It all started when I was 18 yrs , when I bunked the college for the first time to see an adult movie. That day has changed my life. I was one of the most sincere and simple guys for whom almost all the girls were like Sisters.

The movie I don’t recall the name was playing on morning show at Ajanta Cinema, Delhi. It was a story about a young boy being taught sex by her elder sister, whom he saw making love with her boy friend.

Since that day, the interest of seeing naked ladies grew in me. The best and easiest source was my own home! We were living like a joint family in a three room rented accommodation. Our family constitute of my parents, my grand mother, My Uncle and Aunt .

The house was little old construction and ill-maintained. My Uncles room was next to ours, with a common door in between. As the house was old, we had only one toilet and bathroom in the back yard of the house.

We used to go college early in the morning as with my Uncle and Aunt, who were working in a Noida. One fine day, I got up for college and rushed to toilet for nature’s call, as pressure was building up. The door was shut half way, as there was no electricity.

I just slammed the door and was just begin to enter, I saw my Aunt, shitting on the Indian Style Latrine. She was surprised, so do I was. She stood up, seeing me and trying to cover her up with one hand, slammed the door back.

I was a bit ashamed and did not face her for next two days. But most of the time I was dreaming of here beautiful hairy Cunt and beautiful white waxed legs. She was around 25 years, extremely beautiful 38-28, 38 married for last three years, but without any Kids.

I came to know much later, that she had an abortion earlier. But all these three years of marriage has made her more beautiful. From that day, the insect in me grew more and I was interested in seeing more of her.

I used to get up early in the morning, so that I can see her washing clothes in the bathroom. With its door open, I could see her white cleavage and beautiful legs, which were half-naked till knee, as she used to lift her night gown while washing, so it does not get wet.

I used to stand near to her making any excuse, or some time used to brush my teeth for 10 minutes at the adjacent washbasin. I used to get a hard on, but I never knew the art of Whacking. It was only wet dreams for me.

I insect was growing at a much higher pace in me and I was interested in more. So I used to look for ways where I could see her naked. Finally I found the place. The door between our rooms has one old latch, which was not working,

so I bought certain tools and took out the latch. Instead I managed to put a new one, whose holes does not match with the previous holes, so there I was with the Holes, little bigger than Key Hole, peeking just in there bed room.

On our side of the room, I handed certain clothes on the hander, so that the light is not visible from the other side. The next day as routine, my Aunt got up in the morning, took a bath and was in her fresh gown, which she used to wear till she goes to office.

She went to her room to change her clothes for office. I also waiting for the moment, went directly to me room positioning my self on the hole, which I have created for my way to heaven! I saw through the hole, but I could not saw her inside.

I heard some sound of cupboard. May be she was taking out some office wear clothes from it. I was desperate to see her, so I cling my eye onto the hole. My luck was good; she came with her to be worn clothes to the other side of bed,

just at a perfect angle to see her more than she can see herself in the Mirror. She lifted her night gown and took it off. I was amazed seeing her beautiful body, her perfectly round boobs covered with satin white Bra and Petti Coat down under.

Then She loosened the grip of Petti Coat, and slid it, There she was in her beautiful panties clinging to her Ass Cheeks. Her white legs were long and pink without a single hair on those. I thought If could have a feel of those cheekbones.

I had seen my mom many times in here undergarment while changing, but never had such a feeling for her, as she is little old and does not have good figure. My heart was pumping and I had a good hard on. She quickly changed her dress and came out.

I kept thinking of her for the whole day and making plan to see more of her. Seeing her changing clothes was a ritual for me, at the same time I was looking for some thing better. One fine day, My cousins have come from Punjab

and we were playing Cricket (Bat Ball) in the back yard, when my cousin hit the ball hard and it broke the glass pane of the Bathroom Window. We were fired by my Mom and were told to repair the same.

As we were not very financially sound, I was told by my Mom to put some Gatta (Old cardboard Box to cover the broken portion). While I was on the job, I got the brilliant Idea about making provision for my entertainment.

I put the board in such a fashion, that if some body is standing in the bathroom. The viewer from out side can see the down portion, while person inside can not see the outsider. And the method worked heaven. It was Saturday evening in summers.

My Aunt has Sunday as here weekly off, so she used to do most of the washing on Saturday evening. While she was through with here washing, she was totally drenched with Paseena (sweat) and water.

So she closed the door of the bathroom to have a quick shower and change her clothes. I jumped on to the broken windowpane and took position. She took of here Salwar Kameez. Than she took of her Bra and Panties.

I could see here wild black pubic hairs, covering her slit, just three-foot away from my nose. She sat down to pee and than to have a wash. I could see her back. My dick was so hard that it started paining inside my jeans so I have to open my zippers to give it more space.

I was busy viewing her, taking bath at the same time very conscious, so that I am not caught. Then she got up, looking for some thing. I could not see what she was looking for, but after a while she was back in the panoramic view, with a razor in her hand.

She sat back on the Chonki (Stool) in the bathroom, and started shaving her under armpit hairs. Then she trimmed some of her pubic hairs. After having the shower, she got up, cleaned herself with the silken towel.

Then she lifted her panties from the hook, wore them, while I was hard enough to explode. I was not aware that her periods were on, rather at that time I was a kid to know about period’s etc. She took one sanitary napkin kept on one side,

lowering her panties positioned it on her cunt, and lifted her panties again. I rushed from that place so I am not caught, while she came out. The story continue like that, until one fine day I was looking her bathing that she got a glimpse of some body staring at her,

she came closed to the peep hole and saw me running from there. After five minutes after completing her bathe, she came out of the bathroom with her washed undergarments in her hand, to put them for drying under the sun.

I was so afraid that I ran out of the house. I came back at after two hours, thinking she might have left for the day. But she was still there in the house and we were face to face. I could not look in her eyes.

My heart was pounding, I new I am going to get good bashing from every body in my house and I won’t be able to lift my head in the house for my whole life. I thought of committing suicide. She said, Ronnie, come to my room. I want to speak to you.

I said, yes Aunt ji. I went straight after her in the room. She said, what you were doing there. I was so ashamed, I couldn’t see in her eyes. I told her “Nothing” (Kuch Nahin Aunt Ji). She said, it is not good thing. My eyes were red with water.

I said sorry to her and tried to move so that I can leave the room. While moving out I saw her eyes were filled with water, she was weeping. That night I could not sleep, thinking if ever she tells her husband or my parents, I would be a dead man.

But she didn’t told them either. They started taking protection, closing all my doors for heaven. The glass pane was replaced. They started hanging clothes on the door, so that I can not see through the peephole.

My skin was saved, but I was a changed man for the time being, until she gave berth to my beautiful cousin `Priya’, six months later. After giving birth to Priya, my Aunt has become even more beautiful

I never used to face her the same way as I always felt guilty. But, she slowly forgot the instant. May be considering me a 18 years old kid. Priya was three months old; My Aunt was in her room, mother-feeding Priya, when I went in her room to take a glimpse of Priya.

I saw my Aunt feeding her, but her boobs with covered with Sari. I told her I would come after some time. She said its O.K; you can come inside and sit next to her. I did the way she wanted me to do. I was trying ignoring the side view of her white boobs, but could not resist my self.

The insect inside me was still there, trying its level best to come out. So I came closer to Priya whose mouth was covered with Sari, I lifted the sari from her face and kissed my cousin, for which my Aunt did not resisted.

My nose was just few millimetres away from my aunty’s left boob. I could smell her body; I was getting aroused at the same time. I hold my cousin and pulled her towards me. She left the nipple from her mouth.

Now the dark brown nipple was in front of me after almost nine months. Immediately, my Aunty covered her boob with her bra and blouse. That was the last day, I remember I saw her body in that house. We have to leave that rented accommodation for some reason.

My Uncle and Aunty preferred to stay away from us. They took a separate house and my father bought us a small but our own house. I finished my collegeing without seeing my Aunt naked. They do used to come to our house but never stayed with us overnight.

I went to Bangalore for Computer Engineering for four years. During my final year in college, I came to know from my family that my Uncle has expired of Cancer. He was a chain smoker. I was too sad about my Aunt ji.

I came back to attend the rituals etc, but soon left as my exams were on the head. I came back after completing my degree from the college and joined my father who has started some business. My cousin sister Priya was eight years old then.

One fine day, I was summoned by my Aunt ji that she has some urgent work with me, I rushed to her home, so that I can attend to her needs. I had special feeling for her and my cousin.

She prepared some tea for us and we were alone in their house. Priya has gone to her college. My Aunt started the eight years old topic when we were staying together. It was casual talks in the beginning and later she reminded me of the instant,

when she caught me red handed trying to peep. I was once again ashamed of what I have done to her. I apologised to her, saying I was Kid at that time and was not aware of what I was doing. It was just curiosity to know about women’s organ.

She took my hands in hers, I saw in her eyes. She wanted to say some thing to me, but words were not coming to her mouth. So I also took her hand in mine and said, I have always appreciated and adored your body. And love you just like my mother.

She hesitantly took her hands from my grip. There was water in her eyes. She told me that life has become extremely difficult without her husband, both economically and physically. She was just beautiful as before, but a little plumper.

I was seeing in her eyes, trying to understand what she wants from me. She told me that Priya is growing up and the need of family is increasing day by day. I told here not to worry as Priya is our responsibility, at that she could not hold here tears.

I changed the topic, by saying ” Had she told my parents about my misdeed 9 years back, I would have been a dead man”. She said; she had told her husband about the same, who told her not to make the things public, as it will spoil our relations and happy family.

I was also weeping at the same time. She holds me and hugged me. I told her I will do any thing to make her happy and she should not cry any more. Her boobs were pressed against my chest but the feeling was much different.

She kissed me on my cheeks and said, she wants to see me naked. I was amazed by her demand. The same boobs, which were against my chest for last two minutes, suddenly I could feel their softness. I was getting the hard-on.

But trying to control my self, I said are you joking? She said, Why can’t she see me if I have seen her naked so many times? Also she told me that she could never think of sleeping with any body else. Now my heart was pumping and I was getting the hard on.

All those years in Bangalore and Delhi, I had lived a life of virgin. I told her I am a totally illiterate man as far as sex in concerned. She said you are a lair. I swear by God and her, at that time she believed me. We were hugging each other now.

My dream of for years was gonna come true. I was too shy to touch her body or clothes. She told me not to worry and she started undressing me. I was feeling ashamed and aroused at the same time. My dick was soft, till she unhooked my pants.

I was in my Jockey underwear and polo t- shirt. Then she started feeling my dick from the top of my underwear. My cock was filled with blood in seconds. It was all erect 6″ and hard at 90 degrees. She helped me undid her Salwar Kameez.

Then she unhooked her bra from behind, taking them out, leaving me to glare at those beautiful Tits in daylight. I could see how happy she was after almost three years. She told me to hold her nipples in my hand.

Then she sat down, taking out my dick from the grip of my underwear. She touched the tip of my dick and squeezed my balls. She told me my dick resembles that of my late uncle in Colour and size.

I was staring at her belly, which has some marks of stitches. I asked her what’s that. She told me that my cousin has born by a caesarean operation. She was lying on the bed. I was keen to see where those marks are going.

So I told her, If I can remove her panties. She smiled a little bit and told me to help my self. My hands were shivering while I was removing her panties. I could see the dark black bushes underneath, as if they have not been mowed for last two years.

The pubic hairs were long, curly and dense. I could hardly see her clit. The Stitch marks were going inside her bushes. So I put my finger to find the way. She was lying on the beds with her eyes closed. I pinched my self, to confirm I was not dreaming.

Still shivering with passion and fear, I tried to put my finger in her pussy. I found the way. It was little wet by now. I hold her boobs with one hand, and tried fingering her pussy with other. Then I asked her, if she had ever given a blowjob to any one, especially to my late uncle.

She replied in negative. I asked her if she can do it for me, she was confused and said it’s not good thing. I told her forget that and not to worry. I started from her feet caressing, licking moved upward slowly.

I was on her thighs now, she was shivering with the slow tingling effect and slowly I found my way to her clitoris. She was moaning now. I put my mouth between her thighs, putting my tongue deep into her clitoris like a mad dog.

She was too much exited by that. She pressed my head tight between her thighs. It was becoming difficult for me to breathe. I thought what a pleasant death I am going to get, between the thighs of my Aunt.

She was totally wet, cumming almost a gallon of sweat in my mouth. I licked each and every drop of that. By that time, my dick was hard and ready for shooting once again. She held my dick and slowly guided it to her pussy.

Since I had never screwed in my life before, she told me to hold her from her hips, putting her legs wide apart on my shoulder. Now my dick was well inside her. I started stroking as I had seen in some blue films, but my dick came out in just few strokes.

She guided it once again and told me to do it slowly. I did the way; she wanted me to do it. I came once again in five minutes well inside her. It was a climax that came together. We took bath together in her bathroom. I helped her rinsing her body and dressing her up.

After half an hour, the bell rang and my cousin came from college. We greeted her and had Lunch together. It was a dream come true for me. My Aunt has taught me how to make love. I do visit her once in a week and we make love in every position possible.

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