I want to share my very secret experience about my mom with you. I hope you will able to understand my feeling about my damn sexy mother. My mom named Haasini is a lady of 39 years and all the erotic features with her. My papa is a sex loving person and both my papa and mom are enjoying their life by adding lot of variations to their sex life which is more or less known to me. She has the unique fleshy wide ass for which she is very famous in our surrounding. She is also very proud of her possessions and in our family everybody want to be with her many a times to have a glimpse of her sexy erected boobs and her swinging butt. I have seen mom is very free with one of papa’s younger brothers Sachin.

My uncle Sachin (younger brother of my papa) lives in a far of place from our place of Pune. He is serving at Kolkata and staying with their family there. Sometimes he used to visit us at our residence. My aunty (wife of uncle) is a very simple woman and as per her appearance she seems to be a very shy lady. Of course her features are good but not like my mom. The age of my uncle is around 30 years. He is a very romantic person and I have noticed a lot of time that when he visits our house, he used to bring very expensive gifts for my mom which she likes the most. Most of the time he is visiting us alone in weekends. As per the activities of my uncle I know it that he is a mad fan and follower of mom and in the house many a times he is trying to stay at home on his visit and always fling to her. He is a good cook so that he makes himself busy at our kitchen most of the times with mom and mostly on the absence of my papa he used to roam around mom by raising various issues.

With their activities I sometimes guess that the relationship between mom and uncle is very good as she used to get herself couscous at his presence. On his trip to our place mom wears good sarees with a very seductive outfit and she used to fling around a lot with him to make some expensive shopping even in the market. Once I have noticed that I was alone in my home as it was noon time and after lunch mom and uncle went to market for shopping. My papa was on a trip to outside for two days. After marketing they came to the home with lot of bags. I was in the first floor at my room and came out near the stair case to know about shopping. But when I look downwards at that time.

I saw mom and uncle stood side by side and she was enquiring something within the bag for which he was peeping through. They were not aware that I was standing at the top of the stair and about to move to the ground floor. I stayed there for a moment to look at them without moving down. Then I saw, mom took out something from the bag and it was a packet. Uncle snatched the packet from her and opened the pack to bring out a nice piece of white color bra and panty. I was amazed to see all this as she was smiling to look at him. He removed the bra from the bundle and look at mom. She was smiling naughtily and ran near the sofa throwing other bags.

Uncle virtually ran before her to grab her from behind and lift her up in the air. They were not aware that I was watching them from the top floor. She was trying to made her free from the grab but with a light resistance. The left hand of uncle was strongly holding her on her waist and in between he inserted his right hand within the blouse of her to grab her boob. I was earlier fantasizing about this type of relationship between them, but never witnessed such type of incidence earlier. It was a new scene for me. Meantime mom was enjoying the activity with moan and her resistance was fading away gradually. Aggressively uncle was moving his hand within her blouse and probably he was squeezing the nipple tips within. She was highly aroused and by that uncle started to kiss mom on her neck. As the whole scene was directly happening before me and the front side of mom was towards me to, so that I could easily noticed the expressions on the face of my mom. Left hand of my uncle tried to slip within the saree from her navel base and he had succeeded to slide her hand towards the most precious part of mom.

This move suddenly brought life to mom and she throws herself totally out from the game and started adjusting her clothes. She was telling him no…no not now please. Leave me. Probably Ketan is there at top floor. I came to know that mom was aware about my presence. Uncle was looking hungrily towards her and flew some kisses on air by looking at her cheek. She got ashamed and ran towards bath room. I made myself out of my position and came to my room and had a sleep in my bed. The whole scene was dancing down in my eyes and I failed to understand how sexy and seductive my mom is. I was fantasizing the whole episode on my bed to have a smooth jerk off. On the whole day I had noticed that mom was very cheerful. Uncle came to me and we played carom on my room.

At night uncle was sleeping in the guest room at the ground floor. As my papa was on tour, hence mom stayed in her room alone which is near my bedroom. I was eagerly waiting for long to witness any further game between them. I pretended to sleep earlier in my room. It was winter night, so every sound on first floor was audible to me. At about 12 pm I have heard some step sound at the stair case. On the side of my window which was facing the staircase I have seen that uncle was slowly moving towards the bedroom of my parents where mom was sleeping alone. The staircase was dark, so I faintly noticed that he was wearing his lungi and a half sleeve baniyan and approached the door of parent’s bed room. He made slow knock and after some time I have seen mom opened the door. He entered in to the room and the door was closed by mom.

As I made a hole on the bed room door of my parents to see all the variety fucking scene of my parents. And that hole helped me that night. Immediately I secured my position near the door. Within the room the light was very low and every thing was clearly visible to me. Suddenly uncle lighted up the big lamp in the room and the room was thoroughly lighted. Slowly she went towards him and uncle kissed her lips .as soon as I saw this I got an erection. The kiss was slow at first and then it became very passionate. Mom’s hands were on his neck and he had his hands on her waist.

Slowly the front portion of the sari was pulled down and his hands were roaming in her waist area mom has a little belly and she is awfully sexy. She started to have her hands on his hair uncles’ hands were now roaming in her Ass. Slowly uncle started to remove her sari. She seemed to co-operate in a very good way. Once the sari was removed she helped him to remove the blouse and bra. I could not believe at what I was seeing. She stood in her petticoat. Uncle reached for her breasts. Slowly he lowered his face on her breasts and started to fondle and kiss them. Mom moaned with pleasure. He began to suck her tasty tits.

He then lifted his face and kissed her lips. Then he reached for her petticoat. She helped him to set it free. Mom had not worn anything underneath. There was that bushy pubic hair sticking out of her snatch. Uncle reached for her pubic area .He slowly had his hand caressing her public area. He lowered himself down and then buried his head in her area. Mom let out a loud moan. I could see that he was kissing and eating her vagina. As he was doing this his hands were roaming along her thighs and Ass. At times I could see that he was squeezing her Ass. After a few minutes he turned her aside and started to kiss her ass. I was very much turned on by seeing the happenings. Mom was enjoying all this. He squeezed her ass, kissed it and even licked her anus. I never thought uncle would do such things with my mom. After some time uncle got up and started to remove his dress. He removed his lungi and a half sleeve baniyan then his underwear. He was robust and well builds. As I imagined his penis was big in size about 8 inches long and very thick.

There were dark strips of pubic hair. It was erect and seemed like it was about to explode. He again reached for mom and kissed her passionately. He took her hand and placed it on his penis. He then whispered something in her ear which I could not hear. Mom smiled gently and started to fondle his penis- a scene that aroused me much. He sat on the bed and told mom to sit on the floor and take him, she immediately kneeled down on the floor and took his penis in her mouth half way and then uncle pushed her head she took it fully in and this went on for 15 minutes, I could see my mom sweat and uncle too and uncle was moaning and moaning and telling mom he loves her and so on, and told her, come on Haasini bhabi do it faster and my lovely mom immediately started taking his huge cock in and out of her mouth fast, when suddenly uncle pressed her face deep down and was grunting like anything and let out a moan aaaah, aaaah! Oh oh bhabi.

I knew he was cumming, and my mom was struggling to move away, I was imagining how could she take his huge load completely inside, he was shooting his load down her throat, she somehow managed to remove her mouth off his huge cock and just then I saw a huge glob of semen leave Uncle penis and hit her face and lips and then her hair and chest and she opened her mouth and uncle again pulled her towards him and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on his giant cock, I guess she loved it too. Uncle then sat on the bed and pulled mom on his lap and kissing continued in a very intimate and hot way. He started to suck her juicy breasts like a he was very hungry. Slowly he laid mom on the bed. He reached for her and kissed her lips As he kissed her, mom slowly started to open her thighs inviting him. Mom reached for his penis and guided it into her pussy.

As soon as he entered her she let a loud moan. She had her thighs wrapped on his hips .the first few strokes were strong and he was wild on her. Then it was gentle and he pumped slowly and kept on kissing her. She was moaning like anything and pressing and pinching her breasts. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and put her arms around him so tightly, finally I heard uncle grunt aaaahh, and mom was aaaaahhhhh, mmmmm sachin and slowly uncles thrusts slowed down and I knew he must have come deep inside my mom and he kept coming for nearly 30 seconds, and mom said, oh sachin, there is so much, I’m full with your sperms, I can feel it, they kept kissing and kissing and then I could see sperms leak from the sides of her pussy and then with a final kiss uncle got up and pulled out his cock, oh my God, my moms pussy was stretched so wide and uncles semen just flowed out of her pussy.

After they had climaxed he got up from her. Mom seemed totally relaxed. She got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. After some time she returned. Sachin uncle went near her and kissed her. He told her that it was nice sex and he had enjoyed it very much. He started to kiss her again. He turned her and started to rub his penis on mom’s ass she started to moan again, I was so honey by seeing that act. Uncle was now pushing again and again his lund inside mom’s ass. And that 8 inc monster was disappearing more and more in-between her 42 inc gaand. Those two were prefect match. At the same time he kept on kissing her neck. And finally he had his penis in her ass. Slowly at first and then he started to fuck her gannd in a very intense way.

It seemed that mom had some pain and then I could see that she was enjoying it. Uncle really tormented her ass an finally he groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. And I saw his lower body shaking. He was filling mom with his thick cum. Mom was feeling cum inside her ass, and said oh sachin there is so much sperms in my ass, I can feel it. Then Uncle withdraws his lund from mom’s ass. I saw white thick cum coming out of her ass crack and going down on her thighs. Uncles lund was fully coated with moms shit and with his thick cum. He turned her towards him and they started to kiss again .he laid her on the bed and started to kiss her again. I never thought uncle had such vigor. He pulled mom on top of him and they started to kiss and feel each other.

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