We are a joint family. My wife is 27 years, 5.2′ height with 34C 28 36 figure. We have been married for more than 8 years now. I am 34 yrs of age and little over busy in business. Our sex life was normal with once a week sex. My wife is a kind of shy and introvert person but when it comes to sex she is very much oversexed. Though such is the case but she is silent person and would not start a relationship rather wait and watch and then attack. She is a kind of just lie back and enjoy. I know she is an easy lay because once my best friend just told her that he loves her and immediately she was in his arms kissing and fondling.

Well I would come to this story of my friend and wife later but let me tell you this story which I think would be more interesting. Everything was so normal when once at around 9 am when I was having my breakfast I saw my wife signaling flying kisses to my bro from the kitchen. My bro is 4 years elder than me, married for more than 12 years and has two kids. His wife is not so attractive and lacks all kinds of womanly assets. However seeing this fly kiss I just pretended as though I know nothing and went to work as usual with lot of things running on my mind.

I had mixed feeling of jealousy, hatred and aroused as well. I had to go to the loo once to even masturbate just thinking that how my bro would be having sex with my wife – if ever they did. I finally made up my mind to remain silent and wait and watch how far this fling was going. That night I did not mention anything to my wife and I fucked my wife vigorously. She kept her eyes closed, moaning in ecstasy and coming many a times. She had been closing her eyes when I use to fuck her since couple of months and also bucking below to meet my thrusts. I remember that earlier she never did this. However it was later that I came to know when everything was told to me that, when her eyes were closed she was fantasizing that it was my bro who was fuking her when actually I was.

Things did not come into my notice even after my hardest of tries to catch them in action. Either they were too cautious or it was their luck. So, I discovered an idea to discuss with my wife about having sex with other men. I brought up the idea that it’s my ultimate fantasy that I want to see her fucking other men because I knew she would not tell me anything and I have to play some game with her to know all the details of their clandestine affair. One thing led to the other and I found a guy on the net from Mumbai who got interested. I gave him my phone no. and he use to call up late at night and talk to my wife. She would signal to leave the room so that I would not be able to hear them. I never heard them but I could see her hands going down to her crotch area and rub there.

She use to chat for hours, playing with her tits and cunt all the while. Sometimes I would be fingering and fucking my wife while she would be talking to him on phone. Her juices would be overflowing and she would hump and fuk madly. This started a routine till one fine day I asked her to fuck someone else in real. It started exciting me up furiously and to get my wife fucked form anybody was the ultimate fantasy of mine. One fine night while I was fucking her she closed her eyes and I kissed her saying to her to imagine that Rahul (the Mumbai guy) is fucking her. She cooed and started bucking her ass responding to my strokes. She was also smiling while fucking.

So after fucking session was over I asked her how she liked Rahul fucking her, she simply said that it was not Rahul who she imagined rather she imagined someone else was fucking her. I got more interested and I asked my wife whom she was imagining. She just would not name him saying that I would get angry. Upon much coaxing and assurances she told me that the person who she imagined was my elder brother. Then she started talking highly about my bro saying how nice and handsome he is and that she would love to get fuked by him. I got very excited and kissed her and loved her like never before. She again got ready for fuck and we did it again this time. I told my wife to imagine that it was not me and that it was my bro who is kissing, fondling and sucking her tits and also that it’s my bro who is fucking her and not me. She hugged me tightly and came furiously and we fucked like never before. She kissed me furiously bucking and humping all the time to meet my strokes.

I came and came but my cock just didn’t shrink. When our fuk session was over on seeing me too excited about it she told me, hiding her face in her hands, that actually she had already fucked my bro and that they have been doing it regularly. You can’t imagine my level of excitement and I hugged her and kissed her again. Then later she told me the whole episode right from the day one how things brewed up. My wife disclosed to me that she had been fucking bro since a year now. My bro is very romantic kind of person and misses no chance to pass comments on my wife. He use to wear shorts and exercise in from to my wife, sings romantic songs and buy gifts for my wife.

Once he even gifted a golden necklace with locket shaped heart. My wife told me that she replaced mangalsutra with his necklace and wore it instead. I remember this and when I had asked her why she changed it she said that mangalsutra is too heavy and this she had bought to wear in the house. Soon she got more concerned about herself in the house – about her looks and dresses. She use to keep her hair dry and loose, wear lipstick and her dresses became low cuts once as she told me that my bro use to insist my wife to do so. She started asking me to bring sexier flimsy bra and panties. So coming back to the story – she said that once when he was passing our room (I was not there) he called my wife from the window of our bedroom. My wife came closer to the window, he looked deep in my wife’s eyes and told her that he loves her and even gave her a love letter describing how much he likes her.

However, she had rebuffed his move saying that it’s not proper to think like this as she is his younger brother’s wife. She told me that he was too insisting and soon started making calls repeatedly telling her not to misunderstand him and that he finds her very beautiful and he loves her very much. Once he even dared to hug my wife from behind while she was dressing up in our bedroom and kissed her on the neck while cupping her breasts. My wife head was spinning after this incident and she use to get wet just thinking about it. My wife started fantasizing about my bro and was slowly making up her mind to get laid by him. She told me that she actually felt his cock on her ass when he hugged her from behind and got mesmerized by its dimensions. Then after a week or so she wrote a letter tilling my bro that she also loves him and that she finds him very attractive and handsome.

They would then smile at each other while crossing or even steal kisses whenever the opportunity came. My wife told me that my bro would never miss an opportunity to fondle her tits or grab a handful of her ass. Both were looking for an opportunity to find them alone so that they can fuk to their hearts content. Finally after couple of weeks when nobody was there in the house my bro came while my wife was in the kitchen. He went to the kitchen and hugged her tightly from behind and started pressing his cock over my wife’s ass. Slowly he brought his hands up and cupped both tits of my wife. My wife gave in and turned her head and offered herself for a lip kiss. My bro wasted no time and kissed her lips softly at first then their tongues were exploring each others mouth.

My wife was his cock on her ass and she out of sheer inquisitiveness brought her hand back and held my bro,s cock over his pants and gauged it proportions. She told me she was taken aback at its dimensions and was to mesmerize that she held it tightly in her fist for good amount of time. After sometime my bro held my wife by the wrist and led her to our bedroom. He made my wife lay on the bed on her back and then lying by her side both hugged each other tightly, moaning and saying I love you to each other. She told me that my bro was pressing her tits real softly and slowly while their groins were mashing against each other. After sometime they separated and looked into each other eyes and whispered I love you to each other. My wife told me that she felt like a teenager girl who has found her first love.

Soon my bro started pulling her top and my wife was left in the bra. My bro cupped her tits and pressed slowly kissing whispering I love you to my wife all the time. While kissing his hands moved to the knot holding her pants and she was fiddling with my bro’s pants. Soon my bro did away with his pants and my wife held his cock in her hands weighing and rubbing all the time. She told me that it was much bigger and thicker than mine. Upon asking she told me about 3 inches longer and 1.5 inches thicker. So, that makes 8″ long and 3″ thick. While my wife was playing with my bro’s cock he has inserted two fingers inside my wife’s cunt which was overflowing with her ecstasy juices. My wife said she never felt so aroused earlier. She said that what ever they did during the course they never stopped kissing. After my bro had kissed my wife to his hearts content and had fondled her body completely he slowly lowered himself kissing her neck. His one hand had engulfed my wife’s right breast while he brought his mouth to her left breast.

Very delicately he held my wife’s left breast in his other hand and kissed the big brown nipple. My wife felt like she was in seventh heaven. After he has kissed its entire softness he took the nipple in his mouth and sucked it nice and hard yet very delicately. Then he changed his mouth to the right breast and kissed and sucked it too. In between these sucks he would lower his hand to my wife’s cunt and insert a finger or two and funk her for sometime. He got little apprehensive that somebody might come my bro did not waste much time soon inserted laid himself in between my wife’s both legs. Separating the legs further apart he positioned his mammoth cock over my wife’s cunt mouth. My wife held his cock in his hand and kept it in front of her love hole. Now all set my bro inserted his cock slowly savoring the taste of my wife’s cunt. My wife told me her cunt felt full jammed and her cervix pushed.

After the cock was fully in my bro fucked her frantically. My wife also humped her pelvis to meet his thrusts and held him tightly whenever she came. My wife said that she came so many times that she lost count. Soon my bro was also overwhelmed and soon flooded my wife’s cunt with his cum. My wife said she felt so much cum flooding her cunt that she was overwhelmed with the juices she had released. Then my bro came he kissed my wife goodbye and left. My wife also got up and dressed herself. She said she felt wonderful and had she known that my bro was such a nice fuck she would have had her suhag raat with him. As soon as the session was over he immediately left. Then started many more escapades of my wife. Both having tasted each other could not wait for the next fuk.

So without waiting for the opportunity they started having sex when everyone slept in the night. My wife told me how they managed to fuk the second time. So, later that night my bro was watching TV late at night as sleep was far away from his eyes. When everybody had slept my wife got up and went to the toilet signaling my bro to follow. He followed and my wife entered the toilet first leaving the door open. Soon my bro followed and locked the door. Both hugged each other tightly kissing and exploring each others body.

Soon my bro lifted her nighty and found that my wife was wearing nothing beneath. Seeing my wife fully nude for the first time he went crazy and squeezed her tits nicely. Slowly he circled my wifes nipples while tweaking the other nipple between his fingers. Later he sucked on to my wife’s left breast like child sucks milk out of mother’s mummeries. My bro spent lot of time playing and sucking the tits alternation between the two. My wife told me that my bro paid lot attention to the sides of her tits kissing and complementing the curves of her tits all the time. My wife was holding his head in both her hands and pressing his mouth to her tits. Then he lowered still further and delicately inserted a finger in my wife’s cunt. My wife had to separate her legs to make way for the digit and a moan emanated from her mouth. Then taking the finger in his moth he complemented the taste of her juices.

Then he inserted two fingers and rubbed the thumb on her clit. My wife said she felt like completely was on the seventh heaven. She was fondling my bro’s head in his hand and lost count to as to times she came. After some time my bro got himself undressed. Seeing him naked my wife was mesmerized by my bro’s muscles, chest and above all the big manhood. My bro guided my wife’s hand to his cock and prompted her to hold his tightly and move her hand up and down his big cock. Later he guided one hand to cup the balls while other was still moving on his cock. Then he asked my wife to sit down and kiss this cock. As though hypnotized she shat down immediately and kissed the mushroom shaped purple head. She said its beauty and size and the two balls that hung below the beautiful cock engrossed her. Then my bro also sat down and kissed her on lips and told her that she loves her very much.

Still kissing he told my wife to suck his cock. He got up and asked my wife to open her mouth. Holding the cock from its base she immediately opened her mouth and started sucking the big mushroom head slowly. Slowly my bro held her head and with slow motions started fucking my wife’s mouth. I asked her that she had never sucked my cock. She answered that with the beauty and size of my bro’s cock she could not resist herself moreover my bro loves her very much and if he wants her to do that then she can’t deny. After some few more stroke he came in my wife’s mouth. As he came he held my wife’s in his arms and hugged her tightly kissing my wife and twisting his cum in her mouth. They held on to each other for a long time and my wife’s tits mashed against his chest.

After some more kissing and fondling my bro regained his erection and he whispered in my wifes ear that he wants to fuck. She said its not possible in the toilet as there in not enough space. She told him to her bedroom after some time. My wife came over to our room and hugged me and kissed but I did not move as I was fast asleep. Still assuring herself she moved aside and lied down waiting for my bro to come. Soon my bro came and my wife signaled him to lie down beside her. He immediately did that and soon they were kissing and fondling each other. Soon he got on top of my wife and my wife guided his cock to her cunt’s mouth and lowered herself a bit.

In went the big cock head splitting my wife’s cunt. My wife took the cock bending her back like a bow to adjust the size till their pubes entwined. Keeping his cock inside without any movement both enjoyed the union. Slowly bro brought his cock out only to penetrate again with much more vigor. My wife said she was in seventh heaven and lost count to number of times she came. It was her over ecstasy moment. Her cunt muscles were squeezing his cock each time she came as though it had found a long lost love. Bro in the mean time was kissing her all the time with one hand squeezing her tits alternating with each other. She was moving her hands on his back and hugging him tight upwards so as to maximize the penetration. She said she wanted this to last fore ever but then after a long half an hour fucking my bro jolted and came in floods inside her soaping cunt. She was feeling his cock fucking her cervix so as thought fucking a cunt inside cunt. They held each other for long and after some time she could feel his cock growing inside again.

Soon he was bucking and started fucking again. My wife never asked him to stop as she said that she was madly in love with my bro. They fucked again this time changing position to doggy style, sideways and then intermittently stopping to kiss and fondle each other and say I love you. When it was over it was 4 AM in the morning and that been over 4 hours of fuck. All this had happened with me sleeping on the same bed. Then my wife told me it became a daily routing for them. Sometimes he would come in the day time and finding appropriate place they would have a quickie. She never bothered to clean herself up as she said she liked the cum all over her feeling wet and then drying. It reminded her all the time about the fuck session they had. She told me once he had come at 11AM and found that everybody was in the house and there was no chance of a quickie. My wife was in the kitchen, and he brought out his cock and signaled her to sit down.

Getting the point she immediately started sucking him and in a jiffy he came in her mouth and she had to swallow the whole cum. He kissed her goodbye and went. She said they not lay their hands off each other and always on the look out to fuck. They fucked everywhere, on the kitchen table, sofa, terrace, on their bedroom and when no place to find in the garage inside the car. My wife also never wore panties and her salwar would be slightly slit at the crotch so as to get my bro fucking even without removing any of her dress. The best part of the incident was that once it was my friends wedding party and I had bought a very sexy blue chiffon sareee with a matching sleeveless, low cut blouse and a back less one too. I had also bought an uplift pink bra for her to wear with this as this would accentuate her beauty. That day when she was ready my my she looked like a sexy women.

Her hairs loose and nicely combed and sari tied much below her navel or rather say just above her cunt. Had her pubes not shaved I am sure they would have been visible. Over her bulging tits hung my mangalsutra and then three was the heart shaped necklace dangling between the tits. We all were going to the party. My bro and his wife too. My wife told me that night at the time she was ready her cunt was oozing cum to be fucked by my bro and I think same was also applicable to my bro. She told me that my bro was ogling at her all the while. So at eh midst of the party my wife went to loo and my bro followed her there. He immediately pushed himself in the toilet no giving an opportunity for my wife to lock the door. Upon seeing my bro my wife was also got excited and hugged and kissed each other. He immediately made her bend, lifting one leg over the commode. Lifting the sari up above her waste he pulled down the flimsy panty in one single go and pocketed the panty. Bringing out his rigid cock he immediately impaled my wife with it.

He frantically fucked my wife and brought his hand and cupped each tit. After fucking for some time he stopped and turned my wife and asked her to sit down and suck his cock. He said he wanted her red lips to suck him and watch her head with flowing hair. Soon my wife was sucking him vigorously kneeling down. My bro was holding her head with both his hands and slowly fucked my wife’s mouth. She had cupped his balls delicately and was teasing his cock base with her tongue. My bro the lowered down the blouse straps to her arms from her shoulder. He got too excited seeing he push up bra that my wife was wearing. My bro asked that from where she got this bra. She brought out his cock out of her mouth and told that her husband had bought it for her. He lowered the bra straps too and cups released showing my wife’s tits in full view. My bro told that this time he wants to come the bra cups and that she would be wearing that wet bra. Soon she sucking him vigorously and my bro told my wife to tie the mangalsutra around his cock and the suck.

She did that with the locket hanging below his balls. The kink was too much for my bro to handle and soon he held his cock about of my wife’s mouth and told her to hold the cups in both her hands. When she did that my bro came and emptied his balls filling both the bra cups with his thick semen. When she had been fully drained my wife looked up and smiled and put on the cum filled bra cps over her tow beautiful tits. The nipples dipped in the semen and she slowly pulled up her bra straps. My wife told me she felt so much high in ecstasy that she moaned and came with shudders. She could feel her tits getting dipped in such thick semen of my bro. Then she put on her blouse and adjusted nicely feeling wet tits all the time. After adjusting her sari, she adjusted my mangalsutra over the chest which was drenched with my bro’s cum. Then my bro held both her tits from above the sere and fondled and pressed the tits.

This made the cum spread over the tits and if one sees nicely one can make out the wet patch. My wife said she was feeling she was so sexed up, the feeling of cum drenched tits and also the smell of cum all the time and above all the felling that her new panty was still in y bro’s pocked. She said she never changed her bra that night and came many a times. Later in the night my bro again fucked my wife beside me while I was sleeping. All this was the narration of my wife when she disclosed everything and that had happened on my back without my knowledge. We spend nights without sleeping when narrated all theses with cock deep inside her soaping cunt. She told that the best was his kisses. They were so tender and soft yet with so much heat and wantonness. In this one year she never remembered a day when they did not fucked. After we had over first child I her told her put copper T and she refused outright. She never allowed me to cum inside. However I remembered the day a year back when she told me that she feels sorry for me and that she if feeling to put CT. I was overjoyed but little did I know that she wants to put CT coz se wants my bro to fuck and come inside her.

I was shocked to hear her that they both madly love each and if pose problem to there union then she wont be able to live. So the situation was such that if she be deprived of fuck from my bro for even a single day then its impossible. I was really very turned on by her idea and it aroused me. So now starts the fuck sessions of my bro and wife after its been known to me. I told my wife to fuck in front of me and I like to watch. My bro did not approve of this idea saying he would to be able to concentrate and enjoy the fucking my wife if I would be watching.

So now days every night I got the drawing room and watch TV while my bro would be fucking my wife in my bedroom and on my bed. Everyday the fuck session would start at 11Pm and last till 1230AM. I had to wait with my cock erect and enter the room when my bro would come. Everything uses to happen without any word said. When I enter the room my wife would be lying nude with eyes closed. Then I would kiss her and find semen in her mouth too. So it was obvious that my bro use to cum both in cunt and mouth. Sometimes her tits would also be covered with dried cum and most interesting was she never bothered to clean. Slowly I would squeeze her lovely tits which are bloated and our due to my bro’s rigorous treatment. I would suck her tits and find taste of my bro’s semen there too. Then I should lover my hand to her well stretched and fucked cunt and insert one then two fingers and find cunt oozing cum.

All this while my wife would just close her eyes and whimper with low groans. Probably she is getting excited thinking of me (her husband) playing with her who had been just freshly fucked her lover who in fact is my real blood elder brother. I don’t know about her but yes it was tremendous turn on for me to find my wife drenched in my bro’s cum. I hate my bro a lot, probably too jealous about his plus points physical. We never talked much. Slowly then I would separate her clinched thighs which she never separated thinking my bro’s cum should spill out. I also do this when I am all ready to fuck her and without much waste of time my smaller cock enters the deflated cunt. I enjoy the feel of my bro’s cum in my wife’s cunt which is all wet and flowing. Just feel of his is so high that without much fucking I come her cunt. Then my cock would come out and immediately she would clench her legs together. Without saying word I would go to my place and sleep. These become a routing and almost reflexes.

My bro started giving lot of gifts to my wife. He would give dresses, flimsy nighties, lacy bra and panties and sometimes ornaments also. They least bothered about me. Even in my presence he would call my wife and take to the other room and fuck. My wife also wastes no opportunity to get fucked. Now days when bros wife would have gone to her mothers place my bro use to take her to long outings and definitely fuck her marathon

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