This incident between my elder sister and myself had happened when i was 18 years. Now I am married with one child as well as my sister is also married living abroad.

Though she was only 1 and a half years elder than me, I have great respect for my sister as she is not just my sister, but my friend as well as my teacher. She would help me in my studies and would very strictly follow up with me as to the status of my preparation.

I first became aware of her sexually when I was 17 yrs old. On no of occasion, while studying or which watching TV she would touch me or brush me, which I assumed to be by accident. Both of us slept in the same room and there were occasions

when she would put her leg on me which I would push aside in my sleep. But on one such occasion I noticed that she was acting very strangely in front of my friends. She was wearing a shirt and had folded her hands under her breasts so that it lifted her breast very prominently.

I was very upset as this created very much excitement among my friends. I told her so. This was the first occasion when I had talked to her with regard to anything related to sex. She said that she has done this because I am an idiot.

As she always treated me as her kid brother, I am used to her scoldings. So I did not think about this much. But in the evening while watching TV she again stood very close behind my chair that my head was brushing her breasts.

It stuck me that all the happening in the past few months are no mere accident, but she is doing with purpose. Not knowing how to react I did not move which made her bold and she pressed further. I for the first time saw my sister as a woman.

In those days we only had Doordarshan and after watching the programme she called to for studying. As this was very routine, my mother also asked me to stop watching and go for study. I was in great dilemma as how to react when I am alone with me sister.

As the television room was next to our room, it was very normal to close our room for studying or sleeping. But this time after I have entered the room she bolted it which I asked why. She merely smiled and said that “your sister wishes to teach you a thing or two.

Though at that time she was only 19 yrs she had well developed breasts which I noticed for the first time. She saw that and smiled. I asked her what is so amusing. She asked me to sit on the floor so that there will be more space to spread out the books.

But she sat very close to me with her thighs touching mine. But after some time she moved further close. On the pretext of seeing what I am writing she put her arms over my shoulder and now her breasts are tightly pressed against my shoulders.

I could understand whatever happening is not correct but however, I was also feeling good. As I have not studied in Co-ed school or do not have any girlfriend, this is the first occasion when I have come in contact with a female body.

At this point my mother called us for dinner and I gave a sigh of relief. During dinner she was watching me however, I avoided eye contact with her. I finished my dinner and hurried to sleep. I heard my mother telling me not to lie down immediately

after having food but I ignored her and switched off the light and put a blanket over my head. After sometime I heard my sister’s sound entering the room and locking the door. Then she switched on the light and opened the almirah to take out her nightdress.

Normally she takes her dress to the bathroom to change but today I heard her changing in that room itself with the lights on. She was humming a popular hindi song just to create more sound to let me know what she was doing.

She then switched off the light and I heard her lying down. She shook the cot very vigorously to shake me up, but pretended to be asleep. She then put her arms over my stomach and her legs over mine.

Strangely, I also did the same and our faces were so close that we could feel our breathing on each other’s face. I went further close and we actually kissed each other on our mouth. My hand over her started to move below her shirt and I found to my surprise

that she was not wearing any bra.I for the first time felt her womanhood and was pleasantly surprised at the softness and the hardness of her nipples. She spoke for the first time,’ Do my baby wants some milk” I nodded my head and went down to put my mouth on her nipples.

I was sucking and pressing her breasts and I heard her moan. I asked her to be quite or else our parents might hear us.I then took out my shirt and also opened her shirt and lied on top of her. I was rubbing and pressing her all over her body.

Through her pyjamas, I noticed that she was not wearing any panty and I could feel her wetness though her clothes. I opened my shorts and undies and was totally naked. She touched my manhood and said that now my baby has grown up to a man.

Strangely, at that time I remembered that she was like a second mother to me helping me in all my activities in the past. I more of affection hugged her tightly and kissed her. She also did the same repeatedly calling me Baby.

Strangely we feel asleep. In the morning she woke my up and asked me to dress up fast as mother was knocking on the door. That evening I did not go for playing but sat down to study. My sister came from behind and hugged me tightly,

her breasts pressed sweetly against my shoulders. I said that you should wear bra as your hard nipples are visible through the shirt. She said ok and opened her shirt. For the first time I saw her breast and could not contain myself.

She said to be patient till night time though she allowed me to suck and chew her lightly. Though we never had sex, we would always sleep naked with our bodies tightly pressed against each other.

She would do a good handjob and I would come all over her hand and would guide my fingers to her correct spot and would moan sweetly on cumming. This was happening for a couple of months. We never felt guilt as it was more of a show of affection rather than having sex.

One day our parents announced that her marriage is fixed with a boy living abroad and her parents are coming to see her. Though I was happy to hear this I was also sad that I will have to let go off my sister.

In the meanwhile I got admission in an engineering college and had to leave home. On my last night we both cried as this will be our last night together. She for the first time took me in her mouth and after some time when I felt to urge to explode

I took my tool from her mouth as I did not want to cum in her mouth. I came home one week before her marriage when the whole house was full of relatives and friends only to give my sister a tearful farewell.

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