Hi, am Silviya currently studying BCom first year. Am fair and 5.5ft tall. I was gifted with big assets right form school. I won’t tell my current size but it was 36c boobs, waist 28 and below 34 while in school. Am fair and average looking girl. This incident happened to me while I was 18 and had completed my SSC board exams. It was vacation time and wanted to be somewhere out from daily routine after such hectic exam schedule. My Dad got 2 of his very close friends, Rajiv and Anand, both well built and fit.

I was very friendly with them and enjoyed their company. For me hugging, kissing on cheeks, sitting on their laps was normal to me. When my vacation started I suggested to them for outing and they planned this to Mahabaleshwar. My parents both run our family business and were unable to join us. So they asked us to go ahead and would join us later after 4-5 days. Rajiv uncle had their farmhouse over there.

I was happy with everything planned, we started our journey early morning to avoid traffic and summer heat. I was in half pant (elastic one) and t shirt and of course with bra panty. I sat on rear seat and we all 3 reached our destination by 11. With no family members and all alone I was feeling a sense of boldness within me. When we reached there we all got fresh, had a bath. I changed to tank top and short skirt (wearing inners too). The top was tight enough to reveal my perfect shape of boobs and skirt showing my milky thighs.

I was standing in balcony when Anand came from behind and putting his hand on my waist started chatting with me. He had not worn anything on top and was just in his shorts. After sometime I sensed another hand on my ass, it was Rajiv. They both seemed different to me, the way they looked me, touched me. But I let it go, as nothing was new to me.

Anand said with his hands moving to the lower portion of my boobs ‘hey Silviya, you are looking good and you know what, Sexy also’. I said’ oh really, thanks’. I felt a bit shy but also liked their direct talks. Meanwhile Rajiv had slipped his hands onto my thighs and was raising my skirt a bit. This was all happening in open balcony from where we were watching the market. I said to Anand ‘Anand, you are so fit’. He looked surprised as I called him directly. He said ‘thanks dear’ pulling me more near him.And what about me sweetheart’ Rajiv said removing his tshirt.

His physique looked good. ‘it’s nice’ I said moving my hand on his chest. ‘Oh really, thanks dear’ he said raising my skirt and cupping my ass on my panty. I got a bit hot by their acts. Our room door was knocked and Rajiv left me and went. I felt a bit disappointment as I was enjoying that. He called us for lunch. We all 3 then had lunch and took rest that afternoon. It was evening time and we 3 went to market. I just wore my jacket on the top. We did a few shopping, and had our dinner out only. It was night 11 pm and we were returning walking.

Anand asked me to remove my jacket as its feeling hot, I did that. Anand’s hand was on my waist with 3 of his fingers were rise to cover half of my boobs. Rajiv had directly raised my skirt and was cupping my ass over my panty. I liked that touch. Anand ‘hey dear’ ‘yes Anand’ ‘Whats your figure like’. I was surprised by such direct question I asked why. ”Well, we and Rajiv were thinking to gift you with special dresses’. ‘

Oh really uncle’. ‘Yes sexy’. I felt a bit shy on hearing that and I kept mum. ‘Come on, you didn’t like that’ Of course you are sexy. Isn’t it Rajiv?’ ‘Yes dear’. He said playing with my panty elastic. ‘What could be your figure like?’ I said its 36 28 34.’That’s what I call sexy. Rajiv lightly slapped my ass and pushed me a bit forward. Anand then pulled me back and picked me up.’Here we are, our home sweet home’.

They both carried me in. I went to my room to get fresh. I took bath and wore my nighty. It got thin straps on shoulders which make my bra straps visible, got buttons in front and length up to thighs. It wasn’t deep cut but with my push up bras gave a big cleavage. Both men had got fresh too and were only in their undy. They were both in my bedroom watching TV. When they saw me I could see tent rising in the undy. ‘hey what r u guys doing in my room?’ Anand ‘nothing dear just passing time till we feel sleepy’.

I said ok. I got on the bed. in between them. Rajiv took me in his arms and Anand’s hands were on my thighs. We were watching TV and chatting too.’ So how u feeling dear’ Rajiv. Am very happy Rajiv and would love to enjoy every moment I stay here’. Anand’s hand move a bit up.Sure sweetheart, we too are going to enjoy every moment and make this memorable one’. Till then Anand had reached my panty line. Rajiv was playing with my bra strips.’U know both, I was so worn out after my exams finished that I really wanted change. Thanks guys for making this happen’ I moved my hand on Rajiv’s chest.

Anand was playing with my panty elastic. ‘Stop it Anand’ I said that laughingly. He pulled the elastic more and left so that it hit me with sound. ‘Ahhh, it hits Anand, plz don’t do it. He just smiled. Rajiv too pulled my bra straps up and my boobs were pressed in my cups that it pained. ‘Ahhh, stop it rajiv’. I hit lightly on his hands. Suddenly phone rang and it was my mummy.Hey Silviya, how r u there’ ‘Am good mom and really enjoying. My elastic of both bra panty were pulled and left. ‘

Ahhhhh’ ‘hey what’s up’ ‘nothing mom just sum mosquito’ I tried to stop the guys by actions. But they did not listen and were laughing. Now Anand got between my legs and pulled my panty down and Rajiv slipped my bra straps from shoulders. ‘Ouchhhhh noo’ ‘hey dear, what’s happening to you’ They both couldn’t stop laughing and mom heard that on phone ‘Oh Anand and Rajiv, come on dear don’t get so angry, just have fun. Ok now am going to sleep. We will try to reach there in next 3-4 days. good night.’

By the time I kept phone my inners were gone.’ Guys can’t u stop for moment?’. ‘Hey just fun dear, enjoy like ur mom said’ Both the guys got up and I could see the huge tent in between their legs. My pussy get a bit wet just looking at it. Rajiv ‘Ok dear we will sleep now, u too sleep’

Me’ hey I feel afraid to sleep alone, Can we sleep here only?’ ‘Alright’ The guys just jumped on bed and took me in middle. I got on sideways facing Anand and my back to Rajiv. They both had pressed me in between them such way that I was sandwiched.

Anand’s cock was rubbing my bare pussy and Rajiv on my ass. They both closed their eyes acting sleepy and rubbed their cocks harder the same position. I moaned very lightly and sensed something hot sticky after sometime in between their undy and their movement stopped. Both were fast asleep then. I kept thinking about the strange feeling I experienced by the touch of their cocks.

I got up next day and went to bath. When I came out, Anand asked me wear the new dress he got. When i checked, it was single piece top that had just chain from top to bottom and dress length was a bit up above mid thighs. And he told me no need to wear inners as the cloth material is very comfortable. When I wore, the dress, it was so thin that my nipples could clearly be noticed and was sticking to my body that revealed my complete figure.

I was looking complete fuckable babe. Anand and Rajiv were looking me with lust filled eyes. They both came and hugged me from and back and rubbed their cocks. I get a bit hot by that, and they left me. They said let us change and then we will go for outing. When they entered their room, they left the doors open so that I could see them. To my surprise they got completely nude and faced me showing their manhood, half erect. But they didn’t look me.

Must have been at least 8 inches. They dressed just in shorts and Ts without anything inside and came out to me. Rajiv came and directly caressed my bare ass raising my dress and pressed it and Anand came from front and lowered my chain to expose a lot of cleavage. I was getting hot every moment but the guys kept seducing me till my panty got completely wet.That day we visited many points and wherever we went, could see multiple eyes staring me, trying to rip my clothes and rape me with their eyes.

I was loving all the attention that I got. I was getting hot by every moment. My pussy juices had rolled to my thighs. After our last spot, Anand asked me come and sit in front with them. I happily agreed. When I got in front, he took me on his lap with Rajiv driving the car. He started talking about the scenery while his hands were moving in my inners thighs. Rajiv while driving asked me if I aren’t feeling hot and saying this he moved my zip much low till my pussy area.

Now there was an easy access to my boobs and my pussy too could be clearly seen. Anand further helped him to completely unzip the dress and moved it a bit away from my shoulder. I was almost nude now sitting on his lap. Rajiv said, don’t be so shy sweetheart, let me assist you. Saying this he removed his shorts and Ts and got nude too. Rajiv was hot too and could sense his tool poking my pussy from below. He moved his hand further in my thighs and his middle finger entered in my pussy. aaaaaaahhh.

Anand kept driving and was enjoying the show. As the home was arriving his finger fucking speeded and I was moaning harder than before. They both had got nude in car itself and me too. As we entered home, Rajiv pulled me on his lap and noticed my juices that had came. He made me sit with my legs stretched on either side and asked Anand to clean it up. Anand slowly came in between my legs and buried he face there licking all the wetness. I was totally now in their control now.

We all were fully nude. Rajiv then slowly pressed both my boobs. I moaned aaaaahhh. Anand started to roll tongue on my pussy and suck it. aaaaaaah aahhhhh. he kept sucking and my boobs were crushed by Rajiv’s strong hands. same time he was sucking my lips too. Anand spread my legs wide so that he could get better access. His tongue deeply entered my pussy and he was toungue fucking me.oooohhh…aaaaaa.mmmm.

I was loving it, couldn’t control myself and I cummed with a loud scream. Anand then took me to bath and washed me completely. Till then Rajiv had prepared bed and had put on a porn movie. It was 7 pm, Anand bought me in bedroom nude. When I saw the movie a girl was being fucked in both her holes at a time. I was again hot by watching it. Rajiv came again like hungry dog and started rubbing his dick on my pussy.

Anand made me to stroke his cock and slowly he bought it near my mouth. I came to know his action and started to lick it. With one stroke he pushed his entire cock in my mouth. Rajiv started pushing his dick (which had now grown to 10 inches) in my pussy. I felt like its tearing me inside. He gave such a hard stroke that it went completely inside. Tears came out my eyes with too much pain in my pussy but could not scream as my mouth was filled by cock.

Rajiv kept his cock the same position for a while and then slowly started to move inside. After doing this for few minutes, the pain had vanished and i was started to enjoy it. I was moaning and sucking the cock hard too. aaahhh aaaahhh oooooohh. his thrusts were increasing after every stroke. Anand pulled his cock of my mouth and my moans filled the entire room. After 30 mins of hard fucking Rajiv picked me up and rested against a wall with my legs wrapped.

And restarted his shots from below with the same speed like before. aaaaaahh mmmm aaaaah oooooooh nnnnn. I asked him to stop but he did not and kept fucking me for another 45 mins. By the time I was in air my anus was fingered by Anand. Till the fucking was finished, my other hole had occupied 3 of Anand’s fingers. Rajiv threw me on bed and I lay in same position for some time.

We ordered food at our rooms only. After we had dinner at 9 pm. They both got charged again and this time Anand made me to get on 4s and put his cock in my anus. He started ass fucking me. My head went down and up bearing his thrusts and power. Rajiv got below and Anand pushed be below so that the other cock entered my pussy. I screamed and screamed. the complete house was filled with my moans.

I was asking them to stop but they didn listen and kept me fucking like their whore. They did this for another 45 mins. It was night 12 and our phone rang. It was my mom. Anand held the call to me while at that time Rajiv was fingering me.

‘hi dear, how are you’

‘hii moooom, ah’

‘whats going on’

‘nothing mmoom’

Rajiv was finger fucking me with 2 fingers in.

‘hey whats wrong is everything alright there’ ‘yess yessss’ he now inserted 3 fingers ‘aaahh momm, am busy will call u laterrrrrrrr’ ‘aaaaaaaahhh bye’ When the phone hung, Rajiv immediately inserted his cock in pussy and started fucking hard. aahhhh…aaaaaaa….hhhhhh…..mmmm….nnnooooooo.pls. Anand was sucking boobs like anything. He chewed my nipples, made them red and teeth marks on them. I screamed and screamed and screamed but they never listened to me and kept on fucking. After 60 minutes of fucking he moved and Anand took his position,

I was again fucked by him for another 60 minutes. It was now 3 am in night. The guys had still not cum and I had for almost 10-12 times. Their stamina and power was amazing. I laid and they both slept on either side of me and kept playing with my body. They made me hold their dicks and asked me to stroke. After around 30 minutes they again got charged up. I begged them to stop but my words fell on deaf ears.

Rajiv slept and asked me get top with my back facing him. He pushed his dick in my ass, Anand spread my legs which opened my pussy. This was their plan and my pussy was filled too. Both the dicks pumped me hard, I cried, screamed, cummed multiple times but they kept switching their positions and fucked me till next day afternoon.

Finally they cummed both of them in my pussy. I fell on bed cum filled and motionless with complete body paining. that day morning mom had called again and I was moaning harder than night on call and couldn’t speak to her. When I came back to my senses I called mom and explained her that it was my leg cramp which was paining too hard the whole night till this afternoon.

Am resting it for now but wont subside for another 2 days till u are here. She then informed that they would not be able to join us due to office work they would be out of town for a month and I can return whenever I like. Anand’s and Rajiv’s were happy. They took my care at Mahabaleshwar for a week and the remaining month they stayed at my home only. They had made me their slut and fuck whenever they liked. The guys made me once pregnant but I dropped it. My breasts have grown to 38. 

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