Haasini was bored. It was 11.30 in the morning and she had nothing to do. Her husband Vinod was busy at work and their two children Sunil and Seema, aged 13 and 15, were away in Delhi visiting her parents for the holidays. All her neighbors were also away on summer vacations with their families.

She closed her magazine and got up to walk towards the kitchen. On the way she stopped at a mirror in the dining room and looked at her reflection. She smiled. At 38, she was every bit as beautiful and well-maintained as she was twenty years ago. She was fair, extremely fair, and her face was chiseled to perfection. Her eyes were big, round and dark. Her lips were pink, thick and and her smile was dazzling. She brushed a few strands of stray hair falling on her face and felt lucky that she did not have to work so much as her friends to look beautiful.

She turned slightly to her side and wondered at her body. She was wearing a cream bluse and matching saree. But that did not hide the enormous size of her breasts from being revealed. She had started developing her breasts from the age of thirteen, and by 15 she had the biggest pair of breasts in her school, putting even her teachers to shame. At her age today, there was not the slightest sag to her breasts and she hardly ever wore a bra as she never needed one. Her massive, creamy breasts just stayed firm and straight. They were so huge that the top of her breasts always rose out of her blouses – so she had to really cover them up properly with her pallu. But now, she just let the pallu drape carelessly over her shoulders and one need not be a genius to figure out how massive, round and heavy Haasini ‘s breasts were.

Her eyes traveled down to her narrow, creamy waist exposed by her saree. Then further down to the most magnificent ass that one could find on a woman. Her ass jutted out of her back just like her breasts bulged out in her front. It was an ass made for worshipping, Vinod used to say in the early days of their marriage. It was huge, round and the cleft was so deep and long that everytime she wore a sree, it would leave a ‘butterfly’ for people to stare and gawk at. It was the kind of ass that God created one in a crore. And when she walked, it swayed so alluringly that any red blooded man would have to be downright blind or impotent to not get an erection.

But all such thoughts were far from Haasini’s mind at the moment. For someone so voluptuous and beautiful, she was not all that interested in sex nor gave much thought to it. She was a simple, generous and peaceful woman who was happy and content to take care of her family. She considred herself fortunate for having a great, smart husband, two wonderful kids and very helpful friends and relatives.

They had their own huge mansion in Bangalore and Vinod had a thriving real estate business. He was busy all the time, but always found the time to spend time with her and the kids.

Haasini walked into the kitchen to see what the cook was making for lunch. The cook was a middle-aged woman called Radhabai and she just moved into the outhouse with her husband Ghanshu and son Ramu about five days back. Ghanshu would be the watchman-gardener for the house, while Radha would take care of household work and cook. They seemed nice people, very soft spoken and efficient. Ramu was also a quiet boy, decent about 18 years old.

In the kitchen, Haasini finds that all the cooking is done and Radha is quickly laying the food on the table. She looks at Haasini.

“mam, its done. Please see if its okay…”

Haasini opens the dishes and quickly tastes all the food. She turns to Radha and smiles.

“Its fine as usual…”

Radha wipes her forehead with the edge of the pallu and seems slightly nervous. Haasini notices this and asks.

“What is the matter Radha? You seem worried?”

“No mam. My father is not well for the past three days, and this morning my brother came here to take me and Ghanshu with him… But Ghanshu was saying that we just joined for work and we should not take leave so soon…”

Haasini shakes her head.

“Don’t be silly Radha. You must go and visit your father. I can manage the household work. Where is your village?”

“Its very near, about two hours by bus. We will return in the night if you don’t mind…”

“Certainly. Leave at once and I will also give you some money.”

In fifteen minutes, Ghanshu, Radhabai and her brother come back to Haasini ready to leave. Ghanshu respectfully bows to Prabaha.

“mam thanks for letting us go. We will return by night. We are leaving Ramu here to take care of the gate and watering the plants…”

“But what will he do here alone? You can take him with you…”

“No mam. Let him stay here. If things get serious, we will call over the phone and he can start tonight. But let him stay here and take care when we are away…”

Haasini looks at Ramu standing shyly a few feet away, looking down on the floor. She asks him.

“What Ramu? Can you manage here?”

Radha intervenes now.

“Its okay mam. He is grown boy. He will manage. We will leave now.”

“Okay Radha. Don’t worry, all will be fine. If there is an emergency call over the phone, and let me know.”

They all leave.

At 12.30 Haasini switches off the TV. “Not one good program…” she thinks. She again walks to the kitchen and the thought of eating lunch alone bores her. As she is about to serve herself, she stops. “Ramu… what will he eat for lunch. How will he manage?”

She opens the backdoor of the kitchen and looks into the huge garden in the backyard. No sight of Ramu. She goes to the drawing room and looks out of the window. Again no sign of Ramu. Shje walks into the verandah and shouts.


No sign of the boy. Wondering what happened, she again goes to the backyard and walks towards the outhouse. It’s a walk of about 25 meters and through a number of coconut and mango trees. As she approaches the outhouse, she hears a small grunt. Then another grunt, like someone is hurt. She strans to figure out what the noise is and then she hears a grunt again.


She slowly walks towards a small thatched shed near the outhouse. It is completely covered with coconut and palm leaves. Haasini approaches a small partly-open window of the shed and looks in. She freezes in shock.

Through the small opening of the window, she can see Ramu, with his back to her. He has no shirt on, and his pants are down to his knees. She can see his bare back, bare butt and legs down to his knees. It takes her a few seconds to realize that she was seeing a naked young boy. She turns away quietly, still numbed by the shock. She realizes that in the space of five seconds, her heart rate has gone up wildly and she can actually hear it thumping. The image of his naked body is branded in her mind as she slowly takes a step back to the house. Then she stops. “But what is he doing? Is he hurt or ….?”

She turns around as she hears another grunt come out of the shed. She slowly, quietly peers through the opening and looks again with bated breath. Ramu is still with his back to her and his hand is moving in front of his body. Her gaze is fixed on his ass. “Its so hairy….” She is unable to move her eyes off his ass. Her eyes are drawn to the dark globes of his ass, the thick hair sproting on them, and the dark, deep valley between his butts. Her gaze slowly travels down his thighs for a minute. They are also thickly covered with dark hair. “So much hair, such a young boy…” she thought. His exertions were causing his sweaty ass cheeks to clench vigorously. “But what is he doing?” She thought.

Then a realization hit her. Is he…. Is he masturbating? Is he jacking off? Such a young boy? How can he know about jacking off? No. He probably has hurt himself and he is…

At that instant, a cocnut falls from one of the trees making a crashing sound. The sound disturbs the eeries stillness in the garden and both Haasini and Ramu are startled at the sudden noise. Haasini at once crouches under the window, cursing herself for peeping on a boy young enough to be her son. If he comes out now and sees her, what will she say?

Ten seconds pass, and there is not a sound from either of them. In her crouched position, Haasini waits for some indication or noise as to what Ramu is up to. And in her crouched position she realizes that she is wet. Her pussy is actually wet! Then she hears a grunt.


Despite knowing that she just had a close call, and that she should now run from there to preserve any self respect and dignity, she decides to peer in just once again before leaving. After all what if the boy is hurt and needs help?

She gets up, wipes the sheen of sweat from her forehead and dares to peer in again. She almost faints in shock. Because of the sound and the distratction, Ramu has changed position and is now standing directly facing the window. The light from the openings on the top of the shed are also falling just perfectly on his body, giving her a clear view. Of his body and his cock.

Haasini is just gaping at the slab of meat in the boy’s hand. His cock is about eight inches long, as thick as a pipe and as hairy as his ass. Haasini never saw or even imagined that cocks would be so big. “Its simply… HUGE… THIS BOY’S COCK IS MASSIVE…” the thoughts ring in her mind and she just stares at Ramu’s cock, unable to tear her eyes away. His right hand is pumping up and down, up and down and his face is fixed in rapturous pleasure.

Her gaze drinks in every inch of his magnificent cock. And drifts down to his balls. Haasini licks her dry lips and there are tears in her eyes of pure glazed lust! She was completely in the spell of lust that she never knew existed in her. The urge to stand there and watch a 18 year old boy maturbate was so overpowering that she never experience anything like it before. His balls are the size of eggs, and hang low from the base of his cock. They are fleshy orbs covered with dense hair and are swinging to the efforts of his pumping.

Haasini feels the juices of her pussy trickle down her luscious thighs in a continuous flow. She moves a hand to her pussy over her saree, not knowing what to do. The sight before her assaults her senses so much that she is just numbed.

Then Ramu suddenly mewls out a groan of pleasure.


And his cock erupts. Cum, thick white creamy cum starts spewing form his cock in endless torrents. It flies in jets about six feet away and Haasini brings a hand to her mouth in utter disbelief as he comes in endless spurts. “So… so much semen… from such a young boy…” she keeps thinking. The creamy jizz finally subsides and Ramu actually falls to the floor of the shed in sheer exhaustion. The look on his face is one of sheer happiness and relief as he keeps draining out the last drops of cum from his cock.

Haasini walks back slowly in a daze. Back in her kitchen, she sits at the table and is lost in thoughts. “Such a young boy… such a huge cock… such a … beautiful cock…” She could not beielve how wild her thoughts were running. How could such a young boy have a cock like that? Her husband had a 5 inch cock when erect and she always thought it was so ugly. After all, what is there to look at in a man’s penis?

But now, after seeing young Ramu’s cock so unexpectedly, she just could not help wondering about his cock. His body and about him. She just could not believe that such a young and sweet boy would have such a body. It was so hairy, so manly. He seemed so strong without his clothes on. And his face was so … so… innocent and tender. How could such a young boy have such a…?


She is startled out of her thoughts at Ramu’s voice. She turns around to see him at the back door of the kitchen. He is standing shyly and is now dressed in a shirt and the same pants she saw earlier. Haasini waks to him and opens the door.

“Yes, Ramu?”

“mam… can I have some water?”

She hands him a bottle of water. As he hungrily gups down almost the entire bottle, she smiles and asks.

“Where were you Ramu? I was looking for you…”

“Uh… I was … cleaning in the back mam…”

“You seem to have worked quiet hard… you look so thirsty and you are sweating so much…”

He looks down shyly. She asks again.

“Have you had lunch?”

“Uh… ammma… my mother made some rotis I had them…”

Haasini looks at his neat features and the the thick hair that is beginning to sprout on his arms. She smiles.

“Okay wait. I will make you some tea.”

“No mam… its okay. I will go and sit at the gate…”

“Wait Ramu. I was going to make some tea for myself and I will make for you also. You sit here for five minutes, okay.”

Ramu quietly remains standing.

Five minutes later, Prabah makes two steaming hot cups of tea and gives one cup to him. She sits at the table near the kitchen back door while Ramu stands quietly outside the door, too shy to drink. She finds his innocence alluring.

“Ramu dear… sit down and drink the tea… don’t feel shy…”

“No mam. I will stand…”

She shakes her head and gets up and walks to him.

“Its alright. Don’t be so shy. Sit down here near the steps and drink your tea. Come on…”

She puts her hand on his shoulder and is about to make him sit when he loses the grip on his cup and spills the hot tea all over himself.


He shouts and flinches his face in extreme pain. Haasini is shocked at the accident and shouts.

“Oh my god. Ramu… Im sorry. Are you okay?”

He starts to wiper away quickly the tea from his shirt and pants and looks at her.

“Im okay… I… okay mam… I will go and change…”

She looks at the poor boy and stops him from going to the outhouse.

“Ramu… wait. Come with me. You can get cleaned here…”

“No mm… I will…”

“Look Ramu, it was my mistake. Your skin will get burnt. You must wash it with cold water…”

She then holds Ramu firmly by his arm and takes him to a bathroom on the groundfloor of the house. She opens a tap and turns to him.

“Remove your clothes and get under this tap, quick.”

Ramu gapes at her in shock. How could she say something like that? How could she even think that he would take his clothes off in front of her? How could he do that?

Ramu does not react and just stares at her. She walks to him and puts her hand on his face.

“Don’t feel shy dear boy. Now be quick, and wash your skin. I will be back with some dettol and cream.”

He still does not realize that she is serious and means it. He just stands there forgetting his burning skin and the stained clothes.

When she returns five minutes later, she is surprised that he still has not moved. She shakes her head with a finality.

“Okay Ramu. If you are gong to be so shy, then I will have to do it. Now take your shirt off…”

Without waiting for him, she pushes him under the whoer and takes his shirt off. Ramu stands in a dze, not knowing what to do, say or even think. Then he is stunned. The water from the shower spills on Haasini as well and her clothes absolutely stick to her body. Through the cream saree and the cream blouse, he can see the pink complexion and the raw voluptuousness of her body. He can see the massive mountains of her milky breats, the wet navel, her luscious belly button and her massive thoighs.

Unaware of his gaze, Haasini removes his shirt and turns around to put it in the laundry basket. He can now see her ass through the saree. That sight sends blood into his cock like a flood. The meat in his pants rears up like an angry monster and keeps rising. Ramu can see Haasini’s master piece of an ass from just three feet away. He can see how round and massive her ass cheeks are, and he can see the deep, dark cleft in between those cheeks. She suddenly turns back to him again and smiles.

“That was not so difficult now was it?”

She kneels in front of the boy and unbuttons his pant. He comes to his senses now and suddenly grips her hands to stop her.

“mam… no… mam… I will…”

She looks up at him.

“Ramu this no time to feel shy. If there are burns on your body then I must know. If I leave it to you, then you wont tell me, that’s why I am doing this…”

She firmly pulls his hands away and tugs at his pants. Ramu closes his eyes and resgns himself to his fate. She will kill him now when she sees his erection.

Haasini pulls down his zipper and drags his pants down. And then she chokes in awe and shock. Straining out of his white underwear is his cock. And from one foot away it looks absolutely menacing. She is numbed by the sight. If she thought that he had a huge cock when she saw him in the shed, she was mistaken. It was like young Ramu had stuffed a large cucumber in his underwear. She looks up at him to see that he had closed his eyes, looking up at the celining.

Haasini slowly turns off the shower and again kneels slowly in front of the boy. Her saree had gotten so wet by now, that it was practically stcking to her body, leaving nothing to imagination. But her eyes were riveted to the bulge in the boy’s underwear.

Breathing heavily, she brings her face close to the bulge, even scared to go any further. She then slowly dares to run her hands near his waist. At the contact, Ramu jerks as though he had a shock, but remains his eyes closed. She whispers to him.

“R… Ramu… is is it buring here?”

He nods his head. Slowly she runs it up to his chest and asks again.

“H… here… Ramu?”

He flinches in pain and nods. She takes some cream and applies to that part of chest. Then she slowly runs her hands down, applying the cream whenever Ramu nods. She was beginning to enjoy the game.

Finally she brings her hands down to his thighs and feels the texture of his hair there, marveling at his developing muscles.

“Ramu dear… here? Is it bruning here?”

He shakes his head. Slowly she moves her hand over the bulge in his underwear. Ramu jerks back and tries to avoid contact. But she grips his hands and pulls him forward and speaks softly.

“Ramu… this is a very sensitive area. You must tell me, otherwise you may get infected…”

He remains still, not saying anything. She slowly brings her hand over the bulge and presses it. Then she slowly moves her hand all over, still not beleiveing that a boy could ever possess such a cock. She looks up at him and asks him.

“Ramu… is it burning?”

He shakes his head vehemently. She is disappointed for a second. Then she looks at him and smiles.

“I still need to check Ramu… because your cock is a very sensitive part of your body…”

And she dares to slowly put her fingers into the waistband of his underwear and pull it down. She almost falls back in fascination and awe.

Young Ramu’s cock is almost as thick as her wrist at the base. It towers out from his hairy loins like a weapon. The pink head of his cock is throbbing, and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. His entire cock shaft is about nine inches long, and his heavy balls show no sign of having exhausted their cum just a few minutes ago. Haasini was in love with this boy’s cock.

Ramu closes his eyes tighter and leans back, now just waiting for the woman to push him out and condemn him for life. Haasini slowly moves forward and brings her face to almost three inches away from the giant cock. She looks up and whispers.

“Ramu dear… it looks like your cock needs some medication… I need to check properly now…”

She reaches out with her small hands and gets her first hold on his cock. Her entire body jerks in the thrill. “So powerful… so manly…” She thinks and inspects it closely. She runs her fingers up and down the shaft and weighs his hairy balls. The cum ozzing out of his cock slit is just too inviting.

She looks at him and speaks again.

“Ramu… I cant apply cream on your cock dear… So I just have to…”

She slowly brings the tip of her toungue to his piss slit and tastes the precum. Ramu jerks wildly, but she has affirm grip on his cock and she steadies him. She then slowly starts licking the cockhead, relishing the tase of his spunk. She starts slowly biting the sides of his cockhead, while playing with his cum-filled balls.

She licks every single bump, vein and crater of his cock shaft while uttering moans of sheer abandon and pleasure. Her hands travels down between his legas, smapling the thick growth of hair there. She slowly runs her fingers back to his ass and squeezes his ass cheeks.


Ramu moans. She looks up and whispers.

“Ramu… it looks like your butt is burnt by the tea, turn around…”

Without waiting for him, she turns him so that he stands facing the wall, her ass in front of her face. She moves her face close to his ass and runs her hands in the thick hair. She slowly parts his ass cheeks and puts her face in between. She starts licking the crack, and smelling the musty odour. Ramu yelps out in pleasure now. Haasini, brings her tongue to his asshole and starts tasing it. She starts biting the insides of his ass cheeks and kisses every inch of his flesh.

Ramu starts bucking his ass back and forth, as Haasini spreads his ass cheeks and kisses, licks, bites and sucks every part of the boy’s ass. She pays special attention to his asshole, sucking it, kissing it and licking it. She then turns him around.

“You…. Your butt seems okay dear…”

She brings her hands to his cock and grips it tight.

“Ramu… I need to do a final check on your cock honey”

She then opens her mouth and sucks in his cock.

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