My name is kameesh and i am sharing with you an interesting episode in my life which turned out to be adventurous and happy for all. Now days i am working in delhi and my elder brother anubhav 28 did be and mba from pune. he was working in bangalore and stayed in a good flat with his wife Haasini. They are married for 4 years and have no children. We still have traditional way of life in the house. My father made big money on his job and after retirement when he became a contractor. He bought a 5 acre farm in an small town bagpat outside delhi where he had done lot of contracting work after retirement he later built a large palatial two storied house with huge rooms .there were five bed rooms out of which two were on the 1st floor along with puja room, covered verandah a large terrace in the front and rear side and the terraces had and many pots and plants .the ground floor had three – four bed rooms , two spare rooms used as sitting or general purpose room which had a library and many thing, a separate dining hall and a formal drawing.

All rooms were well furnished with fans, lights etc.when we were in school we used to spend a lot of time in this house during holidays. We stayed largely on the ground floor and had a room for ourselves. Visiting senior relatives mostly uncles and aunts took up one of the 1st floor rooms along with my parents .youngsters and children used and slept in the ground floor rooms. Many visitors came in summer and some in winter. The house had driveway and a gate, and garden all-round with a lot of trees and a flowering garden. There were many servants then to look after the house and guest when present. Other wise my father and mother lived in great style and also had an open attitude. They were rather open and sexy and it was known that they lived in the 1st floor without inhibitions but never allowed others to see them. My parents expired many years ago and the house was in care of my widowed aunt revathi who had lost her husband a few years back .

She has two sons, one working in dubai as an engineer and the second as a sales manager in kochi .she chose to stay in bagpat for it’s lovely house, gardens and plenty of servants. Her own children too visited her here she was a part of our family. My father had made ample financial arrangements for the expenses of the farm which it self earned a lot but had separate provision for revathi aunty so that she did not have to dependent on anybody. We had a number of servants quarters at the back in which lived a gardener ramesh 24 with his young wife who was hardly 20 and has already two kids born within less than two years. Ramesh was a good looking healthy guy worked hard on the farm and was very helpful and loyal to the family.

His father too worked in the farm and was my father’s main assistance on the farm. He died a few years before my father did and his mother went away to her village. When ramesh was 18 he came and was immediately hired by my father 6 years ago. Soon he got married to a young pretty looking village girl priya and had produce two children with two years. Revathi aunty teased him that she must keep him away from his wife so that he will not make her pregnant again soon. Ramesh was given a comfortable quarters in the rear of the farm house with two rooms and a court yard of his own. My brother was a handsome fellow with strong physique 5’ 8” and a muscular body. His wife Haasini was a very beautiful extremely fair, very good figure with smooth skin and figure. She was deeply in love with my brother and deeply attached to her. After 4 years for marriage they had no children.

One day my brother phoned from bangalore that he has to go to usa on an urgent assignment and cannot take Haasini as he has to travel a lot in within usa and it will not be comfortable for her to stay alone in the various hotels that he would be staying. He suggested that as i do not have a major job and i am studying for ias anyway, how i would like the idea to stay with Haasini and revathi aunty in our house in bagpat. It is big, safe and comfortable. I asked him if he has checked with Haasini and her willingness to stay at such a lonely place .he told me that he has already talked to her and that she is ready if kameesh will also give him company as she will get bored. I told anubhav that we will need a car and a tv to spent time. He agreed to get one plasma tv installed along with a dvd and dish antenna. He also told me that as he was going only for six weeks he will rent a car for us to use.

Soon as arranged both of them reached delhi. I and revathi aunty went to receive Haasini and anubhav at the delhi airport. Anubhav had arranged to rent a new innova car without a (driver) through his company and i was to drive it during the time it was with us. Drive from delhi to bagpat is less than two hours in heavy traffic. Anubhav and Haasini occupied the back seat and revathi the rear row. As we approached the outskirts of the city i noticed some movement in the rear seat and Haasini had snuggled up to anubhav and he was embracing her tightly. It was getting dark and they were getting very hot and holding each other in their arms.

Haasini bhabhi was sobbing and moaning and telling anubhav that she cannot stay without him for such a long time. He told her that bagpat was a wonderful place and with big orchards and gardens. Kameesh and revathi aunty will take good care of you. I will phone you as often as possible and we will be in touch. Then they were kissing which soon turned to close embraces. I could not see much from the rear view mirror but revathi aunty had a grandstand view of their love making and kissing .she apparently seem to enjoy the lovers in action. Revathi aunty was a widow about 54 but with good figure not fat and had big boobs.she always wore a sari and covered them like all older women did. She had an outgoing nature, good humour , talked with a bit of fun and teased us for our attitudes about life and sex. She had developed a great loyalty from all servants and other in the farm and they would seek her advice and blessings.

We all loved her .nothing was taboo to her and she saw movies and magazines with sexy men and semi nude girls with a sense of fun.soon we reached the house in bagpat and were received my ramesh the mali and his wife pretty wife priya along with other servants. It was the month of october and the weather very pleasant. We reached in the afternoon at around 2 pm. As we got down revathi told anubhav and Haasini to go into their room on the 1st floor rest for a while .then she will come up to give them a special bath before they changed their clothes.

She had already arranged for two big brass utensils full of milk to be placed in the open verandah. As the couple was undressing revathi told them that she is going to give this special milk bath for their good life and prosperity. Anubhav was down in his shorts. Revathi asked Haasini too to strip down and she removed her sari and blouse. Revathi ordered them to remove all their clothes and wear a lungi.Haasini chose to be topless with a small cloth covering her boobs revathi told both that she would have preferred both to be stark naked but had asked to wear lungi as kameesh and the servants were present. Revathi aunty said that this was a special holy bath and a puja which will keep them in love with each other, make them pure and please the fertility god and possibly gift both with a baby soon. With a little shyness anubhav removed his underwear and tied the lungi.

Revathi aunty made both sit on wooden first applied tilak to each , chanted some mantra’s and slowly started pouring the milk over Haasini first and then over anubhav. We all were watching the ceremony with interest but nobody showed any sexual desire or joy to see two young people nearly naked. In fact there as a lot of solemnity for the occasion. She invited all who were present to pour the milk over the couple .we all did in good measure including the servants.revathi even teased the ramesh’s wife to avoid the drops of milk from falling on her otherwise she will become pregnant again.she shyly ran away. We all had a laugh .

After the bath was over, revathi brought a thali with flowers and lighted lamps and did one arrti for both. We showered the petals of roses that were distributed .when all this was over she gave a white lungi to anubhav and a similar sari to Haasini to wear around their bodies. Haasini quickly put the sari and took a pallu to cover her beautiful and large boobs. A good sumptuous meal followed in the ground floor dining hall and we sat in the verandah gossiping and talking about anubhav‘s trip to usa. Needless to say we all had our minor shopping list but Haasini told him that she will give her list later. Anubhav was to stay in bagpat for three nights. Revathi warned all of us that we should not disturb anubhav and Haasini on the 1st floor where they will be sleeping. Only she and priya will go up to meet any needs that they may have. All knew that these three nights will be a honey moon for the two and will anubhav will be fucking and sucking Haasini to each other’s heart’s content. Soon after the dinner anubhav and Haasini went upstairs.

I was tired and slept like a log in the bedroom down stairs .i never knew when it was morning i was awakened by priya bringing a tray with tea and biscuits. Seeing priya so early in the morning, i got hot and wanted to take her in my arms and fuck her. I avoided and was looking for the prospect of fucking my dearest bhabhi when anubhav goes abroad. I asked priya if the couple have woken up and she said they wont wake up for another hour or two. When questioned she told me that she managed to peep through their room for a lot of time the last night and this morning. Your brother is very hot as is your bhabhi. When i went upstairs for some errands your bhabhi was wearing a transparent nightie through her whole body was seen as naked.

Bhaiyaa cock is so big and thick, bhabi was sucking it and then he was sucking her cunt (choot) .they were then kissing and embracing and eventually bhaiyya asked bhabhi to lie on her back. He then fucked her vigourously and she was screaming ooooooh—- do not stop. Then they were in each others arms and bhaiyya cock was inside her and both lay sideways for the whole night. I asked her if she too got hot and if her choot was wet after seeing their fucking. She said that she did become very hot and cummed in her ghagra.i asked her if she liked me and would like to kiss me . She came willingly near me and i took her in my arms .

I lifted her ghagra and placed my hand on her was wet already and very hot. I told her that i am going to fuck her now just as she had seen bhaiyaa fucking bhabhi and is if she willing? She nodded but said nothing, walked to the door and bolted it. I got up took her in my arms and she was ready for fucking .i put my fingers in her cunt and she got excited and encouraged me to do it fast. Slowly one by one i unbuttoned her blouse and removed it from her body. She lay on her back and i was sucking her big boobs. She became very hot and she wanted me to continue fucking her cunt with my fingers. I turned on my back and she needed no encouragement to come on top of me. She guided her hand to my big cock and took it in her mouth started sucking it with great vigour. She was doing it with great passion until my cum started flowing out of the cock.

I made her drink it and she was very excited. After some rest i laid her on her back ,she spread her legs as an open invitation and i inserted my cock into her cunt slowly. She begged me to do it slowly and let her enjoy by cock inside her.for some time she lay motionless and kissed me hard with her tongue probing my mouth. I too inserted my tongue in her mouth and gave her a hard mouth fuck. She became very hot and asked me to i started pumping my cock into her cunt strongly and she asked for more and more. At last i cum and she too cum at the same time and we lay in each other’s arms kissing for a long time. She reluctantly got up went to the bathroom washed herself . It was a sudden chance for me to fuck the young priya and a wonderful experience in my own house. I have been fantasizing that i will be fucking my dearest bhabhi Haasini when bhaiya is gone.

The next two days were spent with all of together but afternoon and late hours were boring as Haasini and anubhav were making the best of the time fucking and sucking each other’s body parts. I was on loose end and on prowl for priya. Once i fucked her in her own house when nobody was there but she would not remove all her clothes .yet her young cunt was very exciting and her boobs a matter of great joy. I fucked her in some corners of the farm and she would put my cock lifting her ghagra readily and opening her blouse to let me suck her. We got used to each other fucking and sucking inspite of her being a married and had two children. Yet she was very young and had a big fire in her cunt.

Once i had told her that i want to fuck her in the open but i wanted to do it as i did it the bed room with both of fully naked . She told me to come to a selected spot in the farm at 2 pm in the afternoon when all workers will be in their huts for siesta and i can have my heart’s desire. I reached the spot which was like an enclosed garden (actually it was a plant nursery) with hedge all round and a lot of trees where one could not be seen directly. The nursery had a gate with a loud sounding clasp .if any body came it gave warning enough to hide our deeds. There was a patch of neatly cut grass as well as two large benches each the size of a normal bed. In my eagerness i reached a bit early and it took my patience to wait for priya. At last she turned up looking very pretty and must have made up for the occasion. She was wearing a sari and a normal cotton blouse unlike her usual heavy ghagra. As she came in the nursery she seemed confident and i took her in my arms and kissed her. She was waiting for it eagerly and i put by arms around her. We were eagerly probing each others tongue and i put mine deep in her mouth. She was terribly exited and we both sat down on the grass.

I lay on my back and she wasted no time in opening the buttons of my jeans and pulled it off my body and started sucking and giving a very good blow job .i was not wearing any underwear nor was she when i probed her cunt. We reversed our positions in the grass and as she lay on her back i got terribly excited and started licking her pussy .i inserted my full tongue and moved it up and down till she cummed . She now wanted the big tool right inside her cunt, spread her legs and i climbed on top of her inserting by cock into her cunt slowly. She was calm and when i started pumping she cried — do it faster — do it faster and then i cummed. We lay in that position for a long time . She said she has never enjoyed so much as she has done today under the blue sky. We had another fucking session in which i made her take the doggie position and my cock went inside smoothly.

We went to a nearby well cleaned and washed ourselves.the we embrace each others like real lovers, i kissed her for a long time and then parted. After four days and my chance fucking of priya almost every day. Anubhav’s day of departure to usa came.apart from Haasini we had revathi aunty and priya was also with was a rare oppurtynity for her to go in car to the city.we all went in the innova and dropped anubhav to the airport. On our way back to bagpat we went to the palika bazaar for minor shopping. I asked Haasini if she was interested in watching hot movies and she agreed readily. She told me that she and anubhav watched many at bangalore in english she told the shop keeper that she did not want the regular porno with only fucking scenes which are very boring she wanted english language movies which had a proper story and also a lot of fucking, kissing ,petting and love making in proper bed rooms as apart of the story.

Such movies had good stories which have hot real scenes.the shop keeper was amazed at her knowledge and eventually got four such movies in english with proper dialogues etc. We had a quick look at the back of the shop. When we saw them the movies though had near hard core scenes they never looked so vulgar because they were a part of the story. There were very good jokes and hot scenes in bed rooms, swimming pools, beaches, wife exchange and fellows landing into wrong bed with the lady finding it only after getting properly fucked.the minor shopping included a few toys for priya’s kid bought by revathi.i asked Haasini to buy some clothes for her self as present from me. On my suggestions she bought two mini skits , a set of shots, a few revealing transparrent nighties and panties of different colours.

Revathi suggested she also buy a nice sari and she will stitch a nice blouse for her. We were back in bagpat while Haasini was crying softly for anubhav’s departure. Revathi aunty told her that she will soon get busy in the house and also said mischievously that kameesh will keep you happy. She asked me to stop the car near a nice temple and we all got down. She was a regular for the temple and the priest welcomed her. She sent priya to buy six garlands which she did. 1st she placed two on the deity and took us to a rear room.she said some mantra’s and asked me and Haasini to face each other . We did not know what it was about but we did not question. She made me garland Haasini and had her garland me. Then Haasini went out and she asked priya to garland me and asked me to garland her. It was like getting married to two married ladies at the same time. When Haasini questioned her on way back home she explained that as kameesh will your protector till anubhav came back it is best to pray so we are bound by such wows. Similarly as kameesh will protect priya . Later she told me privately that as you are going to have these women it is best that you are ritually married in front of god. As Haasini does dot have a baby in 4 years may god bless now in bagpat he father in laws house.

We were back in the house and revathi told us that i must sleep in the ground floor room and she and revathi in the 1st floor where Haasini was with anubhav. However i had got the plasma tv put in the 1st floor room and i had to spend the evening there. However as soon as we landed Haasini went upstairs with revathi. I went to my room had a shower and changed to short and a t shirt.i was dying to take my darling bhabhi in my arms, kiss her and fuck her. I was a bit worried about revathi aunty . It turned out to be the least of the worries. I went up after an hour and was shocked to see bhabhi in the mini skirt and loose top and revathi in fresh sari.

Bhabhi asked me if i liked her in mini skirt ? I acknowledged by spreading my arms and held her tight with her big boobs and kissing her right in front of revathi aunty who was watching it and enjoying it all the way. Then there was no stopping . We were lovers. Revathi excused herself from us saying she has a lot of work to do and both of us should come down to dinner at about 9 pm.she also asked if we planned to watch any movie and we said we will do it after dinner and she is welcome to join. Even before she left the room my hand were in bhabhi’s mini skirt and i was touching her cunt . I removed her top and she unbuttoned my short and pulled it down.

I removed the zip of her skirt and then yanked her panty mercilessly she too pulled my underwear with force and we were naked and lying across the large double bed fully naked .i kept kissing her lips and sucking them and moved to her big breasts and then slowly i started kissing her stomach and downwards. She was moaning and enjoying .my mouth moved to her navel and i was licking and sucking it to my heart’s content. She urged me to her cunt and in no time i was putting my tongue probing her clean shaven cunt and we both were in heaven. She like me to do it more and more till she started cumming and i was sucking her juices. We were tired and lay on our back for a while. She held my cock in her hand and was playing with it.i urged to take it into her mouth. She pushed me on my back and was bending with her mouth on my crotch. As soon as she took the 8” in her mouth she was screaming with joy, she kept sucking harder and harder till i could not hold it and at last cum

.she was drinking the juices of my cock, we both were looking at each other with affection and love and i asked her if she liked it. She said she is enjoying and will enjoy with i will put my cock inside her all the way. I hardly needed an invitation and pushed her on her back. She was looking very beautiful and sexy. Without me telling her she spread her legs apart as an invitation for me to enter her, i climbed and inserted my cock. All she said was slowly and do it softly .she made me squeeze her boobs while i was fucking her and i was really in heaven. Then i kept slowly pumping her and kissing was a honeymoon for her as well as for me.

All my juices went into her cunt deep inside. Time passed quickly and it was dinner time and we dressed and went down. There was no talk of the fun but revathi aunty kept chit chatting and telling about my father and mother and how this place is so wonderful. She also told Haasini that she hopes her prayers for a son for will be answered after her lovely stay with anubhav and must have now his seed in Haasini’s womb. ( Haasini slyly looked at me and also winked to me probably signaling that now it was my job to make her pregnant) she said to revathi aunty that with all the puja’s that she has done she sure will have a baby. After dinner she went upstairs and asked all of us to join to see a movie. I changed into a loose kurta pajama and went upstairs.

Bhabhi was in a sexy transparent lingerie also see thru and wearing a hot looking string panty. She was not wearing a bra . She had set up two cushions on the bed back and also a third. When revathi aunty came up she was offered the main seat but she chose an arm chair where she could see the tv comfortably.

Haasini openly and loudly asked me to come and take the cushion next to her. The cd that we had bought from palika in delhi was put on as all started watching. I am not going to describe it but it was indeed much better than a porno movie. It had some story slap stick comedy and boys men and women end in wrong bed with hard core fucking . It took no time for me to hold bhabhis’s hand and pull her to me. We started kissing and quietly asked bhabhi pointing revathi as too what about her. She told me not to bother and let her see us if she wants to . There was no stopping we started the same way as earlier and had a long cock and cunt sucking as well as fucking session.

We were tired and were in each others arms and slept . Revathi aunty has slipped out after the movie and also switched it off. We were awoken by her in the morning with a cup of coffee when both were stark naked bhabhi got up coolly took the coffee and asked her to have it with us. She went into the bathroom and washed up and put on some clothes. I did like wise and sat together and had coffee. Revathi aunty showed some contentment on her face and bhabhi coolly asked her if she will have a baby. She smiled and said that this is the best opportunity and hope god will give .after all kameesh will give you the same seed that anubhav will. Time passed and we were making love and fucking everyday and enjoying it. Bhabhi also enjoyed each session.she used to get calls from anubhav and always told him about revathi’s prayers, the milk bath his strong feeling that she will become pregnant after anubhav had fucked her for four days.

I must confess that i did have a few fucking sessions with priya in my ground floor room and she was very hot and urged me to let her suck my cock. As also suck her cunt. She was not doing it with her husband and so she was learning. Time passes and i had to return to delhi with three weeks. Anubhav came back and took away my darling Haasini bhabhi .it was at delhi airport that anubhav confided in that Haasini may be pregnant and it will be confirmed when they return to bangalore. And soon i got a call confirming it and both were very happy. I told anubhav that the next time come to bagpat to fuck your wife and get one baby more. Priya too got pregnant and revathi told me on phone that she has my seed

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