Hi my name is Sid. I am 28 years old. I am married for one year. This story is about my encounter with my MIL as my b’day gift. Let me tell you about her. Her name is Seema and she is 48 year old milf. She is very fair and had a very glowing skin all over her body. She has a very sexy figure with 39″ breast, 30″ waist and 36″ butt. She shows off her cleavage all the time and her ass sways when she walks.

Its been quite some time that I noticed her showing interest in me. She used to scratch her pussy freely in front of me most of the times. Initially I used to feel she has some itching problem, but then I realised that she does this mostly when only I can see her doing so. She used to give me hug whenever we meet. She used to wear extra sexy clothes when we used to meet her or visit her house with prior information. Sometimes when we stay at her place, she used to spend late nights talking to me in person. She used to praise a lot of my physique. She used to touch my biceps often.

One day when I was working from her house and it was only two of us at home. She caught me watching at her boobs and smiled at this. My cock always be erected when she is around. By the way I live alone with my wife in a three bedroom flat. She often come and live with us. Those are the best days.

It was my b’day and my wife has to leave the same night hence she came to our house to stay with me. It was my b’day eve and my wife wished me and left to catch her flight. We dropped her and were coming back to home. She was wearing a low cut sleeveless suit of black color. She was sleeping at while sleeping her dupatta came off exposing a huge part of her boobs. My eye caught the complete scene for quite some time before she woke up. She adjusted her dress and blushed looking at my face. My face turned red and my eyes were dripping lot of lust for those melons.

We reached home, she went to change. I changed to comfortable cloths – shorts and ganji. She came and hugged me and wished me b’day while I was sitting. In the process her huge boobs went down and up in front of my eyes and i put my hand across her ass. She blushed again.

She asked me for a plan for tomorrow and we got into the discussion to plan my birthday. She told me that we will go for shopping in morning, and then have lunch out, then we will go for movie and the dinner. I said ok.

In the morning I got up and found her with tea in front of me. She took the bedcover off me. My cock was rock hard making a tent of my shorts. She smiled and said someone is already in birthday mood. I blushed and took the cup of tea and sipped. She was wearing a transy nighty which was showing her bra and panty. I asked her whats the plan, lets get ready and go out. She said yes and went to the bathroom after collecting her stuff. I got up and worked out a little. She came out wearing the same nighty with her hairs wet and water dripping all over her nighty. She was looking like an angel.

I got ready and went to her room to check. Door was opened so I knocked and opened. She was sitting in front of dressing table in a skimpy light blue blouse and petticoat. She was doing her makeup. I saw her and was not able to control my emotions and said wow!!! She blushed and smiled and said, “rehne do. Ab main itni bhi sundar nahi ki tumhara munh khula reh jaye” and she laughed naughtily. I said, “no no u r looking amazing”. She said, “ok ok abhi bahar jao let me wear my saree”. I waited in the hall and was watching a movie. She came out with her hair tied up neatly said “let’s go”.

I turned back and looked my angel was standing in a chiffon saree, cut sleeves blouse and her boobs were popping out of her blouse. I said, “nah! These hairs are not looking good” and walked up to her and put my arms around her back and loosened her hairs to fall on her back. She blushed and I said,”now you look much sexy!” She bent down her eyes and said,”yeh kya keh rahe ho?. I took the opportunity and said,” sach to hai my Sridevi”. She blushed and punched on my chest and said “chalo”.

We reached in a mall to shop for me. We went to Gents section and selected few shirts and jeans. Tried them and finalized few of them. Then I asked her to check out something for herself. First she said no, but then after my pressing she said ok. We went to her section and selected one Saree. There was a section for undergarments and I was checking it out. She caught me and said, “ye bhi lena hai kya”? I said,” le lo, Bahut sexy stuff hai. Aap pe acha lagega”. She blushed and said,” par tumhe kaise dikhega? I smiled mischievously and said,” wo to aap pe depend karta hai”. We both laughed and moved ahead.

We had lunch and all that time I flattered her too much that she turned pink. We were going to book movie tickets and I found one cosmetics store. She was wearing a light red lipstick and said “hey u should wear a pink lipstick with this dress”. She said “rehne do na”. But I insisted and got her a pink color lipstick. She was looking delicious in it. I showed her in the mirror, while I was standing behind her. We both looked in the mirror and I commented, “Kya Jodi lag rahi hai humari bhi”. She punched her elbow in my tummy and laughed and said, “Kuch bhi bolte ho tum” and giggled.

We booked 2 corner tickets and went to watch movie. In the movie hall I put my hand over her hand and to my surprise she did not move her hand. I kept my hand there for some time and then started to rub softly and then started to press her hand softly. I did not gain strength to look at her. After interval I gained some more strength and put my arm behind her neck across to her shoulder. She objected at it blushingly and I said I am feeling sleepy and put my head on her other shoulder. She smiled and said this is wrong. I said, “Please let me feel like sitting with my girlfriend”.

We saw movie and came out. We went for dinner to one of the lounge bar. The ambience there was dark and light music was playing there. I ordered for few beers and a mock tail for her. We had drinks then dinner. While we were coming back I got more free with her. I asked her how she felt about the day we spent. She said this was the best day of her life and I hugged her and felt her breast on my chest. She also put her arms around my back. While we were going towards the car I had her in my arms. I opened the car for her. As soon as we sat in the car I held her from her neck, pulled her to me and kissed her on her cheeks close to her ears and said, “Thank You so much for a lovely plan”. She smiled and kissed me back. While driving I had her hand in my hands and kept playing with her hands, rubbing, creasing and pressing it all through.

We reached home I parked the car in parking and came to her side opened the door for her. As soon as she stepped out I closed the door and held her from waist and had her arm around my back. We got into lift and I hugged her again in the lift. We reached to my home and I opened the door. We entered and I closed the door. She was walking inside and I walked towards her and picked her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed. In this process her Pallu came off her bust. I got on top of her and smooched her. She was unable to control and took my lips positively. I pressed her boobs and pressed my cock on her pussy area over her Saree. She took her hand on my cock and started pressing it.

I got up and took off my pants and she took off my undies. My cock popped out in front of her face. She got amazed looking at my cock and said,” oh my god! Kitna mota aur bada hai tumhara. Tu to fad deta hoga fuddi ko” I smiled and pointed my cock towards her lips. She took it in her mouth saying,” ye aayega mere moohn mein”? She was only able to take the top of my cock in her mouth at starting but after few seconds and stretching her mouth I was half inside her mouth. I kept on fucking her mouth for some time and with her saliva it was well lubricated and was able enter more. In meanwhile I used to force it completely in her mouth to GAG her. I came in her mouth and filled her mouth with my load and took my cock out. It was a sexy scene as cum was dripping out of her mouth and dropping all over her boobs. She smiled and hugged me and said,” ah! Tum to mast ho. Kya baat hai maza aa gaya hai”. Then she got up and went to washroom. When she came back she was a killer.

She was wearing a short lemon color Nighty. It was all Transy. She was wearing a matching lacy bra under it with a G string panty. She came and sat on me and smooched me and said, “Aaj raat main tumhari girlfriend”. She bite me on my neck and said softly in my ears,” I love you! How did you like your b’day gift? Come fuck me the way you want to. I am all your tonight, fad do mujhe apne mote lund se”. I kissed her all over and took her boobs out. Her boobs were pure white milky and very smooth with a huge nipple. I sucked her nipples to turn them dark pink. She had her nails on my back scratching me. I did not care about it and keep on sucking it them. I had her sitting on me and my one hand was on her back and other one on her ass finding her ass hole. My cock was hitting hard against her pussy which was dripping a lot of juices. 

I sucked her boobs and crease her body for few minutes, then I pushed on bed and laid myself between her legs and torn her panty to expose her pussy. It was all clean hairless pink pussy. I opened her pussy with my fingers to show her clit. It was almost one and half inches clit. I slapped on her clit twice very hard and she screamed in joy…. Aaaaah!!! Wow!!! Then I touched my tongue on her clit and flickered it with my tongue. I kept on slapping and licking her pussy for some time until I actually started to eat her. She was on the top of her excitement and was screaming at top of her voice in joy. I ate her for 15mins before she exploded a huge load of juices on my mouth. 

I drank it and got up to sit between her legs with my full erected dick. Her pussy was all swollen and turned red. I rubbed my cock on her clit she moaned and said “give me your cock. Chodo mujhe. Ab mujh se nahi raha ja raha janu. Ghusa do is haramzade lode ko andar. Pata nahi ghusega bhi ya nahi. Fad de apni sasu ma ki fuddi. Please…..”

I slowly pushed the head of my cock in her swollen pussy. And forced whole cock inside which caused her a lot of pain and she held me on my chest with her nails going deep in my chest. I came down on her and took her lips in my lips and started to pump her pussy. Slowly and steadily I increased my pace and started to fuck her. My hands were fondling her breasts and she was looking my eyes and said,” I love you bastard. You are a motherfucker, fuck me. Ah! Kitna bada lund chupa rakha tha tune. Ab ya lund mera hai. 2saal se is chut ko kisi ne nahi choda. Bas ab ye teri hi hai. Happy birthdy janu…”

I fucked her in this position for some time and then unloaded all my cum in her pussy. We both blasted and got tired. We both slept naked. It was 2 am, when I woke up. She was lying in my arms with her head on my chest. My cock was hard again. I pressed her boobs and was rubbing her ass. She also woke up with my actions and said, “yes?”. I said,” not able to sleep darling, want to fuck you again”. She smiled and kissed me. I inserted one finger in her ass and she was rubbing my cock. 

Then I got my two fingers inside and then three. She sucked my cock for sometime i ask her to stand on floor and bend down on bed. She did it and I stood at her back and pointed my cock to her ass. She said, “Ah!! dard hoga”. I said “nahi, i know you can take it. Tujh jaisi rand ki gand marne ka hi maza aayega” and I entered my cock inside her ass. First it was hard but couple of pushes and I was inside. I fucked her ass and loaded all my cum on her breasts.

That night we did not sleep and keep on fucking. In the morning we slept around 10 am. We woke up in evening and started fucking again. I fucked her like this for next whole week until my wife came back. I fucked her everywhere, in bathroom while taking bath, in kitchen when she was making food, in toilet, in every part of my house. Even I fucked her in balcony and terrace in deep night. Still today I am fucking her when we get chance. She also got pregnant with me many times. She has been a true sport while fucking.

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