My husband just in the last few months has wanted me to have sex with other men. This is just not like me, I have been a good girl most of our marriage and don’t understand why he would want another man fucking his wife. I have tried this a few times now and I really like it. I really don’t think my husband knows what he has done. He has made me a slut and I like it.

I have started wearing different cloths, started flirting more, and I try and show as much as possible without getting naked. I like this and now don’t think I can stop. This is the problem now. My husband tells me I can fuck anyone I want as long as he watches. He encourages me to flirt and tease other men. His only rule is I must tell him everything and no secrets are to be kept.

While having sex at home he usually asks me to tell any event in which I make men uncomfortable sexually. I was telling him how my training manager who is a Mexican looks me and I feel he has a lustful eye on me. He wanted me to take things farther with him and let him know about it.

Our training is about to finish in a day or two and one day we are out for lunch and there my trainer talked to me and straight away told me that he had hots for me from a long time. He said as he will be leaving soon so want to know if he could spend 2 hours with me in his hotel room. I came home and told this to my husband and he was very excited and told me to text him and fix a time to see him.

After some texting the time is fixed that I am going to meet him on lunch time in his hotel lobby tomorrow. I reached the hotel and was waiting for him in lobby. He came and saw me in saree and said I am looking beautiful and he said me to wait for few minutes and he went away. I waited for him some time and got to know later that he went to get condoms as he didn’t have any.

He held my hand as we walked to his room and I felt as nervous as I did when I lost my virginity. He is tall and Mexican average built. Once inside he started kissing me over and over on different spots all over my neck. My pussy was throbbing. He kissed me so hard, yet so sensually. He whispered in my ear “you are beautiful”, I want every part of you”.

Married sex stories

He nibbled on my bottom lip, and at one point kissed and sucked my bottom lip. My pussy was so wet that I could not resist kissing him back. When our tongues touched, it literally sent a spark down to my clit. He held me in arms and trying to undress me but he is not able to figure out how to get me out of saree so he said to do it myself. I undressed myself with only bra and panties on.

He took a long stare at my breast. He started playing with my boobs and said it’s big and soft. He removed my bra and his mouth was on my breasts, he began to lick my nipple, he sucked them for long with his hand running inside my panty. He is fingering me while sucking my boobs and in awhile he removed my panties.

I reached down to massage his already rock hard cock, and started to unzip his pants. I got on my knees from there and started to lick the head of his cock. His dick was so wet already from the precum that has been oozing out. I ran the length of my tongue down the back of his shaft and began to suck his dick, jacking him off at the same time. I stroked his cock and sucked his balls.

Married sex stories

He was groaning with intense pleasure. His penis is not that long but it’s thick. It was different and I was sucking a thick penis for the first time in my life and playing with his balls. He stopped me and get down on my cunt with his tongue doing the magic. I was anxious for him. I began to move my pussy towards his face, thrusting my hips.

He told me to be still and try as hard as I could not to move while he licked my clit. He held my legs securely, giving me no choice but to do what he said. He told me he has wanted to know what I tasted like for long. He ate my pussy so good. He spread my inner lips and held them apart with his fingers, and gave me clit a few long strokes with his tongue.

He then put his tongue deep inside my pussy. He would occasionally stop and focus on my clit, sucking and licking it. I began to moan loudly with pleasure; he kissed my outer lips with wet kissed using his flat tongue that felt as if he was painting a picture. After a while he got up and I was watching him undress.

He gave me a condom to put on his penis and without any warning he lifted my legs and inserted his cock in my pussy and I screamed because of this thick penis. It went completely inside me now; I was enjoying now and moaning at the same time. He keeps on fucking me for 15-20 min nonstop then he turned me on all fours.

Married sex stories

I knew he wanted doggy, I began to stick my pussy out farther so he could get a view of what he would be wanting for so long. I was feeling very horny. He knew how good he was making me feel, and I honestly couldn’t take it anymore.

Still on all fours, he goes on his knees behind me, and began to rub his cock up and down against my wet pussy, getting his cock ready with all the juices from my pretty pink pussy. He kept his cock at the entrance and inserted his thick dick slowly as it was not getting in with his thickness but he did get it tightly.

He fucked me hard, soft, slow and fast giving me what I’d been waiting so patiently for. His cock was so hard, and I was enjoying it the fullest. It was the best fuck till that time. He was fucking me from 20-25 min now and I can’t ask for anything more. He pounded harder and began to let out loud grunts with nonstop fucking and he was sweating like hell.

He was panting and moaning heavily, he said I was his best fuck. I could make out now he was close to shoot. He removed his dick and sprayed his thick cum on my ass. I fell on bed for awhile. I thought we are done but he was still erect and he was getting another condom and want me to ride his cock.

He lied on his back then I reached down with one hand, took his hot, hard cock, and placed the swollen head between the lips of my dripping pussy. I lowered myself fraction of an inch, and the head of his cock slipped between my labia. I gently lowered myself a bit further, slipping him deeper and deeper inside me.

Married sex stories

I started rocking up and down on top of him, moving him in and out of my pussy slightly. I asked him “how does it feels, do you like it” and he said it’s good and awesome. My hard nipples drew his attention and he reached for them ran them delicately between his fingertips, and then harder until I moaned and nailed clenched into his chest.

His hands were exploring softly and roughly, slowly and quickly, gently with demand until he couldn’t stand anything more than to clutch desperately on my ass and thighs and drive upward with his hips and heels. He let me remove his cock out of my pussy saying “let me teach something” and he wanted me to fuck him in reverse cow-girl position.

I turned myself and holding his stiff dick inserted in my pussy with my back facing him. I was riding him in and out, back and front a bit faster as this time as I am rocking up and down it was hitting the magic spot of mine and my moaning became louder until my orgasm got hold and exploded with high speed with great sensation and I had my ever greater intense and pleasurable orgasm of my life time.

Married sex stories

When I stopped moving he took off his wet and still hard dick out of my pussy and by seeing my moaning so loud he took his condom out and started rubbing his cock hard and he took his semen out by masturbating on side of my hip and I can feel the hotness of his cum.

We got up dressed and I went home and he went to office and in night I have to narrate all of what I have done with him to my husband and later at night my husband had fucked me three times and cum very hard as he was asking me each and every detail of it which made me remind all of what I done with him and how pleasurable it was.

Married sex stories

My husband figured out my satisfaction with my loud moaning while I was narrating him every detail. He asked me if I ever get a chance to fuck him will I fuck him again and to that I said “why not I would love to as he had given me the best orgasm I’d ever had.”

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