At that time I was in my college. On a nice weekend I went to my uncle’s house that was my cousin’s birthday. There I meet my cousin’s aunty (mother’s sister), who live abroad. That aunty came to visit everyone and she has one daughter named Nadia.

When I meat this sex bomb I found her very delicious to look, I last meet her about 6 years back. She is 2 years elder then me and looking sex goodness to me. She was white, her lips were pink in color, and she wears a mini hot skirt and a normal thin top. She was looking very sexy with this kind of getup. When I said her hello, she replied with joy and relief.

She was cheat chatting with me and saying about her life in abroad. What I mark that the way I look to her rising hot boobs, her sexy shape legs which could easily be seen through her hot skirt and her jiggling ass, she didn’t mind and she was enjoying this. We were at the balcony. Fresh cold air was blowing and it was a very hot day.

Slowly some nutty things came in my mind so I asked her, so how many boys u have in there. She said it’s not the thing like here. There nobody like to have an affairs to only one person, they use to make up relations, have date, after a few days find a new one. I said date means sex, right? She without any hesitation replied yes. That was all I didn’t get a chance to advance that day.

After a few days our all family members got an invitation @ their house. So we went there. She was livelier with me that day. She also requests me to take her some places for visit, as she didn’t get a partner to move. I know that it’s not will only be roaming around, it will be more then that.

Later she show me some picks of her friends in abroad, I found some well built boys only wearing their shorts and including her three girls who were wearing some sleeveless nighty. Their entire pose of picks was hot, they are habituated in sex I think, but I just said nice and also add that your friends are cool. She just smiled.

So we settled that I will come to her place tomorrow and take her roaming around. Since that time I use a Yamaha bike. So it will not hard for us to roaming around. So the next we went for some nice places for roaming around the city. She was seating beside me in the bike. Her sexy big shape boobs were brushing against my back as it was a sports bike.

I was enjoying her touch, her soft sexy boobs were feeling very erotic, I was also feeling her nipples become hard with my rubbing and unusually I was applying breaks to feel the softness of her sexy melons. She was also enjoying and didn’t try to remove from my back. She was also pressing her boobs against my back.

She was in her shirt and jeans at that day and looking dam sexy. Her jeans were tight and shirt was in pink shade which was making her sexy boobs visible as it was tight ladies shirt. We roam around the city from one place to another. She was walking when we reached some place hanging my hand and sometime my arms were brushing her boobs with extra care, lolz.

We both were enjoying each others touch. We took lunch in an exclusive restaurant of the city, after the lunch suddenly she said let’s go back to home. I was surprised and said what? She replied yeah I need rest please take me home. I think as she was not enjoying my touch and now she is leaving me. So after finished our food we start for her house.

While we were going back she was doing the same, she was rubbing her boobs to my back. When we reached her home she said come inside. So I move inside her house and find that she was opening the lock with keys as nobody inside. I didn’t know if there is any program or it’s her plan to bring me her home when nobody will be at home.

She took me to her bedroom and tell me she is going to have a bath, she also said watch some dvd and wait. So she entered her washroom and I switched on the dvd and tv. When I open the tv I found a nice 3x movie which was full of fucking and sucking, so she use to watch this things whenever she is alone.

By the mean time she called me from washroom for something so I went near the door and she said from there open my cupboard and you will find a set of black underwear. I was astonished but was young enough to propose her for a fuck. I have nothing to say just went for the cupboard,

open it and find a transparent underwear set which was black and I think it will be visible of everything she has to hide. She said will you mind if I wear this entering in the room. I got a great opportunity how could I say no! She came out with a towel around and she said shut down your eyes and opens it unless I tell you. I said ok.

So she took those sexy underwear set and start to remove her towel. That was the only thing she was wearing, I can’t resist and open my eyes and found a gorgeous, hot and sexy tine without any thing, nude. She was only 19+, her big boobs maybe 32d, waist was narrow like 28 and her hips were big round with whitish complexion, perfect shape legs.

Any man can become mad seeing her sexy legs. She took time to wear her underwear I didn’t know that she was waiting for me to watch enough and after wearing those sexy clothes she was looking more sexy then nude. She called me now you can open your eyes. Oh God, she was dam sexy with the pair of transparent bra and panty.

I saw her cunt area where no hairs, and boobs with erected pink nipples which was clearly visible through her transparent bra, I couldn’t resists stand up and went near to her. She was elder then me in age, but little then me in height. She looks in to my eyes deep and me also. I didn’t know what to do in this situation.

She places a kiss, just a light touch with her lips in my lips. This was enough for me. I was horny for a long time, so I started with wildness and kissed her hard in her lips. She was enjoying everything as my hand was on her boobs and smooching those soft sexy melons. She was moaning loud while I went to her boobs and start sucking her hard pink nipples.

It was a very hot time for me to having sex with a tine who is elder then me. She was busy with lot of moaning like ohhh.ahh..ommm..chosho.jore.kamor.dao .jore.. and I was busy to bite her boobs and erected nipples. I was in my jeans. Her hand found my hard rock and it was little bit big for my age.

She unzipped the chain of the pant and starts to rub my pennies with her hand inside my underwear. She was doing it very perfectly. Slowly spread my palm against her ass and started to fondle them. The flesh of her ass was firm but soft. By now my penis was very hard and trying to come out of my pants.

So I slowly moved my hand out of the way and pressed my raging hard-on against her crouch and moved from side to side rubbing my front against her and enjoying. My one hand went to search for her juice hole to explore. I put my hand inside her black panty and started to message her shaven clit area. My one finger find it and I start to finger fuck her.

Her moaning become louder and my hand become wet with her juices which were coming like a flow. It was now time to undress both of us. My hand was also explore her sexy soft butts and starts to smooch her sexy flash in the mean time. I just trough out my t-shirt and unzipped my pant and underwear. I also help her to open her black transparent bra and panty.

Now both of us in out birthday dress. She was giving me nice hand job ever possible and within a minute she was on her knees and starts to suck my junior in a sexiest manner. She was sucking it as it was a chocolate bar. I think she had learnt it very well from European culture. It was a great experience for me as I couldn’t control my moan.

She was rolling her tongue all over my junior rock hard pennies and occasionally she was sucking my balls. Girls normally never do it. So it was a great feeling for me. It was very hard for me to control my cum. I said stop and took her to the bed and start to sucking her full wet vagina, which was flowing like flood.

It was a great taste I enjoyed and I like the clean shaven pussy. It was great, her pink pussy lips I start to suck them and also I start to mouth fuck her with all force. She jiggled and my hands were busy with her erected nipples and she was moaning was loud ahhhha.ommm.kheye.felo.ommma..ahhha.

and she start to move her sexy buttocks ups and downs, she stroke my tongue hard and explore with a great relief moan aaaaaaahaa.. I know very well this baby like hardcore and rough sex. So I didn’t give her much time and make her in doggy style. Our style was little bit different. I was standing behind her on the floor and she was on the bed like a dog.

Her bed was not so high and it was a foam bed. So it was very much perfect to fuck her from behind as this way. I set my dick in her cunt lips and from the first time I push it as hard as possible. I was stroking like fucking her in full force with a great speed. My whole dick was disappearing in her hole and while I make it out,

makes it out full and again stroke her very hard and put all inside. She was enjoying it and requested to fuck her hard as possible. Her soft buttocks were pushed hard by my crotch with my every stroke. Ohh it was a great pleasure to smooch those sexy, soft round asses with my crouch.

PLEASE Jore ..Jore…Koro.Don’t Stop..Ohhh, Yes, Yes, Ahhhh Ommmmm..FuckFuck..Hard. Ahha.Ommm. I was stroking hard, ride in her with all force and she was also forcing her back to my pennies with the same rhythm and within 4/5 minutes she stroke more fast, start to suck my pennies with her pink pussy lips,

her two boobs were jiggling with every hard stroke and came with a big Yesssss.. Ahha.. Omma..Ahhha She collapsed on the bed with a banging way; my dick was still inside her and was hard enough like a rock as it wasn’t cum yet. I didn’t stop I was fucking her with all force, I was near to my orgasm but she said stop and she request me to fuck her missionary style

and put her legs on my shoulder. She said she wants another orgasm with this as it’s also a deep penetration style. So we now start in this way. As I got stooped I hold on for a while, and start with a new speed. It’s going on very hard it was a erotic view to see her pink nipples jiggling with my stroke and I came in my knees and start to fuck her with great speed.

Time by time my speed become faster and she was moaning and all the force of our fucking was making various sound as her hole was slippery with both of our love juices, it was like foch poch poch. thop thop and her moaning was like Ahhhha. mmma ..Aro..jore. Ahhhaaa..Ommma. Fuck Hard. AhhaaaÖIssshh.

She was also giving stroke from that position and was co-operating with me to make it very smooth and easy. It was for me to a great experience to fuck her in that way. Ohhha yes..yes.. baby.yeahhhhahhha. ommma..hmmm that was my moan. Within another 5 minutes we become wild and she was crying loud ahhha hobe.aro jore.arojore don’t stop amar

hobe ahhha aro jore ommma..jore..amar vatore mal..vore..dao..ahha..omma.. and we came close to our orgasm, she burst just before me and while her orgasm she sucked my dick very fast with her pink pussy lips, I can’t control and explored with all force inside her, it was great and big orgasm. She took every drop of my semen inside her. We both fall on the bed.

My mouth was near her nipples and I suck them for a while, and my dick was still inside her becoming normal. We lied there for a while and after that we get up for a wash. She gives me nice french kiss and thanked me for the nice fuck. She said she was habituated to sex and after coming here she was not getting it,

so she becomes very much erected when we have an oral pleasure in my bike. She new nobody will be home in this time so she took me here. In the washroom we bath together and have another round under the shower, we got a great suck and smooching round and have a hot round in standing position; I fill her hole with all my thick fluid and fill up both of our lust.

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