My first sex started with my husband after the marriage. He taught me different style and position of fucking. I enjoyed sex with my husband. He is my teacher for sex, he is my friend and support, and he is my pillar for my life.

He never went against my wishes and desire, want and need. He always tells me to be very truthful to him and him too try to be loyal to me. He showed me how to differentiate the narrow and broad thinking people.

He likes to see with his own eyes my enjoyment and pleasure, happiness. On our first day of my sex with my husband I had done fucking from 9.00 p.m and ended at 10.00 am next day and had fourteen times sex but he could not beat my sex hunger.

Every night we had sex three times and before getting up from bed next morning than once. We bath together. We sleep naked. Thou I talk very little during sex game or give briefing how I felt after the sex. We see together blue films and than we perform sex.

My children lodging house tutor (master) from Magura District had a close friend named Mr Shohag became drug addict and involved himself in different crimes in Dhaka city. One day house tutor narrated the story of his friend Shohag.

I asked him to bring his friend to our house. One day he came, he is very handsome, smart, and well built body. He can do art (drawing) and talked very intelligently. He was a change smoker and frustrated. Gradually he started coming to our house

and got friendly with my two daughters whole were than minor. Slowly Shohag started getting friendly and started speaking freely with me. He sometimes told his problems and I would advice him the solution. For almost six months he became attached with my children and me.

He was afraid of my husband thou my husband never said anything to him. I told my husband that I desire to bring the boy to the right path from the destructive life. With my affection and loving care he promised me one day that he will stay away from the drugs and different crimes.

He will cut – off all relationship with his group who involve him in crimes. After another three months he suddenly vanished and could not be traced any where. Shohag was from Shatkhira District where parents are living but e never goes there for many years.

He did his graduation in Dhaka. After three years Shohag reappeared. He said he is now doing a readymade garments business and opened a show room at Pallabi Section 11.5 market with retired defense personnel as partner.

He invited us to the shop and we all went there one day. I was really very happy to see his change and prayed to Allah to keep him in the right track. He was living at a bachelor mess near his business partner’s house. He takes meal at his business partner home.

One day my husband and I went to Shohag’s business partner house and meet with the lady of the house. She was of my age and her husband is retired army personnel as JCO. They have one daughter about 16 years and two son elder than the daughter.

One day a friend of mine suggested me a business proposal and I talked this with Shohag as he was in this once upon a time. After 8.00 p.m. every night Shohag came to my house and we sit in the big trace together and talked privately. Slowly he became more closurer to me.

I asked him why he is not getting married as his age is growing fast. He was than 35 years. He always avoided the question of marriage. One day he told me that he has a very good relationship with his partner’s wife. She too loves and adores him a lot.

Sometimes he sleeps in her lap in presence of her husband. When he wakes up he finds he is sleeping beside the partner’s wife with his arms around her body. I had anew born son whose age is 6 months and I breast feed him. Shohag was favourite with my three children.

When ever he was late coming to our house I would not feel good. I looked out on the road sitting at the terrace waiting for him. Sometimes I would I have bad mood with the children. It seems I am become more close to him.

Shohag was also getting more attached with me. He started talking with me more openly. We used to sit alone at the terrace in darkness. Sometimes he would place his head on my lap and talk many things, his inner feelings, bad feelings, etc.

I sometimes used to cook special dishes and tell him to join us for the dinner. He regularly comes to our house almost daily at night after 9pm and leaves late night after 2 am. My sex desire also increased and the frequency for sex also increased with my husband.

In my life i.e before marriage or during marriage I never had extra martial sex with any male. I always had a desire to taste sex with other male. One night after fucking with my husband, he asked me do I have softness towards Shohag.

First I didn’t answered directly, my husband told me that my sexual desire had increased since getting closurer to Shahog. I than confessed to my husband that I have a long desire to have sex with any other male and that not in your knowledge.

He told me many pros and cons for such venture and suggested if at all I have such desire in reality than do it in front of him (my husband). So, we planned how to move and make the situation more easy. My husband started getting more close and friendly to Shohag.

One day in the evening Shohag complaint that he has a pain for last few days at the lower part of the stomach. My husband adviced him some medication but that did not give any remedy. One night after dinner at our bedroom my husband

asked me to get medication herbral oil and give message to Shahog stomach. As I was doing message at the lower part of the stomach, I pulled down his pant and underwear pant as far possible to the base of his penis.

While rubbing the herbral oil his penis got enlarges and jumping inside the underwear pant and at one stage my hand slightly brushed the penis head. I pretended as if I did not felt the prick and kept on rubbing and getting the penis brushing on my hand.

My body had a sharp electrical vibration and I longed to grip his penis and feel the jumping flesh in my tight palms……. But I had to be patient. My husband had noticed. Like this for seven night after the dinner I message Shohog

lower stomach and each time I pushed lower and on last seventh night his penis hair came out and I rubbed the herbral oil more and more than required. On the seventh night after the message, we all three ( my husband, Shohag and myself)

sat on the floor carpet and my husband started talking. I went behind Shohag and slept sideway and with my left hand caressing his hairy body, chest, hands, arms, shoulders. I was hot and my vagina was full of juice and any time will burst out and flow down from the tunnel.

At one stage of discussion my husband asked why you are not interested to get married. Shohag first hesitate to give the reply but my husband in other angle asked again for the answer. He said that he is afraid of women and for many reasons.

He said to us give me a woman to try my sex with her and suddenly I said try on me if you agree and with this I pushed my left hand inside his pant and firmly gripped his penis and than after sometime slowly started curling his penis and testes with my fingers.

He was moaning and tried to draw out my hand from his pant but could not. Than I turned his around and opened all the hooks and chain of the pant. Shohag said to turn the lights out of the room and I too asked my husband to do but he was reluctant to do so.

Than my husband put the toilet light on and opened the door so that enough light is in the bedroom, I did not let the penis to go from my hand. I lifted my petticoat up to my stomach and pulled Shohag over my top.

My husband pulled the pant and underwear pant off from Shohag’s body. Than my husband made me complete nude. With my hand I adjusted Shahog penis at the opening of my vagina and Shohag gave me kissing at my lips.

It was a pleasant taste of smoke smell coming from his mouth. Thou my husband never smoked nor ever had any alcoholic drinks in his life. Shohag made a deep push inside my cunt and I shivered as if I am in cold winter breeze.

Shohag penis was very fleshy, hard and thick approx 6inches and long as 8inches. The penis completely fitted tightly inside my pussy and the push was so wonderful that I could not explain in any language but on few push for 6 minutes his sperms filled my tunnel.

My husband was watching the whole sex play. I again took his penis in my hand and started playing, as if I will loose the precious item. After 30 minutes I made Shohag sleep on his back and I put his penis inside my vagina and with a deep pressure

downward his penis slided inside and gave me a beautiful pleasure. I started doing horse riding on his penis for almost 30 minutes and his sperms gushed inside and flooded my river. The time is almost 1.30 am night.

My husband asked Shohag to go home thou his action indicated that he desired to stay back and I too desired he should fuck me the whole night. My husband put the lights on and Shohag got dress and I was naked lying with my two feets apart

so that he can watch my beautiful valley and jungle of hairs covered the cave. I kissed his penis and than pushed gently inside his pant carefully as if it is a fragile. After he left my husband wanted to fuck me but I did not allow because

I wanted to preserve the wonderful moment. My husband asked how I enjoyed and I just answered I liked the fucking. I did not sleep the whole night and recalled the whole play. After 2 days Shohag came at 9 pm. Today I had prepared a very special dish.

After dinner we all three came into my bedroom. I went to the bathroom and changed my dress and worn awhite maxi having crotch switch work from the chest to back and a narrow strip on the shoulder. My husband ‘s favourite dress. I had no bra and petticoat.

I closed the bedroom door and opened the bathroom door for the light inside the room and than switched off my room light. I sat in between my husband and Shohag. I undressed Shohag and made him complete naked. I enjoyed seeing his beautiful manly thick hairly body.

I started suck and licking his nipples and with one hand playing with the penis. It became more hard than last time. My husband put his fingers inside my pussy and pushing and mustrabating and with other hand of my husband pressing my breast over the nighty.

Shohag cupped by one breast in his hand and pressed hard, than pulled out from the dress and started sucking madly. My whole body was vibrating. My husband busy with my pussy and one breast and I tightly gripped my new darling penis

in my hand and my dear darling was busy too with my breast. My breast was loaded with milk for my son. Shohag drank and sucked dry my both breasts with his mouth. My husband pushed his penis inside my shama (vagina) and fucked me hard for 15 minutes.

Than Shohag climbed on me and pushed his thick 6 inches and 8 inches long ding dong penis inside my cunt. I cried in joy oooouuuccch aaaahhh pussshh deeply with all your might. I wrapped him with my both arms on my chest

and his body was crushing my both 40 inches breast. I was also thumping my ass in rhythmic tune with each stroke of WShohag penis. I was making murmuring sound from my mouth beautiful wonderful penis I was search for so many years, give me this property,

I love your penis harder harrrddder haaarrdddddeeeer aaaaahhhh ooooouuuuu ppppuuush mmmmmoooorrrre dddddeeeepppppeer. After almost 30 minutes of fucking I climbed on top of him and did not allowed the penis to leave my tunnel.

I adjusted my position and with all force of vibration moved my whole body to and fro up and down in musical tone. Shohag was saying Bhabi make it finish I cannot hold my sperm any longer. He was pressing my both breast with his both hands.

I continued for another 30 minutes and his sperm flowed inside my tunnel. After 2.00 am he got dress and left for his home. Like this every alternate night he would come and we have fuck game together and he leaves after 2 am.

Every time before sex Shohag and I would lye on the bed my husband would sit in between my legs he would put his finger inside my cunt and masturbate my vagina and then lick deeply, after sometime I would each time undress Shohag naked and than I myself become nude.

My husband first penetrates my pussy and than Shohag would do. Every day I am become closer and attach to my new lover. I am become crazy for his penis and keep within my hand as long he is beside me. Each time I ask him to spend the whole night with us but he refuses.

One night he came and after 1230 night heavy downpour (raining). I than asked Shahog to spend the whole night together and he agreed. My husband adjusted the bed for three of us together. I lay down in between the two male. I started caressing both penises in my both hand.

Both form each side started sucking my breast drinking all the pure and fresh milk that was stored in my big 42 inches breasts and both with their hands caressing my whole body. Both were trying to capture my most valuable property pussy

and my husband had already penetrated his three fingers in between the valley of joy. Shohag mounted and started fast motion fucking as if super express train he‘ll fail to board. Than came up my husband. First round was too quick and both vomited

out the thick jelly sperms inside my river within 15 minutes. My husband had fucked me once. Shohag in second round he used the method of slow – move –than stop-fast move –than stop- than slow move-than stop- than quick move-slowly steady movement speed.

In this way he kept fucking me for almost 45 minutes in three positions a) on top of my body and kissing me deeply (b) Sitting in between my legs and pressing my both breast with his both hands together (c) Lifting alternately one leg high on his shoulder

and licking my feet and thigh I was in very high climax and I said “magi chodst dita gjouto parao ai magi ak mon bhora ghorra ghorra chood tora dhon aro barao kora vitra ghorra ghorra thap thappa thaya” Shohag amar ka are charricsh na oooouura ooouuurrraaa,

aaahhhhhhh, ooooouuu. Than without letting the penis coming out of my cunt I carefully changed the position. Shohag lying on his back and I sat on his hardest hard iron rod penis and started horse riding and he was pressuring deeply my both breasts with his fingers,

continued for another 30 minutes like this. Both of became very exhausted and sweating heavy. I did not allow Shohag to release his sperm. After 30 minutes rest again started the machine. My husband was watching silently.

I touched my husband penis and felt completely cool and refuse to erect. Shohag now did heavy fucking with control speed and released his sperms all after 30 minutes. Shohag and I slept face to face both arms entangle each other and my husband placed his penis against my ass and with one hand gripped my breast as his regular habit. We slept for two hours. Than I went naked to the kitchen and prepared tea. During tea my husband brought out my all nude photos in the album which my husband had taken from time to time and showed to Shohag.

After other hours I and Shohag had another two round of fucking and fucking. My husband refused to fuck me as his penis refuses to oblige for sex with me. My husband brought hot water from the kitchen for Shohag to take the bath.

At this stage when Shohag was having bath, my husband made sex with me but his sperm a came out within 10 minutes of pushing inside my valley. Shohag came out naked from the bathroom and than I dressed him up completely.

I also dress up and went to kitchen to prepare the breakfast. From my hand Shohag had breakfast and at 9 am he left. I realized that my husband had become jealous but I could not leave Shohag now.

I told my husband to let me enjoy sex with Shohag but he was afraid that I do not leave my husband or deprive my husband from sex. In fact I was more inclined in sex enjoyment with Shohag than from my husband.

I told him Shohag will not be my very long partner as this boy is not of that type who will be bending only on me. My husband said he was lying that he is weak in sex and afraid from women for sex. But still I continued sex with Shohag for almost one year.

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