We couples live in Chennai.  I am 33 yrs medium height and weight with dark complexion. My wife is 30 yrs short but slightly fat with big boobs and  wheatish to fair complexion. We are married 6 years ago and our love started before 10 years. Ours is a love and arranged marriage.  We have one kid studying in Kinder Garden.

I was speaking to my wife for 3 -4 years about threesome. She hesitated very much and I compromised her for making sex chat when our kid was 2 yrs old.  We made chat in hangout and saw a guy with 9 inch dick. That was the first time me and my wife saw a huge dick in webcam. She was not interested in the starting. We made chat for 2 -3 times.

Suddenly I felt she was acting that she doesn’t like that chat guy. I planned and decided to go to sleep early giving chance for my wife to use my laptop for webcam chat. In the next morning  i opened hangout with our special id and started reading the conversation of my wife and chat guy. I was shocked to see the messages. I could see only one side messages. All are from chat guy and no reply message from her but I could see messages like “super”,” low your webcam” etc.

I could clearly understand what happened. Chat guy was asking everything in messages and she was doing everything in cam. It was clear that she had showed her boobs first and naval, butt &pussy everything slowly. She also had masturbated and showed him the cum. Later through the conversation I had also understood that she had watched chat guy doing a hand job and cum.

At last the conversation ended with words like “I want to have sex with you”. Both of them were saying this. Seeing this I decided to do webcam nude chat with that guy. I slowly made her to do that and she was very interested to have sex with that 9 inch dick. But he lived in Mumbai and we couldn’t meet him. She also said to me that she wanted to have second honeymoon with the 9 inch dick. Anyway we missed it.

After that 3 years had gone very fast. Our kid was studying in UKG when we decided to do threesome for sure. I placed an ad in a website and I got reply from 3 persons out of which we selected a guy named Suresh. He was 3 km near my neighborhood. We exchanged mails and also numbers.

He was very innocent and 4 years younger than my wife. He said he had 7 inch dick. I sent my wife pic to his mail and also said she was fat and if he is interested he can come for massaging my wife.  At the same time I said my wife a massage guy is coming and he will do massage alone but if she wants to have sex she should tell him directly or should not stop when he starts doing naughty things.

She said she don’t want to have sex for sure. I did not tell her anything more than that. But I said to the massage guy he should tempt her and fuck her in front of me. But I was shocked to hear that this was the first time for him. He did not even touch any girl till that day. I encouraged him and explained everything how to tempt her and fuck her. He said he likes licking pussy but didn’t get a chance. I replied that was enough to have sex with my wife as I know she would surrender if her pussy was licked.

The day came. My wife was ready for the massage. She had shaved her pussy and armpits cleanly. As soon as the guy came inside our house I welcomed him and another shock was that he was looking very childish. I got the doubt whether he can have sex. I went and said my wife  that he was very childish and we can enjoy him easily. He would do whatever we tell him. She came out and she too welcomed him by giving a handshake. Then we asked him to wait in the bedroom and I gave a kiss in her lips and asked her to enjoy the massage. She said she won’t do anything more than massage.  We entered the bedroom and I asked her to lie on the bed so that massage guy will touch her butt first.

 She was in her salwar . Slowly the guy touched her legs first. As soon as he touched  my wife gave a jerk. I thought she was been tempted. I signaled him to do massage till her inner thighs which my wife couldn’t see. I sat near her face. After 3 minutes I asked him to touch her butts and do massage. He slowly pressed her butt and was seeing me for signals.

I asked him to touch the pussy slowly from backside.  My wife started to breathe fast. I said him to ask my wife to remove the salwar pants. He asked it and my wife saw me for permission and I asked her to remove for pants. She was lying with tops and panties alone. I said to my wife that I will come in five minutes for which she hesitated but I said someone is ringing the bell outside.  Saying so I went out of the room and was seeing through the small gap. He was massaging her bare inner thighs . But I couldn’t guess why my wife was making so many expressions on her face. I slowly saw him through the gap that he started massaging the pussy from backwards and his two fingers were inside her pussy. I was shocked to see my wife was not resisting anything. I decided to wait for some more time outside and watch the actions.

After 2-3 minutes, the guy was slowly massaging the butt with both hands. He asked my wife to turn so that he can massage her pussy directly. She too turned and as soon as she turned the guy kept his hand on her pussy and pressed.  I heard my wife giving her first moaning sound. She kept her hand on her face and covered her eyes. The massage guy saw her crying as this was the first time with her hands closing her face. Seeing this guy suddenly kept his hand on panties and pulled downwards. My wife even though crying lifted her hip and the panty went down exposing the pussy lips near his face. I was shocked to see this incident. Watch this clearly.

 He was removing her panty with his face near her body. As soon as my wife lifted her hips, It came down slowly. She also lifted her leg for the panty to come out of the leg. When she lifted her leg the guy saw the pussy lips clearly and kissed her pussy directly very hard. My wife suddenly made a huge jerk and she lifted her body in shock and was in sitting position now with her legs folded and pussy in the guys mouth. She don’t know what to do. She asked him not to kiss and lick the pussy but he took the mouth away and said ok, it’s your wish and saying so again kissed her pussy  very hard and I could see his tongue deep inside her pussy. My wife was very tempted now. The massage guy caught her shoulders and made her again lie on the bed.

I could see the massage guy’s head moving fast up and down and also sideways. It looked like a grinder in action. For the first time I am seeing a women so  tempted. I have seen women struggling during rape in movies. Like that my wife’s head was swinging right and left not knowing what to do.  He was raping her with his mouth. I challenge that she would have had 3 -4 orgasms within a short time. This happened for nearly 5 minutes. I thought of entering the room but decided to wait thinking the actions would be disturbed if I enter. Moreover the innocent guy was doing very good since he have seen the pussy for the first time.

I waited for some time. I decided not to enter the room for the next 10 – 15 minutes.  The massage guy was thinking of the next action with his tongue in her pussy. She withdrew his tongue and saw my wife closing her eyes with her face turned towards the wall as well as enjoying. She don’t want to see his face directly which had raped her pussy. Without knowing what to do next, he removed his dress fast and before my wife could recover from licking actions, he again gave a kiss on her pussy and my wife bit her lips slowly in a big mood.

 Just after he kissed her pussy and seeing my wife’s reaction he took position fast and started inserting his dick in my wife’s pussy. She got the biggest shock of her lifetime and tried to push him. He was in no mood of moving and started fucking her holding her hand sideways like in the movie. I couldn’t believe in the next 5 minutes he fell on my wife’s face and my wife’s face was looking tired. Then only I sensed he emptied his cum inside my wife’s pussy. For the first time my wife was fucked by another person in a fast action.

He then stood up slowly and my wife ran into the bathroom for cleaning so that I could not know what happened. I entered the room now and asked the massage guy where my wife was. He said she was very afraid as I have went out and didn’t allow him to do anything. I was shocked to see his answer. But was waiting to see what reason my wife gives. She came out of the bathroom and I asked her why she was not allowing him to do massage and asked her to lie down slowly. She replied that she didn’t want him to do massage without my presence. I knew that both of them liked each other.

She saw the massage guy and without saying anything she lied on the bed with both tops and wet panty. This time she was lying seeing the guy. The massage guy asked me whether he can start the massage now. I nodded yes thinking my wife would be fucked for the second time in the next 30 minutes. He kept her hand in my wife’s navel and massaged her body differently. He rubbed each and every part of her body softly. He even kept both his hands on her cheeks and was rubbing slowly like rubbing a small child. He touched her lips with her hand and now she was again in peak mood. He moved one hand to her boobs and the other hand to the panties. I could see my wife often touching his hands and head with her eyes closed. I thought she was stopping his actions.

 He slowly inserted his hand in the panty and was rubbing her pussy. He slowly started removing the panty and this time my wife opened her eyes and was seeing his eyes wide open thinking he will grind his face on her pussy as soon as he removes the panty. He saw my wife’s eyes and with both hands removed the panty and to make the panty come out of the leg he lifted one leg upwards and without even removing fully he kissed her pussy fast and started grinding. My wife held my hand and asked me not to proceed further please.  I replied to my wife that she can say it directly. He started his fast grinding actions and my wife was struggling  again.

This time he licked her pussy deep for more than 15 -20 minutes and she was very tired.  She could have CUM many times. I started kissing my wife in her lips but she was not at all responding to my kisses as she was enjoying the licking. Soon the massage guy slowly moved from the position and his face came upwards to my wife’s face and asked her whether she liked it or not. She could not see his eyes so close and started to say something. But before she sp0ke the second word, he kissed her lips and inserted his tongue and was enjoying my wife’s lips.  My wife was also reacting to his kisses and I was shocked that I lost my wife as she did not respond to my kisses.

 After 5 mins he asked my wife whether he can insert his dick in her pussy. This time my wife took his dick in his hand and inserted it in her pussy. The massage guy happily moved his hip and the complete 7 inch dick was inside her pussy. He said to me that he liked her wife very much and want to cum inside her. I said surely no and my wife also said no. But I saw her smiling at him and I thought they have planned to finish it fully.  After 20 mins of slow fucking and kissing, my wife’s face reaction started changing and asked him whether he was about to cum. He said no and my wife said they can stop now itself.

The massage guy said he will say when he was about to cum.  Minutes after  that he was pumping faster and my wife started moaning louder. Suddenly he said he wanted to do for another 20 minutes and so they reduced the speed of fucking. I couldn’t judge how is it possible to stop at peak without cumming and proceed for another 20 minutes. Suddenly my wife turned her face and smiled. I saw his face also. He was also kissing her cheeks smiling. 

They started slowly kissing again; boobs and she also kissed his chests. After doing kissing for another 5 minutes he started fucking slowly. He increased his speed and was doing like mad dog. I said him not to do faster as she may get pain. She caught my hand and I could understand my wife needs that fast hard fuck. Soon he said to me that he will cum in another 3 minutes. He kissed her lips again this time my wife was hugging him and kissing him. 

 Suddenly I saw her hugging tightly and he too increased the speed. I said to him to stop fucking as he may cum inside. Without even listening to my words they both suddenly jerked and I asked her what happened. She said she could feel hot liquid in her pussy deeply. She said it was still coming. I scolded him why he did like this. He said sorry for not stopping and fell on my wife. I couldn’t do anything after that. He left the place and I asked her she couldn’t know he was about to cum. 

 I was shocked to hear the reply from my wife. She said don’t know since she felt the liquid before itself when the massage guy said he want to fuck her for another 20 mins. She clearly said he emptied his cum 2 times in 40 minutes. I made my mind that she was fucked 3 times continuously.  We later calculated the menstrual period duration and were shocked to see it was her 15th day which would surely result in pregnancy. She became pregnant soon 

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