My mom, Sylvia, a complete bombshell. She is fair with black hair. In short she is 38/24/38. Perhaps she was the fantasy of men. She used to dress in the normal Indian fashion ie: a saree, blouse. After her marriage she started living in Bangalore as dad was posted there.

But last year my father got a promotion and transferred to Mumbai. We got a very big apartment from my dad’s company. She was now enjoying her liberty because the conservative environment of our joint family is not here to bind her. There was no “Bahu don’t do this, or Bahu you should do that” order from our grandfather and grandmother.

After 6 months of our shifting in Mumbai, one day my father told us that he have to go to Dubai for an office tour. It was a 20 days tour. My father was worried about us but mom told him that she will manage. It is just about a 20 days matter.

Mom had 2 friends who were used to be her boyfriends before marriage. Exactly 2 days after my father went to Dubai, I heard that her friend’s Sharad and Kamat were coming to visit. They were coming from Pune. Actually they both worked in a FMGC company with my mom before her marriage. They are still working in the same company as a marketing manager.

They travels a lot as a part of their job. Mom told me that they have a meeting in Mumbai so they will stay with us for 5-6 days. It was my summer vacation in my new school so I used to just watch TV and pass my time. I noticed mom was pretty happy knowing that her friends were going to come.

I always knew that they were mom’s old friends and were always interested in mom even after her marriage. I had seen them on my 14th birthday party last year when mom had invited them in Bangalore. They were always eyeing mom but had no chance to get near her as dad and other family members ware around.

I knew they were coming for mom but I did not want to interfere too much in mom’s business. Finally the day came when they came. Mom greeted them. They were pleased to know that dad had gone for a trip. I showed them their rooms and also kept their luggage in their rooms, as mom showed them our newly decorated house.

By mistake I dropped a handbag of mom’s friends and the items in the bag popped out. I quickly gathered the items to place them back and was shocked to find a pack of condoms. Immediately my doubt why they were here was clear. I understood that they knew that my father went to Dubai for his office tour. I used to be in the house always to keep an eye on them.

I noticed they were getting frustrated for not getting mom. I was obvious that they did not want me to know that they wanted to fuck mom. One day they decided to go for a picnic at the Seaside. We agreed but we had to make plans for an evening as mom had some work in the morning. The Seaside they choose was a bushy and quiet area with lots of trees.

It would take about 4-5 hours to reach there so we left early. We reached there by 4 pm. Mom was looking quite sexy wearing a white blouse and yellow saree. We put up two tents one for mom and me and one for Sharad and kamat. Then we sat around the wood fire to keep the insects away.

Sharad put on the radio he had brought along while kamat invited mom for a dance. Mom looked at me once and seeing a gentle smile from me she moved on to kamat’s arms for a dance. I watched kamat moving his hand on mom back and occasionally touching her butt. Mom loved it but was aware of my presence.

Suddenly Sharad brought me a large peg of whisky and said, “Let’s enjoy”. I knew his intention was to put me to sleep and enjoy with mom. I was surprised to see that mom did not protest and tried to ignore the fact that they are offering her teenage son a large peg of whisky. But I said no to him.

After some time he prepared a soft drink for mom and opened another bottle for himself and kamat. They offered me some soft drinks also. I was surprised to see that mom was asking Kamat something pointing to my drink. Kamat whispered something in her ear. I could not hear but got suspicious that they might mix sleeping pills in my drink.

So, I pretended to drink and emptied the glass behind. Then I pretended to look sleepy. Soon it was 10:00 pm and we had to come home. Sharad and kamat helped me to the car as they thought that I was sleepy. They asked mom to sit in the front with them as I had occupied the whole seat behind. I pretended to be deep in sleep and watched quietly from behind.

After driving the car for 20minutes or so Sharad stopped the car in a bushy and quiet road side area. They went to pee together leaving the car behind. After they have returned to the car they started chatting with mom. I was getting surprised, why they were not starting the car. Suddenly Sharad placed a hand on mom’s shoulders.

Slowly moving down to the top of her breasts which her blouse could not cover. Mom gave a naughty smile and whispered “at last you guys came to the point…….I have started to think that you people became gentlemen in those years”. They all started to laugh together. Suddenly mom turned towards me.

She wasn’t feeling comfortable with me around, kamat understood and decided to return by the Seaside. He said, “Don’t worry just 1 pill”. Mom gave a naughty smile to him. After reaching there they stopped the car and got outside together leaving me in the car. They started to find a quiet and safe spot by the Seaside. I got out of the car and followed them.

They found a bush and went behind that. kamath arranged some leaves and a bed with those. Sharad had already begun to kiss mom. Mom also participated freely. Kamat pulled her saree off leaving her in her white blouse and petticoat. Mom said “I am feeling very excited because I am going to sleep with you after all these years.”

Sharad continued to kiss mom all over her body, while kamat unhooked the blouse and petticoat. Kamat said “Do you remember Sylvia those days when we worked together…….OHO…how much we enjoyed together na?” Mom said “yeah…I remember everything…those good old sexy days. You know I was planning to meet you people as soon as we came to Mumbai.

But I was not getting any chances. But when I came to know about my hubby’s Dubai trip, I thought why don’t we old friends get together and have some fun.” My cock had become very hard as I was watching secretly from the other side of the bush. Mom was left in her white bra and panties. She took off Sharad’s and kamat’s shirt and pant. Mom was looking very sexy.

Her breasts were growing inside her bra. Both the men removed their underwear’s and revealed their huge cocks. Then they removed mom’s bra and panties. It seemed mom had lately shaved her pussy and kept it ready for this outing. Kamat carried mom to the bed of leaves he had prepared.

Mom said “I was waiting for you both for so long”. Sharad kept on kissing mom more deeply. Kamat sucked her right breasts and played with the other one. Mom’s nipples were looking really amazing erect and firm. Kamat was squeezing her breasts as if he was squeezing a water balloon. Then Sharad started sucking her breasts also.

Both of them were planting some deep kisses all over mom’s white milky breasts. Occasionally they would finger fuck her. Mom was giving out light moans “aaah ooooaahhhhhh”. Mom took both their cocks in her hands and started pushing its skin up and down. Then Sharad started to work on her pussy while kamat gave mom his cock to be sucked.

Mom took in the entire cock. Sharad was still playing with her pussy mould. Then Sharad took his cock and stuffed it in her wet pussy and started pushing in and out. I was really hot watching mom’s breasts jiggle around. Mom and Sharad were giving out loud moans “Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa… Ummmmmmmm……. Ufffffffffffffffffffffff”…

Mom was saying,” Take me, take me deeper”. Kamat waited patiently as Sharad fucked mom. Then after fifteen minutes sharad released his cum in mom’s pussy. He was so exhausted that he fell to the side, mom laid there having her eyes closed. Kamat wanted to have mom now so he turned mom decided to take her from behind.

Mom also liked his idea and got on in doggy position. Soon he too fucked mom and filled her with his cum. Mom was really exhausted and satisfied. After a while all of them dressed and headed to the car. I could not help but was masturbating watching the episode and spilled out a big amount. I too quickly pulled my pants up and went to the car.

In the running car also mom played with both of their cocks while chatting and laughing with them. Next morning mom looked pretty happy. Kamat and sharad were also very happy. I have not told my dad about the incident when he returned because mom asked me not to tell him that Kamat and Sharad had spent few days with us. I just knew how desperate my mom was before her marriage.

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