This is my extramarital sex affair with my ex-lover. First let me describe myself. I am typical housewife with vital stats of 36-29-38. I have big boobs from the college itself my male colleagues had been fond of both my assets and I can see the appreciation and lust in their eyes. it made me feel hot and wanted.

After my graduation I met Varun , and I was instantaneously attracted to him and wanted to spend rest of my life with him. We used to go out daily for long rides where he used to smooch and grab my boobs and massage them…….god the feeling was heavenly and I used to get my juices flowing. The massage of my boobs weakens and make my juices drip.

There was point when we decided we shall marry each other and live the happy life, but unfortunately he had to go to USA for further studies and I being only child of my parent they wished to see me marrried. I was forced to marry gaurav ( name changed) and with that I locked my all the feelings for Varun deep within myself.

The life with gaurav was truly amazing, he was very nice person, was wealthy had all my wishes fulfilled, but deep down I missed the touch of Varun, the way he smooched me, the way his strong hands massaged my boobs….pfff…..just wanted him to fuck me then and there. The sex life with gaurav was routine and nothing to boast of nor regret.

He had usual 5 inches dick, and mostly the act was over within 10-15 mins….though I used to have orgasm but the intensity was not same as masturbation I used to do thinking of Varun. The life was smooth and I delivered my daughter in next 3 years of my marriage. Suddenly one day while roaming in bandra I heard the deep sexy voice calling me from behind.

It was Varun, man I was shocked and terribly happy to see him. He was looking handsome and sexy and powerful.the aura he radiated was amazing and I was already feeeling the juices flowing from my pussy. I was ashamed of the effect he had on me till date. we went for the coffee and tried to catch up the 3 years we had missed.

The deep sexy voice of me had the very sexy effect on me. Slowly we started talking daily on sms, phones and internet chat. The talk was routine at first and then it started to the more adult talks. deep down I wished to get fucked by him and wanted him to make love to me. Once on sms he said he would like to bang me hard with big cock.

He said he wanted to drink milk from my boobs (I was breast feeding) I was ashamed of the talk and said please I am married. but the feeling deep down under was to fuck him, taken up by his sheer power.

The D-day had arrived for me. after continues talks for 2 months or so he finally invited me to hotel taj, he said its time to move forward our relationship I want you, thats why I have not married. the thought moved me and I decided to go and meet him. I was still dual state of mind, should I be going or not?

The D-day had arrived for me. I can still recall correctly it was raining and the atmosphere was very erotic and sensual. The raining was not usual heavy downpour but the mild and seductive where you feel aroused and erotic. We had decided to meet up at 2 in afternoon and I had arranged my daughter who was 4 months old to be with my gaurav. I had told him I had some work regarding my job and had to meet some clients.

The continues battle of wrong and right was going inside my mind. One side I was very much excited to meet Varun in privacy and other side I was feeling very guilty. I wore White sleeve less t-shirt and black skirt ( knee length). I had purposely choosen this attire as Varun had said he would like to raise my skirt and fuck me. I had put the best thongs I had and slight make up.

I mentally prepared myself as deep down I also wanted the same thing to get fucked my Varun. I took up taxi and reach taj as per our fixed time. He was already there in the room and I just went up there. I knocked the door and my heart was pounding like its going to get blasted now.

The moment he opened the door I just kept looking at him, his physique, his masculine smell, my love for him, and that moment I decided I aint gonna have second thougths, hell with gaurav and my daugther, I want to get fucked. The moment was very sensual for me and I already felt wetness in my pussy.

He greeted me inside and escorted me to the living room. we sat there for few mins and had casual talk. He asked me would like anything for drink, and mentally I thought ya I would like to drink your cum, ( I had never done blowjob or drank cum of my husband) and here I was eager to lick his cock and suck him dry. Maybe my love for him was guiding me through this.

He must have read the lust in my eyes and invited me to sit on the bed and be comfortable. He was resting on the bed and I was sitting on the edge of the bed. our eyes were connected and we could feel the tension in the air. I didnt knew what to do or say. Suddenly he pulled me upto him and kissed me hard, smooched me.

Aaah what a feeling, I never felt this sexy and wanted before, the thrusting of his tongue was like the cock thrusting in my pussy and I was leaking heavily the juices from my cunt. Somehow gaurav was never able to kiss me with such raw passion. He slowly removed my t-shirt and started massaging my boobs.

I was loving the each and every move of his, he removed my bra in a fraction and started sucking my boobs. aahh friends really cant describe the amazing feeling I had, my pussy is getting wet by just writing my feelings now.he sucked the milk from my boobs, licked my titties, pressed them hard…..pfff…….so hard I was literally in erotic pain.i just wanted him to tear apart my boobs.

he made me slept beside him and slowly started raising my skirt. i got alarmed and got up and said please Varun this is wrong. lets not do this. As soon as he touched my thongs I pleaded him please Varun just stop it here. He said you also wanted the same thing so why resist, and he touched my wet pussy, aahh godd….the moment all my resistance perished, and I raised my hips so he can finger me good.

Mmmmm…..the feeling was so erotic and I was so horny I said please Varun fuck me….make ur bitch…….i want to be ur slut……please use me fuck me hard and fast. He was teasing me and just slowly inserting the finger. I was twitching my hips and pussy to his thrusts and was not able to control had the fucking orgasm…..he was amazed with the juices that came out….he licked my dry and said its my turn.

He slowly removed his pants and jockey……omg I cant describe what I saw…..the cock was amazing. The second real cock I had seen in my life and was nothing short of disbelief. Thick,veiny, must be 8 inches and the head was so big I just pushed him back and grabbed his cock. The all hype about size doesnt matter is just to make someone feel good but in true, the size does matter.

I just couldnt keep imagining the pounding I am gonna get from this cock. I had never given a blowjob and here I wanted to just suck it and feel it in my mouth. I pushed him on the bed, and put the head of his cock in my mouth.hmmm it was so juicy and I loved the velvety feel of the cock. it was pulsating in my mouth and I was wet again.

I was feeling like a cheap prostitute, but internally I was so aroused that I didnt care. I didnt care even my husband came right now in the room. I just wanted to suck it. Friends I must stop here as my husband is back from work. I am fucking horny now and need to masturbate. after Varun’s dick I cant stop thinking of sex with him.

I just wanted to suck the cock and feel his hot cum in my mouth. My husband had asked me many times for blowjob and I had always denied him, I felt a sort of disgusted but here seeing Varun’s cock I just wanted to suck it. Gaurav’s dick was pointed like a dog and Varun’s was manly. A real pussy fucker I would say.

I grabbed his cock and pushed him on the bed. I was so excited that I just tried to put the whole thing in my mouth, but it was too much and I just gagged and suddenly tears came in my eyes. Then Varun said slow down babe….take it easy I am all yours and this cock is for you only.

Then he taught he how to give a blowjob, how to do vaccum, suck his balls, I was so fucking excited that my pussy was wet like a ocean, It was continuously flowing. He asked to change to 69 position and slowly he started tongue fucking me….the room was full of sex sounds and smell…..i just loved sucking his cock and meantime my pussy was getting so much licking that I wouldn’t hold and had a huge orgasm then and there.

Gaurav never tried to lick my pussy and I never knew that licking can also make me orgasm. I was in trance……so much excitement and pleasure. I never had more than one orgasms and never had feeling to continue sex after one. But Varun had completely transformed me. He had unleashed the beast within me.

With the orgasm now I was more comfortable and slowly my senses were back to normal.From the housewife I had been transformed to slut, I grabbed his cock and asked him to fuck me, fuck me Varun fuck me deep,fill my hole with your hot cum……..i was amazed with the type of language I was using.

He positioned a pillow below my ass and slowly teased my pussy with his dick….just rubbing it and slightly penetrating and removing…..this went on for sec and I next time he penetrated I raised my hips in with such a jerk that it completely went inside in a stroke. Aahhhhh what a feeling …..i just cried out of the sheer pleasure…

it has touched me to the deepest part where gaurav hadn’t been able to reach half of it…..i was amazed seeing my pussy accommodate such a big cock. it. I had fucking orgasm at the same moment he penetrated me. I had difficulty breathing and was sweating heavily. Seeing me Varun stopped his strokes and asked me u ok babe?

I was like don’t talk just keep on fucking and please don’t spare me…..spank me……just seed my pussy with your hot cum……..He was a true horse….he kept on banging me and we had multiple positions doggy, me on top etc. He came with such a force and volume I was dumb founded. I was hundred percent sure that if I didn’t take the pill I was going to be pregnant definitely.

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