I married my husband when he graduated from college, and he was the only man I ever made love with. To be honest, I never gave sex much thought, except when hubby was horny . It was always more of a chore for me he would touch me little then a few quick thrusts, he would cum, and we fell asleep in 30 minute’s. My husband is a good father and takes good care of me in every other way. I never found him very attractive sexually, though, and sex was just like a routine twice a week until that lucky weekend when my hubby bought computer and showed me some sex stories site

I started to read stories on it, and one day I found story written by this one guy who was 30, I liked his story so much unmindfully I dropped him feedback. I received his reply after 3 to 4 days and we started exchanging e-mail. Trying to know each other more better. We exchanged so many e-mail that lately except meeting in person we know virtually everything about each other what we like and what we dislike in life including sex. And then one day he suggested to meet in real for little fun of sex. I was reluctant at first and denied him straight away but he made me agree after lots of pleading and coaxing. I agreed to meet him at hotel for few hour’s.

Little introduction about me and Ketan. My name is Anita I m pretty to look, 5′ 1″, black eyes, long hair little more then shoulder, good size of front and back, reasonably fair, I like to dress in salwar kameej and saris yes I use nighties but at home don’t use undies when at home. Now about Ketan he is 6″0″, dark brown eye, dark brown hair with nice body.

I, was wondering what to wear so I picked a soft pink set of panties with matching bra. A new cream colour salwar kameej made of pure silk and matching high heel sandal.

On my way to the hotel, I was a bit nervous, but still excited as I thought of all we had shared. Stories, details of sex which I have with my hubby and how Ketan have with his wife. I had revealed my deep intimate details to this man whom I had never met. The anticipation and excitement made me squirm a bit in the back seat of taxi.

Once I reached the hotel I was really nervous Thought of cheating on my hubby was pondering in my mind, I hit the fourth floor button in elevator. When I reached fourth floor It took like a eternity to walk through short corridor to his room no 411. I was not able to press the doorbell button of his room again regaining myself I press the bell button. He open the door as if he was waiting near the door and was waiting for just to listen the doorbell. We immediately recognized each other as we have seen our picture on net.

Ketan said me “hi” and quickly pulled me into his arms as the door closed.

As I was going to say “hello” he just place his lips on mine “His lips felt so warm and inviting as we engaged in a passionate long kiss. His hands roaming on my back and teasing my bottom. Arms pulling my pelvis to him. I felt his hardness through his jeans. Ketan’s lips nibbled down my neck and shoulders, teasingly nipping at my ears tongue tickling as he went. “His hands under my kameej caressing my nipples over my bra. feeling them” I feel them swell for his fingers as he rubbed and stroked.

He removed my kameej and bra then his lips engulfed a nipple as he pulled it into his mouth. Sucking and nipping the swelling was good between his lips. Ketan’s hands were rubbing and caressing my back hips over my salwar and tummy as he alternately paid homage to both breasts causing the nipples to bloom in his mouth.

After a long time he undid my shalwar dropping then to the ground. He laid me on the bed and he pulled my panties down and he spread my legs. Spreading little more he inhaled my feminine musk, his thumbs spreading my labia as his tongue dipped for the first sweet taste of my loving juices.

Pulling my clit into his mouth he teased it with tongue and teeth, wishing it to respond to his kissing and licking with a swelling and sensitivity. He could feel my push of hips towards his mouth and tongue indicating him “I desire for more.” The entire time his hands were caressing my bottom and inner thighs, (as I had told him I like my inner thighs being caressed) bringing thousands of goose bumps to my skin were his finger and hands had lingered.

He continued to lick and suck my swollen clit as his hands reached up and played with my nipples. I let out a moan for the first time and pushed forward forcing him to grab my bottom to support himself as he was half standing beside the bed.

He looked lovingly up into my eyes. We Both smiled as I looked at my Internet lover kneeling between my legs face covered with my wetness. Just like I had dreamed about so many times.

Ketan’s licking became faster and I could feel myself tightening around his tongue as the first sign of my impending orgasm swelled my vagina’s lips. In my mind I could feel the powerful take-over of emotions that would sweep me into ecstasy as the powerful orgasmic forces began to take over my entire being.

My eyes closed, I could feel my juices flowing and the powerful experience hit me sweeping all away from my mind but the thoughts of wonder as wave after wave of pleasure washed over my entire body. I was in heaven I forgot everything about cheating and all the nervousness which I was having before coming to Ketan.

Slowly I opened my eyes still shivering from the numerous aftershocks from the intense orgasm. I looked in front to see Ketan with his cheek against my pelvis, hands holding my hips. I broke into a smile as I saw my juices shining on his face. He was looking up at my face with an adoring smile. “Was that OK Anita? ” he asked.

“WOW!, just OK Ketan it was terrific, it has been so long since I have experienced anything this intense.”

Ketan slowly came all over me, leaving slow wet traces of his tongue along my thighs, tummy, both nipples and neck. I shivered again as his strong arms pulled me to him. He leaned on me drawing my tongue deep into his mouth as we slowly kissed again. I tasted a mixture of my own juices mingled with a bit of peppermint from the mint Ketan had obviously had just before we met . “Ketan you taste good” I whispered into his mouth as the kiss lingered. Reaching down between Ketan’s legs, my fingers caressed the obvious bulge that protruded through his jeans. “Does that hurt? ” I inquired smiling at Ketan. He looked into my eyes and softly kissed both lids then placed another kiss on the tip of my nose. He broke into a big grin.

“No,” he said, but it would be much happier in your warm wet mouth.

I slowly sat up on the bed and started undoing his belt and then his button of jeans his zip of pants took of his jeans and undies as he lifted his hips to help me out undressing him and last was his T-shirt and drop all his clothes on floor. I touched his 6′ inch dick and wrapped my hand around his thick dick and started stroking it. Ketan was knowing that I have never sucked a dick before not even of my husband and right at that moment also I was reluctant about sucking his cock. But then I thought of the way “he licked and nibbled on my pussy and gave me a mind blowing orgasm” which I have never received from my hubby he has never licked or kissed my pussy.

What happened I don’t know but I got on my knees properly and slowly started lowering my head, I was looking at Ketan’s face when I was lowering my face towards his dick and there was a love filled smile on his face. I opened my mouth and slowly started taking his dick in to my mouth “that was the moment when I was SUCKING DICK for the first time in my life at the age of 40″.

“Anita I love you” Ketan said with a ahhhhhhhh “that’s lovely my darling”

“Anita you are awesome”

I kept on sucking him slowly as it was my first time at sucking dick.

I looked up at him, and parted my moist lips. Ketan placed his hands on the back of my head and guided my head to his cock into my mouth once again. Slowly and gently, I began to slide in and out on his dick. Each time, I increased the pressure of mouth around him. He could feel my tongue sliding along the length of his shaft with each movement, as I pumped mouth in and out on his dick.

I could feel that he was getting close to cumming; his dick was growing harder. I could feel his balls on my chin as I began to move faster and faster.

When Ketan began to moan my name, I didn’t slow down. I pumped myself harder and harder onto his dick, each time when my head moved he was getting closer to cumming.

His breathing began to get faster. “I’m going to cum baby, are you ready?”, Ketan whispered.

I replied him with simple moan of pleasure as I continued to suck his cock.

“Anita, I’m going… ahhhhhh…” Ketan’s words were cut off by a large moan as he began to explode in my mouth.

The taste of his cum in my mouth was so good I swallowed and tasted him to the fullest. As he continued to cum, I stroked him faster to milk every last drop from him. He was moaning and calling my name with each stroke.

I looked up at him and smiled as I gently began to kiss my way up his body. He had a smile on his face and “I know that I have pleased Ketan”. Ketan hold me close and kissed my lips gently he pushed his tongue into my mouth it was a mixture of his cum my juice and our saliva and we indulge ourselves in to long passionate kiss. I was feeling like on top of the clouds. For the first time in my life I was feeling fully satisfied.

“We kept whispering sweet word’s to each other for long time then Ketan started to feel my entire body once again.”

“I was getting aroused once again”

Ketan made me lie on my back and started kissing my body from my forehead my neck, shoulder’s, my boobs, nipples, navel part then my pussy, “keeping special attention on my legs and inner thigh’s which I like to get caressed so much” Over the course of 30 minutes, Ketan kissed every inch of my body including my asshole.

“Throughout this time I was moaning softly and squirming ever so slightly”.

Finally, moving between my legs, Ketan placed the head of his swollen dick at the entrance of my dripping pussy. Looking down into my eyes, he could see that I was ready. I parted my legs a little further, giving him easier access into my pussy. When he inserted the head of his dick into my pussy, I gasped with delight. He let his cock remain there for a moment as I felt my wetness engulf it. Slowly, he pushed a little farther into my pussy. The pleasure of his cock in my pussy was unimaginable.

I was so horny at that moment. “Ketan plzzz fuck me now.”

Ketan thrust into me as deeply as he could. I let out a loud moan as I was reaching into heaven with his rhythmic strokes, and I wrapped my legs tightly around him.

With his each stroke I was moaning with pleasure. With each stroke his dick was pulsating in such a way in my pussy that I was feeling he will not stay long. But he did. As he moved in and out of my pussy, I pushed back with my hips. A low moaning began coming up from deep inside me. I pulled him more tightly into myself as we rocked together in unison. My groans grew louder and louder until they nearly became screams. My body convulsing with pleasure, I came again in a violent spasm of ecstasy. My pussy muscles tightened around Ketan’s cock and he began spurting into me. I could feel his pulsating cock as he shot his cum into me. His cum mixed with mine and began oozing out of my pussy, down the crack of my ass and onto the bed.

We lay there, side by side, exhausted from our passions. Caressing each other showing our love for each other.

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  1. Nice story , that’s why growing up working at a beach resort I always went for the older married women. It was awesome how hot and horny my Big Caribbean Cock made them, and they would orgasm over and over and said I can’t remember the last time I was fucked like you just fucked and made me orgasm so much. Some of them woukd return 2-3 times a year

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