I am going to narrate the experience of a housewife, who visited a middle aged doctor for her ailment.

Haasini is a lovely looking housewife of 27years having married with Rahul at an early age presently mother of a daughter of 6 years old. Husband is a well settled businessman at the age of 32 but for the business matter is a very frequent traveler. So Haasini has learned to perform all types of outdoor works like depositing electricity bills, telephone bills, day to day marketing, and even taking daughter to doctor without the help of her husband whenever required.

Haasini along with her daughter and husband leads a very happy family life, her husband earns very handsomely but only shortcoming is their sex life which is hardly once or twice a month, as Rahul is very busy with business and touring

For some days Haasini was having an abdominal pain so in the evening when Rahul came back from his work Haasini told Rahul about the problem, Rahul advised Haasini to consult a doctor immediately on the next day, also Rahul conveyed that next day he would be going to Mumbai for a business trip and would be back after 3/4 days. There was another problem in hand that their house physician has gone to Delhi for a seminar and would be back after 7/8 days. So Rahul advised to visit Dr.Das whose clinic is very near to their home. Haasini was a bit apprehensive about this doctor, she had to visit him on a few occasions before for her daughter, the way he was looking at her as if he was making her naked and raping her with his eyes.

However on the next day morning Rahul left for his business tour and in the evening Haasini left her daughter to one of her neighbor and reached the clinic of Dr.Das. She reached at about 8 in the evening and found that the timing for the clinic has changed, previously it was from 7.30 to 9.30 and now it has been changed to 6.30 to 8.30 as Doctor is sitting to another clinic after completing this one. So Haasini found herself to be the last patient of Dr.Das.

Haasini waited outside for about 15 minutes when her turn came and the lady in the reception asked her to go inside the doctor’s cabin. Haasini was greeted with a smile and asked to sit in front , then there was a push at the cabin door and the lady of the reception entered to say that ‘ as there is no patient waiting outside so I am leaving sir’ doctor nodded her with a smile which means she may go. After she left doctor turned to Haasini , Haasini at the age of 27 having a figure 34-26-38 and she was wearing a light pink sari with matching sleeveless blouse , she looking very beautiful as the sari was synthetic type so through the sari her naval and waxy white belly added more glamour to her look. Doctor asked with a smile ‘tell me your problem’ Haasini explained everything regarding the lower abdominal pain for last 4/5 days and then doctor told her to lie on the bed for examination.

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Haasini lied down on the bed on her back and arranged her sari properly, doctor came to her checked her eyes, tongue and then asked Haasini to remove the sari from over her belly so that he can carry out his examination, Haasini removed the sari from over her belly but maintained the sari over her perfect shaped firm boobs, she noticed after taking a good look on her boobs doctor started pressing her belly for exact location of the pain. At first he started moving his hands over the soft waxy belly of Haasini then started pressing his hand here and there and asked Haasini ‘please madam , you will tell me the location where it will pain’ Haasini nodded her head to confirm. Then doctor used his finger and put it within the deep naval of Haasini to which she shivered a bit.

 Doctor asked again ‘ is it further down?’ and without waiting for the reply his hand moved further south, his hand entered inside the petticoat and started pressing there. Then he stopped and went to his sit and took out some pictures from his drawers and showed to Haasini ‘ see these pictures are the pictures of a patient suffering from cancer, there Haasini saw there are very ugly patches here and there of the patient ,it was a picture of a female patient and ugly patches were on breast ,thigh, belly and even on sides of cunt region. Doctor started ‘it all started with a abdominal pain then pain started in thigh, breast and other region, but if it could be detected before then she would have cured completely’

 Haasini was horrified to see the pictures and asked very softly ‘what problem do I have doctor?’ doctor told with a confidence ‘well let me check it thoroughly , but whatever is the problem you have come to the right person, I will cure you completely’ now he got up from his chair and came to Haasini who by this time got up from the bed, doctor told her to lie down for thorough check up. The pictures has left Haasini in a very horrified state so very obediently she lied down on the bed, doctor came forward asked her to open his blouse , Haasini started opening her blouse, as soon as she opened the first two buttons doctor helped her to open the other two very quickly. 

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Haasini was a bit surprised with the promptness but the pictures which she saw recently and the fear of the disease overshadowed everything from her mind. As soon as the blouse was opened the cleavage was exposed, the doctor looked at the milky cleavages with greed in his eyes and started moving his hand between the narrow passages of the cleavages, and an electric shock moved through the spines of Haasini, she closed her eyes and feeling that doctor was slowly moving his hands between her cleavages then going at the side of the bra and trying to press the sides of her breast and then his hand came slowly to her stomach and he was just moving his hands very slowly over the stomach region and then in the naval. Suddenly he told Haasini to turn back, Haasini was a bit relieved as she started feeling a bit uncomfortable as her top portion was covered with just her bra. She turned back and the doctor started feeling her back and told to open the blouse completely. 

Buttons were though removed from the front but it was not removed completely from the body of Haasini, so Haasini very hesitantly lifted herself from the examination bed and removed the blouse from her body and lied down again on her front. Doctor started his examination again by pressing every inch of Haasini’s soft waxy back the hand was roaming freely and smoothly at the back of Haasini. Sometimes it is moving towards two sides of Haasini and coming at a very close proximity of Haasini’s boobs from two sides. Suddenly Haasini felt that doctor opened the strap of her bra and moved the two straps, it fell on two sides of Haasini. Now with very firm face asked Haasini to turn to the front. Now it was very embarrassing for Haasini to turn front again as her bra strap is open and it was about to come out and her boobs are almost swaying loose as it is devoid of any fastening. But Haasini turned, and lied on her back again.

Doctor told ‘ please remove your bra’ Haasini was a bit perplexed, but the pictures which she saw just flashed in her mind, there the boobs of that lady was in a horrible state, so doctor must be examining Haasini’s boobs in search of early symptoms of the disease. Doctor removed the bra by his own and now the two lovely boobs with red cherry like tits popped in front of the eyes of the doctor, Haasini with natural shyness closed her eyes. Doctor touched one of the boobs and pressed it very tenderly. Haasini just shivered a bit with closed eyes, which she closed more tightly in shame.

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 Doctor told ‘I am going to press every inch of your gland in search of any unnatural lump or something’ Haasini with closed eyes nodded her head. ‘if there is any pain anywhere please let me know’ doctor told with a very professional voice. Haasini nodded her head again then doctor started pressing both the boobs, initially the pressure was very soft and slowly the pressure increased, Haasini surrendered herself in the hand of doctor, she was also sex starved and the way doctor was performing the examination was making Haasini somewhat excited. Haasini was feeling that the doctor is fondling her both the boobs very hard and sometimes making circles around her both the nipples, ‘oohhh my god my pussy is becoming wet, if this continues for more time then I will be out of control’ Haasini thought to herself at the same time the pictures which she saw is stopping her to thinking that the doctor is actually trying to molest her. 

Doctor’s invasion on her boobs are still continuing with the index finger he was making circles around the nipples, sometimes holding the nipples and pulling it as if he is trying to tear away “the grape like cherry colored nipples” from the base. Haasini was feeling that her cunt is becoming wet. The doctor then moved downward and released the sari from the petticoat and untied the knot of the petticoat and started pressing there at the lower abdomen region, Haasini was a bit confused and praying to god, that these examination process gets over quickly at the same time she was thinking that after the check up the doctor would tell her that she is ok, not suffering from the disease that the lady of the picture was suffering Now the doctor asked her to turn back again Haasini was a bit relieved and quickly turned back.

 The doctor put his hand at her back and came down upto the border of sari and told ‘it is required to check the muscles of your buttock so I need to remove your sari’ Haasini had no option but to nod her head in affirmation while she was lying on her front with tightly closed eyes in shame and embarrassment at the same time the pictures which she saw has created a deep rooted fear in her mind. The doctor pulled her sari from her petticoat and threw it at the chair which was nearby and started pressing her buttock in search of any lump and told with a very worried tone ‘it seems that your buttock is developing some swelling here and there so it is required to check it directly’. By telling this and without waiting for any reply from Haasini’s side he pulled the petticoat down upto the thigh of Haasini, as the knot was already released from the front so doctor had no difficulty in pulling the petticoat down, ‘wha..a..t a..rrr..e y..o..u. do..in..gg doc..ttor?’ Haasini’s voice started tremling. 

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One more situation added more worries for Haasini is the fact she is not having the habit of wearing panty except for those days when she is having her periods. Haasini’s white and waxy buttock was exposed in the eyes of the doctor. Doctor replied ‘ I need to test your buttock and thighs, you have already seen the pictures that how a dormant disease can spoil your life’ Haasini kept quite she closed her both eyes as tight as possible. She felt that the doctor has put his hand on her buttock and pressing them here and there and slowly going towards the cracks of the buttock and it was very clear to Haasini that the doctor has pressed both sides of the butts so hard that the butt hole was visible to him, Haasini was shy and much embarrassed for her position , now she felt that the hands of doctor is creeping down and holding her thigh, initially touch was very tender but slowly very firmly pressing them and trying to pull the two thighs apart , ‘ madam please loose your thigh so that I can complete my examination faster’. 

To Haasini it was like ‘ open up your thigh so that I can see your cunt’ Haasini slowly loosened herself and she was feeling that the doctor has pulled her thigh apart and squeezing the inner side of the two thighs and moving towards her cunt , by this time it was very wet. Haasini was very much ashamed to think that the doctor would come in the proximity of her cunt to find that she was discharging like a leaked water pipe. Doctor went further down pulled her sari and petticoat which was removed till lower side of the leg was pulled completely out of Haasini’s body and kept on the nearby chair. Now doctor came again to the examination table and asked Haasini to turn front again. Now Haasini was thinking how to turn front, as now she is completely naked, the doctor told with a very professional voice ‘ please lady turn yourself and lay on your back’.

 Now Haasini thought he is just a professional doctor and doing his job, and the pictures which she saw were very deadly, so it is the responsibility of the doctor to treat his patient properly. With much reluctance Haasini turned front. She is completely naked with not a single thread on her body, she closed her eyes very tightly and also kept her both thighs as close as possible. Now doctor told her to move the thighs apart, by telling this he gave a gentle pat at the side of Haasini’s thigh, Haasini very shy opened her thigh, to be precise exposed her pussy to the eyes of doctor closing her eyes. She was feeling that doctor has put his hand at her pussy, at this she started shivering and she was also feeling that the her pussy was becoming more and more wet due to electrifying simulating session for quite a long time and she might cum at any moment.

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 As soon as the doctor touched her cunt and tried to open the cunt lips with his hand, Haasini shamelessly cummed at his hand. Yet she did not open her eyes, rather closed her eyes with hands. The doctor with sympathetic tone started telling ‘ no problem madam this is very common, you open up your thighs a bit wider and I am going to clean your cum’ and Haasini with her eyes closed listening this with much embarrassment and shyness. Then with much reluctance moved her two firm, thick, white and creamy thigh wide apart and felt that the doctor may be with some napkin is cleaning her cum from her cunt which she has only opened up for this doctor. Haasini was feeling the napkin was cleaning her cunt and the roughness of the napkin which was generating more friction at her cunt area was simulating her more, suddenly it stopped and Haasini heard that the doctor is telling ‘now it is clean and I will start my actual examination again’ 

Haasini replied nothing and fell like a log with closed eyes after a couple of minutes she felt that something very long, hard and stiff entering her cunt, ‘ahhaaa is it doctor is testing her cunt with some instrument?’ by thinking this she opened her eyes slightly and surprised to find that the doctor has entered his penis inside her. ‘oh my god, what are you doing?’ doctor with his finger first touched her lips and told ‘please madam do not say anything, you are at my mercy, during examination period , you kept your eyes closed in most of the time and I have taken multiple snaps of yours with my mobile so ….’ The doctor did not finish his sentence but Haasini understood what he told and also realized what he did not tell. The doctor kept on pumping her and Haasini was laying on her back by opening her thigh widely. ‘ ahhhaa…ahhhaa slowly please’ Haasini pleaded but doctor was in no mood to listen, his speed was increasing and increasing. 

Haasini was cursing herself for the wrong decisions that she has taken today for coming alone to a doctor who had lust in his eyes from beginning. Now helplessly Haasini has surrendered to the lust of this doctor and the doctor is fucking a 27 years housewife who is also a mother of a daughter. The doctor speaks out ‘ madam , ahhaa …ahhaaa fuck..ing a ma..rri..ed la..dy th..a.t too a moth..eer of a child is re…ally a ple..a.sure ahhaaa.’ By listening this Haasini did not know whether to be shy or flattered but remained to be quite and waited for the fucking session to be over. Haasini who was basically sex starved started to feel orgasm building within herself ahha she is discharging and making the passage for slippery for the giant penis to invade more freely

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This went on for about 20 more minutes and in the mean time Haasini discharged thrice and finally found that the doctor’s penis is becoming more harder and the doctor is becoming more stiff which means Haasini realized that he will going to discharge. Haasini tried to push him off but before that doctor discharged his load inside fertile womb of Haasini and left himself over Haasini’s naked body exhausted. Haasini just pushed the doctor to get up quickly and started to dress up. Doctor in the mean time started pulling up his pants and adjusting himself then told to Haasini ‘look madam you have got no disease except some stomach problem for which I am writing some medicine and my mobile has got some snaps of yours by which I will enjoy you as and when I will feel like, if you agree then it is ok if not then …..’ Haasini realized what he wanted to say by a trailing sentence.

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