When I was studying, I had to move to another city for a course since at my place there were no good institute for that particular course. I lived with my uncle and aunt. They were our very old family friends. My aunt fascinated me ever since I was a kid. She stood a good 5’6″ tall, shapely ass and slim stomach with big tits. I always wanted to feel her body all naked. Often I would peep in the bathroom and try to get a look at her tits and cunt whenever the luck would have it. I remember my small pecker erecting, when I use lie down beside her even while I was a kid. She was so very sexy that there were numerous instances to notice guys ogling at her and passing lewd remarks when I use to walk beside her in the streets.

Also, I had heard neighbors talk all kinds of lewd talks about my aunt. Not forgetting to add here, that my aunt has this usual habit of wearing tight dresses that would hide very little. For e.g. her kurtas were all of plunging neckline, which showed quite a lot of her tits and then while going out she would take a flimsy dupatta which hardly did little to hide those jugs. Also, it needs to mention that her bras would be of contrasting colors, like she would wear red or black bra with white or light colored kurtas and white bra with dark kurtas.

She had long waist length hair. When loose it would make a U shape over her back and sway during her walks. It was feast for me and a great source of masturbating for me. Anyway nothing much serious occurred in my thoughts till one bad day I met with an accident when I was away on a institute tour and had my leg broken near the hip. I was hardly 19 then. I was admitted in a hospital some 300 Kms far from my home. We had a cabin for us and the doctors had me operated and then I had to be bedridden in hospital for more than a month.

My aunt was there for taking care of me since my uncle could not leave the place and my parents had gone on a two month tour for an all India pilgrimage. Nothing much happened for a week except for me observing the doctors, compounders and even the sweepers ogling at my aunt. It was working as an advantage for me, for due to my aunt I was getting much better attention by all concerned. She looked so very sexy and virile that any man having desires of sex is bound to get tempted and my aunt always loved those kinds of stares.

She never bothered to cover her big bosoms when the male viewers were getting a good look at them. Instead I could see a weird smile on her face when she would know that the viewer is mesmerized by the view. As time passed on there was this sweeper named Hari who would visit every morning to clean the room. He was in his early twenties, dark and very athletic type figure. Before sweeping the floor he would pick up clothes lying down on the floor. One thing was noticeable that just before Hari would come to clean, my aunt would drop her bra on the floor. So it became a routine that Hari had to pick up the bra for sure, and during the course of picking he would move his hands inside the cups as if feeling the mounds. Aunt use to watch this secretly and both would pass a mysterious smile at each other.

Slowly things started working between Hari and my Aunt. Now he would pay special attention to my aunt and visit frequently to our cabin. He would bring water, food and sometimes flowers also and give it to my aunt. I could see my Aunt dressing more revealingly and put makeup just before it was time for Hari to come. She made a point that when Hari was in the room, she would go to the toilet and sooner or later Hari would excuse himself and follow her. So, I was in no doubt that they even might be smooching there or possible fucking coz when Hari would come he would have his crotch all wet and patchy. But I kept quite as I could hardly do anything even if she fucks around with Hari. As days passed by Hari started bringing along two of his friends also along with him Kumar and Sonu.

Both were well built with tall figure but were dark skinned and shabby. Soon Kumar and Sonu flirted well with my aunt and started visiting regularly. They would bring sweets, flowers and sometimes clothes for my aunt. Whenever they came, they asked for the bathroom and my aunt would then show them the way and in the process, I am sure they would be having a handful of aunt’s breasts or aunt would have tweaked their cocks. Sometimes she would be pulled inside the bathroom and then she would show up after about 15 minutes. It left little to doubt that these hooligans had fucked my aunt inside the bathroom. They would show great affection towards me and feigned that they were just visiting out of mankind and helping a lonely aunt whose son is being medically treated.

But something told me that they were not getting enough. It was early in the morning at around 5 am that I heard someone knocking on the door. My aunt usually wakes up by 4 am. So she walked up to the door and found Hari. Without making much noise Hari followed by the other two entered the room. I was awake but pretended not so. All three circled my aunt and brought out their cocks while my aunt kneeled down. She held each cock intermittently and sucked vigorously one after the other. All three pairs of hands were holding my aunts head and guiding their cocks inside. They were about to reach climax when my aunt opened the front of her blouse and then unhooked the bra from back.

Holding Hari’s cock she aimed at the cups of her bra and then he came filling the entire cup. My aunt was moving his cock from one cup to the other so as to fill both equally. Then followed the other two till the bra cups were all soaked in cum. Without much waste my aunt put on the bra and hooked it from the back. Then she put on the blouse and tied it on. I could see the blouse all wet and drenched at the front. Aunt just smiled and bade them goodbye. I had come numerous times just thinking how aunt liked the cum soaked bra. How the cum of all three would be wetting aunts tits and I can see how she liked.

After about 2-3 days, one night I could not sleep due to headache. But I kept calm as I thought that nothing much could be done about it. At about 11 pm aunt got up and switched on the light. She gave a good look at me and upon confirmation that I was asleep she started dressing up. She first removed all her clothes. She looked gorgeous with big tits with big brown areoles. Then after putting scented talc and some perfume she picked up a flimsy pink panty and put it on. She then sprayed lot of perfume on the panty covering her cunt. Her armpit hair were shaved and had her cunt was also clean shave. Then picking up a lacy-netted big bra covered her 38D tits and perfumed it a lot. Then putting on a very low-necked blouse and petticoat, she combed her hair. Almost half her big tits were visible over the blouse. Now she put a red lipstick and a big bindi. She looked into the mirror and adjusting her bra covers made her more revealing. She looked dashing ready to kill and I was tempted by all means to grab her and fuck her right there. My cock was all big and hard and I had to hold it from the neck to stop cumming.

Then she opened the door of our room and leaving it open went out. I could see all her curves and her hips swayed like a silk thread. I got out of the bed and went to door and saw aunt walking to the end of the corridor. Reaching the end she stopped and signaled by waving her hand. After about few minute I could see three figures coming in view. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that they were Hari, Kumar and Sonu. When all three reached to her they talked something. Not wasting any time all four walked towards our room.

All the while walking I could see in the faint light the three pair of male hands was measuring the assets of my aunt. When they would pinch my aunt’s breasts she would giggle a bit and then squeeze a cock to which she could lay her hands on. Hari was only wearing pants while the others wore dhotis and a piece of cloth on their shoulders. I thought about their luck of laying hands on a beautiful woman like aunt.

Now as they neared the room I went to my bed and pretended that I was fast asleep. First aunt entered the room and getting clearances the other three entered the room. As aunt turned to lock the room Kumar and Sonu caught her tits from behind and held them tight, while Hari had a handful of aunt’s ass. After locking the door aunt turned and I could see the hands of Kumar and Sonu quickly exchanging the tits. Hari was moving his hands on my aunts long black hair. Kumar would move his hands once in a while down to aunt’s ass and knead it hard. Sonu seemed to be tit man and never ever left aunt’s breasts.

This continued for some time till aunt told them to sit on the bed. As they left slowly for the bed they started to undo their clothes, to which my aunt rushed and held their hands and told them in the sexiest voice, “This is my job. You just sit on the bed”. Obedient as they were they all sat on the bed, but all the time their eyes were ogling and drinking the depth of exposed part of aunt’s tits. Seductively, aunt walked to them, she first removed the shirt of Hari and as she was lifting the shirt over his head he could not resist himself from holding aunt in his arms. Hari had dug his head in aunt’s naked belly while aunt ran her fingers in Hari’s hairs while others watched. Kumar and Sonu didn’t miss any chance of getting a handful of aunt’s ass. After a while when Hari left my aunt, she turned to Kumar and Sonu and took off their pieces of clothes on their shoulders.

Aunt asked them, “You may please bend a bit backwards so that I can remove your trousers”. Obediently, they bent backwards. Now aunt sat in front of Hari and I could see all three ogling at the lovely cleave that was highlighted as aunt sat down and bent forward. Hari’s immense cock was straining against soiled dirty panty of his. My aunt made a moaning sound and ran her hands above Hari’s cock. Others were watching wide eyed and I could see their cocks were like tent poles under their dhotis.

After playing with Hari’s cock for sometime, aunt lowered his underwear and as the cock came out of its confinements, it hit aunt on her face. It was a monstrous cock. Aunt seeing the beauty in front of her eyes could not resist herself. Leaving the underwear just halfway, she engulfed Hari’s cock wrapping both her palms over it and started rubbing its head over her face and lips. She kissed the whole length of the cock desperately as though it was some sort of life that she has found.

Others could not help themselves and both had to hold their cocks in their own hands. Seeing this, aunt felt pity on them and got up and sat in between Kumar and Sonu. Employing both her hands, she opened the knot tying their dhotis and slowly unfolding each fold at a time took out two big dicks in the open. Both cocks waved in the air like snakes. Aunt held both the cocks in each of her hands and measured the length bringing down the fist down and up again. I could see their eyes glued to the big cleave of aunt’s tits. Hari was left to play with his cock. After playing with both cocks for some time aunt moved her face closer to Sonu’s cock and without wasting much time took the entire cock in her mouth.

She sucked the cock with slurping sounds and I could see the big manhood disappearing and then reappearing from aunt’s mouth. After sucking for sometime she brought out the cock and told Hari, “Hari, please come from backside; open my blouse and petticoat. Show them my boobs and legs”. Hari jumped to his feet and immediately sitting himself behind my aunt unhooked the blouse and removed it in a jiffy. Petticoat also faced the same ordeal. In the mean time aunt had shifted her sucking job from Sonu to Kumar. She took the entire cock inside her mouth and let it remain there for long. Kumar could not control himself and held on to my aunt’s hair and pressed her head tightly to his groins and with a loud grunt started shove ring his cock in my aunt’s mouth. He was Cumming as aunt started gagging. After a while when he had shot his entire load inside aunts stomach he left her head and aunt immediately brought out his cock from mouth.

The cum was dribbling down aunts chin and collecting it with her fingers she was eating it all. All this while Hari was kneading aunts tits. After savoring the taste of Kumar’s cum aunt got up. Hari didn’t leave the tits even for a while. As aunt stood Hari pressed himself behind and was prodding his erect cock on her ass. Sonu stood up too and came in front of aunt and put his one hand on the crotch. Kumar was relaxing still bringing himself to normal after getting a great blowjob. Now aunt was enjoying two pairs of hands on herself. She told Hari, “Hari, won’t you like to bare these boobs. You open the hook of my bra. Kumar will you just keep rubbing my clit from outside or will you remove my panty also. Come on! Remove my panty you asshole and let all of them see my cunt!”

Without wasting any time Hari removed the bra and Kumar peeled down the panty. Now aunt was all-nude in front of three strangers. Seeing such beautiful milky white tits Kumar also sprang to his feet and held the left tit with both his hands and projecting the big brown nipple started sucking like a baby. Hari came from behind and held on to the right tit and after adoring the beauty of tit took the nipple in his mouth. Aunt was finding herself hard at keeping herself standing. Sonu had in the mean time had parted the her legs and was sucking and had penetrated a finger or two in the cunt. Aunt gave away and told, “Please wait, I cannot stand. Let me lie down”. All three stopped and my aunt lied down on the bed and without wasting anytime all three started immediately from where they had left. After sucking the right tit for a while Hari moved himself up and brought his cock near aunt’s mouth.

She at once opened her mouth and took in the cock. Hari lowered himself and started fucking the mouth mercilessly as if it was some whores’ mouth. Seeing an opportunity Kumar found both tits at his disposal. He immediately got hold of one tit and started sucking. He was sucking one tit while holding and kneading the other. Sonu was all busy down below my aunt’s cunt. He had almost inserted three fingers and sucking her cunt. After sometime aunt brought out Hari’s cock from her mouth and told, “Hey you Sonu! Will you just keep licking my cunt or are you going to fuck me also? Come on, be quick. Insert your cock in my pussy and satisfy its thirst.” He immediately sprang to action and positioning himself inserted the entire cock in aunt’s cunt. Aunt lifted her ass up above to take the entire length of the cock and to savor the pleasure to the utmost. Sonu was now pumping his cock mercilessly inside aunt’s cunt while Kumar was continuously sucking the tits and Hari was fucking the mouth. The scene was as enacted in western hard porn movies.

This continued for a while till Hari told Sonu to exchange places. Hari now sitting between my aunts parted legs rubbed his cock on the entire length of the cunt. After measuring the entire length he penetrated with one single thrust that made my aunt to move up a bit to adjust herself for the big stroke. Now Sonu brought his juice-coated cock near my aunt’s mouth and without holding it with her hands adjusted her mouth so that the cock would go in her mouth untouched and she could taste maximum cum. Kumar was too busy with aunt’s tits. Sonu intermittently slipped his hands to aunt’s tits and fondled them squeezing hard at times. After sometime aunt tried to reach Kumar’s cock. Kumar now left the tits and adjusted himself bringing his cock near her mouth. Aunt held Kumar’s cock and replaced Sonu’s with his. So now aunt held both cocks in her two hands and alternatively sucked them. Both had each tit in their hand and were squeezing them hard.

Now Kumar moved himself and signaled Hari to change places. Hari giving one more hard and long stroke up aunt’s cunt brought out his cock, got up and moved towards her face. I could see the gaping pink hole of aunt’s cunt that had been fucked hard by two strangers and now the third one was ready to impale her. Kumar didn’t waste any time and in went his full-length cock without much resistance. He fucked frantically while Hari’s cock went inside aunt’s mouth. She sucked the cocks vigorously and cupped the balls weighing them in her palm. I could see red marks and bruises on the soft white skin of aunt’s tits. Both Hari and Sonu were squeezing and pinching the tits regularly while aunt was sucking their cocks. This continued for some time till aunt told, “Hari, I want a cock in my ass hole too. Kumar, you stop fucking so that I can have Sonu’s cock in my pussy and yours in my ass.” Kumar with one last stroke brought out this cock from aunt’s cunt. Aunt after lying for sometime got up and told Sonu to lie down. I could see his cock standing all erect and ready to fuck. My aunt now placed her two legs on either side of Sonu’s waist, lowered herself down and holding his cock with her hands and placing the purple head lowered herself till the whole length of his cock disappeared in her cunt.

While the other two guys watched holding their cocks in their hands aunt started bouncing on top of Sonu. After completely adjusting the length of Sonu’s cock she signaled Hari to come behind and fuck her ass. Hari obediently came behind aunt and bending her forward on top of Sonu collected some juices emanating from her cunt spread it over her ass and inserted a finger. After lubricating for a while Hari placed his big cock head on top of aunt’s asshole and holding her by her hair gave a big jerk. I could see only the head go inside. Sonu was holding my aunt by her big breasts while Hari tried to penetrate in her ass. Hari then adjusting a bit gave another jerk and then another till the whole 8″ cock disappeared in big asshole of my aunt. I could see convulsions on the face of my aunt as she gets sandwiched between two big cocks. Hari was holding her hair like a man holding the belt while riding a horse. But aunt seemed to enjoy every bit of sex she was experiencing here.

After getting accustomed to the fuck two of them started moving and the cocks disappeared and reappeared alternately in aunt’s cunt and asshole. Aunt was all hot and horny and she was releasing flood of juices from her cunt. Holding Kumar’s cock now aunt brought it close to her mouth and started sucking frantically. Sonu was holding her breasts and fucking aunt’s cunt while Hari was holding aunts hairs and fucking in the ass hole. After sucking for sometime she commanded, “Kumar, now you go and take Hari’s place and Hari, you come close to my mouth.” Hari giving one final thrust up her ass brought out his cock and headed to get a blowjob while Kumar immediately went behind aunt and penetrated in aunt’s asshole.

The asshole was gaping wide due to earlier ramming and so in went the cock without any resistance. This continued for a while till aunt asked, “Kumar! Can you insert your cock in my pussy? I want two cocks in my cunt.” And saying this aunt lied flat on Sonu mashing her big breasts against the hairy chest. Reaching her hand to her cunt she inserted a finger inside her cunt and then another. Now spreading her cunt still further she turned her head backwards and told, “Kumar! I have widened my cunt. Now you please insert your cock”. Kumar then placing his cock on the opening slowly eased his cock inside aunt’s cunt. It was a delightful sight to see two big cocks inserted in my aunt’s cunt. Their cocks were fitted inside like a vice. Slowly aunt moved up and down and the two cocks went in and out in unison.

This was too much for both of them to bear and Sonu held aunt by her breasts and shuddered. In the mean time Kumar also tensed up and both of them emptied their balls inside aunt’s womb. Here Hari was also jerking frantically and he also came releasing load after load of white cum and sprayed all over aunt’s face. Aunt’s face was fully drenched with the cum of Hari. Slowly Sonu and Kumar brought out their cocks and I could see a good handful of their white mixture coming out from aunt’s cunt. Aunt was all exhausted and she threw herself on top of Sonu. Kumar also lied himself on the other side of aunt and again held her tits while he was still coming to normal. Hari was still busy holding his cock and rubbing it on aunt’s face. He made a thick line on the forehead of aunt as though it was sindoor. All of them relaxed and I could see aunt’s cunt still dripping cum.

After about 10 minutes aunt got up and headed towards the bathroom and she enquired, Now they all left the bathroom and I could hear shower running down. After bathing for a good 10 minutes, my aunt appeared from the bathroom and there were marks and bruises all over her breasts. All three had dressed themselves in the mean time and were ready to leave. Aunt went to see them off up to the door and while leaving I could see each one kissing aunt on her lips and pinching her breasts as though saying goodbye. Aunt bolted the door from behind and humming some tune to her saw herself in the mirror and smiled. She came to my bed all nude and lying beside me held me tight to her and slept with me in her arms. Now I was already so much hot and my pajama was all wet with my cum, when aunt hugged me she felt the wetness. She smiled at me and said “you naughty boy so you were not sleeping all this time.” I kept my eyes closed. But my cock was at its full length when she again hugged me she felt my heard on and pulled down my pajama and took out my cock and said I would love to have this cock.

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