and her moans, she was very turned on. Seconds later, she reached a tremendous orgasm, began to bounce her tits from side to side and whispering: “Please, more, more, you never stop!!”

Her mouth was wide opened and her voice broken up at intervals, gasping for air. One cum followed another, almost in a row. We took turns changing positions on the bed, still with my cock inside her. But there was an instance when my father’s second wife stopped and rode on top of me to grab my dick and began to give me a great blow job. It was so exciting, I swear!!

She was like mad, popped eyes for the lust she felt. I was burning for such pleasure, watching my father’s second wife sucking my shaft, so eagerly.

I began to rub her tits while I grabbed her ass strongly; it was a huge ass, one that belonged to a woman in her fifties. She didn´t warn me about her new intentions and slid my cock again into her pussy riding it frenetically, literally sitting on me. So I was now dedicated to ponder her beautiful body. Her head was drawn back and her mouth wide open with eyes closed, to show she was feeling something great!!

Her colossal breasts bounced up and down at unison. Out of the sudden, she began to scream loudly and to cry like a girl, immersed in a long orgasm, then began a crescendo until climaxed.

Then she increased her pace when she realized I was about to cum, and said:

“It´s all right!!! But cum inside me!”

As I did so, she began to kiss me around my body, beginning on my toes and to my mouth with a strong, long kiss. She hugged me firmly and we were now still one of top of the other.

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