Hi I am Haasini, married with 2 kids. Last month was our 8th Anniversary. We could not travel on our Anniversary day due to some urgent works for my hubby. Let me tell some details about ourselves, I am 5.1 and Petitite, fair with 36-28-30. My hubby is 5.4 and a bit chubby. I wanted a special gift from my hubby, so he said he will take me to Kerala and he booked a Honey moon Villa with a Private Pool.

Before we left Bangalore, he made me promise that what ever he tells I will listen to him. I was under the impression that he will get me something special and something erotic like see thru lingerie and sex toys.

We left Bangalore on Monday and we reached Cochin International Airport by 8 am, from there to the Resort by Road was 4 hours. We checked in at 12 noon and the room was erotic and this made me very horny. I went to freshen up after I came out my hubby said no sex now wait for evening, I was surprised so said ok and slept off.

After lunch also he said you rest we will have a great time ahead. I was very, very horny but said ok. At 5 pm 2 guys came to our room, my hubby had arranged 2 male masseurs for me. I was surprised and I protested, he reminded me of my promise. I said no way. He said yes you have to get the massage done by these 2 guys and they specialize in YONI Massage(Pussy massage).

I was hesitant for quite some time, then finally my hubby said they will be gentle with you, don’t worry. I accepted to get the massage done, they 2 guys were Vinod and Anand, both were about 6 feet tall, black and looking rough. Then my hubby removed all the jewellery, my ear rings,my bangles and my wedding chain. My hubby had purchased a thin gold chain and he put it around my waist.

They Vinod and Anand said that they need to give me a bath before they do the massage for me, I entered the open air toilet nude with my Hubby. The both had mixed some powder with water and milk, they started applying that paste on my body. They said this will help be get more sensation, they applied the entire paste from neck below.

They asked me to stay like that for about 20 mins after that they both gave me a bath with Cold Water. They both had removed all their clothes and had huge erections Vinod’s dick was 4 inches wide and 7 inches long, Anand’s dick was 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. I was stark naked in front of 2 strangers for the first time in my life with just a thin gold chain in my waist.

They both carried me to the bed room and wiped me dry. In the meanwhile Anand had put on a bed sheet on top of the bed so the Hotel’s bed sheet does not get stained with the oils. My hubby had put some rose petals on the bed and he had switched off the lights and lit a lot of Candles.

Anand and Vinod asked me to lie down on the bed, I slept on the bed. Anand said this is a Tantric Massage specifically aimed at the Yoni. They both started by kissing my Yoni(Pussy). They just kept kissing me there for quite some time,only kissing no sucking. I was totally wet and juicy. My hubby kept watching and when ever I looked at him he was reassuring me that’s ok and go ahead.

After about 10 mins of kissing my Yoni, they started the massage by massaging other parts of my body to encourage me to relax, and to start taking deeper breaths, and relax the muscles. Gently, but firmly, they massaged my legs, thighs, stomach, breasts and arms before venturing toward the Yoni.

While they were massaging my breasts it was awesome 2 hands per breast, the way they were kneading my 36B boobs with oils and then tweaking my nipples I got 2 orgasms, then they approached my flat stomach and they kept massaging my upper body for more that 15 mins after that they both sucked my nipples I was totally lost with this new experience.

Next, they massaged the pubic bone area and then they moved down to the inner thigh area. With the right hand (the right hand is used to balance the polarity of Tantra), they applied a high-quality tantric oil to the mount of the Yoni, pouring just enough so that it drips down the outer lips and covers the outside of the Yoni.

They both started to open my vaginal lips and Anand first instered his middle finger in my love hole and started finger fucking me with the oil and Vinod was massing my clit while spreading my Clitoris hood. I was on a high with 4 hands working on my Vaginal area. They kept massaging my vaginal lips and in between taking turns to finger fuck me.

When ever they poured oils on my vaginal mount they kept kissing my vagina and each time they kissed me I was shuddering with pleasure. They were using Sweet almond oil with some herbs. I was enjoying to the maximum, I suddenly noticed that Anand had got his dick near my mouth and without my knowledge I just pulled him near me and started sucking him, he was totally enjoying fingering me and me sucking him.

Meanwhile Vinod pulled my vaginal lips and inserted his dick in my pussy, it was so sudden that I let out a moan and said aaah.I was too well lubricated with my pussy juices and oils. Vinod said for your age you are tight, he started pumping me for quite some time after a few minutes I stopped sucking Anand, Vinod and Anand were on a high, they said they have never seen a lady of my age who had a well mainted figure and a tight pussy.

Now Vinod came near me and Anand Started sucking me I was totally enjoying, Vinod got his dick near my lips, I opened my mouth and started sucking him, this was the first time I was tasting my pussy juices with oils and Vinod’s pre cum. I had never sucked my hubby after he had fucked me. Anand was sucking me and licking my pussy and he was aslo finger fucking me.

When I was sucking Vinod he was squeezing my 36 B Boobs and pulling my nipples. I was on a high, I had never experienced this kind of a sex. After a few more mins Anand inserted his dick and started pumping me, I had 3 orgasms by now. It was 7 pm when Vinod said he will sleep on the bed with his dick pointing to the ceiling and he asked me to sleep on him with my boobs facing the ceiling,

he inserted his dick in my pussy and started fucking me. When he stopped Anand would fuck me.I was like a Sandwich with Vinod below me and Anand on top of me. They fucked me like this taking turns for about 30 mins, by this time I was fully tired and drained out. I asked them to stop, but they said they need to CUM, I told them that I will suck them and they can CUM on my Boobs,

but they insisted they want to cum in my mouth, I had never allowed my hubby to CUM in my mouth, I was not willing but finally had to say ok. They both were powerful and had good stamina. Finally at about 7.45 they both allowed me to sit on the bed and I was panting for breath and my hubby got me some water to drink.

These two were jerking their dicks near my mouth and finally I started to Suck Vinod’s dick and was jerking Anand’s dick and interchanged. Finally after about 10 mins of intense sucking and jerking the both came in my mouth. At 8.30 they took me to the toilet gave me a relaxing bath and fingered me nicely and put me on the bed wiped me, sucked my pussy nicely while sucking and tweaking my nipples.

They both dressed, thanked me and my Husband and left. Before leaving they gave some Ayurvedic medicine to my husband and how to consume that so that he can also fuck me like them.

I was totally tired out, I slept on the bed naked. My hubby woke me up at 10 and asked me to have some food. I just had some food and Lime Soda, thanked my husband for the special gift and slept off.

Next day morning I was up at 7 am, saw my hubby was still sleeping. I just snuggled towards him, pulled his boxers and started sucking his sleeping dick. He suddenly got up and he saw I was sucking him. He pushed me to bed and started smooching after some time he was sucking and pressing my boobs.

Then he went down to my pussy and with a new vigour he started sucking me for quiet some time, then we moved into 69 position and after that I moved on top of him and fucked him. 

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