We were giggling even before we got into the room and closed the door. All the way from the living room to our bedroom we were holding hands and trying to suppress the overwhelming sense of anticipation. Beside me Anjaly walked fast indicating an urgent need to get into the privacy of our room. I too kept pace and it took us less than half a minute to cover the varandha’s half length to my room. God! The time it takes to go thro the motions of staying around for family time.

Out side there was a three quarter size summer moon. The air was sultry. Even here in Estate, the air was warm and moist at this time of the year. First heavy showers over, the plantation was about to get into full green. The coffee flowers were already into small seed stage. In a few days the landscape would erupt in fast growing grass. It had showered in the late evening. Crickets and night birds were active all over. Even the dark shades of giant evergreens had a friendly look in summer moon. Air reeked of the ‘night queen’. Small but fiercely sweet smelling white flowers that grew wild all over the estate.

Inside the room, door closed and bolted we stood in dead silence. Breathing heavily. Giggles forgotten. Still holding hands. Without even turning on the light. Anjaly pulled me towards the window. Slowly parted the window curtains and peered thro’ the glass.

The house was a big half rectangle. Built by a Scotsman in 1930s. The giant verandah connected everything and was the domestic life’s artery. At the far end of the square U, we could see light. The boys were in to their room too. They must have moved out just after us. Last we saw them grandpa was telling them all about how he turned the bulk of the 600 acres from wilderness to the present day plantation. And they were both managing to look really interested. In spite of the umpteenth repetition. Budding coffee men. Soon to start work in the estate. My brother and Anjaly’s brother were of almost the same age. Finishing Eng. college in another semester. Good hockey players. Enjoying their last free summer. And boy, we were into fun.

I could see Anj straining to see any movement on the verandah. Her super sized breasts pressing against the grills behind the window glass. No one. I have always felt kind of small beside her. At 19 she was older, bigger, and bossed over me. Even though I was only 6 months younger and not at all smaller. In fact I weighed a little more and had a body as good as hers. Played hockey for the school team and was streamlined on every fiber of my 5′ 3′ fair body. But she always reminded me, my breast size was not as good as hers. You must use the oil, she always said, the so-called ayurvedic preparation mom specifically recommended for the purpose. But I always thought I was firm and better shaped. An opinion the boys did not share. She always commanded more ogling. Even my conventional good looks did not give me an edge.

“Come here. Let them come when they want to”, she pulled me to the bed. Her command was always near total. When we were alone she never let a doubt hang around as to who was in charge. I followed her without protest. She sat me on the bed and stood beside me.

“You will have to be careful, Do you know that?” . I nodded. I knew what she was referring to. Our society generally turned a blind eye to teen madness and fooling around. No one really supervised us when we went out with our cousins and brothers. No one asked difficult questions as long as sisters were accompanied by brothers. No matter who else was in the company. Even some physical contact was ok. Like when learning to swim and drive and coaching hockey. As long as borders were not crossed. No sex. Of the real kind. Girls must be virgins at marriage. They had their grapevine system to find out who is doing and not doing what. That had to be respected. In other words no real sex.

“Don’t agree to everything they say. Have fun. But don’t be stupid. Ok?” I nodded yes. “Ya.. never let them go all the way”. Trying hard to suppress a giggle. She smacked me hard on the bottom. That was normal. In fact a smack was usually the beginning of more to come. “Don’t laugh”. She was holding me by the nape of my neck now.Standing over me like a boss.

I know I could easily over power her if I wanted to. Even wrestle her down if I put my mind to it. But I sort of enjoyed her make believe bossiness. Her right hand still holding me by the neck, she started opening the outer of my night suit. Made in mixed wool and silk, it provided the warmth where the inner was only a satin knee-length. Both front open with large buttons.

Her hands went down one slow button at a time until the outer piece lay open. She stood me up and sat on the bed. Made me stand right in front of her. Now both hands onto the buttons of the inner. “What if they come now?”. Smack came the answer. Another one on the left bottom cheek with her right hand. “Don’t move”. I stood immobile. And her hands continued to move down and opened more buttons. My breasts stood exposed. Mango shaped. Pinkish brown nipples now hardening.

She held my hands. Both of them. In her left hand. With the back of her right hand she brushed my left nipple. And then the right. I could feel the tingling all over. She punched my flat belly lightly. Pulled a few silky hairs there.”Ouch”, I almost screamed. Further down and onto my pubic hair. Pulled down the panties in one quick motion. Unsaid commands to move up one leg first and then the other to free the panty. She put it under the pillow. A mild brushing over my long pubic hair with her right hand. The left still holding my hands. Like they brush down horses in movies. Her warm right hand came up again. In one quick brutal move she gripped my right breast. With her palm from the bottom and the fingers curling around just above the nipples. I bent down towards her. Almost making a crying noise. She held me there for a while. Both of us frozen in a silent tableau. Her mouth a thin line. With the lips drawn in. Enjoying every moment of her master role. I submitted like an obedient wife. Her hands moved to my left breast. Another grip that lasted a while. Then more on the right. Pulling towards her. Her left hand released my hands. The right held on to my breasts. One at a time.

She started unbuttoning her night suit with her left hand. Fast. In what seemed like seconds she had her breasts exposed. And pulling on my breasts, seated me on the bed. She stood in front of me her proud melons unloosened and the silent command. I suckled. As I always did when commanded to. One by one. Spending time on each. Moving my hands around her waist. Sucking hard but not biting on her nipples. She stood there without moving. Now both hands on my breasts in a firm grip. I couldn’t see but I knew her eyes would be closed. Relishing the feeling when I suckled with smooth slow motion of tongue and lips.

Outside the mild knock was unmistakable. Inside, she let go of my breasts and pulled off her breasts from my mouth. Fast moving fingers buttoned up the night suits. And.. moving stealthily, she went and unbolted the door.. First crack open and then stood back to let them in. My brother came in first. My cousin followed.

I stood by the bed. No words were spoken. The door closed and both guys moved to the window. For a while both looked out thro’ the window. Then stood back and looked at us. The only light filtering thro’ thewindow curtain hardly enough to recognize faces. My cousin went back to the window and left the curtains pushed apart to both sides. The moon light made things a little lighter in the room.

But even with out the light they knew. With the uncanny instinct of hunting animals, they closed in. Both almost moving together. My brother caught me by the night suit and pulled me nearer. Putting his right hand over my shoulder he held me close.

It was always like that when we got together. I was his to start with. Anj and her brother were never that close emotionally. But they too following our queue got close holding hands. We moved towards our bed. A giant colonial kind made of rosewood meant for two. But much too bigger for two.

The boys were in their pajamas. The stripes seen even in the unlit bed against the backdrop of white sheets. The warm air grew warmer. We girls were placed in the middle of the giant bed and each bro climbed in behind their sisters. Anj and myself faced each other. With each boy behind us, we were two couples facing each other. Like a team of judo players. Behind me bro lifted his left leg and put it over my hip. His right hand on pillow almost cradling my head. The left around my waist. Opposite us, Anj was no more the tough mistress. She was more the purring kitten under her overpowering brother. Used to the dim light, I could see his hands moving in front of her night suit. Opening up her night suit. And pulling out her melons. His hands moving in to hold them tight. And her slightly hurt sighing. On me, my bro was slower. But he too lost not much time in exposing my breasts. Gripping them one at a time. I could feel his dick growing larger on my soft buttocks, inside his pajamas. And him pushing it further on to me. Just as he ground his groins on my soft bottoms, his left hand took full command of my breasts. Kneading them without mercy. My pleading for going slow ignored. I always felt so helpless once bro took charge of my breasts.

Going further down to thoroughly feel my pubic area. Then further down under. Clutching the triangle between my legs in his large hands. A finger straying into locate the exact spot of the pussy. More pressing on the opening. Opposite me, Anjaly was in the same boat. A few ‘oh, no’.. indicated she was getting the same treatment. It would have been unrealistic to expect any male onto her super melons to go easy on them. Her bro was no exception.

My bro tried to turn me around towards him. I refused. An old strategy to remind him of the limits. After a few trials he stopped. He took his leg down from my waist and pushed me forward towards Anjaly. She was busy accommodating her brother’s hands between her legs. Lifting up her right leg just enough to let his hands wander in and stay. But quietly moaning as his hands grew bolder.

It must have been the warm air, at some point in time, without mutual consultation, the bros ystematically stripped us. First the jackets. Then untying the strings of the night suit bottoms, bro moved it down with his legs. and then the panties. Not a piece of cloth on body. May be it was the nudity and the need to hide, I inched towards Anj. and she towards me and .. we embraced. Bros followed closely.

My bro put his hand out and held her breasts. I got the same courtesy from her bro. More kneading. More ‘ouch’ sounds. This is how they always ‘gave’ their sisters to each other. Some days my bro would actually hold my breasts and move it towards Anj or her brother. Usually her bro would take the cue and take my breasts into his mouth. I would hold my breath because he was a notorious biter. He would return the favor with Anj’s gorgeous pair. My bro loved getting hold of them. I too loved to watch closely how he mashed up one after another. And if given held her nipples in a pseudo bite. He was a gentleman. Never would bite to hurt.

We kissed. Anj and I. This is the only time we would kiss. Even though we spend intimate hours together all day and night, this was the only time we would seriously kiss each other in passion. Facing each other and holding each other while our bros behind us worked on our bodies with wild passion. Bro’s hand went down to my pubic hair. A mild patting on them and exploring fingers found the lips. I lifted my left leg a little to accommodate his hand. His fingers parted the lips and I couldn’t help let loosing a sharp intake of breath loud enough to raise Anju’s concern. She hugged me hard. A don’t worry kind of hug. Both bro’s hands cradling our heads, were touching too. Anj’s bro still held onto one of her melon’s in his cradling hand.

Now we were real close. 4 bodies squirming together. Both girls had their bro’s fingers touching and rubbing inside their lips between the legs. A few more minutes and I peaked . As usual first. My suppressed moan always let every one know of my first surrender. Bro held me without moving for a while. In a vise grip of my pubic triangle. Until the wild contractions of my belly bottom subsided. His dick still large and throbbing on my bottom cheek. His left hand came up from between my legs and got back onto their mastery of my mangoes. His left leg again over my waist. As I semi moaned and semi wept, I could hear Anj going up on the orgasm ladder. She always went short ‘oh’s as she was about to peak. A few minutes and she let out one wild suppressed oh.. and there she too was done. The boys held us close until they were sure we were in total surrender.

This is when the boys always went for their real pleasures. There was always the unsaid message ‘ All right, Now, our turn’! The time for exchange too. Some days this is when wild events started. Today, I was pushed away and Anj moved over me to my bro. I was pulled close by her bro. Some times they did us sideways. Sometimes from top.

But always the routine was the same. First the condoms. Then careful fitting of their sheathed organs between our thighs and pumping. Never anywhere near the pussy. Anj’s bro moved over me. Laying me flat. I parted my thighs to accommodate his condom fitted dick between my thighs and then closed again. To my right Anj could be seen moved to lie on her side. Facing us. My bro fitting his dick between her thighs. Over me, Anj’s brother seemed oblivious of the load I was carrying. His pumping motion grew faster. My breasts in his tight clasp hurt. His face breathing hard on me. After what seemed like eternity.. He came. Panting and the breath coming on my face hot. All his weight slumping down on me for a brief while.

To my right Bro was putting Anj thro the mill. His right hand cradling her head and holding one melon, the other on her left thigh where her gold waist band touched her pubic hair and his body grinding against her buttocks. She held her thighs close. Every time he pulled back and slammed her from behind I could hear her breath going out through her mouth in a quick ‘eh’. Then another. And another. And then .. finally..nothing.

For me the time after was always sweet. Most of the time they would let us lie on top of them. Their organs shrunk but still sheathed. Our breasts pressed against their chest. Their hands caressing our backs. Occasional slaps on the buttocks. Hands going down to pull buttock cheeks apart in a naughty gesture. I would slip away into a mild slumber until they were ready to go out.

Always Anj locked the door after them. Would come back to me. Pull me close. Feel me all over. Make me suckle a little while I was drifting off. A mild slap on the bottoms for something I did or failed to do. Boss all over again. Until we both slid into a deep sleep.

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