My Name Vicky I lost my virginity to my hotny Chemistry tuition teacher(Kajal), when I was preparing for my Class 12 exams.

Although I will try to recollect as much of it as possible but hope you can excuse me for the crudity of my story. My tuition teacher was in her early thirties married to a South Indian and had a 4 year old son. She wasn’t the smoking hot types but she definitely had a curvy body. nice big juicy boobs and even a better ass, She was also pretty bcoz people would give her a second glance if she passed by them.

I was very weak in chemistry so my parents forced me to take tuition. When I had initially started the classes I wasn’t interested in her sexually. Her husband was a working in a CA firm and would keep going outside to conduct audits(he had multiple affairs). I had classes three days a week after school obviously. She used to stay in the same building as me.

One day I found her door locked, so I just sat down there assuming she must have gone to drop her son to the park. But she would normally drop him before I came for tuition and then pick him up after classes. she was never late and she never had kept me waiting. I waited for about half an hour and just when I was about to leave, she appeared.

She was looking visibly upset. She apologized profusely for not being there and ushered me in. She went to change into something more comfortable. I still remember what she was wearing that day. A nice lemon green shirt and loose skirt. We started our classes as usual, we were discussing inorganic compounds. I could sense that she was not alright.

her eyes appeared to be red and I felt as if she was crying. Her voice was trembling too. I asked her if everything was alright. She just nodded her head. I asked her again, I don’t know what got over her but she just hugged me and started crying. At first I was confused and didnt know how to react. I thought it would be inappropriate to pat her in the back to console her.

but she hugged me harder as if urging me to console her. I could feel her breast pressing against me. they were soft. I instantly had a hard on but tried to control myself. I just patted her and asked her once again what happened. Then told me about how her husband who was supposed to be outstation, was with one of her friends in his maruti. I didnt know what to say and what to make of it.

so trying to sound mature I told her probably he had just come back early and was giving her friend a lift. She then went on to tell me all 3 of them were in the same college and how hers was a love marriage and the friend she had seen him with had a crush on vineeta’s husband. I kept trying to tell her to calm down.

then what she told me next shocked me. she said” I m not a fool vicky, just b’coz my husband is sitting with a girl will not make me jealous.” “i followed them. they went to her house. as you can imagine I was perplexed. I waited for a while before I rang that bitches doorbell. She opened it wearing a nightie. She was shocked to see me. so she just stood there.

I got mad so I just pushed the door. I found my husband’s briefcase there. so barged into her bedroom. I found that south Indian son of a bitch laying down stark naked on her bed. I abused him and threw whatever I could find at him. He tried to get out of the bed unsuccessfully trying to cover up. I told him not to bother coming home. I slapped my friend on the way out and slammed the door shut.

after which I picked up my son and dropped him off at my sister’s place(she happens to stay in the adjacent building). she started crying even more and was inconsolable. I tried my best to calm her her but without any effect. after sometime she calmed down. she said” you know what hurts me the most? he didn’t even try to follow me to give an explanations.

I always had my doubts but I sacrificed the love of my family to be with him.” what could I say I just sat there and nodded my head. she apologized for her state and went to the loo to freshen up. I feared that if I left her she would end up doing something stupid lie committing suicide. so I decided to call my parents and tell them that I was going to be staying at my friends place.

when she came out, I was just keeping the receiver down. She got angry. she started yelling at me asking “how dare you call my husband”. needless to say I was shocked at her outburst and I kept trying to tell her I was calling my parents. She would hear any of it and starting hitting me. I lost my self control and just slapped her hard.

I guess it brought her back to her senses and she just sat down & started crying again. I told her that I had called my parents and told her that I was staying back. she wiped her tears and said “that”s is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me in a long time” she gave me small peck on my cheeks. I started having my doubts about spending my night here.

I mean her mood swings were dangerously insane. I got up said I should probably leave. she asked me not to. please stay with me I really don’t want to be alone tonight. her phone rang and she got up to picked up the phone. it was her two timing husband. I don’t know what he said but she was getting more and more angry. at last she said go and fuck the whore you were with and don’t come back here.

otherwise I will tell people about what a thieving employee you. stealing funds from the company to buy the car and buying gifts for that whore mother of yours. u fucking son of a bitch I guess she had him by his balls. she slammed the phone down and sat down. she apologized for her profanity. she had calmed down by now. I got some water for her.

she drank and kept quiet for eternity. I asked her what she is gonna do now. She didn’t answer and then asked me if I think she looks beautiful. I said yes. then she said “please hug me” & I silently obliged. she hugged me and rested her head on my shoulder. I just kept my hands on her shoulder too( I was getting bold, the possibility of loosing my virginity was increasing exponentially).

I could feel her breath on my shoulders. I was getting goosebumps all over and my lil john was slowly becoming a big john. her breathing was becoming faster. I could feel her heartbeats now. I would feel her breast touching me every time she took a breath. after what seemed like eternity she then started kissing my neck(i was shocked and happy at the same time).

a green signal finally. although I was enjoying the moment but like a good boy I asked her to stop, saying please madam don’t do it. she didn’t so I just stopped caring. slowly I cupped her breast and started to feel it over her shirt. it felt like heaven. the feel of her boobs made feel like I was in heaven. I guess I overdid it caused she stopped kissing me and took my hands off her breast.

and just stared at me. I had already felt her breast. I couldn’t control myself now. my hormones got better of me and I just kissed her on her lips. she didn’t open her mouth but she didn’t resist either. after a while she stopped me. she got up and held out her hand. I grabbed it and she led me to her bedroom(we didn’t speak a word I guess she didnt want to upset the mood, I was loving the silence anyways).

she pushed me on the bed. she started to unbutton her shirt. I saw a glimpse of her nice white and juicy melons(size 36 for those paying attention to details) trapped in a black bra. I quickly undressed to my underwear( I didn’t want this to stop) after which I got up and helped her take it off fully. (i had seen some porn on cassettes,no dvd’s or vcd’s back then, so I guess I wasn’t a saint after all.

I guess I was prepared for a moment like this) as I sat on the edge of the bed she kissed me gently all over my face.licking my ears, my earlobes, sucking on my eyes. I wanted her to stop as I really wanted to see her fully topless. I was hard as hell. I have nice 6′ average girth cock ready for prime time). After a while I just leaned back and she fell forward on me.

we hit our heads. she smiled and called me budhu(fool). I was so happy to bring a smile to her face. I held her tightly and placed her below me. her skirt had gone up to her thighs. I was mesmerized by her beauty. so I stared at her awkwardly trying to commit everything to memory. I lay down besides her rubbing my hand between her thighs and kissing fer face and neck.

as I started getting closer to her love hole she shut her thighs tightly, I took out my hand(i didn’t want her to get uncomfortable). I knew it in my heart I was gonna loose my virginity so I was in no hurry. I got on top of her sitting on my knees so as not to put my weight on her. I tried to unhook her bra. it was not like how I imagined. it was difficult. she reached behind and helped take it off.

I kissed her neck and started pressing her boobies. and then I reached down and circled my tongue around her erect nipples. I guess she was also getting very aroused. she arched her back and I slid my hand under back and used my other hand to press her boobs. she pushed me higher on her stomach by raising her hips and used her hands to get her panties down and eventually her legs to get it all the way down.

i took out my hand from behind her back and used it to take out my briefs, she helped me take it all the way down. I lay down on top her still kissing her lips and massaging her boobs. My dick was near her love hole and it was oozing precum(as you can imagine seeing a nice juicy breast of your hot teacher and then eventually getting to bone her)

she kept raising her snatch to engulf my penis but being the first time for me I was not able to understand her signals. she then asked me to stop moving and got hold of penis and positioned it outside her snatch. and then she asked me to push. it went in and boy did it feel like I was in heaven. it was wet and warm. I stopped moving and just tried to drown myself in this new found pleasure.

then feeling her move I slowly started rubbing myself on her. again her experience helped me as she dug her nails in my buttocks and got me to stop. she asked me to move the penis inside and outside her.i obliged. I was in 7th heaven now. I thought I was gonna die but I guess Vineeta had other plans for me. my inexperience showed I came moment after thrusting inside her.

I tried to push some more but by now lil john and deflated. I was disappointed. I just lay on top of her tired and puffing. She hugged me tightly trying to sucking all the cum out of penis through her vagina. she kissed me and asked me if it was my first time. I said yes. I don’t know why but I said thank you madam, she laughed and said :no vicky! thank you for staying back.

now lie down”. I apologized for cumming too soon. she just asked me to lie down again. she then took off her skirt and used it to wipe my dick clean. she then asked me to close my eyes. I obeyed. I felt her breath on my balls. she slowly started licking my balls while holding my instantly sprang back to life. I opened my eyes and saw a vision of this sexy goddess licking my cock clean.

she pulled back my foreskin and started to lick me on the tip. it felt ticklish but I controlled my self and just gave into the pleasure. I caught her head and tried to push it further down her throat. after a while I started to fuck her face furiously. though her teeth would touch my penis at times but I kept pumping. she tried to stop me but I was possessed by Lord Kama himself.

after sometime I came in her mouth. she almost gagged but immediately withdrew her face and spat all my cum out. what a vision to see my cum dripping from her face. she used my shirt to wipe her face and lips. and then lay down besides me. I wanted to return the favor so I got up and kissed her face and then her boobs.

I paid special attention to those lovely boobs and slowly started making my way down south. I stopped at her navel and started to lick it furiously. she was getting aroused too. she kept her hands on my head and tried to push it down. my tongue finally landed on her pussy it was hairy and was full my cum(it tasted horrible).

I used my finger to scoop out anything which came out and wiped it with my shirt. I realized it was the first time I was looking a real pussy not in movies not in magazines but in real life.i could smell it see it and feel it and do whatever I wanted with it. it was mine for the moment. the thought overwhelmed me as I dived into her pussy with my tongue licking her pussy’s outer lips.

I used my hands to spread her pussy and started to lick the inside again and again. I kept rubbing my tongue on it. I quickly looked up for some sort of affirmation from my teacher but she was biting her lip and she had shut her eyes close. I sensed her excitement and shoved a finger inside her cunt and started to lick her and finger fuck her at the same time.

she let out a soft ufffffffffff and asked please dont stop please. begging me like a possessed lunatic to push my finger deeper and to keep licking her. she then used her hand to pull her knees upto her breast giving me good access to her choot. I spread her choot with one hand and finger fucked her hard with one finger first and 3 fingers last she had cum.

and lying motionless. I took out my hand and looked at gleaming sheen of liquid on my fingers. she caught me looking at my fingers. I don’t why but I just licked my finger again it was weird but really good. then I lay down besides her as she snuggled with me. after a while I don’t know when I dozed off only to realize vineeta sucking my dick.

I was hard again but as I got up to mount her she stopped me and turned around. she asked me to go to the dressing table get some oil. I was confused but I obliged. she asked me to apply some oil in her asshole. I did as I was told. she rested her head on the pillow raising her hip to give me better access to her asshole.

I appiled the oil generously on her anus and inserted a finger inside”oi ma. please do it slowly” she said. she looking me and the after a while she spoke” you know my hubby always wanted to fuck me in the ass, I didn’t let him, so here is something for taking your virginity”.i was rock hard now. I placed my penis head on her anus as she used her hands to part her ass cheeks.

I tried to push it in but it was not easy. after some grunting and oiling it was in. she winched with pain but I held on to her hips pushing my johnny inside her. once it was all the way she let out a sigh of relief but as I started withdrawing my penis she started complaining again about the pain. so I took out my penis fully and oiled it a little more. I used 2 finger to oil her asshole.

she tried to move but I held on to her hips. she was winching in pain regretting her decision I guess but I wanted to taste her ass as well now. when I was satisfied I got behind her again and pushed it in one swift stroke she let out a cry. I fucked her tenderly at first till she begged me to finish it off as it was hurting her a lot.upon hearing this I became more aroused and I fucked her hard in her ass.

there was some blood but I just kept going after a while I shot a whole load inside her ass and pushed it once more fully inside to leave all my cum inside her. then I pulled it out and stared at her ass and a mixture of little blood and my cum oozing out of her asshole. happy with my work I let go of her hips and lay down besides her.

she was sobbing bcoz of the pain but she still snuggled upto to me. she said “u r a very bad boy and I hate you.” I kissed her and said “i m sorry I couldn’t control” and she smiled again. we hugged kissed and went off to sleep.

we had sex everyday after that for 4 months. she eventually got a divorce from him. I still get her mails till date. though she is happily married with a daughter from her new hubby, we always have sex when she comes to meet her sister

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