My wife Haasini had just turned 33. She is stunning woman who had increasingly become very confident over the last eight years that we had been married. Her sexual appetite had increased in recent times and we were enjoying each other in the bedroom most nights.

This was an improvement over the last 2-3 years where at some stages intimacy had almost died. Haasini was peaking physiologically in a sexual sense and her curiosity and her need for sexual gratification had recently escalated.

My marriage with Haasini was an arranged marriage. Traditionally the Indian bride was brought up conservatively was not permitted by their parents to engage premarital with other men. Haasini was no exception and thus her sexual experiences had been limited to being with me.

Haasini was looking as gorgeous as ever. Her skin was fair and smooth. Her hair was long was kept to half way down her back allowing her wonderful tight little ass to stir me into a frenzy. Her breasts made a lovely cup and her nipples were sweet and lightly brown.

Her increasing confidence was making her a very desirable woman. It almost seemed unfair that a man, although relatively good looking as I was, should be the only one was allowed to satisfy her.

Haasini’s sexual appetite was increasing but her ability to achieve satisfaction was becoming a problem. Her orgasms were not as intense and often she would have to bring herself with aid of her vibrator to a level of pleasure that would only just suffice.

We introduced role playing into the bedroom to help create more excitement. I would often pretend to be another man and encouraged Haasini to be the cheating wife who was not satisfied by her husband.

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At first Haasini was struggling with this or at least that was the impression she wanted to create. I could tell that she was enjoying it as the orgasms had started to return to the prior greater intensity.

At times I would pretend to be the landscaper, or the electrician who was called just to change a light bulb. I was enjoying this immensely. There was this pleasure in knowing that Haasini was satisfied by being with an imaginary man. What if this was to become a reality?

Haasini’s dress sense had changed a little, too in recent times. She was dressing to seek more attention. Her skirts were a little shorter (2 inches above the knee) and she was not afraid to reveal a little bit of cleavage.

At a recent cocktail party, Haasini had worn one of the shortest dresses that I had ever seen her wear with her dress ending about only half way down her thigh. Needless to say, there were many men who were becoming fixated her lovely legs.

I pulled Haasini aside into one the hallways at the guest’s home and told her that she was making me extremely hard. She said very cheekily, “you might not be the only one”. I laughed and told Haasini to remove her panties. She was a bit hesitant about this initially.

I asked her again. So she waited until the coast was clear and with both her hands started to pull her g-string down her legs. They had dropped down to her ankles. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately. She forced me away as she wanted to pick her panties before anyone saw.

Just after that moment there was one guy who was walking down the hallway and went past both of us. It was not clear, though whether or not he had seen Haasini’s panties around her ankles. Haasini quickly picked her g-string up and gave it to me to put it in my pocket.

She walked back to the rest of the crowd. Her legs moved like a woman on heat. I needed to fuck Haasini and was becoming impatient. But it was a real turn on seeing her talking to a couple of the guys. I needed Haasini badly, so I interrupted the conversation and asked Haasini to come with me.

I took her outside to side of the house which was deserted. Haasini lifted her skirt and I fucked her against the side of the house. I knew Haasini had did this for me but for she was unsatisfied. When we got home that night, I entered her pussy again.

But Haasini was only moaning with her vibrator afterwards. More and more I was encouraging the idea that Haasini should be with another man. Haasini was not overly sure that this was good for our marriage. She loved me dearly and did not want anything to come in the way.

I kept assuring her that this was something that I would also want. I wanted Haasini to cum with another man, to feel his strength, to taste his juices and be ecstatic and be fulfilled.

We soon went away to the coast where in this town and we saw an advertisement for classes with a male tantric guru. I told Haasini that this could be interesting. She initially took offence and that I was suggesting that she was not good at sex and therefore needed assistance.

I clarified and said that it would be good for her to be another man and so that she would be more fulfilled. The class was not necessarily intended to be sexual and did not too involve too much physical contact on that basis and I was able to convince Haasini that this would be a good idea.

Haasini met Russell who was the instructor and was going to take the class one on one. I spoke to Russell aside and asked him to what extent he would to with a client. Russell mentioned that with most women there may be some contact and embrace but no sexual intercourse.

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I told Russell, that if Haasini did express the need to go further that I was more than happy for him to do so. Russell looked at me and said nodded. Russell was 6 foot and well built with blonde-brown hair. He had lightly trimmed beard and he had grown his hair long and kept this in ponytail.

He looked like a lover and looked like someone that provides sincere orgasmic pleasure. He made me feel very comfortable and I knew that if Haasini was tempted to go further with Russell and that this would be okay with me. I told Haasini that he was a really nice guy.

Haasini too was impressed and somewhat aroused. Several times before her first class, I told Haasini to feel free to take things further. Haasini said neither no or yes and joked about the fact that she was about to have tantric orgasm.

The female assistant dressed Haasini in two dark red simple cloths. One covered her breasts and was tied behind her back with a simple bow knot. There was a another cloth, around her waist with a slight slit on one side and the cloth going down to just above her knees.

She looked gorgeous and edible. I wanted to lick her all over. Russell came into the room clearly impressed with Haasini. He came in the room with a cloth around his waist and his chest totally bear. He was wonderfully built strong and his skin hairless and smooth and I could tell Haasini could be tempted by this tantric love making guru.

Russell asked me to stay and observe from one side of the room. They commenced the session. First Haasini and Russell were sitting opposite each other in a cross-legged manner. They had their eyes closed and were do breathing exercises.

Russell extended his hand placed it on her heart centre just between a little above between Haasini’s breasts. Haasini was asked to do the same. This was first time she had touched and been touched in this manner. She trembled initially but then relaxed.

Russell placed his hands on Haasini’s shoulder and chanted some mantra. He held both her hands and did the same. He then placed both hands on the sides of her abdomen and then on her knees. They then went back to breathing.

He next step, involved Haasini getting up and then sitting on Russell’s lap. She looked at me as if to ask for approval. I simply smiled and nodded. She sat on Russell’s lap with her legs around him and her arms holding his back. She was trembling.

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Russell was talking gently and getting Haasini to focus on breathing. After several minutes she had relaxed. They were both cheek to cheek and holding each other more firmly. Russell talked gently about yub-yum, the name given to this tantric position.

He mentioned to Haasini that she should tilt back and forward and rock on lap. This gathered with momentum. Then Haasini was instructed to move from side to side and then in a circular motion.

At this point I was wondering if Haasini could feel Russell’s hardness through all this cloth that separated them. They paused and then held. This continued for a little while then Russell with questioning Haasini, started to slowly remove the knot of the held her cloth over her breasts.

I could see Haasini looking at me. I simply nodded and smiled as if I really approved. Haasini’s nipples were erect and she looked beautiful and at this point I really wanted to fuck her badly. Here she was before my very eyes revealing her beauty to another man.

Russell brought her close again. She was moving in yub-yum again with her nipples rubbing against his bare chests. Russell’s breathing intensified and Haasini was moaning slightly. She was aroused. The session ended soon after 2-3 rounds of this rocking in yub-yum.

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That night we made love with Haasini on top. She rocked me and she came intensely. I encouraged her to go back and see Russell again the next day. I hinted that she should seek greater intimacy with Russell. She agreed shyly and perhaps a little cheekily at the next appointment.

 Russell was quick to remove her top cloth. Haasini was topless from the onset. He asked Haasini to place his hand over his “lingham” – tantric word for cock and he placed his over her yoni (her pussy). They both had their cloths on over the waist at this point interestingly, Haasini’s cloth was shorter then her first class.

They oscillated from yub-yum and from touching each other’s intimate areas over the cloth for a little while. Haasini was very comfortable. Russell then slowly was sliding both his hands up Haasini’s legs which were spread around him in yub-yum. Haasini looked at me again.

I was so turned on and I simply nodded in total agreement. His right hand continued to slide and this time under the cloth. He touched Haasini’s pussy. She was ecstatic at this point and started to moan. His fingers had entered her pussy and were tickling her insides and her clitoris.

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Haasini had let go of all her inhibitions. She was holding him tightly as he fingered her and she came and came. Russell was relentless with his fingers. He knew what to do and to gave my beautiful wife an orgasm that that left her wanting more.

For the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening Haasini was not speaking to me too much. She had felt embarrassed about being with another man. I broke the silence in the early evening and assured her that I loved watching her with Russell and that it turned me on in an incredible way.

Haasini was still not convinced and did not want to hurt my feelings. I told her that as long as she was my wife I was more than happy for my wife to be with someone like Russell. Haasini admitted to me later that evening that the orgasm was amazing.

I asked if she wanted to see Russell again to which she said that she shouldn’t. I told her Haasini I think you should. I really want you to. It’s also best for you to experience someone as good as Russell. Haasini mentioned that things could even more intimate if she met Russell again.

To which I replied and why wouldn’t you want that Haasini didn’t respond. We didn’t make love that night. I deliberately wanted to avoid fucking Haasini so that her desire and focus on Russell would be there tomorrow. I had to; however masturbate two to three times that night because of the sexual tension.

I was hoping the next day would bring more. Haasini had woken up and was standing on the verandah of hotel room. She was standing in her panties and her singlet looking gorgeous. Her legs were moving differently like there was something that needed to enter right between them.

I put my hand on her shoulder and said let’s call Russell. Haasini turned around and was smiling and said,”are you sure? I started dialling the phone and made an appointment with Russell. Haasini and I spent the rest of the morning on the beach. The day was a bit cooler, but Haasini looked amazing in her bikini.

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We had gone to a secluded part of the beach and cajoled Haasini into walking around topless which she did. Russell had given her this confidence early afternoon, we met Russell again Russell let me watch. Haasini was clothed in an even shorter cloth around the waist with a split on one side going all the way up to her waist line.

Her breasts were revealed and nipples erect and her beautiful curves and wonderful fair and peachy skin. Russell too was also in shorter cloth as if he were Tarzan. They moved to yub-yum very quickly with Haasini on Russell’s lap. I’m sure Haasini could feel Russell’s hardness.

Her legs were tightly wrapped around Russell. They rocked in the position with her nipples gentling touching his chest. Haasini lent back away from Russell allowing him to touch her left breast. He gentled fondled her left nipple and then right.

Haasini moaned and then looked Russell in the eye. They brought their heads closer with their lips coming closer to each other. Russell’s hands were around Haasini’s back and he brought her closer and doing so started to kiss Haasini.

Haasini drew back a fraction and looked at me to see my reaction. I was simply smiling and had my hand inside my pants. She looked back at Russell and kissed him on the lips. The passion intensified.

Tongues were massaged and the kissing was intense so much so that Russell starting to untie the knot that held Haasini’s cloth together around her waist.  Haasini was trembling at this point but allowed Russell to remove the cloth around her waist.

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Russell removed his cloth. Now for the first time both of they were perfectly naked. They kissed more and Haasini was rocking in his lap feeling his hardness not yet in her wet pussy but very close to her.

Russell had his hands her lovely ass and raised Haasini upwards to allow him to insert in lingham in her yoni – yoni being the tantric term for her pussy. At this point Haasini moaned intensely. It was the first time that another man’s cock apart from mine had entered her.

They were in firm embrace and Haasini moved in a circular motion in Russell’s waist. She was coming and loving it. Russell also thrust and I thought at this time I should sneak out and went to the next room and was watching through the slightly ajar door.

Russell’s ability to maintain an erection and avoid cuming too quickly allowed Haasini to have a succession of orgasms. Russell too was about to cum and the gentleman that he was asked Haasini if he could cum inside her. Haasini simply said yes Russell.

Russell released his load into Haasini’s yoni. They were in embrace for quite some time after. They kissed again. Haasini released her hold on Russell and appeared concerned as to where I was. Haasini came to me naked in the adjacent room.

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I told her, that she looked beautiful and that I enjoyed her noises. I could see some of Russell’s load dripping from her wet pussy as she bent down to wear her clothes that night I fucked Haasini and she swallowed my cum just after I had withdrawn my cock from her wet and moist pussy.

She swallowed it all. She asked me can I see Russell tomorrow. I replied do you have to ask?

So the next day she left early to see Russell. This time I came and simply watched from the adjacent room and sometimes leaving the place altogether.

Russell had no other clients that day. Having clients that take things to this intimate level are few and far between for Russell when a very attractive woman wants to fuck you which man says no? Russell fucked Haasini not just in in yub-yum but in other exotic ways.

I was looking from the next room when he was on top and thrusting his cock ever so hard in Haasini’s yoni. Haasini was moaning ever so much and was saying oooh Russell, harder Russell, harder.

Russell replied Haasini, you like to be fucked don’t you? You need fucking Nish and he released him cum on her breasts. Some of it went on her chin. It was an amazing sight. Russell said to Haasini a true tantric lover consumes the nectar from the lingham.

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Haasini didn’t hesitate and brought and wiped the cum of her tits with her fingers and licked them slowly.

Soon after Russell, was ready to go again and so was Haasini. Haasini was sitting on the floor as Russell walked over to her. His lingham was in her face as Haasini adjusted to a squatting position Russell allowed his cock to be sucked by Haasini.

Russell was pleased. His muscles had tensed and tightened. Haasini vigorously sucked his cock with her tongue licking his pre-cum. Russell moaned as he released more nectar right into Haasini’s mouth. Some of his cum went on her right cheek.

Swallow it all Haasini. Swallow it all. He wiped her cheek with his index finger which Haasini then swallowed I left the room to come back later to see that Russell had entered Haasini’s pussy from behind with Haasini in the traditional doggy position.

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The penetration was deep and Haasini was experiencing orgasms that she hadn’t experienced every before. Russell wasn’t ready to cum yet. He turned her over and thrust his cock deeply into her velvet crevice. Haasini was screaming

Oh fuck! Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh Russell! Oh fuck. Fuck me.” So Haasini was sincerely fucked that day and the next before we travelled back home.

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