I had just finished my sixth semester exams in the engineering college and as I had nothing better to do, my father asked me to go and spend time at my fathers younger brothers farm. I was overjoyed to here this news as I was facing a hot and boring summer in Bhopal and going back to my Uncles farm was always a pleasure. It was cooler in the farm and to top it all he had a nice big pond where one could laze around. “When do I leave, papa?” I asked eagerly. “I have asked Chandru (his clerk) to book a ticket for tomorrow” “A bit of country air will do you good” said my Mother. “I wish I can go too but you know your father, without me he is totally lost” “It’s okay Amma, I think I will manage with Uncle and Aunt. I will be taking a few novels with me to keep me occupied.

I look forward to the rains there.” I said. I boarded the train the next night and reached my village the following day by about 10.00 am. My Uncle had gone out and my Aunt invited me in and informed me that my cousins had left for Mumbai just that morning. She called for the maid Laali, who has been working for a few years now at their household. She joined work as a young girl, and had become a permanent worker more or less. When Laali walked into the hall, I had a shock. She was wearing a blouse made of thin material and was wearing a home tailored white bra commonly used in rural areas, and was wearing a white ghagra. The blouse was only making a half-hearted attempt to restrain her huge breasts. Her plump midriff was exposed, showing her deep navel and all six inches below it. Her pretty face lit up and she gave me broad grin when she saw me. “Laali, take Mohan’s bags to the east room upstairs and prepare his bath.” My Aunt told her. As she carried my bags past me, I couldn’t help but appreciate her swaying firm bulging buttocks.

She was about two years older than me. The last time I saw her she was wearing a loose blouse and skirt. Her features then were not remarkable. Maybe after two years she appears sexy to me, or maybe I have grown to appreciate women better. I changed into my lungi and went to the bathroom to take my bath. I took my bath and had my breakfast. Laali was not to be seen around. Since I did not have proper sleep in the train, I went to my room to lie down for a while. The next thing I knew was my Aunt calling me down for lunch. After lunch, Sheela Aunty went for afternoon nap as usual. Since it was a hot day, I decided to go to the pond, where there is a broken down outhouse- cottage under the mango tree on the high bank of the pond. Since it faces the paddy fields, there will be a cool breeze if you open the windows. I took a pillow and a novel to read. As I approached the cottage, I heard some voices and then a lady scream.

Gingerly I walked towards the rear window of the cottage to see what was happening and kneeling on the ground I peeped into the window to see what was happening. I saw Prakash (The farm supervisor) and a woman ( a woman farm labourer I presumed). The woman was terrified as Prakash was threatening her. I heard Prakash say that he would be whipping her for stealing the bananas. The woman pleaded with him to spare her as she was feeling hungry and that’s why she ate the bananas. At this Prakash roared out and with a smirk said that she would soon be begging for another banana. He ! grabbed her and pushed her torso on to the table and with a rope tied her hands so that one hand was tied to the other from below the table. He then spread her legs and tied her legs to the table. By now Rekha was crying uncontrollably and was begging Prakash to spare her the beating. I could do nothing as these were the rules in the farm that the farm laborers would be beaten when they were caught stealing. Prakash now walked to the corner of the room and brought a cane which was about half an inch thick and springy.

The cane was about 3 feet long and twitched in his hand. Slowly he went to the back of the spread-eagled woman, caught her skirt and threw it over her back. The woman was stark naked below her skirt. The sun light was shining brightly on her back. Leisurely, Prakash placed the cane on her back. Her hairy cunt was exposed to my view. She had real a real thick black bush and her swollen cunt lips peeped out from the bush. Even Prakash was gloating at her cunt lips! . Looking at her spread on the table and he hairy plump cunt made my penis hard. “So you bitch Rekha, you like bananas eh?” He said. “Please saheb, spare me… don’t cane me” the woman sobbed. The moment she uttered this, things which followed happened very suddenly. Prakash caned her brutally in quick succession whipping the cane on her arse and on her swollen cunt lips alternately three times.

Rekha was screaming by now. “Stop saheb, stop please, please stop…I’ll do any thing for you saheb, but please don’t cane me” Rekha screamed. By now deep purple welt marks had appeared on her arse. Prakash stopped caning her and placed his palm on her swollen red cunt lips moving his middle finger along the crack of her slit. “Really” said Prakash “What can you do for me you bitch?” Prakash asked “Anything saheb, any thing…but don’t cane me please” she sobbed “I’ll stop caning you if you let me have my way” Prakash said to her as his thick long middle finger was now moving leisurely in and out of her slit indicating to her what he wanted. “Anything…but please don’t cane me” Rekha pleaded. By now Prakash had wound up his dhoti and his penis was hard and erect. What I saw made my mouth drop. It was easily about 10 inches long and about 2 inches wide.

My gosh, he would tear apart her lovely small cunt. By now he finger fucking her furiously. “You stealing bitch…you are real hot, your chooth is all ready for a fuck” He said as he coated her cum juices on his mushroom head with his fingers. “Please…please get over with it…let me go” she sobbed. He roared out with laughter and with his open palms smacked her vaginal lips hard. “Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” yelped out Rekha in pain. Prakash roared out in laughter and hit her with his open palm once again, and this time with his fully raised arm with brute force. “AAAAAAAAAAAaEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA…… Sttttttoooooooooooppppppppppppppp Saheb…do what ever u want…don’t hit me” yelped out Rekha “ So you like bananas you bitch” he said softly to her while caressing her pubic mound with his palms. With his two fingers he was now squeezing probably her clitoris. Spread on the table, she looked up at him like a begging puppy and nodded. “Yes,” she breathed. “I want it … I want……….. your banana.” “Where d’you want it, bitch? Tell me. In your mouth? Your cunt? Your ass?” he asked as he now started finger fucking her swollen cunt. “In my chooth” Rekha told him what he wanted to hear. The man’s face creased with pleasure. “Come on, then, whore,” he muttered. ” I’ll fuck you like a bitch and stop sobbing!” Obediently, Rekha stopped sobbing “Come on, saheb,” she murmured. “Fuck me like a whore!” The man’s eyes glittered with excitement and pleasure. He straddled her hips and pressed his penis between her buttocks. She groaned and trembled beneath him. His muscles corded smoothly as he bent deeply at his knees and, prising her buttocks open, squeezed his hard penis into the cleft between. It was like a long hard thick baton and it throbbed and pulsed with excitement.

His cock-head slid between her swollen cunt lips cunt and met no resistance, only a soft, welcoming warmth. Rekha thrust her crotch outwards thrusting into his cock, her cunt impatient with desire. This was noticed by Prakash. With a loud hiss, he flexed his buttocks and, arching his head, eased his hips forward. His cock slipped smoothly into her cunt. Rekha gasped softly, arching her head as the searing heat of his cock bit into her molten cunt-flesh. “More!” she gasped. “More! Put it all in! Come on! Come on, saheb!” Savouring every minute, the man unhurriedly pushed his cock inexorably deeper and deeper into the young womans cunt. At last, she had it fully in her flesh. The man grunted softly. His buttocks remained flexed taut and he closed his eyes in pleasure as her buttocks squirmed against his thighs in erotic little circles. Her cunt cramped hungrily on his penis. She whimpered her lust, her breath sharp and ragged. “Yes,” she gasped. “Ohhh yes … it feels so good, … Oh god … yes!” The man’s fingers dug into the softness of her buttocks. With a groan of deep pleasure, he unflexed his buttocks and drew his hips backward.

His cock slid out, glistening with their comingled juices as it emerged. Rekha quivered with tension and bit her lower lip. The man paused and then slowly skewered her again. Rekha gasped, her head arching. Savouring each minute, the man fucked this twenty two year old woman. His cock moved smoothly in and out of her cunt, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips swinging rhythmically back and forth. His distended penis emerged and disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks. Her dusky, curved body rocked and lurched under him, and her cries were sharp and hoarse and unashamedly obscene. Her face was suffused with lust and pleasure and she moved eagerly with him, matching his pace, moving her cunt back and forth on his thick, hard, throbbing cock.

By now my penis had become hard and I was unconsciously masturbating seeing them fuck. “Take me … take me, saheb … fuck me … fuck me … Ohhh god yes … fuck me saheb … I’m your … whore … fuck me … like a … whore … do it … Ohhh yes!” The man grinned at her words and swung his hips in controlled circles as he thrust down and forward. His cock mashed her cunt-flesh and she gasped and cried out in joy. Her cunt convulsed on his penis and he groaned, arching his handsome head back. He was evidently an experienced and powerful lover and he took his time with the lady, fucking her unhurriedly. His cock slid steadily in and out of her cunt, going in deeply, pausing, then pulling slowly outward only to squeeze in again. Beneath him, Rekha whimpered in lust, her head lay on the table.

Her pendulous breasts were swollen and hot. He squeezed them gently and gradually began to move faster. She moaned thickly, lurching and rocking erotically under him. Her inner vaginal lips clinging tshaft of his penis as he withdrew, as though loathe to part with the hot, hard, penis. “More!” she gasped. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck me, saheb! Fuck me harder… I like your hard lund in my chooth saheb…harder…faster!” He picked up speed and her cries grew sharper as his cock pistoned smoothly and quickly in and out of her cunt. Faster and faster he went, and now her cries and gasps were shrill and keen. His thighs slapped at her buttocks and his hips hammered back and forth and the great cock thundered and rammed hotly in and out of her cunt. He gripped her waist and jerked her body back down hard onto his cock, slamming his hips forward at the same time. Every thrust drew a broken gasp from the young girl. The muscles in his buttocks and thighs flexed powerfully as he moved, grinding and rocking in and out of her flesh.

Her breasts jiggled under his thrusts. I was now cumming and thick wads of cum squirted out onto the wall. “Yeh … take it … take it you whore! Take my cock! Oh yes! Fuck yes! Take it, bitch! Take my prick … ahhhhhh yes … take it all … oh fuck yes!” “Fuck me!” she gasped. “Ohhh yes! Ohhh uhhh oh ma uhhh hanh uhhh ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes!” Rekha orgasmed and Prakash flung his head back and groaned and skewered her deeply and slowly, his cock scrunching in, his hips twitching at her buttocks. He now bent over her, wrapped his arms around her back, with his huge ruough hands was brutally mauling her breasts and his cock pistonning ruthlessly in and out of her. Rekha’s buttocks squirmed and tensed and writhed in an attempt to hold him in her molten cunt-flesh and was moaning out loudly in pain coupled with the erotic pleasure she was experiencing in her breasts and vagina. Prakash roared out and slammed his truncheon deep into her and started cumming. He held on to her hard as he squirted his cum into her. They were almost still and were coupled like this for about half a minute as he squirted his cum. I could see the base of his thick penis throb while they were coupled in this manner. He then withdrew his penis from her cu! not

. His cum was dribbling out from her spread pussy and the insides of her deep red coloured was exposed to the cool air. He grinned and said “Now that you have eaten a banana, and have been punished for it with my banana, I’ll fuck you bitch when ever I want. From now onwards and you can now eat as many bananas as you want you bitch” while untying her. Saying this , he rolled down his lungi and strolled out from the cottage, leaving Rekha spread eagled on the table. Rekha slowly slid of the table and collapsed on the floor. So, this is how the thieving continued on the farm. Rekha curled up on the floor and fell asleep. Seeing her sleeping, spread eagled , I wanted to fuck her too. But I did not have the guts. Seeing her asleep, thinking back of what happened, seeing her swollen hairy cunt with cum dribbling out made my penis hard and I masturbated once again. After a while Rekha got up, dressed and left. Having nothing to do I got into the cottage and started reading a novel. I was about to get comfortable It was now that I realized I had my own cock in my hand and sperm was spraying form the end of it. What an erotic site this had been. The following day I decided to hide near the cottage and see what else happened there. Uncle Suresh had gone to the city to collect cash from the bank and was expected to return by night. Prakash, as usual was bullying the labourers around.

I noticed my aunt strolling around and with a quick look all around, she walked towards the cottage. It was a run-down wooden structure, the timber rotten and decaying in many parts, some windows boarded, others without shutters, still others broken and open like gaping wounds. There was no door to the cottage. Sheela Aunty entered and climbed three flights of long, broad, shallow wooden steps, clutching the curved wooden banister, worn smooth by countless hands. The cottage room in which Sheela Aunty stood held scattered, minimal furniture, a sofa, a broken chair and the whipping table. Prakash followed my aunt into the cottage room He was barefoot, and his dhoti was rolled up. He stopped in the doorway, with one arm raised, hand rest! ing on the doorjamb and looked at Sheela Aunty impassively. Sheela Aunty paused, studying him, her eyes raking his body. Her face flushed with excitement. Her eyes glittered and her nostrils flared and her lips parted.

Dropping her umbrella on the floor, she moved towards the man, kicking off her chappals. He waited silently, carved out of a stone, an erotic bas-relief. Sheela Aunty was clad in a simple churidar and kurta. Her face was a perfect oval, tapering to a fine chin. Her eyes were elongated, almond-shaped, lined with kajal She had high cheekbones and a fine, straight nose. Her mouth was small, but her lips were full and luscious. She had white, even teeth. Her hair was thick and lustrous, now tied in a plait that reached her buttocks. Her dusky skin was smooth and clear and soft, the colour and texture of honey. A long, elegant neck led smoothly to full, high, ripe breasts, superbly formed and heavy, like succulent mangoes.

Her belly was firm and flat, her waist narrow and her hips flared just so, to neatly curved buttocks and slender, long, elegant legs. Her arms were smoothly turned, and her hands and feet were shapely. She wore a long mangalsutra around her neck, a bindi, gold earrings, gold finger-rings, silver anklets and toe-rings. She dropped her dupatta as she approached the man, and unbuttoned her kurta. Beneath, she was na! ked. Before the man, she stopped for a second, her eyes locking with his. Then her hands slid up his torso, caressing him sensuously, and then she bent her head and, moaning softly, licked his nipple. The man did not move. Sheela Aunty groaned and tugged at the cord of her churidar. It rustled to her feet and she kicked it aside.

Slowly, she drew the kurta off her head. Her breasts were heavy and warm with excitement, her long nipples rigid, her aureoles puckered. She pressed against him, caressing his body, writhing her flesh against his, pushing her hands into his dhoti, squeezing his buttocks. Tugging his dhoti down, she slithered to her knees before the man. He kicked his dhoti aside. Seeing my aunt stark naked, her plump breasts, her smooth fair skin and her fat hairy cunt made my cock hard. Still limp, the man’s penis was eight inches long and correspondingly thick. It hung from a thatch of neatly trimmed, thick pubic hair. His balls were heavy and low. His cock and balls were smoothly shorn. Sheela Aunty moaned thickly as she took his cock in her hands and caressed it lovingly. Jerking it deftly, she stroked her face with it, her eyes half-closed, her lips fluttering open. His penis stirred in her hands and she slowly took his cock-head in her mouth. A slow grin creased the man’s face. His belly rippled. Now he raised his other arm and spread his legs so that he seemed to be spreadeagled in the doorway. Sheela Aunty sucked the man’s penis hungrily, holding his shaft and jerking it back and forth. His penis quivered and stirred and began to swell in her mouth and fingers.

The man grunted as his penis grew to an enormous size, over ten inches long, nearly two inches thick. Slowly, he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips forward at her face. Sheela Aunty groaned and, gripping his hips, took his cock deeper in her mouth, sucking feverishly. The man was Prakash. He cupped her breasts in both hands and swirled his tongue through her earlobe, pressing his crotch to hers. Sheela Aunty felt a wave of relief crash over her. Instinctively, she wound her arms around his neck. “So that’s it,” the man chuckled softly. “You’re chasing cockmeat.” Sheela Aunty opened her eyes and looked at him. He was devilishly sexy. She slid her hands up under his arms, and bent forward to lick his nipple. His hand slid down her belly into her crotch. His fingers came away wet. He moved them to her face and she kissed and licked them sensuously, tasting her cunt-juice.

Her fingers slipped to his @jeans and she unclasped them, unzipped his fly and slid one hand into his crotch. Her fingers closed around the enormity of his penis. “Oh god,” she moaned. “Oh god yes, I want your cock, Prakash … c’mon, Prakash … fuck me … please … I want you to fuck me …” Groaning deliriously, Sheela Aunty slid to her knees before Prakash and buried her face in his crotch. He cupped her breast, twined his fingers in her mangalsutra and rasped the cold metal over her nipple. Sheela Aunty shuddered in excitement as her nipple popped erect. “You’re one hot cunt,” he murmured, nuzzling the nape of her nape, tonguing her ear. “Thank you,” she smiled. “You’re quite a stud yourself.” Prakash laughed and cupped her breasts. His penis had hardened again and she moaned softly as he pressed it to her buttocks. “C’mon bitch … on your front … I want to fuck you ” Sheela Aunty smiled over her shoulder as she turned on her front, lifting her buttocks to him, offering him her anus without hesitation. “Want my ass instead?” she said as she shuffled her knees apart and, reached back, spread her buttocks open for his pleasure. “You really like butt-fucking me, don’t you?” she said. “Yeh. You’ve a nice, hot, tight ass and it doesn’t hurt you.” “Mm. I like being butt-fucked. And I like that in a guy …” “What?” “When he cares whether I’m hurting or not.

” “I always care about my women. Fucking them is what I live for.” “Lucky us.” He laughed. “Come on, bitch … in your cunt now … I’ll fuck your ass later.” Sheela Aunty murmured in assent and released her buttocks. Reaching between her legs, leaning on one forearm, she parted her cunt-lips with her first two fingers forming a wide V. Her lover pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips. “Slowly … push it in slowly, lover … let me feel it go in all the way … OHHH yes! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhhh yes baby yes! That’s it ohhh that’s so good … do it Prakash … fuck me! Fuck my slit, baby … fuck me!” Kneeling behind her, holding her hips with one hand and his shaft with the other, Prakash squeezed his swollen purple cock-head into her cunt. He groaned as her cunt convulsed and contracted powerfully on his penis. He flexed his buttocks and slid his hips slowly forward, savouring the exquisite heat and wetness and tension of her cunt. His cock rasped between her fingers and plowed into her flesh. Sheela Aunty moaned thickly, her head bowed, her breasts hot, swollen and pendulous, as the enormous cock tunelled deeper and deeper into her belly. In and in it went, enormous, hot, hard, throbbing its desire.

Sheela Aunty groaned and swirled her hips erotically, grinding and writhing them against his. When his balls pressed against her cunt-lips, she squeezed them eagerly, moaning her pleasure. Prakash groaned, his penis throbbing in her clonic cunt and, his buttocks flexed taut, ground his hips in tight, circular motions. His penis churned her cunt-flesh, mashing her swollen clit! oris. Sheela Aunty shuddered in pleasure and her head arched, her face suffused with pleasure. “Now,” she groaned. “Fuck me slowly Prakash … fuck me slowly.” Holding her hips, gasping and panting softly, the muscular Prakash began to fuck her with slow, grinding thrusts. Sheela Aunty gasped and moaned thickly, jerking and rocking on her forearms and knees under him. Her breasts and long mangalsutra swung back and forth as they moved. The man moved steadily and unhurriedly, pushing his cock in and out of her cunt, squeezing it in as far as he could. Sliding his hands up her body, he cupped and squeezed her hot, heavy breasts. Sheela Aunty writhed in pleasure against him. By now my penis was out of my trousers and I had started masterbating seeing them fuck.

“Do it, Prakash … fuck me …” “Yeah. Fuck, your cunt is hot, babe …” “Just … just don’t stop baby … just keep fucking me ohhh yes … shove it in slowly lover … ahhhhh yes … ohmayes ohhh god yes!” She shuddered in deep pleasure as the enormity and heat of it bit into her wet cunt. Prakash held perfectly still. With his cock firmly embedded in her cunt, Sheela Aunty held her shins in both hands and, bent steeply forward, began to slide her cunt back onto his throbbing erection. Prakash grunted softly, his head bent, watching in fascination as the married woman’s buttocks creased wider and wider open and her juicy, tight cunt slid back up the length of his monstrous erection. Her cunt was fiery hot and sodden, and, as it convulsed on his throbbing penis, he was tempted to yield and thrust into her. He controlled himself with an effort. “Ohhh ma unhhh ohhh god you bastard ohhh yes!” Sheela Aunty gasped as she took more and more of his cock into her flesh.

“God yes … ohhh god yes!” I started cumming and thick warm wads of cum splashed onto the wall of the cottage. Her buttocks swayed and writhed and began to churn in slow circles, grinding round with a tight little snap. Her cunt spiralled slowly and inexorably on the seemingly endless length of his cock. Her long mangalsutra dangled free, sliding up high on the back of her neck. Her heavy, swollen breasts ached for his touch. She squeezed them with one hand. Her mangalsutra flipped against her chin, and she caught it in her lips and bit it in tension. His penis was enormous, hot, hard, thick and heavy and it pulsed slowly and steadily in her flesh. He was like a statue carved of rock, hard and still. On and on she went, backing herself onto his cock till, finally, she had him fully in her cunt. Slowly, her head arched and her head rose, suffused with lust, the long mangalsutra between her lips, her long neck craned, her breasts succulent and pendulous, their nipples nut-hard. Moaning deep in her throat, she bent further forward and slid her hands back to clench his calves.

Now she was bent over, her arms stretched back, pinning his body to hers. Prakash’s fingers tightened on the lintel. He waited, taking slow, deep breaths to control himself. His balls and groin blazed with lust-heat. She was an incredible piece of ass. Holding his legs, her buttocks pressed hard to his crotch, Sheela Aunty groaned and began to grind her hips erotically round and round. His huge cock mashed her cunt-flesh, rasping over the hard stub of her inflamed clitoris. She groaned deep in her throat and began to rock slowly back and forth, sliding her cunt up and down the length of his cock. Prakash held perfectly still and watched as her cunt-lips moved along his shaft. Her cunt convulsed on his penis and he groaned. Her buttocks slapped gently against his thighs, pressed against his balls. Prakash longed to grab her hips and fuck her hard, to ram his cock into her cunt.

He controlled himself and made her continue working for her pleasure. Sheela Aunty’s head swam with delirious pleasure. The strain of the position made the blood rush to her head. She opened her mouth and dropped the long mangalsutra from her lips and moaned. Her fingers dug into his thighs. “Ohhhh ma uhhh Ohhh Prakash yes! Ohhh yes! Ohhh god yes!” she gasped. Her face flushed with the effort and the lust that burned in her loins, Sheela Aunty rocked back and forth in front of her sex-slave, impaling herself repeatedly on his enormous tumescence. Her breasts jiggled and her mangalsutra swung back and forth with her movements. “C’mon damn you! Move! Fuck me! Do it, you son of a bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me, bastard! Fuck me…cum in mee!” she cried deliriously. Prakash chuckled softly. “No free lunches, bitch. You want to fuck, you work for it.

” “Bastard,” she hissed, clenching her teeth. “Oh you bastard!” Prakash laughed and abruptly swung his hips in a vicious, snapping arch, slamming his cock mercilessly into her cunt. Sheela Aunty cried out, her face contorting, as his huge cock ground through her cunt-flesh, mashing over her distended clitoris. Her buttocks swayed and writhed erotically, pressing back at his loins. She slid forward, rocked back, and he swung his hips again. This time, she was ready for it and, with a shuddering gasp, she rolled her hips in unison. The pleasure was intense and satisfying. She moaned, wincing, her face twisting in an agony of joy, and digging her fingers into his strong thighs, pulled herself backwards. Her crotch drove onto his rigid penis, making him gasp loudly, and her face jerked up, contorting in a trismus of lust as the huge penis seared into her vaginal channel.

Her buttocks split wide open and his penis disappeared into her nether lips as she lurched backward onto his penis. Now he moved, thrusting his hips savagely forward with a s! harp cry, his head snapping back, and his penis plowed deep into her cunt. Sheela Aunty shrieked at the expected invasion, her lips jerking back over her perfect teeth in a rictus of lust and pain and she almost stumbled forward. Her hands dug into his legs and she cried out, her head arched high. By now Prakash was leanig over my Aunt and with his arms around her back was mauling her breasts. He paused and then, suddenly, without warning, flexed his buttocks and thrust his hips forward, simultaneously jerking her down onto his cock. Sheela Aunty’s back bowed and her long neck arched and her face snapped upward, her mouth jerking open in a shrill cry as the huge, hot, hard penis surged into her cunt. “OhmaunhhOHHHHHHHHHHunhhhOHHHHH!” Sheela Aunty cried. “Yes!” she whimpered. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me lover! Fuck my slit! Fuck me hard, lover, do it!” she cried.

“C’mon Prakash … fuck me … fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Prakash chuckled, his handsome face creased in pleasure. Her cunt was a hot, tight vortex that sucked and squeezed his penis with frantic eagerness. Her loveliness was accentuated by the naked lust on her face. Prakash pulled her legs wider apart and ground his cock slowly into her cunt. “Like it, hah, bitch? Like having a hot cock in your slit, hah?” “Yes!” she gasped. “Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Prakash, fuck me!” Prakash straightened and pulled her legs wide, his hands under her knees, and began fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Sheela Aunty moaned and thrashed in delight on the table, her face turned to one side, her body jerking and lurching under his deep, skewering thrusts.

She squeezed her breasts with one hand, the other on her flat, sucked-in belly, her fingers spread, the first two pulling her cunt-lips wide open to receive his pistoning penis. Her hips heaved and pumped and her breath was ragged and hoarse. She twined her fingers in her mangalsutra and rasped the hard beads over her rigid nipples, moaning her pleasure. “Ohhh uhhh yes! Ohhh fuck yes! Fuck me! Ohhh uhhh Ohh uhh ohhh uhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh oh oh oh oh!” she cried. “C’mon take it! Take my cock, whore! Take it you fucking whore! Take it all! Ohh fuck yes! Ohhh yes! Mm … yeh … that’s it! Take it … OhhuhhAhhh yes! Ohhh yes! C’mon whore c’mon!” Now Prakash released her legs and began moving faster. She pulled her knees apart, keeping her crotch wide open. He put his hands around her breasts and rocked his hips faster and faster back and forth, his head bent, watching his monstrous penis sawing in and out of her cunt.

His hips swung and snapped back and forth and his buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully. On the table, Sheela Aunty gasped and cried out, her body jerking and lurching under his thrust. He squeezed her breasts in excitement as he moved faster and faster . Suddenly, both hands on her breasts, leaning forward and crushing them under his weight, he began swinging his hips violently in tight, snapping circles. Round and round his hips churned and Sheela Aunty’s back arched and her mouth flew open in shock and pleasure as his huge cock entered her from all angles. He hit a furious rhythm, ramming rapidly in and out of her cunt, then abruptly switched to the grinding, spiralling, skewering action, and, wit! hout warning, shifted into high gear again, slamming his hips back and forth. Now he was mercilessly squeezing her nipples.

Sheela Aunty went wild, gasping and moaning, her back arching and falling, her body tossing and thrashing in frenzy, caught in the tidal wave of a mind-blowing orgasm. He did not come. Now he was in total, masterful control. Her cunt spasmed on his huge penis. He slid his hands up her body and cupped her pendulous breasts. They were hot and heavy with lust, and her nipples were nut-hard. Sheela Aunty whimpered in pleasure, her buttocks writhing. Deeper and deeper he went, on and on, in and in, and her head whirled with delight. His cock was enormously thick and long and hot and hard, and it probed and touched every bit of her flesh.

Gently, he swirled his hips and she moaned as his cock entered her from all angles, mashing her cunt-flesh and throbbing clitoris. “Oh … uhhh … ohhh … uhhh yes! Ohhh god yes uhhh oh ma unhh ohhh uhh oh ma unhhh … Ohhh uhhh yes! Fuck … me … yes … ohhh god yes! Fuck me Prakash! Fuck me! Ohhhhh baby yes! More! Shove it in, lover! Shove it all in! Fuck me hard, baby! OHHHHHH!” Prakash groaned. Her cunt was a hot, tight vortex that sucked and squeezed his cock feverishly. He gripped her hips and pushed himself into her, going in to the hilt. He paused to savour the wonderful heat and tightness of her cunt. ” Mm … yeh! Ohhh fuck, yes! C’mon bitch, take it! Ohhh yeh! Your cunt’s so hot … so tight … take it, whore! Take it all!” “OHHHHHH uhhhh OH OH OH OH Ohmaunhhh OHHHH!” she cried.

Prakash gasped and moaned and thrust deep into her with savage swings of his hips. His cock rammed into her cunt once, twice, three, four, five, six, seven times and then he held still, buried deep in her flesh, as the undeniable lustfire from his loins burst from his cock. Sheela Aunty gasped in pleasure as she felt the sharp, hot, stinging shards of thick wads of cum spurt in an endless flood into her sodden cunt. Slowly, he slid out of her, slapped her buttocks lightly, chuckling. She murmured softly, her chest heaving, and waited to catch her breath. Prakash’s cum was dribbling down her thighs. Sheela Aunty stopped the cum dribbling down her thighs with a scooped palm and licked the cum clean of her opalms.Straightening, she turned in his arms and kissed him gently, her arms wound about his shoulders, her body grinding against his.

“God, I love the way you fuck me,” she murmured, sucking his tongue. He laughed, caressing her sweating body, her breasts, her buttocks. “I love the way you get fucked.” She fondled his penis. “Let me suck you.” “Mm. Later. ” Sheela Aunty sighed and leaned her head on his deep chest, caressing the contours of his magnificent torso. “Oh, baby,” she murmured. “What am I going to do when this ends?” “Why should it end, babe?” She looked at him and thought of her lovers and husband and her crazy, wonderful, sex-filled world. “Because, my beautiful Prakash, it must end. We can’t go on like this. You’re in danger every minute of every day. This must stop. I’ll have to do something.” “Like what?” Prakash asked “Like finding some other place…Suresh might catch us here” Sheela Aunty aunt said “Don’t worry about Suresh..” Prakash said “Why?” asked Sheela Aunty to be continued.

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