Natasha and i often shared our fantasies, and She had many, to enhance our love making. Among hers Were… But i was about to learn of one, she’d never Shared before, and it turned out to be a favorite of Hers. Here’s how it happened and how it changed us…” One of my favorite fantasies has always been to have The opportunity to watch natasha get fucked by another Man. In my fantasy i usually instigate the action with First some sort of meeting, for dinner possibly. During The evening i slowly begin to hint about my desires. The hints get more and more obvious until i ultimately Reveal to my wife and the man having dinner with us That i would love to watch the two of them make love.

Sometimes the man is my boss or perhaps a friend or Even sometimes a stranger. I was telling natasha a story of this type one night as She was giving me head… She is so good at that. I Started a story about amit, this good looking friend Of ours that natasha has ‘secretly’ lusted after for some Time. In my little story he is visiting with us in our Home. I start asking him what he thinks about natasha’s Body. And he said he envied me for having nat as my wife. I watched her closely as i told my tale and her eyes Looked up at me frequently as she continued to suck my Cock.

The look in her eyes was pure unadulterated lust. She was in another world and lost to her real Surroundings. As i carried the story through… To him revealing his Huge cock. I described it as long and huge in girth and Throbbing as she covered it with her mouth. As i Escalated the story further, natasha began to suck harder And move her mouth up and down on my cock, faster and Faster until, just as amit shoved his huge cock deep in Natasha ‘s cunt, i spilled my cum in her mouth with Explosive force. She made these little whimpering Sounds as she was obviously very much into this fantasy Tale. She took my cum and swallowed all of it. Before i Could even start to soften she rose up and lay beside Me spreading her legs and saying, “oh fuck me amit, Hurry i want your big black cock in me so bad!” I was the only male there.

My name is rajeev, but i Assumed she meant me. I was most happy to oblige. She Was rabid in her need and i had to hold on to her to Stay buried in her very wet cunt. It seemed hotter and Wilder than ever before and that is saying a lot for Natasha. It didn’t take long until she burst in a series Of climaxes as she mumbled, “yes… Fuck me hard! Yes Amit! Oh please fuck me!” First i started to cum, and then she responded again And came and came until we both fell in a near lifeless Heap in each other’s arms. It had been the best sex we Had enjoyed in some time. It was some time later when She raised her head and looked at me with this sheepish Look on her face and said, “wow! That was fantastic Honey.” “i agree, but just call me amit” “i know, sorry, i called you that several times didn’t I? I guess i wasn’t fucking you… I was fucking amit.” “yeah, you sure were. It was wild natasha, you really dug Fucking amit.” “uh-huh, i guess i have to confess… I had one more Fantasy you didn’t know about.” “i think i know it now.” “yes, i guess you do… Over the last couple of years, Since amit went to work with you, the idea of a good Looking man making wild love to me has come to Excite the hell out of me. I haven’t mentioned it Because i didn’t know how you would react. Do you mind Terribly?” I looked at my nude beauty and cupped one of her large Firm breasts.

As i lovingly caressed it she sighed and Cuddled against me. I kissed her lips lightly. She then Repeated her question, “raj, is it bothering you that i Fantasized about fucking a another man? It was just a Fantasy sweetheart, you okay with that?” i smiled at Her and pinched her nipple. She groaned like i knew she Would. She loves that. Then i said, “yes honey… I’m Fine with that, i don’t mind… Except this little Thing, why did you hold it back from me?” “damn, i’m not even sure. I guess i was afraid the idea Of a another guy making love to me might upset you. That Is so taboo to so many folks.” “obviously not to you… Damn you were hot fucking Amit.” “i can’t deny it… It really makes me hot. Jealous?” “maybe a little.” “raj, i love you. You are my guy and no one will ever Replace you. I might fantasize about fucking amit but It was your cock in me. We can drop it right now.” I lay there with my hand caressing her gorgeous tit as I looked into those blue eyes. She rose up and kissed Me and then said, “raj.. Please don’t be upset… Tell Me you still love me. I won’t bring it up again…” “of course i still love you natasha…

Nothing is going to Change that. I was just thinking about it all. Wondering why as i have fantasized about lots of men Fucking you. She laughed sort of guiltily . I laughed and felt her cool fingers wrap around my half Hard cock. Then she asked coyly, “did you enjoy amit Fucking me?” “yes… I did… A lot.” She had opened her legs and was now rubbing my growing Cock up and down in her outer lips and over her swollen Clit. She was very wet and it felt so good. Then she Smiled and rose up on her knees, throwing one leg Across me she slowly descended as she guided my cock Into her again. She looked at me as it was all the way in and winked Saying, “oh amit, your big black cock feels so good in Me.

” She slowly worked up and down my rigid pole as she Moaned softly with pleasure. I cupped her lovely pair Of tits in my hands and squeezed and pinched just the Way she loves. The way her hot tight cunt felt on my Cock she could call me anything she wanted to. After a Few minutes of this i smiled up at her and started a New story… This one about how we decided she should Really let amit fuck her while i watched. She went Absolutely ballistic, fucking me harder than ever and Chanting, “yes! Yes! Yes!” Much later as we settled for sleep in each others arms. She was half asleep and i kissed her lovingly. She Returned it automatically. As i looked at her thinking About the evening i said softly, “fantasies are Wonderful but what if it really happened?” The next morning was the normal rush as we both got off To work with our usual confusion.

She called during the Day just to say she loved me and loved our life Together. I called her back later and told her i adored Her and that nothing could ever pull us apart. When i Got home from work she was already there and had on a Halter top, very revealing, and very short cut off Jeans. She knows i love that outfit and when she wears It she never has anything else on under it. I knew it Also meant she was turned on and was trying to get my Interest. It certainly worked. I kissed her hello and She made it last longer than normal… And hotter. I Looked at her and smiled and said, “are you looking for Another visit from amit?” “maybe, if it’s okay with you.” She sort of worked her loins against my cock and soon i Was getting hard and turned on completely. Then she Asked in a very small voice, “last night was wonderful And i know i would enjoy more of that. I was so hot as You were inside me and talked to me about what amit was Doing to me. Today i spent half the day thinking about Sex with different men i know at work. I was wet All day long… And now i am dying to be fucked Again…

By you and amit and any other black or white Or green guys from your fertile imagination.” She paused and kissed me again and i knew something Else was coming… Something she was tentative about. She continued, “but i also have a question honey? Last Night as i was almost but not quite asleep i think you Said something like, ‘fantasies are wonderful but what If it really happened?’ i wasn’t sure i didn’t dream It… Did you really say that?” “i did say exactly that. I was laying there looking at How beautiful and sexy you are and i suddenly wondered What it would be like if it really did happen. If Somehow we arranged for amit or someone else to fuck you while i watched and then joined in for a torrid threesome.” I saw her shiver and i knew the idea intrigued her. She Had closed her eyes for a moment and then she slowly Opened them and kissed me passionately for a long Minute.

Then she broke the kiss and snuggled down into My arms. “are you serious raj? Would you really want me to fuck Some other guy, while you watched us? Then A threesome.” “maybe… Interested?” “oh shit raj, yes… No… I don’t know… Maybe. Would You like for me to do that?” “i think i would love to watch amit, or some other man, Fuck my hot wife. It makes me hard as hell when i think About you and another guy. If he is anyone it doesn’t Bother me. That is how i spent most of the day. Every Time amit came into my desk i wondered about how i Would feel about watching him fuck you for real? You Said you were wet all day. I was hard most of the day. I have a small worry about you getting so caught up With your amit that you forget me completely.” She sort of settled to the floor and pulled me with her As she whispered, “i need you so bad raj. I’ll always Need you.

The other could only be an occasional fantasy side Dish, but you honey, are my main course. And always Will be.” and i will never cheat on you. Maybe we might try that sometime in future but not so soon… i was a little disappointed that it’t not happening . But a plan was running thrugh my head as how to get to make it real and maybe even without natasha actually knowing that she is being fucked by amit. I didn’t give up though, i really wanted it to happen. I know it’s strange that a husband would want to have His wife fucked by another man, but natasha was just so Hot looking when she was having sex with me that i had This overpowering urge to watch her doing it with Another man so i could see every detail, every move she And he made.

I continually fantasized what it would be like to see Amits’ s stiff dick pumping in and out of her juicy pussy. Watching as her perfect legs game up and wrapped around The guy’s humping ass as he dicked my lovely wife. It Was such a hot fantasy for me that i just had to make It happen somehow. After several days i finally came up With a scenario that she could go along with and not know who. So it was that i ended up telling amit what i’d had Planned for my wife and how really i wanted that to happen. As i confessed That i wanted to see my pretty wife fucking another Man, i noticed that amit just sat there. Usually he’d Chime in, but this time he was strangely silent. Then i Noticed that he had a king-sized tent poking up against The fly of his pants. I looked up into amit’s face and realized that he was Turned-on by what i’d told him of my plans for his Friends wife.

I was shocked at first, but i also realized That the boner in his lap might be my ticket to getting My fantasy fulfilled. After all, natasha was going to be Wearing a blindfold. I told amit the plan that we will drink at our place and then he pretent to be leaving. I would leave the door open and he can come in quietely and stand at the door and when i signal he come over and switch places. So next evening as planned, natasha came back from work and i called her home and said i was getting amit for drinks and dinner and discuss some work stuff. She was happy and also said i could and imagine him fucking me later at night. I smiled too and said sure sweetheart. We arrived at the apartment building and i rang the Doorbell as our prearranged signal and then i unlocked The door and ushered amit in to the living room. We Both stood there in the entrance to the room for a long Moment. There was my honey in the house coat a little see through, i guess just to spice up the love making with me later that night. She was sitting on the couch. I could tell That she was nervous and wet down looking at amit..

Natasha was lowering herself to the bed and she lay back And spread her legs and held her hand up to mine. I said we will play a game today. I will blindfold you and tie u up while amit fucks you i said. She said oh how i would love to have amit come back and fuck me. So i tied her hands on the bedpost and blindfolded her. I straddled her head and she took my hard cock in and Sucked me wildly. It was as hot as i had expected. Then i moved down and started eating my wife’s cunt then i signaled amit to come over and switch. He was all ready for the game and had all his cloths off already. He came and started eating my wife like never before. He Quickly knelt between her trim open legs and his mouth Found her wet pussy. Jane gasped loudly and caught his Head pulling it in tighter to her cunt. She bucked and Twisted and moaned and got off repeatedly for amit’s Clearly talented tongue. I was standing there watching Seeing amit eat my wife’s bare pussy had me crazy with Lust.

Natasha turned me Loose and said, “fuck me amit, please fuck me.” Amit slid up and guided his cock into her open labia to her ready cunt. Amit pushed a Couple of inches in and natasha moaned loudly, “oh slow… You are huge… I want it…but easy baby… Fuck me Slow and easy first… Then hard.” Amit stroked his cock the first two, then three, then Four inches in and out of natasha relaxing cunt. She Started raising her ass to meet his thrusts and soon All 9 inches was buried and natasha was whimpering, “oh Yes… Oh amit… So good… Yes!” Natasha wrapped her legs around his ass and she met his Downward thrusts with hard upward thrusts of her own, Driving his cock into her as far as she could. Amit’s Lips went from natasha’s one nipple to other. They were beautiful and any doubts about Watching another man fuck my wife were gone.

I was as Hot as the two of them. My cock stood out as hard and Big as i had ever known it to be. I stroked myself and Loved watching natasha ‘s body contort under amit’s. I Loved watching her face as it grimaced with lust and Pleasure. Natasha had cum… Then slowed momentarily… Then fucked hard… Then cum again several times. Finally amit groaned,. And it was a convulsion for both of them, and then me As i spent on the side or amit. It took a while for either of Them to move again. Amit rolled over off of natasha, grabbed his cloths and ran off quickly and out I again came over her sloppy pussy and had a second. Then i went opened her up and she opened her eyes and looked around the room to make sure there was no one else or was it amit who really fucked her..but amit was already gone. I had flopped on the couch. She slowly crawled Over and climbed up on the couch beside me. I cuddled Her in my arms and kissed her forehead saying, “it was One hell of a show, is it what you want to do to me baby?” she said your dick felt little bigger than ever today. I really felt like it was amit or someone else with bigger cock fucking me. It was wonderful we shold do that again. We had another round of hot sex that night.. I know how i loved it, and i know she loved the big dick and imagining amit too.

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